Thursday, January 30, 2014

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies~

I knew I would like these cookies..I liked them so much I pinned them twice:)

We enjoy Oatmeal..Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips..
I knew I wanted to test freezing the batter in scoops because my friend Linda told me she does that..I thought...génial.
Because it's just the two of us.. and I don't eat sweets except to taste..and yes I do make exceptions with one whole cookie..
It's nice to know I can bake 6 cookies..and have more to bake fresh..on hand..

Also I wanted to try baking cookies in rings..My rings are as old as the hills..I have 3.. not nearly enough to bake a tray of I made regulars and 3 in rings..the ring look is so pretty..

This recipe is from HERE..
As I said..I pinned it twice..that has to mean something:)
The only thing I did differently ..was to use milk chocolate chips.

La Recette~
Courtesy of Willcookforsmiles~

1/3 cup of unsalted butter softened(I use salted)
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs room temp
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla extract (I use vanilla bean paste)
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt(I omit)
3 cups old fashioned oats
1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips(I use milk chocolate)

Preheat oven to 350 and line a baking sheet with parchment
Beat butter and dark brown sugar (I used reg) in the bowl of an electric mixer until light and fluffy..
Add peanut butterand beat on lower speed until incorporated
Add the eggs one at a time beating until combined
On low speed add the sifted flour,baking soda and salt until all combined..(I sifted my flour and bs prior)
Add the oats and mix on low until just combined
Fold in Chocolate Chips
Scoop cookies onto the sheet..form..and bake for 9 minutes..
( I scooped and shaped and palced in rings..:)

And scooped and froze all the rest.
I like these..I really do~
And the next day..the ones baked in the rings?
Still so good.

Oli and I had fun baking Old McDonald Had A Farm cupcakes~

Jacques said.."tu t'amuses tellement avec lui dans la cuisne"~
It's true..
The recipe for the cupcakes and icing are Courtesy of Duncan Hines..
He cracked the eggs in a sep.bowl..,,I do this because he hasn't quite mastered cracking without the shell falling in..but he will..
He added the premeasured oil and water and he gave the KA a whirl and a half I might add..  he knows how to stop it:)His mom has one that's probably why also.
To pour the cupacke batter in the muffin cups..I put the batter in a measuring cup..musch easier for 4 yr olds to do this way..
The icing is all his creativity..:)

Then he placed the animals he chose on top..($ store new in package..farmyard animals)
I think the difference I noticed here between baking with my daughters and that the girls tended to place things delicately on a cupcake ..with a smile of satisfaction after,,
Boys..well Oli seemed to prefer..making sure they were really IN there..♥ with a smile of...?
Licking the spatula was fine.. he said "can I lick the spoon too Nanan?"..I said I think maybe that's enough..wait and have a cupcake with the boys..they will be home soon..I left the kitchen for 2 minutes..came back..he's licking the spoon..Because he asked Jacques..and of course Jacques said yes..

Pretty smart.
Pretty Cute.
Pretty much the most fun I had in the kitchen...that day for sure:)
Kids love doing things in the kitchen..the cupcakes are never ready soon enough though:)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

C'est Moi qui l'ai fait~and yes it's still cold outside~

Oui c'est moi qui l'ai fait avec l'aide de..With..this tidy little package's help~
This is the .com version..also available at .ca.
The stamp is trop cute..small ..smaller than a silver dollar.  maybe..or just about that size...The book? Cute and small..but  I think only 2 recipes are suitable for the stamp..the other recipes in this little book are as varied as a cookbook..a tiny one.. .I did use one of the recipes for these savoury cheese crisps.. an appetizer we both like..I mistakenly thought the whole book was to be used with the stamp..a bit of a shame I find..
The book really does not go well with the stamp.
I had to use more butter than the recipe suggested.. or else I was left with a dry crumble..
But they are tasty..and worked very well with the stamp.
I think the details of the box should specify that the recipes are not meant for the stamp.
I have many recipes for stamps so that's ok  ..for me..  but if you   want more than the ways of many stamped recipes..this isn't the case..
Keeping it though..:)♥
And working on my favorite ornaments that come from here~ This is the third set I am working on..have enjoyed every one.This particular ornament is from the set The Night Before Christmas..I must tell you..I buy the digital downloads..for the patterns..and then buy the materials..
So some of my felt colors are not Alicia's..because they are unavailable to  me..
So go see hers:-) to see better:-)
A pleasure to do♥

La Recette  for the savoury sablés~
Courtesy of...
Pascale Weeks
C'est Moi Qui L'ai Fait~

Parmesan,thyme and hazelnut sablés

100 gr semi salted softened butter
100gr of flour
25 gr durum wheat semolina(in the book ..semoule  de blé dur) I used  some semolina flour I had.
1tsp baking powder
75 gr freshly grated parmesan cheese
2 tbsps of freshly chopped thyme
30 hazelnuts

Place all dry ings in a bowl with the exception of the hazelnuts
Add cut up butter and mix with your hands ..then mix with mixer..until a ball froms.
On a floured surface..roll into two logs ap 4 cms diameter
Cover with plastic wrap and ref. 30 mins
Preheat oven to 180C
Cut each roll into 1 cms coins and place on baking sheet..
Place one hazelnut on each coin and press gently.
Bake for 12 mins
Let cool..

My Notes

I didn't top or use hazelnuts as I wanted to use the stamp..
I needed a bit more butter.
I stamped..and then used a cookie cutter to make clean edges..
I didn't refrigerate the dough after stamping as the dough was still very chilled..
If the ambient temp had been warmer I would have chilled I find that normally to keep an imprint the dough must be refrigerated after stamping..normally..:)
I do have a few recipes that require no chilling.
I used dried thyme and a bit less..

Also just wanted to give some of you a head's up if you are anything like Jacques and I.
One of our favorite shows..if not the favorite is Call the Midwife..
Jan 28th have the double CD soundtrack available..I have pre-ordered it..I think it is already availabe at .com..
My husband loves the music.. says it's all from "son temps"~

I don't think there is one episode..where we don't have tears in our eyes~ Do you watch it?
I love how nice the girls are..all those cute babies..the nuns personalities..Always touching.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

L' hiver au Québec~

Lots of tea~  not only in England:)Here.. in QC..a staple..:)

Lots of soup..s..all kinds..

Lots of fresh bread~

Lots of  hobbies..all kinds..

Street Hockey~ and television hockey~

Some Ice Fishing and Skating..

I love my little boys..We had pink snowsuits and furry boots,white skates..and skis..
I never pictured myself with 4 boys..
I love my little boys♥
(Oh my gosh ..he's right..he's been telling me for 40 years I tend to repeat myself.. well..I see in print..clearly..he is right~:) )
Oli was playing street hockey too but didn't seem to make my collage cut:)
Ooops..nana's sorry Oli♥

I love that the children play outside~
Noah's dad..took him ice fishing..
He is the skater you see and the little face in the shack..apparently Timbits were being served..indoors..
He is the perfect candidate..for any weather any outing..
Here..when the lakes freeze over..numerous little ice fishing shacks spring up and dot the shore little ice streets actually..My dad was such a fan!
Noah got to go for the first time..and seemed to love every minute..
He's never cold..never tired..:)
Trust me.
More energy than the Energizer Bunny..and if at all believable..more than his mom.:)

I love the above soup.. Won Ton..and I love it even better when I don't make of our daughter's gave it to us the day we watched the ice hockey..
So good..
From Les Saisons De older book we both have..
The recipe is below:)
I played with paints,and my Micron..the little indoor garden area..
The red metal paintbox stole my ♥ last year and I ordered it  from England..The Cotswolds I think.
Fun to try different paints..There are differences..even in my limited collection and  zero knowledge..
Big differences.
I've been baking bread.. every second husband loves to have small pieces of baguette to add to his lunches..
I was asked about the fig and walnut one I recently made..pictured above..
I simply used this recipe..I posted it January 10th..
And simply subbed the tomatoes and olives for figs and walnuts and added 1 tsp of EVOO..
Perfect..great little 2 baguette recipe~

La Recette~

Courtesy Les Saisons de Clodine..

Soupe Won Ton Maison~

6 spring green onions
150 g ground pork..partly lean
6 large shrimps deveined ,cleaned and chopped
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 beaten egg
2 tbsps tamari
2 tsps fresh grated ginger
2 crushed garlic cloves
1 lb of won ton wrappers thawed
4 cups chiken broth
6 very thinly sliced button mushrooms
chopped chives
salt and pepper

Chop 2 spiring green onions and thinly slice the others..and..
reserve seperately
In a large bowl ,mix the pork..shrimps..sesame oil..the egg,half the tamari,the ginger,garlic and the chopped green onions.
Place 1 tsp of this mixture on a wonton wrapper..moisten the edges  and fold like a wonton.
Press well to seal in the filling..continue in this manner until you have finished the filling..
In a large casserole bring to a boil your brothpoach the wontons 2 minutes and remove..
Add the mushrooms..spring green onions and the rest of the tamari..boil 3 minutes..add the wontons and simmer for 2 minutes.
That day my daughter didn't add the mushrooms  and the chives..

Still so good~ I'll be making a batch and ziplock freezing this week.

I didn't have home made stock on was delicious in Costco's Organic chicken good that stuff:)

I would have posted the new blueberry pear muffin recipe..but I have to give it another chance..sometimes pears taste PEARRY♥..and other times.. not even like a a bland.. although these muffins had the pear.. the taste was nowhere to be I will try again..and get back to you..
Tulips are opening..hyacinths growing....all indoors mind you.. and the outdoor air getting colder!
Trop froid..
The fire's going.. and indoor hobbies are a Godsend~
-20 F as I type~


Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday~Le 17 Janvier 2014~

Chilling up..starting this weekend.. for the next 2 weeks~

Still lots of snow.. and it was falling softly and gently and beautifully late this afternoon as I looked out after a gloomy day weather wise..sipping some  glorious blooming tea~
I add Stevia sometimes..raw stevia~

My husband was playing street hockey w/ 3 of my grandsons and one of my son-in-laws~
I received the photo showing them out there as I was preparing dinner~
Love that pic..just from a phone..
My husband tells me I should get rid of my 10 yr old cell phone and get one that takes pics..
Now that I am not working? And have cameras?

Yesterday I picked up some tulips..
To add to the small indoor garden growing:)

I put lots in a vase..and saved2 for an old milk bottle I embellished with words I found on Pinterest..on a vase..
When I saw the vase..I knew I wanted to make one..
Thank you Pinterest:)

Rien de plus simple..
I took a vintage milk bottle..printed the lovely words on my computer..
cut out and glued..
added the 2 extra tulips and sat the vase amongst the hyacinths..that are growing:)

Salmon pies.. asparagus.. fig and walnut loaves are on the menu..
Nesting this weekend~

Finishing some stitching..some baking..
My husband is curing meats:)

Do you love the words as I do..?

And yes..Baby It's Cold Outside~

Bon Weekend~

I was reminded that inadvertently ..I  did not mention the source of my inspiration~
Truth be told..I had not clicked on the Pinterest photo..simply got too excited to make one..
My apologies..

You can find the original idea here..I have now just persued some's lovely!~
I am grateful and thank you..

Monday, January 13, 2014

I really like this show..Downton Abbey~

Every little inch of it~And I am not alone:)

My parents lived ..  in that era..  Were born in that grandparents.. lived that era..

My dad ..the 1915..

and years later..still the driver..:)

I would take my place in the kitchen under Mrs Patmore I think..I would love to be neighbors with Anna and Mr Bates..(cannot believe that scene  Sunday..yet there was a warning at the beginning and I don't temember there   ever being one)
So many characters are so special..Mrs Hughes..Isobel Crawley....(I love her..)
The grounds..the gardens..the tea cups..the hats..a different life for certain..
Quite a bit of snobbery but it's easy to get by it ..if not simply for the lovely distraction of another world..and very good acting..

I made cookies for tea w/ DA♥
Many of you have the Brigitte Cookie cutter.What better use of it than to personalize cookies?
I wanted to make some for Donella..with her name on them..

And I wanted to make more Paris Petit Ecolier cookies one gloomy Sunday..

The day before..Saturday..I had found this recipe:) at Baking A Moment~

I thought..  could it simply be the perfect chocolate sugar cookie  recipe?
Well guess  what ? So far in my is..for what I wanted to do w/ the  chocolate cookies..That particular gloomy Sunday~
I found it here..and cannot wait to peruse  her whole blog..and find many more simply perfect recipes.

(I was so happy to see Nanny leave when she was so mean in the nursery..)and so sad for you know who Sunday night~)
P.P.S.S.  My taste in television programs are quite eclectic..
Shocking even..:)

La Recette~
Please note that yesterday there was an error in my is 1/2 cup or 1 stick of butter~

Courtesy of Baking A Moment

Plse refer to her post she gives tips and tricks..
I can tell you I did not flour my marble..the cookies cut out perfectly..I didn't chill..the letters stayed clear as day.
Looking forward to trying her other cookies.

1  stick   or 1/2 cup cold unsalted butter cut up(I grated mine)
1 tbsp oil..(unflavored..canola..etc)
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1 large egg
1/4 cornstarch
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 1/4- 1 3/4 cup all purpose flour

Cream butter, oil ,vanilla, sugar,salt in your KA w/ paddle attachment...just until the mixture is not overbeat at this point.
Add the egg and mix until just incorporated
Add the cornstarch,cocoa powder and flour
I used in between 1 1/4 and 1 3/4 I was rolling right away..(again read her explanations)
Preheat oven to 375

Roll out 1/4 inch on Silpat or parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake 9-12 mins depending on thickness etc..

And that's it..Rien De Plus Simple..

The DA photos were borrowed from Google Images.

Please note that yesterday there was an error in my is 1/2 cup or 1 stick of butter~

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Baguettes..and a new Ricardo Soup~

Funny..I was looking through beautiful French blogs..many of them since I happened to follow someone who repinned something of mine..By chance..I saw that she only had food pins..and over 30,000 of them..
I got lost in Pinland for awhile..repinning many of her pins.
It was like opening gifts one after another..
I am assuming this..

One of the first things I tried was  this recipe.. that makes 2 small baguettes..if you use the bread machine as she suggests ..which I did..there is no additional rising time  after the machine..

If you use your KA it will require a resting period..
I will roughly translate  the recipe down below..
It is too good not to try.. and you can make it  while your guests are on the way to your home:)

You can find the link here such a beautiful blog..Chef Nini~

The weather has been bread and soup weather ..and crafting indoors..

I have always loved writing..I loved learning how with paper that had transparencies..and  atop the huge blackboards all the letters.. were displayed..I saw them every day in class..
I was excited to try and follow the letters perfectly:) All my life..I know exactly where I got that mom..she had perefct penmanship..even today I will pick up her dictionary and see her name:)
I used to try and copy it..not to make believe she had seen something she had not:)
Just because I loved hers..
Then I fooled around with calligraphy and was so honored when my daughter asked me to address her wedding inviations:)
With my job..I had to write more quickly than I would have you lose a bit of your finesse..
I thought I would use the old fashioned pens to see what happens when you cannot just keep going..these have no ink have to dip every third letter:)
This isn't my exact writing..I was trying to emulate some of the pre written words on my note paper..
But it is I found a good exercise to get your hand to write more slowly again..
When you go back to your own is indeed more cared for.
There is no rhyme or reason for most of the words and no hidden psychological meaning:)
I did find it see that at one point I simply wrote Je ne suis pas..

and later..intéressante..they were written at 2 different times as I wrote all over the paper back and forth up and own..
Anyway I encourage you to try writing with these kind of fun.
Now it must be pretty obvious how much fun I am:-)

So it must be best that I stick to recipes..old and new..found and gleaned..etc..

The Ricardo soup recipe part of this just a fluke.. a serendipitous one..I sent my friend a link to a recipe of Ricardo's that looked good to me.. a soup.. and she agreed..and sent back this one saying this looks good too..:)
I had not even noticed it..but in reading  it..I thought..I have almost everything..I feel like soup..and it looks so good..

And it is:)
And she is so right all the time..:)

Ricardo's Spicy Noodle and Pork soup~

It's so good!  The changes I made are noted in Italics after the link to Ricardo's Recipe~ Spicy Noodle and Pork Soup~
I halved the recipe.. added more can just tell when you are making a soup if it needs more liquid or not..and you take into consideration the noodles you will add..
For my half recipe..I still used the same amount of oils..sambal.. spring green onions..ginger..garlic and star anise..I did not use pre-cooked Udon Noodles I used noodles I favor that I buy at my asian store.. they cook quickly in the simmering broth....I used much less sweet potao and almost brunoised them..a bit bigger..a small dice.. and I think I would like carrot even more..I used chopped parsley instead of cilantro.
Definitely a keeper recipe..

Now for the 2 adorable baguettes..and you will find them adorable..

Here goes..

La Recette~

Gleaned from Chef Nini~

250grms flour..I used unbleached all purpose

4 grams of active dry yeast(which is ap 1/2 of a sachet of yeast)of some makes in Fleishman's sachet is 7 France 8 ..up to 10 I have seen.

150 ml water

1 tsp salt

3 oil packed sun dried tomatoes chopped

6  black olives chopped

3 tbsps Parmesan Cheese..
Place the water and salt in the bread machine..add the rest of the ings..

Chose Dough Cycle..I also chose 1 lb.
It took 1 hr 10 mins

Take the bread out..split into 2.. form your baguettes..I like to fold towards the middle both sides then join in the center..Roll into lovely shapes and slash..
Place a  clean towel over while your oven  pre-heats   to 400 F with the water in it..
Slide them in..I bake on stones..she recommends a parchment paper lined pan.
Bake ap 20 mins or until it gets a  nice deep golden color.
Let cool  on a grill..

I would not hesiate to add more black olives~:)

That's it!
Bon Weekend~

Sunday, January 5, 2014

La Galette Des Rois~

La Galette Des Rois..A tradition..

It's something that is so easy to make..why not keep up the tradition..I omitted part of the fun this year..I left out the fève because it is a mini one..perhaps 5 inches..for one person..My husband.
I did taste test an edge,,with filling to be sure..
but I knew I would not eat I left the fève/baby out..
He is after all Le Roi every day.
The one who finds the fève.. trinket..becomes the King..

I simply use bought puff pastry..I have made my own..but only once..the convenience of having a good puff pastry..frozen..and on hand outweighs the fun ..of making it..

some people put almond paste only..
some concoct their own (I do)..
and some mix w/ a crème  patissière to lighten the filling..It is interesting to see how individual each recipe is..
You simply have to Google and many recipes appear..
You cut 2 circles a bit larger to be placed on top of your filling..
my filling was some almond egg..some sugar.. a touch of flour,butter..almond extract..I really went à l'oeil..for proportions as my cake was petit:)

The three kings on top..Gaspar..Melchior and Balthazar..are my 3 kings from my crèche from when I was a child..
You have no idea how I love taking them out each year..
Personally I like this dessert..It's not like a cake..or a pie..
It's a Galette.♥ It's for Epiphany..It's for taking down the tree.

Friday, January 3, 2014

What's Happening~ Pas Beaucoup!:)

Started stitching next year's ornaments .  and dittoing a few of this  past year...because it has been so warm in - 4 F as I type..I just checked..I promise..and it's been colder..this seems balmy.
So not too much snowshoeing going on..nor x-country skiing~
I do love winter.. I do..but temps like this prompt me to add an I Love Summer photo taken on our buried Adirondack chair~
That adorable middle pic in the collage  is from source..Thank you..thank you..
A very dear gift Santa brought me apart from a very fashionable Lululemon scarf..and gardening tree ornaments..
was that cute cute apron w/ my 5 reasons I love baking..:Jacques..Lucas..Max..Noah and Oli~
Cute cute..
And my very own Susan Branch Calendar:) From a girlfriend~:).. I now call her my SB girlfriend,because SB always talks about girlfriends..I named her that:)
I love it..Always have  the desktop ME.. But I have to say..I love this one..of course what is there not to love about Susan Branch:)

January encouragement to I knitted what I always knit..neck warmers..hope to widen..broaden my horizons:)

Had 2 sleepovers..lots of kiddie movies..popcorn..pancakes..sippie cups and not..puzzles..Minions..
Shirley Temples in Flûtes:)
Lots of little boys...Like the 3 second puzzle maker up above..:)
I think I mentioned hope last post..
Well that's a snippet of my 3 hopes in hyacinth  bulb starters by the kitchen the collage..

I then  moved them to the sunroom..

I watched the Christmas special ..that I loved so much  Call The Midwife..that site..the link gives it an 8.3 as a series..we give it a 10 J and I.
Sister Evangeline tried warming her I am doing~
But like her I may realize they will bloom when the perfect moment arises.♥

P.S. Jerusalem..the cookbook was also a gift for me from a dear friend..
I made the hummus at the top with our beach friends' good!

The New York Times has already published the if you would like to try making this hummus here is the link~ Basic Hummus.
I like adding different toppings..the red peppers we roasted this past late summer will be delicious on this hummus~

I hope you enjoy it..I made half the chickpeas took much less time than 20 minutes to be right..
I topped this one with toasted pine nuts a good drizzle of olive oil,parsley and spring green onions.