Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Yum! Flashback Cake:)Mouriès

I was still making pesto October 17th and could have kept on..
If the deep freeze and snow had not arrived..
Truly Nov 1st..almost ...I still have snow on the back steps and a small amount on the back deck..

Olive oil is so important in your pesto..♥

When in Provence we visited Charles Aznavour's home town..I mentioned that in my previous post....Mouriès.
M.Aznavour had his own olive grove and had his own oil..Le Bistro de Marie... in St-Rémy used it..
Mouriès had an old mill and we visited it.
The light shone fantastic even early AM..a sweet unpretentious town.

See that cake up above? I made it 100 yrs ago when cake mixes were my friend and Pillsbury Crescent rolls and Apple Turnovers were my tours de force.
I was a very young bride w/ no kitchen training and no one to ask..
Diane Morrisey on IG..mentioned and showed the how to and it brought back a ton of memories.
It's as good as it was back then.
That golden cake mix makes everything taste wow.

You can find the recipe here.
I even love it.
I just put walnuts and choco coconut.
I already have a Golden cake mix and pudding mix ready for the next one.

I must's been a crappy fall.

We still have lots of leaves on the trees..but unseasonably cold and wet to enjoy.
No sun..Jacques said it seems as though we have not seen the sun a lot since Provence.
No wonder painters flocked there..
That was me saying the above;)

Putting these gardens to bed in these temps ..has not been a happy situation..we do it..but it's soo cold!

The fairies are is headless now:( I used the pressure washer and her head flew off..:(Can't find it..

So the snow and cold..
have prompted me to ask...

On this Hallow's Eve..

What is your favorite make ahead Christmas Breakfast/Brunch dish to make for 9-12 people?

I usually have bagels..smoked salmon ..cream cheese..some scones or muffins..but I like to put a bigger casserole dish on the table too:)

I would like something different this year..but make ahead..the 24th AM..

No bacon..because Jacques makes his special recipe every yr..and it takes center stage.

Would love your ideas:)

Thank you:)

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Eygalières~Madeleines~Garden Notes~

One small charming town we did not visit last year..was this one..

Someone lives above..

We ate here..Chez Paulette..  had the seafood risotto..met nice people..

We watch a terrific show on TV from France..we had read that the host lived in this town..
wanted to see what the appeal was.
Evident the moment we stepped in quiet warm sunlit morning.

Like a fairy tale.

We walked the streets..admired the homes..talked to 2 lovely women on bicycles who welcomed us..

There is a quietude..that is unlike any other town.
We learned a few famous people live there:)
And met some lovely people at lunch who live there..and nearby.. and in New Orleans.

Imagine that.

The old streets wind and go up up and up..

At the almost top we reach the statue of the Virgin Mary..1893..a miracle happened there .

We ate lunch at Chez Paulette.

It was a memorable day for me:)

The famous people who live there?..

I don't blame them

Oh so far from the Madding Crowd.

And seems so close to heaven.

Once home..I was craving good in Provence and served often as a side dish..
and Madeleines..

So I made both:)

Ratatouille takes a long time because if I don't just roast it for a pasta..

I cook each

on it's own.

Then mix.

I prefer my madeleines very vanilla sugared..the vanilla sugar being and ingredient for me:)

These take no time apart from 1 hr resting time..

I regret not having eaten 5 more Sacristains♥

It's funny..when we are away..I long for home in some ways near the end..Once home..
I miss where I was in some ways:)

I am often in a quandry inside I guess.

While we were in Provence..

we visited Charles Aznavour's home town in Provence..Mouriès.

We just walked the center of town..and visited a beautiful Moulin d'huile d'olive..a passion of M.Aznavour's...

And thought of Charles.

Jacques has always loved him..and I have loved him since Jacques.
His songs are still playing incessantly on our CD player..on Alexa..etc..
We were so sad to hear that he passed away..just a few days after our visit there..

I have made many Madeleine recipes,including Ladurée's..
Nancy gave me their Sucré cookbook..
This latest one just seems to be quick and infaillable..
I gleaned it from here..
One evening Lucas made some with me..but we stuffed them w/ jam:)

So for about 13 reg size macarons..made in my silicone mold of 9..
so I have to use the oven twice..

La Recette  but I changed a few things.

2 eggs
80 grams of sugar

Beat until pale and light  (blanchir)
Add an envelope of vanilla sugar..beat in.

Meanwhile..melt 50 grams of butter and cool.

By hand..add 90 Grams of flour that you have sifted w/ 1/2 tsp of baking powder..until perfectly smooth..add your cooled butter..
mix by hand until perfectly smooth.

Place batter in fridge for 1 hr.
Fill your prepared molds..but not to the top..or they will spill over.

In making the filled ones..I used a piping bag..makes a much better job..I pipe..add a smidge of jam..pipe.
Bake in a pre heated 400 F oven for 5 minutes
Bake in a 350 F oven for the next 10-15 mins.
You are looking for a baby bump:)♥

They are delightful in every way.
Have made this recipe 4 I will try one with Golden syrup.
Just because:)

Gotta love snail mail..:)

Garden Footnote..My garlic is planted..w/ temps not expected to rise..I planted it it all Saturday October 20th.
Tulips are planted.
I have interesting seeds for next yr.♥
Datura seeds are sprinkled:)
Hollyhocks,sweet peas..nasturtiums,calendula and tomatoes will wait till spring.
Taking down the pond arbor that has Betty and Comtesse  on it..old..16 yrs at least..rusted and many of the supports are finished.
Ordered a new white plastic one..we seem to be replacing metal and wood w/ plastic.
They last.

And that's about it for now..leaves are still turning..frigid cold..boys are still loving football..and I am still loving them all♥
Take care..

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Colorific~October is peak for QC.

Simply superb.

I made cookies for the youngest football players for one of Lucas' games..

Soo cold..

After a game..Lucas is soaked..  they all are..Max ,Oli,Noah..that's how hard they work.No matter how cold it is..they move so much they are dripping.

There he is after winning the game with his  talented team mates..after just removing his helmet...all shapes and sizes..all varied talents..all determined.

It's a raw photo to me..he looks very different than he usually looks.
Jacques loved the true look of hard I kept it.
I just adore our Littles.
I have no words to describe how they make me feel.

It's Jacques' screensaver now;)

Well I am still reveling in this season called fall.

Even though..

It has been so cold working in the gardens...snow fell this afternoon late..

I have so many large perennial beds that I built 18 yrs ago..

I have to tell you..

what was a breeze at pretty much brutal at 64 almost 65.
The wind..the cold..OMGEE.

And I am sure you will all be Pinning this outfit.

I know ...we see ads of nanas w/ straw hats and flowing dresses..gardening..

I come in dirty dirty dirty.

No flowing dresses or straw hats;)

C'est la vie.

I have ripped out a lot of beloved perennials..I have discovered I love growing food:)
And more annuals:)

A HUGE Baptisia..was shovel pruned w/ Jacques' help..and composted..
Pinky Winky had turned into HUGE..I shovel pruned that and moved to the pond garden..
The list goes on and on..
Tarps full of chopped plants..what was I thinking at 47?
I am not even half done.
Frost tonight.
Killed me to rip out the tomato plants and basil:(

Friday, October 12, 2018

~Mid October~

Enjoying teas and ephemera:)

Thinking of cute shops I saw in Provence..

Started to gather a few seeds ..

I cannot believe this..still  on this 12th day of still looks like this..

I must say..even now I love looking back on paintings done in Provence as souvenirs..

Can you believe we bought 3 in Provence from an artist?:) We did..  
Already hung on a wall..
Mine stay in my journal/book.

The peppers are roasted and frozen..

My neighbourhood is looking spooky:)

And I have baked a few things in our kitchen:)

I'm having tea with Marie up above:)

A bundle of October goodness arrived in my postal box..all dressed up a la Marie..So many cute October Ephemera things and a new kind of tea I had spotted on Marie's blog but never mess..portable..small..and very very good..Thank you Marie:)

Our leaves are starting to turn..quite prettily as usual..and an adjacent town is having their fall festival of colors.They have fun montages out of straw people doing various activities..really cute..
The Hallowen decorations are popping up..
It's all looking quite festive.

Jacques and I did our roasted peppers..will have enough for well over 1 yr..
It's a process..about 3 hrs start to finish.

Split your peppers in half and de~seed.
Char  them on the BBQ.
Place in paper bags(a receptionist a dental office   100 yrs ago told me this trick).
Skin the peppers and place them in a very large bowl that you have filled w/ EVOO,garlic and every warm batch..stir to mix perfectly..keep going until you are done.
The smell is divine..
Bag them up..and freeze..

Reserve of deliciousness to top pizzas put in sauces..salads.
I cannot stomach brined jarred ones.
You can't even compare.
Would be hard to get such a quantity done alone..Love that Jacques is into doing these..

One day in Provence I took my archaic Ipad(mini) out instead of my camera and took a few photos.I loved having them on the Ipad to try painting.

Unfortunately my Ipad is a black Friday 4 yrs ago at least Ipad w/ only 16 gb..and is full.

I read that they have not released newer versions of the mini in a few yrs and probably won't.
So I bit the bullet on a new mini w/ 128 gb..
the very next morning I found out my brakes were shot after only 3 yrs.

Ohlala Chaching.

Back to the mini..Apple released an Update..12 IOS and IG isn't full screen anymore..:( On my spanking new Ipad..on the 9.0's fine.
I am not thrilled:(
It's a known fact..I Googled..It's IG's problem and they ain't fixed it.
Hope they do:)

The cake is a coconut cake..I found a new Instagrammer..who has a blog! And you can translate the recipes.
I have made 2.
This latest..the coconut cake ..the flavor is delish..I made it as she said but I also added a few drops of coconut flavoring.
I would have liked it to be a bit moister..not sure what I would change to accomplish that.Pehaps butter instead of oil..?Not sure.

Today.. one more garden has been put to bed.3 down..too many to go.
It's just so freaking cold here..or raining..I have not had much opportuni~tea:)♥

Have a lovely weekend!