Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cocoon~I love my cocoon~

Our nightime temps  have tumbled..

I found I was craving a cup of tea or two in the afternoon..
about 20 yrs ago..I was still was our 25th wedding anniversary and for some reason I felt we should mark the that time I had my mom's china..that I love..paper thin..cobalt/ultramarine border..and a set of 12 Zeller's clear dishes..( 12 for $25.00 I think:)..
so being into gardening we bought ouselves this set.

Pretty pretty..and for 10 yrs I did use it..but the last 10 I have hardly used it..we just don't entertain..except family..and the boys are still young for fancy pants I use clear mostly..and I confess to having started collecting dishes at that time..
so I have enough forever and a day and someone will luck out at a future garage sale..when I am gone .

All this to say I saw a tea cozy that reminded me of the dishes..I also found Kathleen on the Varage Sale part of Facebook..who knits on order.

and I asked if she could make it..she bought the pattern..and made me the cozy.
I see a lot of  future use out of the tea cups and plates:) 
So cute.
She is an expert knitter..and accepts custom orders.
If ever someone would like something knit perfectly..let me know:) my contact w/ her is through the mail at VS..we have met now also:)

Just wanted to show you how darn sweet it is.
I have another she made me..and it is unbelievably'll see:)

So the colder nights are making the tomatoes take their sweet time to ripen ..but when they are ready..they are pretty:)

On IG you get inspired..either the cookies..the painting..the crafts..the gardens..pretty towns..pretty homes..
one night Stephanie Fehrenbach was offering a course..for those flowers we see everywhere..have not watched the video but the PDF files show how to make those cute floral wreaths etc.."le fun"~♥
By the way.. use good watercolor paper..I used that GREY watercolor book from Winner's/TJ Maxx..

it's NOT watercolor paper.
I did not notice the paper is grey..

Mes filles continue to please me with their pretty faces ..quirky attitudes and their love of Kraft slices:)..they will be snowbirds come much cooler temps and reside at the best AirBnB possible and I will miss them:(  
Chez Alain~
Caramelle and Bécassine.

I made a small batch maple pecan scones..I added pansies..a touch..the recipe is not I won't share..just make your best scones and add some pansy petals:)

but..hey..I love the box to give as a gift..blank..just watercolor..or do what you want on the template!

Just Google templates for pie wedges or scones..print on cardstock..or paper like I did..watercolor..and glue on cute!You can find some here.

I find Geraniums.. the Targaryens in a garden:)
Because now we have one more

I dislike Cersei with a passion..

I had to Google the spelling..
my daughter knows all the names..I know the faces and who I like;)

John Snow♥

And yes..Keurig happened..  we have a Cuisinart coffee machine  that grinds our beans..and yum:)..we have a Breville espresso maker..and Jacques loves it..we have a Nespresso frother

I am always tempted by my daughters/son-in-laws..full on Nespressos..and at Costco..I sample and am tempted..

but ..I am a Hazelnut coffee lover..

we spent a weekend away with the whole family:)

And the Airbnb had a Keurig.
Geesh..  so EASY..for me.

so I came home and Googled and Amazon'ed..and sure enough Van Houtte had a highly rated Hazelnut Keurig Cup..
(add to cart..chaching.)

I have to admit.

Je t'aime Keurig♥

And it lives here now.

Coffee is very good for us..
Read up;)
As is green tea..
And dark chocolate ..
and a mediterranean diet.

And Jamie Oliver's 5 Ing new book..I found this recipe HERE.I love his blog..his pics..♥

This was delicious.
I thnk this book must be a winner.
Notes..I had NO burratta..I had soft mozza..but wanted a kick..I used Emmental..very different and easy omelet..

great tip..

...plating the heirloom tomatoes and herbs and oil and balsamic   before cooking the an omelet waits for no one♥

So Good!

Take care~