Friday, April 30, 2010

Le Gâteau d'Hélène~A Coffee break for a little while~

This is a very special cake.. I saw it on Hélène's most beautiful blog~
Even if you do not speak can enjoy all the lovely photos~
She shared this Apple/Anis cake and I had to make it after seeing hers..

I have been totally remiss making little sweets lately..
I had saved this post~
Thank you Hélène..Beau et Bon~

The recipe is there.. and the translator too:)
This cake was made one morning a few weeks ago..and I have not baked since..I am taking a coffee break for this time in Spring.
Enjoy it with all your heart this spring of ours.See you soon~

Monday, April 26, 2010

Soul Food #52~

The blue and bright-eyed floweret of the brook,
Hope's gentle gem, the sweet Forget-me-not.
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

White on White~

I love white♥

It goes with everything and anything..One of my first little special dish sets .. was from my daughters one Mother's Day.. about 18 years ago..and I still have it..a set of 4 ..Plain white w/ embossed fruits on the rims:)

I've continued to like white in the kitchen and in the garden:)

I also like whiter shade of pale celeriac..and celeriac salads~ Celery Root~

I thought it would go nicely with our shrimp cocktail that day~ And I could put old old dishes to use with newer little adorably sinful dishes:)

We both love shrimp cocktails..

Perfect for a light lunch for the two of us.. we have eaten it for dinner also.Sometimes a light dinner hits the spot~

Clotilde Dusoulier's
remoulade is delicious..
I could eat it on a regular basis..There are many variations of this celeriac salad..Pick the one you love~

It should please you~

My celery root salad of choice does not involve cooking the celeriac..simply grating it w/ my mom's Vintage grater~ adding lemon juice..garlic(yes a bit),mayo(she uses greek style yogurt..must be great!) mustard..and some capers sometimes~I added Dill fronds to do like she does:)~..

Aren't orchids spectacularly lovely?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Soul Food #51~

"Remember that every good friend was once a stranger"
Thank you~

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Rolls Yet Again~

When volunteering to bring a special hors d'oeuvre~
I often opt for ...

They're fresh, crispy,pretty..
Spring Rolls~

And Deliciously healthy~
I use rice paper wrappers..
Wrap shrimp..cabbage,,rice noodles,sprouts and an array of veggies..My husband watched me making some Saturday morning early and said.."Tu es si patiente"~
To me it's something I enjoy doing..even the smaller miniature more 2 bite sized ones like these..

It always takes me one or 2 to get back in the swing of things:)~As you can see in the little open flap..
But then the method slips back into place and it goes more quickly and effortlessly.
The kids preferred the Cheesies.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MMMario~ Molto Gusto~

My husband likes Mario as much as I do..and he didn't even get the opportunity to meet him like I did and witness first hand what a nice man he is~

He came home w/ a new book for us..I think Mario's Pizza Chapter got him:)
I love the beautiful photos..and the recipes~

I had some beautiful Swiss Chard on hand..all clean..and CRISPY Italian friend taught me to do this w/ Rapini and it works great w/ Chard~
I wash it..spin it dry and wrap in Paper towels then a plastic keeps crispilycrunchy for a few days~♥
I love the look..the feel the taste~

I opted for Mario's Pennete Swiss Chard Ragu~
Oh Yum!

We had some of my husband's delicious home made croûtons..that I pulsed to a coarse breadcrumb texture and topped this delicious dish w/ a handful~
Delicioso..They were the crowning glory~

The only thing I did differently was add some hot pepper flakes because I am nuts about them~
Thumbs up!
It's the perfect use for Pennete~
You can even make the sauce the day before..I didn't..

I love Maldon salt also..and I think it's the perfect salt for this dish~

Molto Gusto~

Monday, April 12, 2010

Soul Food #50~

I don't know if you remember ..I promised a tip..many of you probably know of it~ I didn't..

The little bag above was not made with printable fabric..nor iron on transfers..
The graphic was printed on the fabric itself using Reynolds Freezer Paper~

You iron the freezer paper onto the fabric..and then insert in your printer..It went through even easier than the commercial papers..truly~

You simply peel off the freezer paper after and you are left with printed fabric~

I hope you like the idea..It is an economical way ..and the possibilities are endless..Spice bags..seed printed on floral fabrics,fabric pillows..etc etc..

on another note..the seedlings are sprouting..

These seeds were kept in my little Semences bag I showed you..:)

And I know some of you like good sites for cute gifts..I found The French Market on Etsy..and bought these candles for my neighbor..The beautiful ribbon comes w/ it~
She added a darling card and the other 2 items I ordered.I give this Etsy shop a thumbs up~Nice customer service also~

Des chandelles d'Amour~

Have a great day~I know it's not a very entertaining post but I was happy w/ the paper..and the candles and seeds~Sometimes small things can help a day.
A gracious thanks to the Graphics Fairy and this beautiful site too
I I cannot remember~
I'll leave you with this..Zurin..a very talented and nice woman.. has decided to throw a Giveaway party..If you would like to visit her and get to know might be the perfect time..:)Enjoy..

PS I could not find the freezer paper here in Canada.I found it in the USA.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


One of the most stunningly beautiful fruits~

Ricardo had an article about exotic fruits in one of his magazines and the Dragon Fruit/Pithaya had always interested me..But I wanted to think of something to make with it~


A salad! I love fruits in my salads..especially w/ a sweeter salad dressing..

The exterior of the Pithaya is gorgeous..but the interior is just as looks like sushi:) Or poppy seeds..

So the perfect salad dressing to me..was a Poppy Seed Dressing~

La Recette~ One of many~


1/2 cup white can do less..
1 teaspoon mustard powder..I add more..
1 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup rice wine vinegar

1 cup olive oil(Lightly flavored)
1 1/2 tablespoons poppy seeds

Blend with hand blender the sugar, mustard, salt, vinegar, , oil and then add poppy seeds. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.I often increase the mustard and I leave out the onion as you see.. because I like to just add fresh spring green onions~

The Star is the fruit~It could be called Starfruit also~

It's guest worthy~♥

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Request~ A Very Different and Delicious Carrot Cake~

One of my favorite cookies.. I did not have time to make some..but I had some on hand..just what this recipe calls for~

It's not your usual carrot cake..It's lighter..and I must say although our other versions are delicious..I have taken a fancy to this lighter one~

My neighbor went to a Maria may remember the Cookbook I keep applauding:) And the class I took..This is not in her cookbook but was made at the class my neighbor went to..She kindly shared it w/ me and it was the dessert along with the sugar pie at Easter~

It is served with an Amaretto infused Whipped Cream~
La Recette~

For the Cake~
6 large eggs separated
200 gr granulated sugar
225 gr ground almonds
1 pck vanilla powder(I used the sugar)
225 gr shredded carrots..squeezed dry
1 1/2 tbs dark rum
30 gr ground amaretti cookies

For the topping~
1/3 cups almond flakes
2 tbsps coarse sugar cane
1 tbsp icing sugar for dusting..

Preheat oven to 350..Butter a 10 inch springorm pan ..sides a parchment paper on bottom and butter that as well.

In a bowl of a stand up mixer.. beat the yolks with the sugar until thick and pale yellow..add the almonds..vanilla ,carrots and rum and mix until well combined.
Stir in amaretti cookies..

Whip your egg whites until stiff glossy but not dry peaks form.. fold into batter in 2 separate times..
Pour the batter in prepared pan..spread w/ almonds and sugar.
Bake 40-45 mins until a toothpick comes out clean.Cool on wire rack 10 mins(I waited lonegr) peel of parchment and put on serving platter..Dust lightly w/ icing sugar and serve w/ vanilla ice cream or almond flavored ice cream..Or lightly sweetened whipped cream that is amaretto scented~

Bravo Maria..This is exquisite and thank you dear neighbor~

Monday, April 5, 2010

Soul Food #49~ Seed Starting~

Seed Starting Time~

I decided to make myself a proper bag:) To store my seeds..With great graphics from a few sources..~♥Again one I cannot link to..The Graphics fairy too of course..

I added some of the text..and sewed on~I used the printable fabric by Avery..But I will have a new tip for you soon:)

This week I started some seeds indoors..Squash..the little yellow ones..I wanted the 8 Ball but have not found any yet..Morning Glories (Heavenly Blue) and regular zucchini.
I also started planting seeds outdoors..The ones that said:"Plant as soon as you can work the earth~"..Neon Lights Swiss Chard..Larkspur and Convolvulus~

Just keeping a little diary~
Let's see...d:) ..what takes..and what doesn't~
Full of optimism here~

To see life in color again soon~

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter~ Joyeuses Pâques~ Spring to me~


It's fun to celebrate the arrival of Spring and to remember what it really is all about~ Renewal~ In more ways than one~

I thank the Graphics Fairy for the place cards..and ..Lilly in the Kitchen for the wonderful little Chickie Breads~ I will always make these from now on~ Thank you SO much♥
The Carrot cake is a new spin..totally different than my usual ones..more a Gé's an Italian be served w/ Amaretto scented whipped cream..

After I taste it..I'll get back to you~
I have Gerberas and African Violets ..and my sweet sweet neighbour brought us French Pastries and Miniature white tulips~
Just because..she's so nice~

Happy Easter~

Friday, April 2, 2010

Old Fashioned Sugar Pie~

When I was a little girl..we went to an old cottage a few times in Ste-Émilie-De L'Énergie..this is..ap 50 yrs ago..I don't remember much about it..but I remember practicing my ballet back bends..we used to bring my soft pink leather ballet shoes..the flat ones at that age.. all smooth..with the strap.. having a big bear on the front porch that scared my night.. and a delivery truck that brought freshly made sugar pies from the local bakery~

I make them rarely..but I like to have one around Easter..

It brings back memories of those fun carefree days with old swinging porch doors and crickets at night.. sugar pies and fireflies~

La Recette~

1 1/4 cups of cream..(should be heavy cream..I only had half and half)
1/4 cup of milk..(I used a bit of pure maple syrup because it is that time of year)
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
1/3 cup flour

pinch of salt..

I blind bake my crust just a's a habit of mine..I don't love soggy bottoms..

Add well blended ingredients and bake for ap 30 mins at 400..
Check your ovens.. You will know when it is ready..serve room temp~
And Bon Appétit~