Sunday, June 27, 2021

All months have something,but June is usually so hopeful and perky.I love that.


My in house seedling trials..I have mixed reviews..the sunflower sprouts failed ..I found..Got very little ..these radish ones are faring better.:)

Pretty last minute garnishes for salads and such.

My fave clematis are group 3s.Probably because I can grow them.

I can grow group 1..but they bloom too early for me when all else is not pretty.

I like Tik Tok at night:)

Best far..

apart from make up lol..I love that too..

Stawberries..wash them and dry them as you usually do..(I add a bit of vinegar to the water) And then bottle them up.My strawberries have NEVER stayed this fresh.

We love them..but right now I have blueberries..watermelon..bananas..had pineapple..we can't eat that fast.


I tried yet another no knead many now ? 10 plus for sure..This one uses less water so you can decorate a bit more ..I'm all for that:)

It's from Rock Recipes..and again T at Instagram... handle 2002kcmd introduced me to it.This girl non stops bakes and such in the kitchen and send me recipes and tips.I just enjoy that so much.So this recipe is really thanks to her.She's a Canadian girl worked all her life now retired.  she is so crafty.Even used to make her own tailored suits.

She crochets..  Cricuits..etc.

Young:)er than

I love making cute lunches once in a while..because we really don't go out and eating a cute lunch reminds me of Provence..

One lunch I loved was this poor man's Nicoise salad with canned tuna lol and kalamata olives.So good.

I drizzled a touch of Gaby's Vinaigrette..not much ..and invented my own dressing..with olive oil ,lemon juice, garlic, Dijon...shallots basil, salt and pepper and some thyme.

That pie..if you have always wanted to try and never found a good recipe..Ricardo's works..I ve been making it for years.

From crust to filling.

That top pic is dear to me.We had MUCH needed rain yesterday ..

Linda gave me hollyhock seeds a few years ago and they didn't grow,last yr I had success,just leaves..the second year they bloom IF you're lucky.

These are my success story.The rain ..helped to start the blooms..

They were supposed to be yellow..apparently seeds of hollyhocks have genetic variations.

I am over the moon with these.

Lots happening there but ..Queens..look how tall and regal♥

Have a great week..

Heat warning here today and so windy you could blow away.Yet I walk my humble gardens..again and again♥

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

~Garden Talk The good the bad and the ugly~


So I got up one day last week to find 80-90% of my started from seed tomato plants completely uprooted and left to die.Had we mot been home.I would not have seen them.In my pjs..replanted:( So far so good.Thank heavens.
I don't have a photo..shock and get to it overcame me..Not oh lets take a pic..
But I walked to the potting shed(she shed)..and discovered all the poppies along the side the heads bitten off:(
I did get my camera..

And look who showed up once I was back in the house..
Nope not cute to me at all..

Later..walked around checking the roses..

May I introduce you to rose the japanese beetles will arrive.
It's a wonder I garden so much.
Against  the garage at the back once prolific clematis are either not showing up for summer or are wilting and just sad looking..
At the front and on arbors faring far better♥
C'est la vie as one of my signs says.

I bought a potted sunflower because it had eaten all my seedlings..
See that gorgeous bloom? the two flowers I had chewed up..and left..on the deck.

I have to say far less sorrow in baking..
See that Hershey pic?
FABULOUS dessert for a get together.Fabulous.
Ages 11-80.Loved.

Smores shortbread tart..from a great veteran blogger/ food developer..Chris 
You can find the recipe here.
The bread..s..again from T on IG..  Her fab recipe..

She is 2002KCMD on Instagram..type that n the search bar..and her posts will show up.

Excellent White Bread recipe.

She showed me that she had made horns to fill.
I jumped on that bandwagon in a breath.
I mean..♥
Started with egg..crab...faux crab therafter:)
She shares everything and encourages us to try.

Green zone as of
Got my second hot today.
Thank you science.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

~Mid June~

 Please be advised that I have DELETED my FEEDBURNER because some of you were getting my posts twice.instead of Deactivating it..many of you on feedburner but not signed up here..will lose my posts..

Honestly Feedburner.I hate you.Now what?This has turned into a full on drama queen blog.


The roses have been stellar..QC stellar not California stellar:)

You have to love what you have.

Or you are in for an even more difficult life.

I picked the scapes..made Gaby's basil vinaigrette adding some scapes..Its fabulous.

My serviceberry that gorgeous white blooming tree out front..

when I get to the berries before the birds and squirrels..

I get rewarded:)Tiny red berries ..

So I made Pardonyourfrench ..s..Blueberry/serviceberry almond financiers..good..we actually preferred the serviceberries:)

Also that's cod in my dinner plate smothered under a terrific mediterranean type topping..  olive oil..garlic of course..capers..olives lemon juice basil parsley salt and pepper.I wanted to show you my pea sprouts form my seed sprouting experiment..and   a gift my daughter gave me..  a crayon..s that shaves delights in your dishes;)

Not fabulous lol..Maybe 15% sprouted of these particular seeds.

I have 4 more types of seeds to try I think.

The Peanut butter chocolate pretzel squares are great for Reese's lovers.. From Budget Bytes.

My Paris People Arthur and Nora..wish you a good end of the week and weekend~

OMGEE I'm so my gardens..

This morning I awoke to 80% of my tomato plants uprooted and left to wither:(

My 2 Bells of Irealand..

I have tried replanting them..I now have prickly rose bush branches around them..Everything looked so promising yesterday..I had hooped them all..

I walk to the potting sheshed later..all the poppies with heads the heads bitten off:(

I now have my old for sale signs propped up against the remaining ones..

Everything looks awful.

Just awful.

Burnt grass..just awful.

I have rose chafers galore.

Next yr..  some kind of deterrent and definitely fencing abound my tomatoes..I would have never thought poppies..they have eaten all my chard ..

So sad.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

~June is all about the gardens.


Things are popping but oh my the incessant drought..:(

These flowers crave water as do the veggies..

Fingers crossed because grass is dying and flowers wilting too fast.

We had a heat wave which didn't help.

But oh the joy of watching things grow....and the hope that rain will come.

This has been such a year for our families.

I commend them for their strength of character and lack  of complaints .

From the Little to the bigs..

School in school from teaching in sweltering heat w/ no air..yet masks and goggles..

Tests for covid and quarantines because someone went to school w/ covid..

I have to say ..  dod you ever get feelings when you meet people?

I do..

Some people I warmup to immediately and probably much too fast.

Through the years Jacques has told me I am not the best judge of character.

I fall in like easily.

But through the years I've also had intuitions..or just feelings that things would not work with me..

Sometimes..I've stuck with it..not sure why..only to know my gut instinct was right..

But this is different.

People I know are getting vaccinated..the few I know now..and family etc..

But just yesterday..I had to meet someone..and I said oh I call tomorrow for my second dose..


Right away I saw her face and I're not getting vaccinated? She said no..not at the moment and I am leaving it up to my kids to decide for themselves..

Right away I got uncomfortable.

And that's just me.

But I think if you are working in any area of health should.

Is this just me?

As the conversation went on..I realized we had nothing in common even apart from that.

And so it goes.

I don't want to be with people that are not this time.

It's a personal choice..mine..likke they have theirs (I guess......)

Maybe TMI here but had to get it off my chest.

Have a great weekend I have more pics but overload here already:)

June is garden month in QC.♥

Growing Gypsophylia in your garden is a good thing♥

Have a good weekend.Take care~