Monday, February 24, 2020

More snow on the way~and Mr.Rod McKuen~ quite the month~
We had an unusual amount of snow and more is expected!

It's a 29 day month did you know that?
And we change the time March 8th! 
Very early..
 Easter is late ..April 12th..
Chances are..we may have no snow..

A new popular sport bicycling in the snow..special bicycles.
The boys do it in high school ..and here and there I am seeing more and more..
Jacques is tempted..but a fall would..could be..not so great.

I am NOT tempted.

He is the walker ..biker here..

I was happy to find pieces that go with my tea's all about gardening so you know me..
At my favorite shop that I stay away from because I need nothing:)

I had a little birthday..66 ..oy.. and thank you to those who remembered♥

Lovely cards..and thoughtful offerings..
Even Sesame Street stamps on a wonderful card.
A  very special jam supplies.. Caudalie products.. a new top..socks..mug♥

I only talk about my bday after.
100 yrs ago I loved the attention.
Now I cringe at public..
but quietly..I appreciate the remembrances and thank you ♥♥

Let's talk about those books..  all the Rod McKuens..♥ I was 17 ..I loved him so much..and am so glad I kept his books and didn't discard them like I discarded so many things.His LPs..:( Etc..
The SPS books are more when I was in my thirties..

Corny I was..corny I still am..
just glad I kept them.

We had the boys..3 of them..  while my daughter and husband went to Nashville..they had a ball!
They are the same things..

We loved being with the boys..
they are soooooo mature!
I just cannot believe it.
except Oli.
He's 10 and pretty autonomous but I can still get him to cuddle and give him foot massages;)
They are TALL and funny  and SPORTSMEN.
And so nice to us.

My daughter has her job cut out for her..raising 3 sons is not like having 2 I had..
They grow and they grow and they grow!
And 3 quarts of milk lasts..a

Out of the desserts I made for them..

This was their favorite.
It's a QC classic..

Easy as pie.
We have several recipes..I tried a new one..

La recette~ will think you are in heaven.
Oli likes it cold.
Oli like chocolate milk..not hot chocolate.

Cake part

1/2 cup softened butter I use salted
1 cup white sugar
2  large eggs
vanilla to taste
2 cups unbleached flour
 1 tbsp baking powder

1 1/3 cup of whole milk

Cream butter and sugar  add eggs one by one..put another bowl mix flour with baking powder..
Incorporate this into the sugar mixture alternatively with the milk.

Put in a 9x 13 pyrex..(I did not I used my HUGE round pyrex)
They did not either..but for your first should;)


1 1/2 cup pure maple syrup
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
 1 1/2 cup brown sugar
 1/3 cup unsalted butter..mine's always salted;)
I also add Watkins maple extract because I like it.

Mix all these and cook stove top until boiling..reduce heat simmer 2 minutes..pour over cake that you have spread in your pyrex.
Bake at 325 F for 35-40 minutes..
Top must be golden.

I use a toothpick too.

This is not for the sugar faint of heart..This is a treat..and made for our robust QC winters ;)
Un classique

The little calendar was made with my Kim Klassen Lightroom downloads for the Polaroid shape..and the actual calendar for February ..the dates from Minding My Nest

I love what I learn..thank you all that share!

A whiter shade of pale~

From the net~

Thursday, February 13, 2020


A card for a friend..sort of..I switched it up for her..:)

Painting along with Chris Petri on You Tube..go see..he is great and relaxing and fun .

Found this cute cute book..  100 blank pages..imagine ..later in life..he loves to draw!
They only had Lucas and Noah..and Lucas hasn't drawn in a while  he will be 15..things change..

I snuck this..above.. on the back page inside..he painted this of me when he was perhaps 6.
Who knows though..if it will get filled;)

I was searching for the above here..saw them in my fave librairies in Provence..can you believe I can't find any here?
Even in the US have not found..2 hard cardboards..elastics..they open like a portfolio to draw etc..
Cartons de Dessins.
I tried making some..not so good..;)

It's pretty snowy here..yesterday AM I needed to see the lake..

That's an ice fishing shack above..this is what I call needing to be alone.
Because we have a whole enclave up shore road..

I was gently happy to see the heart..

gently happy  kind of a a word right?

Unrelated to the heart my phone pics are so oversharpened SOOC..not sure what to do..there is no setting to adjust sharpness..I want can see above I tried to blur..badly..any ideas?

I was alone..  2 people walking far away on the ice with 2 dogs..and me..on the banks..
Isn't it beautiful?

In the kitchen..

This apple crisp though is delicious..Just different enough to have and to hold forever:)I added two apples and cardamom and nutmeg.If you need help tell me:)
The trick w/ this make the crumble..refrigerate..
you make a creamy blend of the filling ings and then add the thinly sliced it's a creamier apple crisp and it's..le bomb:)

February 14th~
For some it's a birthday..others a romantic holiday..and others a commercial holiday.
When the girls lived with us I always had a special little something for them..I know I was giving into it..
Mylène's first V day I made us matching long red skirts w/ heart pockets..she was born in August so not even walking..
I was playing as I said:)
I made heart cakes and brownies forever and I guess Jacques and I gave into it all with cards for a good 10 yrs..
But we long ago made a pact..
no cards no nothing..

LOL I read on Facebook..a man saying when you make that pact w/ your's so stressful!
Because it's a trap.
I love humor.
If someone makes me laugh..I like them a bit more.

I might even love them a bit more.

Anyway I made a little card for someone special..a bit different than the one above..but extremely similar..
And another for a friend..
I have lots of bdays in Feb.
I made the boys..a heart cookie..with smarties was a Diane Morissey idea..I have made those giant cookies before..but had never embedded dove or other chocolates after baking..quite cute..:)

I used this recipe..

Original Toll House Pan Cookie..

February..the most special bday..

Our little one is 43!

On the left above..on the right below.. oh my G those old terrible slides..

Loves of my life~Some of them ..because more came along right?
In the form of little boys:)

Did I tell you I made a tape for their Walkmans? It had Carly Simon's  "You are the Love of My Life" on was a tape I made with songs telling them how much I loved them..because Lord knows I cannot sing..nor dance.
Well..they recorded OVER them..bahahaha.
Teens are a

Notice..the RADIO below..and I swear I did not match the girls bathing suits to the chairs;) But notice his summer pathways in '77:) 

I made their clothes..
Obviously;)Pinafores and gingham..♥

The first house he built for them:)♥I'll have to find the subsequent ones:) One had a dutch door:)

And this is  now~

I took this pic of her w/ my phone Saturday as we headed out to Michael's etc..I told her to make that face:) You're only young once and all the sunglasses ads I see on IG the girls do this..
Still playing with her after 43 yrs:)♥
She's a ray of sunshine.
Listen to the song;)

I still feel the same way~

But different.

Whatever you get up to from here on end in February..I hope it sees you content and healthy~♥

Monday, February 3, 2020


As you know it's still winter in QC~ Until May..just kidding..
So I am still experimenting w/ snowmen and winter things.
I am lucky enough to have a room for crafts..w/ windows..
Never unpleasant to be there..not pretty by any means..but room..and light..and ..well..I love it.
I am one of these people that loves to learn things ..
so a lot of my learning gets done in that room ..or in the kitchen..:)
I made a couple of snowpeople for here for next's not something you start making right before Christmas;)
I'll have a little vignette somewhere I guess..
They are fun to make..I start w/ styrofoam balls..cover in clay..let dry..and then the fun begins.

I am a muffin lover..a good muffin..bran..oatmeal..all kinds..I love them.
A treat w/ a coffee..
This week I made these.. halved the recipe:)
They rose to the occasion which pleased me..and others.
I'm known to eat half a muffin too:)

I am hoping to start wokking again..
I did years ago and my wok..looked so old(Should have kept it  it IS the wok I need)..that I bought a big red cast iron one..
Who was I kidding? You would need to be a weightlifter.
I gave it to Fred..and my wokking ended.

Come Christmas 2019 and  a thoughtful gift arrived from a Grace Young friend Linda at How To Cook a Wolf and at on IG..
Her meals are inspiring and most are from this book and Grace Young.
Linda wanted to share her passion with me..and I find that so darn thoughtful.

You can get fab woks in SanFrancisco..etc..
Here in Canada..I was not lucky and let's face it ordering from the US to Canada doubles the least..because of exchange rate..shipping..and then customs and duties..

So I came across a small version..and it's not the right kind..but I'll get back into it gently..
Everything looks so good..
But on second thought and more reading the wok's going back..non stick is a nono..

It would work in this kitchen perhaps:)Circa 1975-76.

Don't you love it..?I do..this was our little girls kitchen in the playroom J built for our first home after we left my parents can see the steps coming down..from our kitchen..
The raised platform so that the appliances were more at their level..THEY WERE SO CUTE cooking and baking:)
Faux paneling..gotta love it..faux window..real home made curtains..
M was 3 C was 1 by the time this was done..and I was 24.
Continuing on the Holly Hobbie theme of course:);)
I want them back....

Also I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate the magazine Daphne's Diary.
It's not for everyone..but I know many of you love it also..
It's not like a beautiful Country Living UK..

More like a jazzed up Home Companion..bigger better ..if that's possible.
It's a treat..
I crocheted the macarons after being inspired by this months mag♥
But in effect I needed additional help and resorted to a You Tube Video:)

I am so visual..I need someone showing me just writing it out:)

Have a good week~