Friday, October 25, 2019

♥Fall on your knees gorgeous fall 2019.

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup~

Seasons And Suppers Cranberry Almond Cake~

The She~ Shed's flower boxes and pots are emptied..The crabapples is void of leaves..little crabapples hang like cranberries..

Fine Cooking's Chocolate Cheesecake

Finished Max's blanket so now the 3 brothers have their own blanket:)♥

School and football team colors:)

Oli's Face..makes me happy..he is one happy sweet sunshiney Little.Everything becomes a football in his hands..even Spongebob;)

Fall is wrapping up so beautifully..I could only get started here on you know what?
The stores are mixed up they have Halloween and Christmas out.I only have eyes for Christmas..and have started a few things..
My excitement last year at finding this vintage skating pond w/ music on Varage Sale..was palpable♥
It's ready:)And it works..The Happy Winter Village Skalting Pond~I'll add things from our Christmas Village:) Of course..;)

Somewhere deep can be 65 and have a corner that can be a child at heart.

In the entertainment world..

I needed a quick show to watch every morning and picked Queer Eye.
Let me just say when I will be finished all the episodes..I will miss the show.
I cry at almost every show.
Some get to me more than others.

And have you started Modern Love ? I am undecided..and then the episode ends and I am still thinking about it..a good sign..I like it more than J does.
Anne Hathaway's episode..she's very good in it..the beginning is so far fetched it seems and musical..and then the plot deepens and you see how very good an actress she is:)
We're not talking rocket science..

But it's good enough for me.

When Oli was over we watched Nanny McPhee 1..and Nanny in progress..Maggie Gyllehhall is in to The Deuce..what a character change..The Deuce is not for all at all at all.

This Is Us is it as good as before? Not sure..yet..
The Affair is getting crazier..
We stopped Succession..OMG good acting but so boring...all that boring business talk and same expressions over and over again.
Do I watch tv all day? NEVER.
40 mins in the morning for a reason..and 1.5 hrs before bed at night.
Unbelievable was very good..
Mindhunters too!
Just in case winter makes you crave TV..
Have a good end of fall:)

It's winding down here w/ rain and wet and I HAVE to garden in this today because I caved and a young man is coming over to help me at noon..we'll see.
I just can't rip out old..and chop old..when I can feel old some days..
making Xmas things and baking and painting is so much easier;)

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Glory Days~

Glorious apples~

Warm skillet bread and artichoke dip ..glorious~

Glorious boys~

Glorious views~

Glorious men~

Glorious pans~

Glorious comfort meal days~

Glorious Pink Diamond Hydrangeas~

This is us..  :) Pic by football♥

Glory Days~

Every season..albeit late late winter..
I tell you how much I love where I live.
I do.
My street is ver special.

My mom's fave season was fall..the artist in her..Nat King Cole ..Perry Como..Nana Mouskouri..Bing Crosby..etc..
How I remember I have no clue..
I have forgotten so much.

Days of Glory..

The above dish is just so good you need to try it..prep is minutes..bake it longer..I had to..and I loved it even more served on pasta:)

You can find the recipe here..Make it and keep it forever~
I made it 3 times lol:)

The first dish an amazing app for a group..From Seasons And Suppers..I made the bread in the bread machine and it was FABULOUS.
The Recipe is  here..

Happy Thanksgiving Canada:)♥You are so pretty dressed in October~

Caroline took a few pics of us at football and from the back..I don't mind posting;)