Friday, May 28, 2021

Gardening~I still love it~And Bravo Mail Chimp is working and I think I love it:)


Still early but things are looking up...

I am very predictable..still doing what I love..gardening painting ,baking..

The gardens are slowly coming alive..  The Bridal Wreath Spirea MAKES my garden this week..
Again I wish these showgirls would last forever.
The irises are starting to pop..bearded first usually..
Peonies first..
Lots of white and blue right now..
Some mauve w/ the chives and alliums..

I made chive vinegar..used white wine vinegar has a tint.I wanted clear lol of course. annual I planted because oh my gosh it was here and there in Provence at the place we rented and I loved it..I feel it could be very draught tolerant too.

I planted Verbena Bonariensis too also is drought tolerant.I love these things that sway in the wind:)

And Cleome..It's been years..I just had to.

My pansies suck.:)
Costco ones..  wow what a disappointment.
That's a harsh word but it best describes the terrible outcome so far.
My local nursery one sooo much better..
Tomatoes in early early seedling stages..
My sunflowers were eaten...(seedlings)
I should have bought more mulch..

That bread recipe that 2002 kcmd (T) shared on Instagram is the bread bomb.
It's versatile..does so much.I have it taped inside a cabinet for quick don't want to drawers and binders of recipes..Made and tested!
And loved..
I do have a stack to try..but my drawers are now full of I Loves.
Makes finding what I want much faster (who am I kidding?)

It appears our vaccines...second) will be advanced..great news.
Terrasses opened today.

She's a type of maidenead fern..a gift from a clients garden ap 20 yrs ago.♥

Bon Weekend~Take care~
Thanks for visiting me.


A glitch again.

I hope you will forgive all of you getting three emails.

Mea Culpa

I just want this to work...:(

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

New Mail Chimp Follow me on sidebar:)Not perfect at the moment please bear with me:)


If you still want to play with me:)

Follow along with MailChimp..right..sidebar..

Add your email:)

Paris People..I love doing Littles's been so much fun..gardening season is in full swing now a little less time for painting..

I used Ricardo' s recipe again but for my big bee/beehive mold do it's a triple batch..I love how this recipe gives you single double triple..

As soon as I find it in English..I'll post.On IG I can send you a photo(2) of the recipes..  in French..I emailed the Ricardo company to ask permission to share and they said OF COURSE.

Class Act.

The first clematis is always this Atragene Macropetala group 1.

The gardens are awakening..and I love that..The work continues every day..and parts of my gardens need overhauls..a Huge Korean Lilac is dead in the middle..4 need replacing in front where the snow falls on them..I missed out on more's going to be tough again with watering bans..

Yet I persist:)

Never give up.

PS I was so proud..until my first subscriber  email came to my husband..never give up right?

Please bear with me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 more follow me by've got mail..update May 23rd and May 24th


Alas Feedburner is coming to an end..but was it really great?I tried following the steps to redirect the Follow Me By Email only to discover so many spam addresses..

After losing 90% of my photos on my blog..this just seems like a headache I can live without.

I am so sorry..I apologize..I know followers will fall by the wayside as they did when follow me with whatever disappeared (I forget) Oh Google plus I think..that mess..

This is the same thing..

So I am removing follow me by email..those of you that wish to follow me though Bloglovin (And that's not foolproof) please do.

I would hate to lose people I have grown fond of in my neighbourhood:)

Or Instagram..I could be followed on Instagram w/ a link to my's there.. sincere apologies.

But many of my still in contact friends don't visit blogs anymore..

I really just did this to have a journal lol..longest journal ever.

And then I met such nice and gracious people.:)


I've been painting my Paris Peeps..  baking and gardening..

My little life..

Other things too but you don't want to hear about my Bella car being backed in to while it was at my mechanic's for a fix..:(

Or other similar platitudes lol..

But the bright side is  first vaccination all the adults here..walking around the gardens..feeling the sun on my face..

Take care..  hope to see you on the other side of follow by email unless I find a great one and will add again..


I have added a new follow me by email..JUST NOW..not yesterday's lol sorry sorry...

I have also saved my subscribers list from Feedburner..only the active ones and deleted the spam..there are many.It took a couple of hours..

because you had to delete unverified or spam.

Thanks for your patience!

PPSS  I chose Mail Chimp as per

You may remember Linda when she re-installed my sidebar capabilities and header when everything disappeared..she worked tirelessly getting some of my pics back.

She's a fabulous web designer!

Again thanks for your patience!!

Friday, May 7, 2021

This and that~


May...this weekend is Mother's Day in Canada..

I have been postponing sharing this book for those of me..don't have mothers..
I bought this book more than 20 yrs ago and wish I had bought it sooner..Letters From Motherless Daughters.

As well as my mom's collection♥

It's a book ..letters..title self-descriptive..of women who have lost their moms recently to long ago and the impact n their lives.

My girls will celebrate covid safe..
Noah had to get tested re close encounter on school bus..
Negative..but he needs a second negative and quarantined AT HOME 14 days..the new variants have made things even stricter.
I am so grateful our grandsons have loving devoted moms..♥

I have been as you can see..a new bread recipe that is so versatile from T on IG..turns out she lives in QC too..
It's The New York Times EXCELLENT bread recipe..I make it in the bread machine..makes 2 loaves!
And made a faux(2) babkas with it.
GREAT recipe.

A new ricotta banana bread..

And we caved and bought my daughter's air fryer..well..not hers..her make.
So happy with it..
So far..all fries..  onion rings..General Tao..Bang Bang Shrimp..Coconut Shrimp..
Regrets? none whatsoever.
Cosori. The large white one..5.8 qt I think..fits perfectly snuggled in the corner of my kitchen..Opposite corner of bread garage.
Jacques..LOVES it too..
We're not fryers..ever..we bake things..this kicks up the crunch by FAR.

Cold in suspension..

but things nevertheless happening..
flowering almond and serviceberry popping..:)

My basement seedlings want to come out and play..too cold..but they have done well and are doing well..
Those gorgeous purple callas were a surprise gift♥♥♥♥

Take care..

Still painting..

Saturday, May 1, 2021



We are having a lot of cooler temps and rain..
But it's the greening of QC..

I keep..not... busy..I hate that word..I keep focused on things I love to do..
Garden..paint..bake..DM my daughters♥

I made lemon curd and tiny choux for treats..different breads(next time)..

Painted Paris People..

Brought great bottles I scrubbed clean to use..a second life!

Above is what a walk looks like here even once vaccinated.
We're such rule followers.

Gardens are awakening..and that last pic?

Lucas was 3 after our first trip to Provence;)
I mean look at that lovely face..he still has it..
well that child has his first full time job this summer as a camp counselor...
Jacques said..How did we get here so fast..

He will be 16 in August and has been a Counselor in training the last two years..

This year this darling boy will have a paycheck.
I can't even describe him♥
I just love him so much.His laid back nature ,his kindness to all..Well this would be a whole other post..:)
Jacques and I wonder how this all went so fast.