Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Seeds..tomato talk.. and pinks:)


I've started my seed saving..dill is so easy and prolific..and you can sow throughout summer to always have.

I have to tell you something about tomatoes..I'm not the only one here in QC crying over tomatoes..but at last they are starting..first time ever growing larger Italian ones..

I had this one covered in organza to keep the squirrels and groundhogs and chipmunks away as this one was heavy and lying lowish..It weighed in at 1.3 lbs!I called it her wedding dress.

So as you know my tomatoes plants burned at the time of transplant and I've been fighting everything to keep them alive..but check the two next photos..that's my garlic bed..self sown tomato plants I put in there..  and self sown Nasturtiums were there..My rosemary in the corner..No one is eating these tomato plants ..planted so late..and I may get tomatoes..Two plants are filling the whole bed....Time will tell..

Just saying..perhaps I 'll plant a bit of garlic in my tomato plant bed..

And let some roam free.

The bees are everywhere pollinating everything even tomato blooms now..zinnias..  all kinds of flowers.And go figure ..the hummingbirds don't go to my feeder they go to my zinnias..

I love the loose bunches of zinnias I bring in..boundless supply it seems..

I have to say I am swayed by pretty ..when I saw this Rosé Wine vinegar in a limited edition bottle  offered at Costco..I added it to J's list.

Not extravagant.

I can't wait for new shows on TV Like Yellowstone..

Enjoying the GBBO..the contestants always forge a way into my feelings..

Not liking Inventing Anna.Harsh words but I can even doze off..She's too good an actress to have that awful accent..and did she really bamboozle all those people..unbelievable.

Loved Grantchester,maybe I mentioned that already..

The Bear on Disney channel..I told my daughter about it who has that channel..she's enjoying it..It's with Lipp from Shameless..

Thursday is September first..I know it is not just me..but..

time is just flying by.

Football is here..

I never thought in my life that I would be looking forward to home football games..lol to football games in general:)

4 different teams this year.

I bought a roll up blanket on sale at Indigo.

I get chilly at nothing.

And only have eyes for my 4 alphabet boys.

Take care..

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Honestly..and I now have a 47 yr old:)

 The gardens feel like the end of August..so parched and dry..and bug eaten..

I cut back all my lilies apart from a very few..all shastas..The peony leaves are turning brown.. honestly..  it's all going to pot.

Except the zinnias and hydrangeas..

And some cute marigolds:) Some phlox but quite a lot has been eaten by the chafers..

The 4 o'clocks are just starting..rudbeckias..russian sage..

Ever since we moved here I have had Japanese Anemones around our small pond..A lot..dancing in the breeze attracting bees  bees bees..

NONE..These are true blues but pink for me..

Across the street they have gone forth and multiplied..Imagine that.


The destruction of squirrels..

I always said a good time to go away was  September as my gardens were  pretty much done by Sept..August is the new September.

And gardening has changed with the coming of Japanese Beetles..  I was used to rose chafers.. 2 yrs ago or so beetles appeared.Those are lasting much longer.

And squirrels never ate my tomatoes..never..I had such beauties..

Garlic is my first love now..

Squirrels don't eat garlic..I have tried planting garlic close..I'll get closer next yr..I'll plant in between.

Definitely not starting indoors..

Nope..no way..enough self-punishment.

They are slow this yr and Babette's Feast for the squirrels.

I HATE squirrels.

There.I said it.I won't change my mind.

Living in the country has so many advantages..but the wildlife is not always friendly:(

Celebrating our eldest daughter's bday today..it was the 10th..I was up at 5.30 AM..why?

Most of the things are prepped..

That's me in a nutshell..Never late.

Every home we lived in when the girls were young...my husband  built them a playhouse..this was the first..La maison Sous Les Arbres I called it..She's in pink..and white (second pic) I made that..never had zippers I didn't know how:) I guess I was 25 ..oyoyoy..

My red dodge dart out there..:)

I like everything matchy matchy..she's in the dark Polly Flinders below..they looked like they were now fed up w/ pic taking..

I loved those purses..I was maybe 26 by then..I was all bout Priscillas and gingham..Raggedy Ann's to match..bows..barettes..

Recital days..

I never wanted them to be cold;)

La Maison sous les arbres~

I think I loved those years the very best..until we had our grandsons.

I have always loved children..Embroidered her little dress..

Monday, August 1, 2022

Oh My Gosh August!


Oh lala.. August! It has flown by..

Driving along shore road yesterday I was in awe of certain gardens..waterfront homes with gardens that look like someone planned them perfectly..still so much blooming!

My gardens get dry..they must have wells to water when they want..nothing looked burnt or spent..standouts bright pink phlox..coral phlox ..mounds of purple coneflowers..rudbeckias..hydrangeas..just gorgeous..

Ill try and insert more..annuals yet again..as I particularly loved blue salvia..pink impatiens ..repeat repeat repeat..on both sides of their entrance oh so pretty!In my memory box.. 

All the garlic is cured..snipped..and put aside..the one to eat and the one to plant .I snuck some in my last focaccia..so good.I may be ordering some different garlic online:) To shake up my routine lol.

Lucas is 17 next Sat..he's the eldest of both my daughters sons..

I cant believe what a lovely lovely young man he is..You would all be smitten on the spot.

All 3 boys in that family are working now..  Oli is a CIT..counselor in taining..no pay..at his school..but loves it! Max has a couple of days at Dollarama..:) and Lucas is the Counselor at summer camp here.

Poor Noah got a job blueberry picking on the hottest day of summer I think..and did not go back :)

Sept will bring back to school for all..all new experiences..  new schools..(2 of them ) and new grades..

I'm really very glad I am past that.I don't want to have to perform..

I'm at a stage in my life where I would like less routine ..although I am SO routine..yet not school I wouldn't want that.

Signed up for a new art class ..Ian Fennely.. out of my comfort zone..looking forward to it.

Back to school and Halloween showing up in stores..EGADS.

Let's not race to the finish line.

I hope everyone has a smooth August..no situations..  health..to all:)