Sunday, November 30, 2014 ...almost..over..Welcome December..

I know I am one day early..for December..but if I am to get Movember has to be now:)

We were fortunate to spend some time in beautiful Florida this November..
Also known as Movember now..
I had packed a straw bag with little diversions for 3 of the alphabet boys that also had a vacation here with us..
One of the little goodies was a package of stick on mustaches..
We all wore one for a photo shoot except for grandad..and Frédérick who already sported Movember looks..
Thank goodness the weather cooperated  somewhat..while they were it was not the best November weather ever in Fl for us.

Albeit poorer than usual weather..many games were played..many photos taken..many fish caught..many meals shared..many everything!

The sea is a very special place..♥

The whole time we were there ..we ate out once.. and that was the night we all went out together..en famille.And only once..

Every lunch and dinner was at I call it..but it is not ours:)
So nice to share each meal.
Kids are soo funny..and busy..and beautiful.

I love prepping meals watching the sea.. so does Jacques..while there..he cooks as much as I do..
No baking takes place usually..
But it can happen..

One thing that DOES get baked the whole time we are bread.
The hands down easiest for me while away..
Is the Steamy Kitchen one because I know it by heart.
The boys LOVE it..
Similar to all the others we make..
I am astounded at how great each loaf turns very little you need..
In some ways I wish they would teach this to kids in schools..The basics ..of making bread..making meals,etc..

This bread is proof that having a gorgeous loaf of bread is so easy a 4 yr old can prep SK shows..

In evening..Oli and Max.. made it!
It's so simple.. 3cups flour..1 tsp salt..1/4 tsp yeast ..1 1/2 cups lukewarm water..Mix..cover ..let rest ap 16 hrs.. shape cover bake 450 in your preheated pot for ap 30 mins..uncover bake till can make it faster than I type it..Please refer to the link for the exact recipe and method:)
The next day I shaped it.. and baked it..
It was just as nice as when I make it alone..but tasted even better to me with them having mixed it!

My daughter made it ..first full day back to her home....our neighbor in Fl makes it now..and I gave one to Karen..

You can find..the recipe..yes..yet another

What I really wanted to show you too though apart from the edible alpha the lame I ordered from Breatopia.
Works like a charm:)♥
There is a granite counter top where we stay..So easy to prep bread with..
Like marble:)
But you certainly don't need that..
And I make this bread in a round white corning ware w/ clear lid.

Hope you try this one~
Great gift too w/ a jar of jam  etc..
A big red bow..or raffia tied.

OK..  Onto December and having pleasant moments in the kitchen baking things for people I care about.
Keep in mind older people that can't get around etc .or that are lonely.
I know I plan on visiting someone with a basket of goodies.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Scrumptious Cookies~

If you are not quite in  "Chrsitmas baking" mode..  make these..
Once you have made them..sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea with them..
And maybe start your list of what to bake share..

Nice way to spend a few November minutes warming the cockles of your heart.
I must be a blog taste tester.
I see pretty blogs..their treats..or meals look so appetizing..
they make me want to try them:)
Or some blogs make me want to sit and try painting or crafting :)
What would I do without everyone's inspiration?
Thank you everyone:)♥
These great little oatmeal chocolate chip cookies came from Mel's Kitchen Cafe~She calls them her favorite:)
I have sooo many faves..but I agree..these are on that list:)

La recette~

1 cup oatmeal(not quick)
2 1/4 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
 1 tsp salt
1 cup butter room temp
 11/4 cup light brown sugar
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
 2 large eggs
1 tbsp vanilla
1 cup coconut
12 ozs semi-sweet chocolate chips (I used milk)

Pre heat oven to 350F
Place first 4 ings in a food processor and pulse until coarse about 30 secs.
In a bowl beat butter   until light in color about 30 secs and sugars   eggs and vanilla.... next add dry ings.. then coconut and choc chips..
Shape into balls place on  cookie sheet (I use parchment or a silicone mat) and..(I flattened mine a bit) ,,bake for 12-13 minutes.
Let the cookies cool slightly place on rack.

Really good!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ode to CSF~ not CSI:)Pain Du Jour~et plus.

A few things I wanted to share with you~

First of all CSF  stands for  The Cafe Sucre Farine~
If you have not landed on that go see..
The photographs are "formidables" and the recipes are their own too..
They have super cute grandchildren that appear sometimes..(much to my delight..)
And I learn a lot there..
First thing I wanted to share was their 5 minute Artisan Bread Tutorial~
I have been making it and many versions for a few years now..
I LOVE my bread machine and making the doughs in there and  then shaping etc..nothing is EASIER and I am always pleased with the results..never ever baked IN the machine.Except for 1 gluten free one.
But when you are away..there is no bread machine..(I cook and bake when we go away.I love it that much.)
Or once in a while you want to switch it up a bit..
Chris..made the whole 5 minute bread..really really easy in this tutorial..and I had to try.
It's a piece of cake and no overnight waiting etc..
You can have your bread and eat it too..soon.
I was super happy with the results and ordered a proper my claybakers but I do like using pots too and my precious Staub was starting to discolor..
So this new pot /free with points..will be the bread vessel.
The Cusinart 3 QT pot that I received works like a little charm for bread.
Really go see how they did a super beautiful ,helpful tutorial.
We never buy bread...Unless we need sliced for the boys or last minute burger buns etc..

The other thing I recently fell in love with at their this sesame asian salad dressing~
It is a keeper of a recipe and makes quite everything taste divine.
I sometimes add a bit of water to dilute it a touch for certain things..It keeps beautifully in the fridge..and just seems to get better:)
The last time we had it..I mixed up some mesclun..added loads of blueberries and fresh figs..nothing else is required..simply add the dressing and magic happens♥
We seem to be eating so many many figs and I won't complain.
We both love them so.

I also made their meatballs to go with the meat spaguetti sauce I always make..

This is the only photo I took!
My sauce was simmering..(made a ton as you can see..)and I was just waiting to add the meatballs..the light was so pretty..I just clicked.
You will have to believe me that the meatballs ..added to any sauce..makes it even more delicious.
I doubled the recipe..and did add a bit of milk to the mixture..I always do w/ meatballs since Marcella Hazan..and her polpetone..and Ina adds some to certain meatballs too..(like her Italian Wedding Soup)..we had some of that too this week but I switched the chicken for pork and beef..
It is just a habit I am into,,breadcrumbs..add a bit of milk..
Thanks Chris for my inspiration when I made my sauce.
It was delicious!
I find they have a blog that makes me want to make things:)

Next on the share list ..see the cute tag?
You can get them here..Thank you for these cute tags DB~
Perfect to add to home baked goodies..or even just a regular gift..Black and white is always nice~

Monday, November 10, 2014

Things I once loved..I still love~

Ahh..little animal cracker cookies..
Felt like such a treat back then..
I still remember eating them..
I would let them melt in my mouth..
I have bought some for the children..
Don't know if they got the same feeling I got..
There are so many treats and snacks now..
The choice so varied..
Doesn't stop me from still loving the shape of these cuties..
Like this Dictionnaire I have told you about..
It was my first one that was French-English.
I loved it..and knew all the translations..
I loved the drawings ...the words ...the cover..
I loved to s-p-e-l-l..even M-I-C-K-E-Y...
Max does too!
Lucas likes Math..
Oli is still just cute..:)
Noah is a mix..
I think I gave my Grand Dictionnaire  to Sofia  Soulis with many of my Barbies etc when I was 17..and she was 5..cutest little kid on our street.
So I gave her all that..
I never even imagined.. I think.. having little girls of my own so soon afterwards.

I found this special book again through a reseller..and still love looking at the pics..
As you can plainly see.
What is it about dear things from our childhood that just bring back such vivid pleasures?
Glad I have a few..

So the cookie cutters are from Ebay..and they are darn cute..except in my set they put a duck instead of a giraffe..
You cannot complain..under $3.00 and free shipping I am not about to utter a word to them..just here.
I love to leave positive feedbacks.
I don't know how they do it.

Noah was coming for dinner so I made him a small batch of sugar cookies~

The cookies held their shape very well..I did chill the stamped and cut cookies for a few minutes in the freezer..
Next time..I would add more almond flavoring..or maybe her cinnamon suggestion.
Mind you it could be entirely my I used salted butter..I omitted the salt..that just may be the thing:)
They lacked a bit in taste I found..

But Noah liked them..♥
Cute matters:)
Like my book:)
And the cutters:)
Aren't they just so cute?

And then ..fruit cakes:)

Ours seemed hard  when I think about them now....and  they lasted forever in the that.. in June... I could still pick off pieces.My dad got them as gifts I the 60s...
I have come a long way since then..
My fruitcakes are all prepped and waiting..In Christmas Tins..

Thank you Pierrette for that recipe...years ago... that I keep playing with.
I will never forget you..  :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

My last bouquet..was Oct 25th~and some ornaments~

I could have picked roses..The Fairy:)
And some red Parklands..
Or some white miniature roses...

Some nasturtiums for certain..and pansies too..with their pretty little faces..

But the Feverfew spoke to we blew leaves into huge piles..

I gather..:) I picked ap. 1/2 cup..of Feverfew..not leaves.. leaf time ..I guess I blow 10% and Jacques 90%:)

The wind  was blowing them into the air at one point..and quite frankly at the helm of a blower often blows mid air..
it started to pour..later in the day..
so I finished some ..shh..Christmas ornaments..
I used air dried you simly roll out.. and stamp..
I use ..a kit ..very similar to these..
I have had mine for a couple of years now..and this is not where I bought them..but I wanted to give you an idea..

I used a child's rolling pin..a star cookie cutter..stamped and added either words..or our grandchildren's names..with a swarovski crystal imbedded..w/ jute cording to hang.
You can either adorn a tree..or gifts with these.
No baking!
Instant gratification..and so easy!
A lot easier than yard maintenance.:)

I also finished up some of the :"She loves Christmas " ornaments..
I saw it on Pinterest and Pinned it..then..this Sept. I went looking for tiny boxes..the trees were easy..Ebay..all sizes..all kinds..
So reasonable..and free shipping..
But the boxes!???
Finally I went into a store I knew had some.. she said ..:"Nous ne vendons pas ces boîtes..Attendez..laissez-moi communiquer avec mon gérant..."(we do not sell these boxes..wait..let me call my manager..)


Bon d' vous versez une somme ..comme vous voulez..pour une bonne cause voiçi ma petite boîte..pour les dons..oui je peux vous en donner quelques unes..(Ok..if you donate a sum of much as you want..and here is my little box  for donations..yes I can give you a few..)
So I left with un don and quelques unes..


Way too many trees for the boxes!
Anyways..I made a few special ones..and sparkles do not show up here..

But they are sparkley:)  And simple....and I am fond of them..

So much so..that I made one..  with:"  Elle aime Noël"..on one of them.. went back to the big store..asked for her..she was on lunch..I left it w/ the dressing room attendant.
Hope she liked it.♥
Funny how my camera at ISO 800 picked up all the fuzzies..but no glitter..
There is glitter:)
My Christmas Cacti..(I have a few..  different etc..)..flower inNovember..the white one...always late October..and she loves the sunroom.

Christmas Cactus? the ornaments..

Just in case you would like to start crafting for Christmas.