Friday, May 31, 2013

Plus bleu..que le bleu de tes yeux~

Ahh..Charles Aznavour♥
Accompagné d'Edith Piaf..Quoi de mieux?
Such a pretty pretty song..

Here in QC..  not mieux..but blue blessings for sure~

 Saved and pressed pansies..violas..and Forget~ Me ~Nots..
Even at the beginning of the season ..there are enough blooms to press to make a tray..don't forget some greenery..

These are the trays I mentioned..
You try and find vintage trays..remove the images they have..and replace with your own words and blooms~
Simply cut white paper.. to the size of the glass.. make an arragement of flowers.. white glue them on..and add verse..
They are great for and they make very personal sweet gifts.
You just have to get lucky and find the old trays that have glass tops~

Just thought I would tell you so that you can start gathering your blooms:)
And appreciating your bluems.♥

For the edible part ..I made little almond cakes in my Cannelés molds~
I was reminded of them..  very recently..but instead of cannelés..picked Almond cakes..
Recipe found on Pinterest but it did not lead to a blog..nor to a method of anything..Just the recipe~

La Recette~

1 1/4 cups sugar
1 free range egg..mine was not..
 1 1/2 tsps almond extract
2/3 cup milk
1 1/4 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp cinnmon
8 tbsps melted butter..
That was it..

So..Preheat oven to 350 degrees F..
I used my silicone (8  spots..)cannelés mold
and one small rectangular loaf..maybe 5 inches by 3 inches..

Prep them

 I added the sugar to the melted butter then the egg..milk ..flavoring..I mixed my dry ings and added to the wet and mixed until well combined..
The cannelés molds took ap 35 mins..the rect loaf just a couple of minutes more~

Very Good..easy peasy~

 Take care..Bon Weekend~

It was 90 degrees F in QC~

Wonder what the weekend will be like?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I enjoy so many kinds of poppies.. the small wild ones..the larger show ones..the antique ones..My lavender and heirloom ones have not returned this yr..but the big showy ones have and this bright new spot of orange..I already have big ones that are orange and they shock me...(not an orange person  except 1 purse and 1 pair of shoes and one work of art:))

Bought at a flea market 100 yrs ago:)I loved the round frame and the magnificent poppies~

... but do enjoy taking photos of them and trying to paint that's why this lush tuft of poppies came home.. to add color  for the moment and to try and paint some..
Practice practice..quick ...before the blooms go~

The weather has been iffy with clouds and drizzle ..and some cold days so I made some Osso Bucco one day..Ann T's..our favorite..
And anise /orange water shortbread from ..Vegetable Literacy~
Not sure about the copyright rules..and must say not crazy about without further ado..

Here is a recipe I am crazy about:)

 We finished the last 2 portions of my favorite new non pasta pasta recipe..

Diane's Mom's Cannellonis

I love that you can make a big batch..and extra sauce.. and freeze in single serving portions.
I love the tenderness of the crepes..and the combined tastes..

You can make any marinanra sauce you want..which is basically some sauteed onion garlic..sometimes tiny brunoised carrots.. add whole canned whole tomatoes..I add Jacques' Italian sausage..and fresh herbs..salt an pepper and red pepper flakes..
I don't skimp on the olive oil for my sauce..Diane's son is a chef and recommends that:)

Let simmer and simmer..

The manicotti crepes were easy to make..
I halved the recipe..

2 cups flour sifted twice
2 cups water
6 eggs

Mix water and eggs ,beating slowly..add flour  a spoonful at a time  until batter is smooth..
Then spoon onto a tempered crepe pan....enough to make a 5 inch crepe..spreding batter thinly.
bake one side only.
Place on cookie sheet w/ wax paper between..(Mine didn't stick..I didn't need the wax paper)

And the filling equally easy..with ricotta spinach parmesan cheese egg..seasonings..

3 lbs ricotta
1 mozarella cheese cut in strips
1/4 cup grated cheese
2 eggs
 2 tbsps parsley minced

OK I didn't use these measurements:)  I used Ricotta  ,mozzarella and parmesan cheese..added Di recommended..eggs ..parsley..

But I did everything .. make the right amount of filling for the amount of crepes I had..
You mix the Ricotta..eggs..spinach..cheese and parsley well..
You place a large spoon full in center of each crepe and lay a strip of Mozzarella on top..Press one side to moisten on mixture then flap over on dry side to hold..(I just played it by eye:) )
Spread  some sauce on a large w/ crepes..spoon more sauce..  I add some freshly grated parmesan cheese on top:)Bake in 350 Oven for ap 25 mins..
Allow to sit 10 mins then serve..

I do what Di and Nick do and serve additional sauce on the side..

This recipe is from a very old book of Di's mom's..You have met her..Pretty pretty..  kind..and a great cook:)

I always look forward to this meal now:)
On my top DIX..ten:)

The wee poppies are waning but the huge ones are showing their glorious leaves and beautiful buds..It won't be long..

But each new leaf ..bud.. brings us closer to a finale here..I am not anxious to rush it along~

Bon..Poppy post ..fini:)♥

OK..well maybe I will come back w/ the huge ones:)They are such a sight to behold.. from bright orange to salmon..they are just under that beautiful bud..It's pouring here and dark..:(

Remember..if you are cutting poppies to place in a should cinge the stem..and all should be well~The second photo..they lasted like that almost for 1 week!:)On my windowsill~

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Le Muguet..le Mois de Mai~End Soon~

Lily Of The Valley was undoubtebly my mother's favorite flower~
Mais..c'était..le Muguet Des Bois..

From her her creamer from her the tea cup I bought thinking of her..
to my  own LOTV..

Mai..May ..will always be her~To me..

Her books..I must reread them that I am older than she ever was~

And see what they now mean to me~
From Marie~Antoinette  up above... to Seule~

To her Reader's Digest Complete Book Of Gardening..:)

She loved Lily Of the Valley perfume..and L'Air Du Temps~

Nana is just immortalize the moments~of the shadows in the woods ..and her Max in his little muscle t-shirt and watch..(he never takes that watch off..:)..)
I brought it to Max and his mommy you're getting the actions better:)

J'adore the "light box "for certain trials.  like trying to get the actions..
Forever grateful~to the  one who suggested this to me:)

And guess what? Max is getting one for his 6th part of his gift~the art part..
Safe to say here as he doesn't read my blog..his mom will show him this post though because he is featured..and he will say like last time..: "Does this mean I am famous?" definitely the one who has inherited her Beaux~Arts training♥
In art class last Wednesday he was asked to paint Harry Potter's school on a canvas..

                                                              LOOK:)  says shameless Nana..

I love it..and so does his mom..I have a feeling it will be hanging in the living room of their home soon.How creative..and free..  just beautiful to me..

May ends this week..enjoy the rest of it....We had a super summer week  somewhere in May ..and then the skies opened up..and stayed that way..rain rain rain..chilly..windy etc..
Sun in the no despair..and the gardens are so lush!

PS Lily Of the Valley are toxic..don't top off your scones with them..:)
They are quite loyal perennials..invasive here actually..but as most perennials..fleeting.
Love them to bits I do.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Blueberry ~Lilac Scones~

What would I do with blossoms all year long? That would certainly be so nice~
They make everything look so feminine and pretty~
I love that lilacs are edible..the colors..The taste is not wow..  I must's almost insignificant  to me..which makes lilacs even better for people who abhor strong tastes..It is ever so subtle~♥
The fragrance stands alone in a bouquet..Much Like Lily Of The Valley~
I used the Pomegranate scone recipe I linked you to a while back..
But used blueberries..and the lilacs..the recipe originates fro All Recipes..
But I found it here:Right Here..

Do the same thing..but use blueberries..I made some with dried cherries also~
Use fresh blueberries..frozen hold too much water.
Fresh as can be.
Sit..pour yourself a cup of lovely tea..or a cup of them as is or with butter or additional jam~
Pressing lilacs works very well too..if you're pressing:)
And  drying lilacs for future use to brighten up salads ..scones proving easy..they will dry up and lose all their shape but retain a vivid color..

A Google search will lead you to many edible flowers..
Fun to experiment..Remember though..pesticide free..Our community has been for I know our lilacs are..
Have a nice weekend~
PS the lilacs are early this yr..I know as I married amongst them at my parent's home on  June 8th 39 yrs ago..
Those things.. you remember:)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Se Plaindre Le Ventre Plein~

 complain on a full stomach~  Sort of..but in effect..exactly.

Come April , when I still have some snow on the ground some years..I complain..less than before..but I do..about our long winters..From December till April..and November can be glum..

But come May..and I think..:"Now what do you have to complain of?"Weather and beauty wise  where you live?
Everything comes alive..

5 minutes away by car..I have my very own charming BROCANTE.. a shore drive..40 km max  is the speed limit♥  I go even slower  to take in the vistas....views to bring tears to your eyes.. with all the apple blossoms bursting..the spring green lawns..
Charles Trenet on the radio this particular long weekend Saturday morn 9 AM..
And here I am at our charming Brocante..from treasures to bona fide French Brocanteurs relocated from Avignon♥
All right here..a stone's throw away~

And I think to myself~"

"What A Wonderful World~"

Of course the first snowfall does that to me also....the changing leaves..the warm summer nights..

I was almost forgetting the full stomach literal part:)

I recently made this..

You can skip right over to here to Chris' for the recipe..
Their photos will do you in..I halved the my mom's cast iron skillet.
I only had red cherry/grape tomatoes...
This is the pre~baked..but browned version..

Baked it all looks roasted and gorgeous..
My notes..I would not hesitate to add a splash  or more of white wine  I think it would make it juicier..:),because I was only doing 2 and had many less tomatoes..Chris had a wonderful amount of multicolored tomatoes..and I used the same skillet to brown the breasts..poured off the liquid and added the ingredients..tented with foil for 10 mins after baking.

My friend made it for company..(a group) the next day and was so happy with this recipe too~

Thank you for this lovely make ahead recipe Chris~

Today is rainy and grey..all the better to patch up the brown spots on the lawns:)~

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Asparagus Inspires Gentle Thoughts~

Asparagus Season in QC~
I love side dishes..or stand alone..

I recently ordered a book because of one of it's recipes.. a shaved asparagus salad..
I stopped at one of our local small greenhouses/markets ..Monday... and bought their :"Asperges De Nos Champs♥"  to specifically make this recipe..
Jacques was making one of his famous shrimp risottos..and I thought this would be the needed green:)
It's good..very good..but the promise was for soft soft asparagus after being in the vinaigrette for 30-60 mins..Did it deliver?Taste wise yes..and if you love crunch as most do..this one's for you..
I expected softer..
I also added pansies..
Because I am in the midst of preserving and pressing flowers and I love  chartreuse greens and lavender or blue together~
I am making vintage trays with the flowers..and note paper..again thanks to Selia..
I'll share my presses soon..and hopefully with a new tray~
I need to "Brocante":)~
The lovely book is from my friend..a while ago..The Handcrafted Letter..she knows I love to still Snail Mail..and pressed flowers are an integral part of this book too:)

La Recette~ Courtesy of Hollyhock..From Garden To Table..

20 fresh asparagus spears..shaved
3 tbsps fresh lemon juice
4 tbsps EVOO
Salt and Pepper
1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese

The last 3 ings are my own additions

Pansies(pesticide free)
Shaved Asparagus
I also added a touch of specialty herbs from France that have a hint of orange~

Let   first 4 sit 30-60 minutes..
add freshly grated parmersan cheese..
Add shavings if you wish..and pesticide free pansies if you wish..(I wished for both)..

Asparagus Inspires Gentle Thoughts~Charles Lamb~
Especially when pansies are added~♥

It's un long weekend here..starting tomorrow Friday..
Enjoy it all..