Monday, January 30, 2017

Watercolor pastels,Bran Muffins and Pain Magique.

I am always in the need of good bran muffins..and I make all kinds because I do love them so:)

So you have read about all my faves..and this is another..a classico:)  The one on the Quaker Bran box:)

I add dates that I plump..chopped plumped dates..
it is one of the few times I use Crisco.
And très peu.
In some pie doughs I do also.

I do  confess.

Do you..

Remember that commercial?
About frying chicken and  Crisco? One of many!

I do.

And the one about being a good cook ?

The Easy Off one? LOL

Be a good cook mother said and you'll get a man.
What did I get?25 years in a dirty oven..

Oh how times have changed;)

Thank goodness.

This is a bit funny..I have had these watercolor pastels for over 10 yrs..I have played with them..the same way I do w/ my oil pastels,direct on the paper..all ridgey and ugly they looked....and then wet the effort..that was almost worse..
hated everything..until I saw someone on IG..using Daniel Smith stick paints..and I thought..I should try this with my watercolor pastels..
Guess what?
Now I know how to use them..for may not be THE WAY..wet your brush and then go to the pastels..your brush will be imbibed w/ the pastel watercolors..I did a quickie quickie works!

I like all kinds of materials for painting..the PH Martins I have had for at least 15 yrs..they will outlast and outlive me..perfect for work like Danielle Donaldson's book.

Who else comes home from Paris w/ an empty cream bottle?
If I had had a regular suitcase and not just a carry much more would have come home to my little town..
their cream is not like ours..well the ones we found.

So the day I decided to make this was dark and cloudy and I was trying a different setting  on my camera..w/ a different lens..and the photo was AWFUL..not the camera's fault.

It still is..but compared to what it was..anyway..

the purose is to tell you about this recipe..non bread bakers will..should love it..
Look at it..the holes..the rise..and good.

even easier than Ricardo's..that I still LOVE.

you still need a dutch oven type Le Creuset thing..that you don't care how it eventually ends up for Ricardo's.

I was smitten w/ the girl on  the Josée Di Stasio show..and she made this I had made jams and marmalades..needed a bread with substance.

Now mine didn't have a indentation on top..nor did the one on the show..A nice round boule.

so how easy is this?

3 cups of flour
2 cups of water
pinch of salt
half a tablespoon of instant yeast

mix everyting w/ a a large bowl until uniform and firm
Cover with an inverted bowl (I used cling)..12-24 hrs ..until doubled or tripled in size..

I brought mine into my craft room where Jacques is fermenting wine..

Preheat oven to 500 F w/ your cast iron lidded pot..
Turn your risen dough over into a well floured pan..or not just want the bread floured..well..then plop into the hot cast iron pot.cover..bake 25-30 minutes(30 for me) uncover and bake an additional 5 minutes..

or until a nice color.

PS I put parchment in my cast in in prettily..

when it comes out it has a crunch top..It will soften..the same day it is wonderful..the next day we toasted it..still great..even a couple of days later..I had put mine in a banneton .
as you can see lots of nice air holes etc..

A winner.
Easy Peasy. 
Easy as Pie.

I have a sourdough starter starting..fingers's in the wine room too..
Inspired by Lee-Ann
Susan..who sent me the starter for Xmas
And Linda..who I's her first time..and WOW.
(footnote..I put the starter in the oven w/ only pilot light on)
I have baked one loaf..not qute right yet..(the sourdough)
when I get it..I will share.

Fingers crossed.

Oh and the neat little program that made a photo less terrible?


On my can upgrade..but I like just the basic..unlike Lumyer that totally stopped on My Ipad..they said it does not work on an did..

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fortune Teller~Lemon~Isabelle Lambert~

I have made soo many of  Isa's recipes through the years~

I can be a fortune teller~

My crystal ball..

can predict some futures.. 
...2 crystal balls can predict more than some:)

Remember I wrote about Isabelle Lambert's book Citron..w/  a recipe?
Many of you asked if the book was available in English and it was not.
Guess what?
Now it is..


She has several cookbooks and they are all fabulous.

Available at ..

Amazon Canada..hurry 2 copies left
Amazon US

I love her books..this one..translated into no exception..
fab photos..more than fab recipes..
over 100 recipes featuring lemon from apps to desserts.

Case in point..   her Lemon Meringue Pie I made w/ Swiss Meringue..

I had never made Swiss fun.

I picked her lemon meringue pie.. and it's not your every day lemon is very special..I remember  when my mom made lemon pie..when the meringue got wet sitting on the lemon and slid off:)

This didn't make the filling ahead..spoon it into your crust..(see below..)****
and pipe this gorgeous Swiss Meringue on top.

Jacques loved it..

Here is the below..***

I made 2 small ones instead of 1 large..I had frozen 2 pastry shells I I used those instead of her sweet crust pastry..I assure you I have made this and it makes the pie a tart/pie..pie/ excellent.
A sweet dough pastry makes it almost like a shortbread..

But when I want to make something..and I don't want to waste anything..I adapt recipes..
So I blind baked my 2 small pie crusts..

and made 2.. a bit too much filling:) And not enough Swiss meringue ..but look I went crazy was going so well..follow HER recipe and you will be spot on delicious.

My prediction? Years ago..I predicted this girl would be famous:)

La Recette~

It takes a few steps..but worth it..sure to be in your "special" recipe file.

For the shortcrust pastry

2/3 cup softened butter
1 cup icing sugar
1/4 cup ground almonds
pinch of salt
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups all purpose flour

In a food processor,cream butter and icing  sugar,add ground almonds ,salt, egg and vanilla ,pulse to combine thoroughly  add flour and pulse  until  a bll dough forms .Wrap dough in plastic wrap and chill 2 hrs..

(I find this recipe alone is a keeper for other tarts,pies)


Preheat oven to 350F Butter and flour a 9 inch pie plate and line w/ uniformly spread pie dough (she may have used a removable bottom fluted tart tin)..
Prick shell w/ fork. Cover with buttered parchment.
Fill w/ dry beans and bake 15 minutes.
Remove beans and parchment and continue to bake 15 more minutes or until edges are golden.

Lemon Cream

1 cup of sugar
fine zest of 3 lemons
4 large eggs
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 1/4 cup unslated butter cut in pieces ,room temp.

Fill a saucepan w/ 2 inches of water and simmer..Place sugar and zest in a heat resistant bowl
Rub sugar and zest w/ fingers
Beat in eggs, the lemon juice
Place bain-marie bowl over simmering saucepan and whisk once mixture is a bit warm.
Cook whisking constantly until mixture reaches 180F.Cream will become lighter and foamy then bubbles will grow as it reaches 180F.Mixture will be thick and whisk will leave no trace..
Do not stop whisking until temp reaches 180F.
Remove from heat and strain mixture over a food processor or mixing bowl.Discard zest.Let sit until temp reaches 140F about 10 minutes.
With mixer running on high..add butter 5 pieces at a time..scrape sides if necessary.
Leave machine running another 3 minutes.
Pour lemon cream in a container and cover w/ plastic wrap.
Refrig 4 hrs or overnight.
Cream will keep 4 days in fridge or 2 months in freezer..defrost overnight in fridge.

For The Swiss Meringue.

2 egg whites 
1/2 cup sugar.

Place egg whites and sugar in a round bottomed bowl.
Heat a saucepan of water and place bowl on top to make a bain-marie.
Beat with hand mixture until mixture is hot..At this stage meringue will be very white and shiny.
Remove from heat and continue to beat until cool.


Whip lemon cream  with a hand mixer and pour into cold crust Even out top w/ a spatula..Refrigerate 1 hr.
Place Swiss meringue in a piping pag w/ fluted tip and  cover top of lemon cream w/ meringue.
Using a blowtorch,brown top of meringue..

Jacques loved it~

Apart from the meringue you can make things a head of of presenting this fab dessert do the meringue and there you have a pastry shop worthy wow and delish dessert.

Have a great weekend~

PS  My Gardenbuddy Arlene..fab photographer and ukelele virtuoso:)  ..well we were emailing..about being little and ever since she was small she had a camera around her neck:)

She has also been in a way a camera buddy..100 yrs ago she went to Staples and bought my Sony for me and sent it to me..yrs later because mine broke after yrs of loving it..she sold me her old one:)

We both got into DSLRs at about the same time..she a and Oly and a Canon..recently she bought a mirrorless and I followed suit..
I was saying that it was so grey I was not doing much shooting..
she mentioned these bubbles that stay like bubbles in the cold.
I made some..she sent me the instructions..and I blew bubbles and took pics yesterday.

Thank you Arlene:)

 Up above..Arlene to the left  with the camera:)

Don't you just love it?
The ankle socks..crinoline and Brownie around her neck?
I spot a corsage too..
This is Lucas' grade! So cute.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Jam Session~An old paintbox..and Odell Beckham Jr.

That little watercolor paper book above is my favorite.I love St-Armand's papers.. get an idea in your head..and you could literally get up in the middle of the night  (the best ideas are fraught there..)and just do it.

One of my ideas..was ..we need more strawberry jam..David Lebovitz' was unheard of years ago to make strawberry jam in January..until Costco..

Please understand..I won't find a real local strawberry here for..about 5.5 months..and we had the last of the jam.I live in Québec..the land of plenty..plenty of snow and cold in January:)
And someone I know likes marmalade..and Costco had Cara color..I had to.
I made Ricardo's again..In both cases..the jam and the marmalade I have to cook mine a lot longer..we like runny jam..and it is..
the marm is less so.

I know..I should be buying bio..


So I made both one grey wintry day and loved start at about 9 AM and finish around 3 PM:) Then all the jars are upside down..till the next day..
I assure you they all POP..and are terribly difficult to open..and we have never been ill.

I love the jam recipe..I am ok with the marmalade is not the marmalade of my dreams..that they have at a breakfast place near here ..which is very similar to one I had in Woodstock,Vermont.
Oh in the 80's...

That sweet paint set,,I was fortunate to be able to buy know I love vintage..this is in a metal case..when I picked it up..I asked the young woman..where did you get this? She was my grandmother's.. she was a watercolorist.

I will look after it..where you see the circle w/ is a water vessel..I had used pinks and red's for the berry.
I am smitten.
There are 27 pans..and all are still usable..there is a water vessel and a mixing palette..metal and white.It came with that Whistler brush.
The set is Reeves~#62..1950's I think.So my age.

Max LOVES Odell Beckham Junior..there was a photo of him on IG wearing headphones..Max is already thinking his birthday in June..he is a planner,,anyway his mom asked if I could try and paint his photo and I laughed..and then I sat down and tried..

Now I know it is amateur..and I never thought of this..his head was cropped on the photo..I just did a dark background..
I would have preferred this..

But then my white border is gone..and the frame doesn't fit..:(
Any ideas ?How to fix?
His mom says Max will love it as is..but I don' it..his lips culd use improving and that's not the least of the poor guy's watercolor.
I could stick to jam making;)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chocolate Sour Cream Cake..and Oli the skier~

My daughter called this top photo.. a family brochette:)

Happy little Skiers..

Posting a tad earlier because in is almost morning;)

We have had a mish mash of weather,from freezing not is a very different weather scene here compared to other years.
Our family across the street has started X-country skiing..even Oli..who is 7 and very sports first..was abit  a tiny bit..wobbly..  but he took to the sport a few steps..

All 5 set out..we watched,he started off walking and soon enough soon we could see..he started gliding ..they went far..:)

As you can tell in photo 3..he is in the air..daddy is carrying him the rest of the way.:)

I had a photo of myself sitting beside my favorite Christmas gift ever ...apart from the dog they gave back one year..

I just found this one..(I have so few..) ..the ballet ones..a few party ones..not many actually..I love them ..all ..I think I have 10 to 15..15 sounds like a lot..  most probably 10..any way I found this different pose of me probably tucking in my baby.

The dress is so familiar to w/ crinoline and a black velvet waistband..patent Mary Janes..  my mom would shine them up w/ Vaseline♥bows in my hair..frills on my socks.
Our white plastic tree..the great flat screen TV..the fake crèche that I still strung up..ashtrays galore..that clock..and I remember that thing on the tv..I think it was a candle..glitter glitter and it had fake  plastic baubles on it..
I know the tv..was bought when my parents aske my brothers..what do you want a new baby or a tv..they picked the TV I think..

I wish I had so many more photos..because that is what makes me remember.
I want to remember so much more.

This must be about 56-57 years ago..I think that's my uncle Roland..they lived in Sillery Québec.
I was happy to go the the Québec carnaval twice:) for a good sour cream chocolate cake recipe;)

It is no surprise to you that I am a recipe tester,not a recipe inventor.

I get inspired by recipes..and try them out..

I make many of the same dinners during a calendar year,favorites of ours..the old standbys..

Soups..scallop dishes we favor..pork dishes..chicken dishes..Italian..i.e. pastas, sauces  and pizzas....Asian..
..classic old fashioneds like Shepherd's pies..(cottage pies. really)..hamburgers on the grill..sausages..Italian or German..or honey mustard..not pork breakfast sausages like we had at home..La Belle Fermière..I slathered them in ketchup to take the taste away;) Maybe I should see if they are still available and try dishes..salmon..cod..halibut..shrimp dishes ..many we love..etc etc..

And then..I experiment and try something new on a regular basis..
I like that..I have Jacques who loves good food.. blog..etc..

Desserts I do have mainstays..many..but I get breads..

And in the last 2 years..Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have inspired me:)

Unfortunately ..many desserts do not pan out..stick to your faves if you have a fave.. a sour cream chocolate cake..I tried one because Jacques loves Mme Benoit's..
..not even close.

So I am leaving you with Mme.Benoits:)

La Recette~

2 carrés (2 onces) de chocolat non sucré /2 unsweetened chocolate squares..2 ounces
1 tasse d'eau bouillante/1 cup boiling water

2 tasses de farine tout-usage, tamisée/2 cups sifted all purp.flour
1/4 c. à thé de sel/1/4 tsp salt
1 c. à thé de soda/1 tsp baking soda
1 c. à soupe de zeste de citron râpé/1 tbsp grated lemon zest
1/2 tassse de beurre/1/2 cup buttersoftened
1 c. à thé de vanille/1 tsp vanilla
1-3/4 tasse de cassonade bien tassée/1 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
2 oeufs/2 eggs
1/2 tasse de crème sure, commerciale/1/2 cup sour cream

Chauffer le four à 325 F, et graisser un moule à pain de 9 X 5 X 3 pouces. Placer le chocolat dans un petit bol, y ajouter l'eau bouillante et laisser tiédir. Tamiser la farine, le sel et le soda, ajouter le zeste de citron râpé.
Mélanger le beurre et la vanille et mettre en crème avec un malaxeur électrique jusqu'à ce que le mélange soit crémeux, ajouter la cassonade et continuer à travailler la pâte jusqu'à ce qu'elle soit très crémeuse.
Ajouter les oeufs, un par un, en battant bien entre chaque addition. Incorporer la farine avec soin, en y mélangeant la crème sure et en dernier lieu.. le mélange du chocolat et de l'eau.
Verser la pâte (c'est une pâte claire) dans le moule préparé et cuire de 50 à 60 minutes ou jusqu'à ce que le gâteau soit cuit. Refroidir sur un gril à gâteau pendant environ 5 min, démouler et refroidir complètement.


Preheat oven to 325..Prepare a 9x5x3 inch loaf pan(see my notes below)
Place the chocolate squares in abowl and pour boiling water over..let melt..and become tepid..
Sift flour,salt and soda,add lemon zest.
Cream butter and vanilla with electric mixer..add brown sugar and continue mixing until mixture is very eggs one by one beating well after each addition..
Gently add flour mixture and then sour cream..lastly..the chocolate warm water mixture..
Pour into prepared pan and bake 50-60 mins.. Let cool on a rack ap 5 mins and then unmold..

Many people leave it unglazed.. see my notes below..

My notes..I used a 9 inch springform pan..I have made the cake so many times I can improvise~

Enjoy~ She was our Julia Child~

I first posted this in 2011 I think..

Macarons have success and fail rates too..more fails..than passes..

Sucre  à  la crème..more fails..I have a keeper now
Sugar pie..more fails..
Pie crust dough more fails..I have a few keepers now
Pate sucrée..more fails..I have keepers
Pies..jams..more fails.I have keepers

So ya want keepers?

I mentioned I would post keepers from Marie..The English Kitchen..I have so many great recipes from all bloggers..but I seem to have a compendium of J's

The English Kitchen:)

All recipes have been tried and tested..

apart from Dorie Greenspan's Baking..From my Home To Yours..few dessert cookbooks have a LOT of winning recipes..great photos! Great text..great oohs and ahhs..ahem...but a small amount of keepers.

I want to specify ..that I have made many delicious recipes from all of you that post recipes..and I am so grateful!

This time..I am talking about Marie.
I am sure you can go to her site..and do a search..these are all hard copies in my ..well one of my..recipe folders/books.

Et..maintenant..les recettes....some of my faves..

Hot Cocoa Cookies
Bumbleberry Pie Traybake
Crispy M and M Treats
Baked Apple Donuts
Apple Crumble Tray Bake
Raspberry Jam Bars
Raspberry Buns
Sour Cream Blueberry Breakfast Bake
Ginger Cake with Caramel Icing

Raspberry Bakewell cake
Sour Cream Blueberry cake
Crunchy Blueberry Tart
Buttermilk Spice Cake
Little Ginger Cheesecakes
Spiced Orange Cake

Korean Beef
Spicy Pork Burgers

I am sure there are many more..these are the ones I got my immediate hands on~

Sue and Mel agree! Marie is Top (STAR) Baker.

P.S. I first saw the idea of the stag on a GBBS Christmas I made a can literally make any design that you want:)

I really really love this show..loved..not sure what the new one will be..

Bon Weekend~

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th~Teas and paints and cookies...and Mr Jack:)

These cocooning days..bring out my favorite CDs..and Spotify..

..honestly..who knew one day we would have Blogging? Pinterest? Spotify? Tumblr?

So much at the tips of our fingers..not to mention Twitter and

Snapchat and Skype..


I have so many reservations re FB..for me.
Just for me;)

Yet I read FB..and often have bought things on FB..mostly old things you cannot find here and there.

And ordering..which makes me wonder..what will happen with the chain stores..same fate as magazines?

I found out I could order shipping..over $25.00 to my nearest post office..groceries..make up..anything..things that are not available many people hate going shopping..and going out in the winter..and they have my Stash's Licorice Tea♥

This is fabulous for people in the country etc..or unable to get out.
Especially in glacial temps as we will experience again tomorrow.

It 's not in a proud way that I mention dearest friend..does yoga..tai at palliative care and will soon be doing soup kitchens..her world is filled w/
I don't know where I come from.

I was happy to find a use for those waterbrushes I bought on EBAY.
Very different method of releasing water and I found some of the bristles came day I tried simply make the color and water fall off the bristle.
I like what it does..

I also love when a talented artist shares tutorials.

Fridays..most..many Fridays..Vivian Swift posts a blog entry..Friday the 13th was a lucky actually:)

She posted a tutorial..go see..

I love tutorials..but I find on Youtube..I have to keep pausing and I have to start..stop..start..stop.

But when it is simply a visual,non-moving tutorial..I find it much easier.

I would never have thought of painting trees this way..that's why it is maybe we can use the techniques in our own style..on my part, I have not found my style..
and Chinese White..I don't think I had ever opened the I remedied that ... I went overboard with Chinese White on a little project.
All or nothing I was today..glitter ..stamps etc..all in a tidy craft room might I add:)

We had  balmy weather last week..some days.. no fire..but the battery candles..Susan has some I stood in the kitchen this evening preparing dinner looking into the family room..I thought..I love this..warmth and food cooking and the glow of safe candles after all of the Christmas season has been put away..
I think I went on a rampage..the whole Christmas organized.for this year..not alphabetically but pretty near..
..the craft room? Well I have see-through bins now..Walmart ..$6.00..big enough but I need two more.
I can actually SEE what's in there..

and I may get an extra one  for certain other things..
..bags of clothes and purses..were set up outside for a clothing etc.. drive..
don't picture the latest fashion and fancy purses..I keep everything for too long and more.
Most of my clothes are old..old..or from Costco..yes..since I stopped working..we run in and out of Costco..and I see something ..and if I need it..I go for favorite slippers that I wear EVERY day..are their Nuknuks.
Or from when I am out with my daughters and they say..look mom..this would be good for you..
I even have a pair of over the knee boots I bought while out w/ one of my girls..they reminded me of my black suede ones I wore w/ my black hot pants working at Dalmy's when I was 17.
The word Hot Pants kills me now.

I have worn them once.

Having seen Kinky Boots..I am going to start wearing them:)

 Re the clothing..etc drive..I asked if they accepted crewel work? out that went also..out of maybe 60 I have made in my lifetime..I think I have kept 3.

I always do crazy things like this in January..Sept brings on a frenzy too..and late March -April..a cleaning one.

I was not like this when I got married..LOL..the exact mom did everything for me♥

I had no idea I was living in the lap of love and luxury back then..:(
But I was.

So..getting back to cocooning..Marie brings out the baker in me:)

Try these ..they are easy easy..I am not a sweet eater but wow..the batter was amazing;)
Yes I eat batter w/ raw eggs ..just a lick sized bite.

And that's not what has affected my health;)..I mean 1 .5 eggs beaten into all this sugar? Come on..:)
They please Littles..Promise.I got thumbs up and more please..

One day..I will try and do a post of all the recipes I have made  illustrating  ALL the recipes..made from Marie's just seems overwhelming right now because of all my organizing;)
Yes there are that many scattered through years of blogging.
Merci Marie.Beaucoup.

On a final note..How wonderful was President's Obama's parting speech?
I cried.
I was elated when he won..I am sad to see he and his family go.

We are all bundled up here..even Jack~

Bon weekend~

Saturday, January 7, 2017

These past few days~

The weather has been so erratic..from beautiful fairy-like days to freezing rain and power outages..
some longer than others..up to 3 days..we all fear a repeat of our great ice storm in 1998.
I am sure you heard of was all over the news.

We need to have a polar bear's coat..

The weather makes for stunning the view from one of our kitchen windows shows so grateful to have lovely views on both sides..and..

I love our street..

I took a short walk with my camera..
and right now am sipping licorice tea..Stash's..last pouch..I love this one..

..this morning I made chicken noodle soup and Paul Hollywood's ciabatta..a very very wet dough,harder to manoeuver..but they look ok..I cut off an end..and it is good..
I received a sourdough starter for Christmas..and put it somewhere safe..just found it:)

In the country ,where we live..the trees are decorated with snow and ice..arches line the a very magical manner.. white snow..quiet..serene..

The boys have been x-countrty skiing with their dad..I'll get there and on my snowshoes when the weather is more clement.
Noah is taking downhill..:)

Montréal,where I was one night this past so snowbanks..roads are right down to the cobblestones or asphalt..the lights are many many places..but what another world.. daughters brought me to see Kinky Boots for Christmas..we went January 5 th..out for a quick dinner and a glass of wine before,and then walk across the street to Place Des Arts.
Full house..
Amazing amazing amazing show..riveted by the talent..the costumes the songs.
It is 5 stars in my books♥
If you have a chance..
we were sitting so perfectly close.

For some strange reason,it feels to me as if the New Year was so long ago..and Christmas even more.
Maybe because it passed in the blink of an eye to me?
Or maybe because I am old and everything seems that way.

I went to the post office this week to pick something up and the postal lady behind the counter said something very nice to me..
I left thinking..geesh it doesn't take much to make someone's day:)
I like to say nice things and it drives Jacques nuts sometimes..I'll the cashier..I love your earrings....I like your're so nice..bla bla bla..
So I thought to myself..maybe they like it as much as I did..
so..I am going to do it even warned:)
He laughs because when we leave stores..even the $ store..he says..I know..they're all your friends.
Well why not? They really are all so nice and friendly.

The boys have been on Christmas break..busy busy doing things....a lot of drawing too on the bad videos how to draw Marvel superheroes..have to tell you all 3 are great at concentrated and intent! Noah has been so busy too w/his mom as she is a she has the same holidays as Noah~

I may have a cook/baker in my future..and a beautician..who said little boys aren't fun?♥
Oli was over one day and said:" Can I brush your hair nana"?
So I went upstairs..gathered brush and clips and bobby pins..and scrunchies too..I loved every minute..I had PINGtails too.

Photos,courtesy of his mom~taken with her phone camera..and the other 2 boys got the same spa moment..
I still can't believe cell phones take pics like these in a bathroom..perhaps I should have bought a phone instead of new camera gear..;)
my daughter gave me her old one:)her Samsung..will be taking some ah pics too I guess:)
Grateful to her to have thought of me♥

Noah slept over NYE..I think I told you that..
in the morning I made eggs that I used to make for our cut a circle..a heart..a square in the middle and drop and egg in the pre-buttered toast..flip..and serve..a drizzle of pure maple syrup ..and there you have it..
His mom..Mylène emailed me w/ this collage..he made some for himself at home♥

Collage,courtesy of his mom~Phone too!

Have a nice weekend..I am staying put.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Snowflakes keep fallin' on our heads~Hygge..

And then we have ..outdoors~

Is everyone done?

We're not..I cannot bear to put Christmas away yet..

maybe it's our climate..our gardening zone:)

I still like the fairy lights and everything looks so warm and comfy..

I think they call it Hygge..a Danish way of cozy..

It could be my middle name.

I read about it in this months' issue of Dr Oz..( not my favorite at all..sorry Dr. Oz)~

Makes sense to me..staying at home..duvets..tea in china cups,music we love..books to to make..looking at the Christmas cards we received,looking through photos of Christmas' past.
Lisi Martin art♥  Our friends from Germany sent us this one..
Painting..saving art we love to Pinterest..a new calendar..
stitching..a fire dish meals..

New Years eve..our party was with Noah..he came for a sleepover..we watched BFG,which means Big Friendly Giant..just sharing with all the nanas ,moms,dads  everyone..just so you know that's what BFG means..

We watched the movie with Noah..who knew every line..and believe me this child doesn't sit in front of a tv all day...LOL..he is so busy..but at night..dark..cozy..Hygge..he loves it.
Animation has changed so much since my day and my daughters days.
I had Little Lulu..and Felix The Cat..nothing like this..I had The Friendly Giant and Jerome..Captain Kangaroo and Johnny Jelleybean..I was on the show Magic Tom..I was 9 or 10.

He asked me to say the time in French..seems not as many people were bilingual over 50 yrs were either English(blokes) or French (Pepsi ,frogs..or French Fries)..and this made for great television.
Trust mom would have gotten me there by bus..
I don't even know if my dad knew I was going to be on..until I was on;)

today in's totally different..

Even though we have Bill 101  many..are bilingual..
mostly the younger people..I have aquaintances that don't speak or understand French.
It would actually make me sad when they made fun of the French language.
I am right smack in the middle..French parents..that were educated to be perfectly bilingual..

I was lucky.They educated me the same way.Except not mom could hold her own..a translator..and always up to date on everything.

To me..the more languages you can speak and understand..the more people you can become friends with.

Anyway BFG was good..although I found the mean giants...well ..downright..ugly and mean.The Villains.

We also watched The Parent Trap which I still love..she was quite the young actress..Lindsay Lohan..I showed Noah photos of her today..I think he still thinks they are really twins..

Natasha Richardson..what a shame what a shame:(♥
Dennis Quaid and she were quite the match in that Parent Trap..

So..back to Hygge..I pulled out a Christmas memory  book I keep w/ photos and envelopes with photos from most years..I think I am missing 2 yrs..anyway.. Noah looked through every page and every photo♥

Kids/Littles..LOVE seeing old photos of themselves..their cousins..their uncles..
lol that has changed so much..
We called our aunts and uncles..Aunt Jacqueline..Uncle Guy..our teachers..were M.Achard (I had a crush)..Mr Sweeney.
In some classes it is simply the first some..Mme Mylène etc..
I really liked the old way.

For Noah's NYE I made him..profitéroles..
I shared them here was so dark by then..I was unsure how to photo get the idea..I loved the ones w/ chocolate ganache and silver stars..they proved to be the fussiest to photo.

Making them for him was Hygge to me.

So I would love to share words of wisdom for this New Year..but honestly..what's going to happen..will happen.

I have no words of word for 2017.

Those are my words of wisdom..  none..ok  maybe more Hygge.♥

I admire everyone who can pinpoint a word..I just can't.

PS..See that guy w/ the red tuque?

We've been married 43 years ..soon enough ..and ever since the beginning..he has made paths in all our front yards and backyards.

When the girls were little in snowsuits..that they could hardy toddle in..with (snotty noses..yet so cute to only know a cute snotty nose when you live in the red cheeks..beautiful smiles..and runny noses;) .
When they got older and made snowmen..when they came to Florida..when they had boyfriends..and when they married..
he has kept the magic of winter going where we live..the Hygge of it..shows up everywhere in the winter landscape.

Never complains.

I love looking at all the pretty paths.

Hygge to me..♥

I also love making cottage pies..a mess and a bit of standing in the kitchen and washing things after..but then at dinner time..well you can have your glass of wine w/out cooking..

Fred gave me that beautiful pepper/spice mill..the crank comes off ..then the fill..grind..and it is caught in the bottom part..
Hedgehog holds my table salt..not my Kosher or Sel De Mer~
Maldon would be happy there too.

C'est tout pour aujourd'hui..