Friday, September 25, 2020

End of September~How much longer...?It's up to us.


One of my fave places on earth above...where Van Gogh stayed in St-Rémy~

What a crowd looks like now..Oli's game we could assist..the difference from last year is astounding.Our Oli is good:) Just saying..

Oh yum made the above again..Diane Morissey..Get her recipe for Her Stuffed Eggplants Here ..

So life is not getting better Covid Wise..I saw my first commercial that may knock some sense into people..a man..not old..not young..what is that? 55 ish..?
With a tracheotomy ..because of having contracted Covid.
I mean maybe if people saw more real life commercials  they would get the importance of it all.
I mean do you have to go to a bar?And to all the maskholes..wear one.
I am getting livid..Here I must say in all have to.
Thank God for that.
But I don't get families all getting together in a house when kids are now in school..we didn't there is even more reason to stay distanced.
I hate it.
But it's a must.
I am torn between being envious of seeing people w/ their grands in the house to thinking..what are you thinking?
Am I too rigid?

Onto the cake..
It's from the Original Dish and you can ..Find her recipe here
Is it the best ever? I don't know I have at least 20 here that are the best too:)It's a nice one and it's better the next day..

Soon he will be part of the gang that digs up my tulip bulbs..
yep tulips..a glutton for punishment I am;)

It's funny what you don't see sometimes..  see that tiny winged thing?
I never saw it while focusing on my 4 o'clock:)

It had a goal:)Hard to see..only saw after..

Look how beautiful these still are..I ripped out my petunias..these will wait and be brown bagged.

And these never disappoint.

I was going to bring some in today and I offered 2 bouquets...but it dry day:)

Look how gorgeous the leaves on Bonica..
Still going so strong.
Sadly I ripped out my last Henry Hudson..a whte darling I have had for 20 yrs..she just attracted every chafe every japanese beetle..
I may not have circumvented the pests as we have vines that are eaten alive by them:(Do they attract the?
Anyway a hard dry annual  less summer here..
Hoping for far better next yr.

Our PM said TG is out of the question..let's work at making Christmas happen♥


Being Canadian..I knew of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and admired her..but did not know the depth of her accomplishments..
We watched the documentary RBG and we  found it so interesting and informative.
A lovely ,smart, chic, loving, powerhouse.

I have read articles that mention her losing her mom at 17.
I get the depth of my being.

Also on TV  we are watching..I Know This Much Is True..I read the book by Wally Lamb soooo many moons ago..
I must applaud Mark Ruffalo's performance.Incredibe..he plays both he and his twin .

Just in case you need something to watch while staying at home;)

Have a good weekend.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Fading Gardens and Preserving what we can~


You may remember the door in Provence I posted on my last post..I decided to paint it..and enjoyed every minute..s:)

Mon jardin is winding down.but I can still gather bouquets..I am waiting on my Café Au Lait Dahlia and hope it blooms before frost..

Zinnias.. roses..hydrangeas.. sedum..some lavender..
I bought bags of dirt to not be caught empty handed should we still be in this situation next Spring (Please.. no)..

Made my pepper jelly again..and made is very popular in our family..Serve on cream cheese..or bake brie w/ it on top..
It's easy and gorgeous and so good and I always think of Josée when I make it.
A step back in time on my blog from 10 yrs ago..still making it..

You can find the recipe here..
I was not able to find small Bernardin jars 125 ml..ANYWHERE..called ahead..people think that during the beginning of the pandemic..  the plant was closed and production halted.I love those..fab product ..even flipped ..and affordable.No gouging here.

Footnote..found some..  nestled here until next year.

Those tomato starters are nestled in my freezer can find the recipe at Suzie's Just Crumbs.

Well I got into my little zen quiet painting mode and did another.
If ever you go to Provence..and love quiet and nature..and oh so fall on your knees pretty..
Make a stop in Eygalières.
No surprise that stars.. architects..  have invested there.
I would be in..;)

The above is for every Nana/Nonna/mom/sister /friend who wants to be loved lol..
Nutella stuffed choco chip cookies..Just go to Instagram..Diane Morissey look at her feed..find the cookies..recipe is there:)

Some roses are still brightening the fading gardens..

That light happened again..I said come right in♥

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

~Let's pretend..I am.:)

Pretending I went back this September..

I have been painting this one..below..:)Next time I will share my trials..

We all know I didn't..and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
Even the insurance company that covers us..sent a letter saying..there is a stop to insurance for travel.
Our policy covered until Oct 31rst..
We usually renew prior to..
No option.
Finita ..for now.

Provence and the Gulfside of Fl are dear to my heart..
So I am painting little Provence things..
I baked some madeleines too..
And a great new vanilla cake..for a Victoria Sponge I always followed recipes for that..always dry..

This cake is anything BUT so for all future VS cakes this will be the recipe combining the best of Japanese sponges and Western vanilla cakes.
Stays moist for days!

You can find the recipe for this fabulous cake here :) Best Vanilla cake.

So the new Blogger not the end of the world..yet.
So far good..?
Not sure.
Take care take care take care.