Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Marie's Heavenly Almond/Fruit Cake~

Unlocking an excellent recipe for you~

Courtesy of Marie~

I know I have shared other almond cake recipes and will continue to do so..As these are amongst our very favorites here.

Every little slice is heaven~

You can find Marie's recipe here at her wonderful blog..

And here..
Directly from her site~

La Recette~

*Autumn Berry & Almond Cake*
Makes one 9 inch cake
Printable Recipe

A real family favourite. You can use any berries you have in any combination you like, alone or a mixture. I love to use raspberries and blackberries.

140g ground almonds (1 2/3 cups)
140g butter (2/3 cup)
140g caster sugar (3/4 cup)
140g self raising flour (1 1/4 cups)
2 large free range eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
250g of berries, fresh or frozen and defrosted (about 2 1/2 cups)
2 TBS flaked almonds
Sifted icing sugar

Preheat the oven to 180*C/350*F/ gas mark 4. Butter a 9 inch deep. loose bottomed cake tin and line the bottom with paper.

Cream together the butter, ground almonds, sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla in a mixing bowl until evenly mixed together. Spread half of the mixture into the prepared tin. Top with the berries. Dollop the remaining half of the batter over top and roughly spread it out as best as you can. (I wet my fingers and use them. This seems to work best) Sprinkle with the flaked almonds.

Bake for 50 minutes, until golden brown. Leave to cool in the tin. Dust with icing sugar and cut into wedges to serve.

Believe me..all her recipes are proven winners here.
I appreciate what she shares on her sites~

And now..I'll lock up her secret again~:)


This coming weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend~
I am so grateful for my beautiful family..I watch Parenthood..and cry:) Of joy ..and happiness..
and think..
Thank you God..for giving me ..such a loving family of my own..
I wish all my Canadian Friends..a wonderful.. beautiful..colorful Canadian Thanksgiving~
My dishes are on hold..~

But my sentiments are not.

Let us be grateful for the charming gardeners of our souls..

Family and friends alike.

That includes..

... most certainly..all the cherished "bloggers" , I have "met" in the last few years~Either in cyberspace..or in person.
Never question your importance in the "blogosphere":)~Thank YOU so much.

The leaves are falling..the petals too..

No Tutus here..:) dress-up times..until you are 3:)

But artistic creative beautiful .... Fall hands at work~

Let Us Be Grateful~


  1. Now i am all teary. Beautiful food, gorgeous doors, sweet and soulful words and sentiment. Living in gratitude is a rich and beautiful life. I am so very glad our paths crosses and for you being in my world.
    xo isa

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I too am so grateful for a family! We share the joy of those little grandchildren don't we. Today my little 2 year old and 5 year old grandsons were playing foosball with my daughter and I. When I would score, the little 2 year old would want a kiss even though he was on my daughter's team! Talk about melting your heart.

    The cake looks so moist and wonderful. Enjoy and enjoy your holiday.

  3. This sounds delicious!
    I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving, I wish I had one to celebrate too, it sounds like a wonderful tradition.

  4. Beautiful sentiment! You are a gift Monique! Your talent, your food and your soul!
    Happy Thanksgiving... may God continue to bless you and those you love!

  5. Hummm!... Un recette de pâtisserie qui me paraît succulente... Dans un instant je vais cuisiner un peu et justement faire un gâteau... je pensais à un clafoutis aux cerises (que j'avais surgelé)...mais pourquoi pas faire les deux recettes?...
    Ta pelle à gâteau me laisse interrogative!
    Gros bisous

  6. Beautiful Monique! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours....
    You have been a blessing to all of us in this South African home!
    Fondest love
    Shel xx

  7. Monique, thanks to you, for all the beautiful emotions that you share with us!! A hug and happy Thanksgiving

  8. Happy Thanksgiving and the cake looks lovely ~ I have that recipe too from BBC Good Food magazine! Yours looks better than theirs!

  9. Beautifully said Monique. I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving. Lovely, lovely almond cake and I love the old weathered barn doors opening and closing. Says a lot doesn't it.

  10. Your barn door photos are a delight, Monique!
    And so is that almond cake. I agree...anything made with almond flour is delicious. I like the addition of fruit to this cake.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    (I took delivery of the acorn pan the other day and will be making the recipe for my Garden Club!)

  11. :)

    Barbara cannot wait to see your acorns:) So cute..
    The cake server is an old..trowel..all cleaned up of course..A La DiStasio..visited Normandy and the home of a French Stylist..she used one to serve..

    I love gleaning .

  12. This cake is something I know we would love; perfection.
    Want to wish you HAppy Thanksgiving to you Monique and your family.
    Always a pleasure to read you.

  13. A cake I'd love to taste! really beautiful and very tempting.



  14. Happy Thanksgiving best wishes to you and your family, Monique. This is indeed the time to reflect on all the blessings in our lives.

  15. ...and you are the Master Gardner...who contributes to make our Souls full and happy. Bless you, Monique, and your entire family; may this Thanksgiving be the best ever.
    Love the photography shots of old doors. Just downloaded the berry almond cake recipe and it will be served in my home this very afternoon - thanks to Marie also!
    Judy B. Houston, Texas

  16. Happy Thanksgiving Monique, to you and your family!
    I hope you are having the perfect weather we are being blessed with!

  17. Lovely post, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your cherished family!

  18. Lovely thoughts and beautiful photos, Monique. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect on things we are grateful for and you've summed them up beautifully.

    Marie's cake does sound so good. I love almonds and just had a small handful for a snack.

    Those vintage doors are wonderful!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family, Monique. I am thankful for your blog, with its gorgeous photography and yummy recipes. This cake sounds like a winner too! Merci beaucoup!

  20. Have a beautiful holiday weekend with your family, Monique!

    I have been meaning to come over here for the last two months or so... This morning, while walking home with my mocha w/almond... I thought, I should visit Monique. Almond ALWAYS reminds me of you. It was a "sign" and here, an almond cake... the best, one of my fav things (other than chili peppers ;)

  21. The cake looks and sounds perfection - with the almonds it makes it even more so - lovely recipe and thank you for sharing :)

  22. Thank you all:)

    Tracie..I see we are little pageside buddies and that thrills me:)

    Honor! It's an honor:)

    Yes chili peppers:) Love know it~

    See you Monday.
    Heavenly weather here..
    Not much baking.. Been spoiled w/ a lamb dish and soup from our daughter..the thickest richest onion soup:) and a lovely meal from a friend..


  23. Happy Thanksgiving Monique, and many thanks for the Nod. Your cake looks fabulous indeed. But everything you make always looks wonderful! I miss having Thanksgiving over here. The first few years I struggled to keep it, and then when I worked at the Manor, I always had to work, so I gave up. I hold Thanksgiving in my heart though. It is somethiing I try to celebrate each day of my life. I just don't get to eat turkey! Love and hugs to you and best wishes for the happiest and most blessed of holidays. xxoo

  24. Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, you have so many blessings in your life and are so full of gratitude.

    Your almond cake looks a work of art, a still-life. I hope your weekend of thanks was full of family and joy. The weather in MA was glorious and I'm hoping it was up your way, as well.

    Have great week.

  25. I think I remember seeing this on Marie's blog and wanting to make it - looks delicious! Love the look of that flaked almond topping :)