Monday, April 30, 2012

Pretty Bags~

What a trying experience blogging is when you have been away for months and Blogger changes it's routine. I am a terrible creature of habit..and routine..Fly by the seat of my pants is not my middle name ..Blogger is different..Picnik went away. Nothing stays the same. I enjoy learning new things..when the time is right.. I must discipline myself and get this. Since I retired.. (to coin a phrase.. it really wasn't "retirement")as in age or benefits.. younger than the age and no benefits..~ ..I have needed be still.. I enjoy making these once in a while and decided on a beach bag..It's not waterproof.. not washable w/ the trinkets I added.. fabric,flowers,shark's teeth from my favorite beach(meaning familiar and beautiful and populated by 2 handfuls..+ of wonderful people)..a pocket for my beach friendly read in the sun's glare while protected from the sun..Kindle:)..a crown and birds from a lovely envelope I received housing a very pretty card..a fabric covered button.. shells from said beach.. French monogrammed initials:) The Graphic's Fairy Ephemera as the heart~I still cannot add a apologies~
These bags are fun to make..this is my 4th I think.. I know I will enjoy having it by my side at the beach..sand and all~
The initials were found on Etsy..more than one yr ago,I still have a few..I like them so much..They remind me of Brocantes in France~I felt lucky when I found them~
If the mood w/ purses and add making a collage almost..PS Where have all the fabric stores gone? :( Treading softly..entering Spring and Golf Season for Jacques..More time on my hands~

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Romantic Praire Style~ Fifi's Newest Publication~

You all know my affection for Fifi..I have both her books..Romantic Prairie Style..and her newest..the cookbook:) Both are favorites of mine. We have met a few times..and every time I have left feeling enriched..Her special presence is felt immediately. She is utterly charming..and nice..and kind. To have visited her beautiful home and enjoyed her warm unpretentious generous company,will always stay etched in my mind. I was touched a few months back when Fifi asked me if I would like to participate in her first issue. Honored actually. The first edition is about to hit the stands and I cannot wait to have my copy(ies). It will be a treasure for me for sure. I have not been "disponible" lately..and have no idea how this new Blogger interface works..don't even know where the photos are uploaded and kept anymore.. When I am back in lovely blogland ..I will research and learn..In the interim..I wish you well..and wanted to thank Fifi for front of all of you. You can go read more about Fifi's new baby here.. at her own blog Fabulousfifi typepad..Oy..I can't even get the link to work..forgive me. In the interim,please know that I visit..and peek and wish you all well.I have seen the new baby:) Been to a beautiful wedding..enjoyed recipes and tablescapes and a trip to Paris..All VIRTUALLY.I've read of losses..pets etc..and am sorry for you..I have enjoyed your photos,words,art work,crafting..suggestions,tips and tricks. Our little ones are well,charming and sprouting.I have seeds germinating..and my daughters are lovely. Leurs familles respectives vont si bien~I hope you and yours are also~ Take care.. So until next time.. Amitiés..Monique. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Footnote April 24th~ Received my copy from the publisher~ I had tried finding it in we will be at least one week after..the USA ..if I can get it.. So I am very happy that they sent me a copy.Thank you Harris Publications,Inc,NY. Fifi's magazine is superb..a keeper.. All my favorite magazines rolled into one. My VERY favorite. You will have to pick up a copy and see.It is the type of magazine you can look at over and over again..not like most of my magazines..that head across the street to my daughter and then onto my other daughter. This one is mine:) Jacques enjoyed it also. It reminds me of a beautiful day we had together.. And all the other articles and photos are inspirational..and beautiful. Fifi nouveau bébé is her. Again it was an honor to be part of this issue. Bravo , bravo Fifi. And I have enjoyed reading your notes..I think of you all. Take care..Enjoy Spring~ xx