Wednesday, December 26, 2018

And so..just like that 2019 is at our door~♥

The last preps were made for Christmas~Look how cute..

Look how not cute..

I purposely did not Photoshop the birch bark for this cake.
I could have made it look flawless..
But that would have been..false.

I made The North Pole Cake..found here..
In small pans:)  I added espresson powder to the buttercream for color..a BIT..
Because I knew how I was GOING TO DECORATE MY CAKE.
Like this beauty!
Think again before making this..
I was so disappointed.
I did everything they said..almost..but when I started breaking the broke..
Plus the chocolate cools too quickly to get it thin ..if you live in the Northern hemisphere...QC ..Canada.
Anyway all this to say.
Fail the bark.
Fail the cake for me.

My Bonne Maman Advent Calendar? Thumbs up..Look what was in number 24~

I did make empty Bonne Maman  jam jar ornaments but this one takes the cake..better than the above cake;)

Meri Meri NEVER disappoints..I made these cupcakes for sleepovers..
I used an idea from Terry..who was responsible for that adorb truck and tea towel and silicone choco mold:) She makes these cupcakes too..and used a Red Velvet cake mix~
I used a container of premade frosting because it pipes beautifully:)

The boys loved them and left w/ the rest..Poor Noah was sick..(he is never did not make it the next night..
still hope for the 28th;)

 Noah and his mom made birdseed feeders and bought me some:)

Guess who got a stocking?:)

Our boys..Oli..Noah ..Max and Lucas in his new hoodie..Thay are all going to see The Harlem Globetrotters:)Cell phone pic!!

So our sweet neighbour Vanessa..with her son and mom(Oma..who taught 2 of my Littles in pre~school)....built a skating rink ...the kids skated Christmas eve and after the fireworks~There is something about a skating rink and Christmas lights that excite me .

Boxing day snowed late afternoon..This is the real Photoshop snow.Vanessa 's rink~♥

One of my daughters got a new cell phone.Unbelievable clics!!

I indulge my Girlie fantasies with Meri Meri:)

So..for 2019..

I don't make resolutions..

I never made GOAL lists even when I worked.

I just wanted to do the best I could.

But I do get ideas and go through clean up

I tidied up some recipes and moved my faves of 2018 into regular folders..
I'll start 2019.

I threw lost of odds and ends away and should do more..and I will..

I will stop and say..:"Yes let's do drive- though because I do want a skinny moka latte"~!I do want a Starbucks.

Forget Miss Polite that're $$ cares!!!?
I want one.

No more bought calendars..
Maybe next year.
I want to skip a year..
I want to look at my Shutterfly ones ONLY.
Our family..what matters..

My desktop will be sleeker..and honestly ..I need more space less stuff.

I so want to leave great reviews on Google and I do.
I do on Amazon too.It literally kills Jacques when I rave about an Intelcom delivery person..

Or that DEAR Suraj/Adobe CC/that spent 2 hours on the phone with me fixing my Photoshop subscription.♥I was having glitches..Unglitched.Thanks to him.
Could not wait for Adobe to send me a survey.Yes.5 plus stars.

But in my heart..there's this dark cave that wants to leave terrible reviews..not products..
professionals..because I want people to be aware.
But I don't.
Because every time I have actually spoken my mind.I was the one that ended up feeling bad.

Yrs ago..I had to be interviewed ..sort of.. by someone..and that so called professional..said:"Tell come you often say Thank you..etc..I said.."Well that's the way I was brought up".
If I had to be in her presence again..I would say:"(*(*&^*())and leave.
And I would.
My husband cracked up when I said this..he knew I was going to;)
So yes..I want to leave some bad reviews.
One day I might.
I might.
Can they find us?

Food was indulgence..Fred made a Turducken and it was ...

soo good..we had sweet potato mash..delish..brussel sprouts..lots of appetizers..we love to sit around her kitchen munching before dinner..fires lovely..
I made this..

From Recipe Tins:)

Let me tell you it feeds a crowd..we were 12..and I thik we ate 1/ there were other apps..It's much in it..not your usual cheeseball;)Loaf..Nope..filled w/ goodies.

I served it on a huge wood tray Fred made us one yr..look at the little house I found to put on the presentation platter..
It means..Fred's Butcher Shop:)

But one of my daughters made this..

Ricotta Jam Jar from Nordstrom's

I give it 5 stars.

My daughter left the ricotta as it was and used store bought pesto.That tomato the MONEY:) All together BRAVA!

Lots of treats for desserts..the fireworks are really the icing on the cake..hope to set up a stand next yr..w/ hot choco.

Breakfast.the next day..I had quiche and muffins(Marie's Nutmeg muffins),Hot Bean Pot..Jacques' AMAZIN Pecan Praline Bacon..he bakes it all the ay before takes him 3 hrs..It's the highlight.
You just reheat Christmas morn.Divine.
I made a new breakfast casserole and I should have listened to my instinct and bake it way longer:(I did and it still was runny..can't eat a runny egg.I am like one of my daughters..The idea and recipe were both's me and my timing:(

Mylène's family....Adamo 19 is to the right..and Giu 17 to the left.We could not ask for nicer sweeter additions to our family♥Mylène..and Alain..( my chicken guy;);))and Noah in the middle:)Both Adamo and Giu had had 4 wisdom teeth pulled out not 48 hrs before..Their little cheeks were puffy..

Caroline's family Frédérick,Max in front,Oli and Caro to the right and Lucas on top:)

Look at Little Katie:)I hope we always live close all the ones that are here.
I love her outfit:)♥
And all our boys looked handsome too.Noah even had
a tie;)

I've said I hate having my photo taken and I do.But her new cell takes great pics..hides flaws etc..I just can't even look at a camera;) 

Healthy healthy peaceful sweet New Year,for all~

Until next year~

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Time for reflection~♥The fairy lights do that to me..and the tree~

It's the little things know..

Things..precious things you had as a child..

Things bought on trips that then reminded you of someone..

Things you have had forever that remind you of a newly found Instagrammer that inspires you

A quirky funny ornament..that make you think..maybe you were born to be wild

Ornaments from my darling daughters

Ornaments from clients you had

Many ornaments from long time pen pals...  two peas in a pot

Ornaments I made to make my girls happy and to make  $$  at craft sales..
LOL times have changed

Ornaments that represent passions..

Ornaments commemorating the best of the best years

To remember yrs gone by.. 45..with Jacques..started in -73

Yes my favorite people call me by this name

More passions..stitching..

Bloggers near and far..some lost some found


It's the little know.♥ 

Keep them all so close to you~The THOUGHTS that go with the things..


Saturday, December 15, 2018


Been baking cookies cookies cookies and bars:)
If you have a rolling pin that makes cannot go wrong with this recipe!
It is such a keeper.
My daughter borrowed two of my stamp cookie cutters and on her very first try..they came out perfect!
So if you own a stamp etc..rolling pin..and have not been successful I encourage you to try the recipe from The Lemon Apron~

I mention our Christmas stockings during the holidays and I am asked to share them..on I usually pop them in here and there  for newcomers.

I made my very first one ..a snowman holding a snowbaby's hands..representing Frédérick holding Lucas' hands.
Lucas is our firstborn grandson..
Then I made Lucas', then our daughters..Alain..then Max and Noah and for for me and an extra one.
The last 3 are never filled:)

I owe making these stockings to a  friend I had.

She taught me everything..
She sent me supplies to begin..and links on where to purchase wool etc.
She drew some for me..Mylène,my daughter drew the others♥
She video 'd herself showing me how to proceed.
For this I shall be forever grateful.

It's funny..I make small felt ornaments..that I give to my daughters..I have run out of patterns now..egads..
But Caroline wrote to me the day she put her tree up and told me that she liked my ornaments best of all.♥
And that Lucas said:"When I move out will nana make me some?"
Moments like those make me want to be here forever..

I made sugar cookies and used my huge Birkmann cutters..Statement cookies lol!
Either as an individual gift or poking out of stockings wrapped in cello.
I am rather supercalifragilistically smitten w/ my Canal Homes..The cutters are from Fancy Flours..Winter Village Cutter and Stencil Set.
$$  but imagine for me in Canadian funds.One million dollars;)
I still say..worth it.
We had a snowglobe day Tuesday..light snow all day falling gently..
Wednesday rose brilliantly sparkly w/ blue skies and sunshine.
I love days like these.
Truly Christmas weather.

These last little cookies are the best gingerbread cookies I have eaten.I used my Pain d'Epices spices from Provence..but it is the icing sugar instead of sugar that makes such a crisp lovely cookie..
You can find the fab recipe here..from Susan;)
More inspo from Susan~

Happy Baking