Wednesday, November 22, 2023



Have you watched All The Light We Cannot See? On Netflix?

I had read the book and liked it..but a while ago so it was quite a fog in my memory..anyway we loved this on Netflix..Tears:)

The child actress is really blind as well as the adult Marie.Unbelievable performances.

Mark Ruffalo is so easy to look at.I love him as an actor..and Uncle Etienne is portrayed beautifully by Hugh Laurie (House)..Madame Manec is so good too.Anyway we loved it.

I love baking.. I really do..These are this yr's new cutters.

I must say I am a hoarder.No.. a collector..but for 50 yrs of married life very soon can collect a lot.

I'm in my craft room these days and even in the kitchen..I am a hoarder.Just a very tidy one..unless I decide to deep clean..Then I know I have a problem.

Number one..All things baking..ALL.. cake pans ,cookie sheets,muffin tins, madeleine pans..silicone..aluminium,ceramic...copper you name 

it..I developed a liking for trying different things and I was working so after necessities were met I really wasn't collecting handbags and shoes..

It was all kitchen.

Number two..without a doubt,craft supplies..paints,pencils,paintbrushes,papers..all kinds..stamps,inks.

Number three..stitching supplies.. needles,floss,pattens,fabrics..wool..yarn..

Number 4..cameras..I had to take pics of my Littles that are now bigs and then all the extras mentioned above.
So just imagine a craft room..of a girl who saves everything.:(
It's overwhelming.But I swear its organized and tidy.I need see through bins..just a few so that when I open that closet I see..what is where..

I'm old..I've amassed a fortune in cookie cutters and molds and paints.
LOL.And plants;)

Which brings me to another reason I like online libraries..
I do buy art books..I used to buy cookbooks..but novels..never anymore.
There is no room with all my other memorabilia..
I do like to receive a book but when I am browsing books I would love to read..if it's online..I am in.

I made delicious biscuits..delicious..layers and layers and layers of can find the recipe at @laurenbakedcake on IG.

Only two out of 7 stayed upright.The secret is to scoot them upright during baking and bake frozen:)I know because she gave me the tips.Mine were frozen but not rock solid..these were a treat with honey butter.The recipe makes many more but I froze unbaked ones.
I love the wreaths.I still have thyme and sage:)

PS..The second and third were frozen solid..I find the rise better just really cold without freezing overnight..I did scoot helped;)Honey butter with..elevates;)Also they are minis.

I do hope I never stop finding my happy in baking.
Once you have retired,,November is a great month to find cozy in all things home.
So grateful I still can and enjoy.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Time waits for no one.

 We changed the time.I love this time.I love the darker earlier evenings..I  wake up earlier,and just want to start enjoying what I can do in a day..PARTICULARLY since the sciatica is far quieter and the elbow tendinitis is also.THANK YOU .

Above was an art tutorial for the gnome ..Jean Haines..The toadstools were added digitally.

I've started my Christmas cards.. my handmade and not hand made gifts.

Nothing affects J..time wise and Christmas preps:)

 He does love to set up the tree ,adjust the lights cause let's face no -pre lit tree lasts forever so he adds the lights..I take the day to add the precious memories..

He will put the colonial candles in all the windows..

When I worked..and he was retired..I loved driving up our street in the dark and saw that he had installed the candles..It doesn't take much you don't have to be Chevy Chase..subtle ...gleaned from Vermont 100 yrs ago colonial candles in the windows do it for me.

Of course I would love a hydraulic lift to adorn our Three Pines..:) But ..

Back to our regular broadcasting;)

It's time for comfort meals and playing in the kitchen.

Playing in the kitchen is so much kinder to your body than playing in the gardens.

I am over the moon to say that although everything is not perfetto..I can walk and keep going.

That sciatica has settled into lower back mush and a zing in my calf..way better than initially..

We went to both football games..and both boys won their quarter finals..  then we went to Max's semi finals.

To say we were so happy for him is an understatement.

The most riveting exciting game ever.

Max is wide receiver..QB is C..They are great together..they know each other well practice always ..

Out of the blue at this very important game..C, the QB gets hurt and had to be carried off:(All the hopes and dreams came crushing down.Max is QB2..which means he had to become QB..and no wide receiver.

If you can believe they were losing for much of the game until 3rd quarter and Max showed resiliency..talent and such determination..that along with his team mates..they pulled it off in a tied overtime.The cheers were deafening and we all ran onto the field.

These boys..Kudos..32 F plus wind..never ever gave up.

One more game..

Although I am so proud of Max and how he pulled it off..I would love C to be back to get the team. as it should be.Because these are Cs last high school games before college and he is in 100%.M on defense was stellar..all the kids..wanted this.

Tears even.


Didn't sleep so wired.

Update poor C is out for 3-6 months.

So the next and final high school game for them will be tough.

Fingers crossed.

Oli's team in overtime..lost:( Poor darling) he has many more games and finals in his young life..

I applaud their parents.I mean They are TOTALLY INVESTED in all aspects of their lives.

I think those cookies could have been made in this wee cottage I spotted doing errands one day..I only wish I had my proper camera with me at the moment..I know Gignome lives there:)

The side was beyond my expectations.A very cold sunny morning.. and I found this gift.

I live in a quiet little enclave where people are getting ready for Christmas markets..far from the turmoil of the world.. even in Mtl.. the war has reared it's ugly head.
It makes me well up.

I know I am far from the madding crowd.
But I am here.We chose country to city..
I am older and wiser ..
And  need this peace right now.

Fall met winter here as cold leaves shivered on the limbs of the trees not quite prepared for the snow we received.
It's gone..
Gignomeo..  was painted following a Jean Haines tutorial..I've painted a few ever

We will dress our tree today..the little lights brighten the darker days and nights and cast a lovely glow in our home.Oh no..I bought bright white lights..our tree does not look like our tree:(
I will definitely rectify that next year..too late now.
Have a good week.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

One true thing..fall.


Waxing poetic even

I absolutely love this photo   Sebastien Gervais took for across the field this Friday Night..
J and I sat on the visitors side..they are above us in the bleechers..J was having a conversation with a young engineer  sitting be side was half time..This is a memory for my heart bank.

He is a stellar sports photographer..stellar... if you click on the link you can find his work

A lovely warm fall... yet when the leaves were peaking.. many overcast days with intermittent rain.

So grateful for my husband who helped putting some gardens to bed.You may remember I had something with my elbow..Oy.

I went nuts cleaning two beds the day after having family or dinner..

And I felt so grateful I could.

So a word for all of you who like to gogogogo with chores..  go slow and steady.

I went nuts..the arm went nuts.

Tendinitis/tendonosis,tendonitis..whatev..I have some already..but if you do.. don't exacerbate the issues..slow and steady you can move on..Being a madwoman..slows you to a halt.

No frost yet..

So many things are blooming still..roses,nasturtiums,borage,feverfew..shiso,rosemary..herbs are looking fine.. I did empty pots and floweboxes even though they were brilliant.

You have a fear of frost here.It makes things harder to pull plus you freeze.

I got my garlic planted with my left hand.NOT recommended.

I hope it doesn't pout.

Your non dominant hand is not great for yardwork.

With the grey weather and so many sorrowful tragic barbaric images coming from all over the world..not to mention the Lewiston massacre..when I was finally able to make muffins..slow and steady lol..I was just about to take the pic for IG and here..

I was thinking about what a holy respite photography has been for me..I took out my first photo book..must have been 10 as the photos are from the suburbs..where my parents bought they first home..they had always rented..those duplexes to the left..I shared upper balconies with a sweet the city..I went form city to suburbs to eventually country almost my whole married life.

Getting back to photos..I must have 50 photo albums least... not counting the later Shutterfly books.It seems I was always taking pics.

And I cannot tell you what snapping photos has been for me.

Unimaginable pleasure.

And memories.

A whole spectrum and colorwheel of images live in my mind and in albums because of simple clics.

Nicéphore Niépce..Merci.

Halloween is everywhere..small country towns..I love looking at it all.

It will be cold here and we live on half acre/ acre lots so our visitors had dwindled to none.

Have you ever watched the movie with Meryl Streep..One True Thing..

Halloween is featured ..I LOVE that tearjerker movie.

RIP Matthew Perry. I always wanted to hug him and make him feel better.

Such a tragic life.

Your face and smile made us all feel good ..We wanted the same for you.

If you have not read his book...It's a must.

I read it this year.

A life of suffering.

All that glitters is not gold.:(

Monday, October 16, 2023

A new leaf.. an old leaf..Not peak at all yet..


So..  all the leaves are turning..and falling..  it is getting magnificent here.But its definitely not peak and when I went for a was  mostly cloudy..Colors shine in sunshine.

I had the new covid vaxx (lol too early) and the influenza.. I'll have the second shingles end of month..

I'm fine..apparently the second shingles..has repercussions..I will let you know.

I started garden clean up on a welcomed sunny afternoon after all our rain..October 12th.

Getting rid of the old..making room for the new next year..

So against the way I always am..I started blocking and unfollowing people on IG and TikTok..that make me feel bad..


I don't want to hear from them.I don't want to see their posts.

Either I know them..yes know them..or they flaunt wealth..or things they sell where I live and have never said hello:) 

Why put myself through being nice..LOL for what..did that, have the t- shirt.

J'ai bon coeur but being too nice once changed my life.

Buh bye.

Carrying on:)

Garden journal update..

Front side garden..clean up front of garage..done..back peony bed..done..side gardens..started..

Too early for my garlic yet.

My gardens bring me much more than flowers..

Introspection,reflection,calm,exercise,beauty,cycles of life,miracles,memories of the Littles with me in them,memories of building here and starting all from scratch,my great family helping with all the leveling..seeding..planting hedges,laying stones..Looking back..looking forward.

Not sure any of you will be interested..I never thought I would..but one night I tuned into Netflix..for this..

David Beckham

It's on Netflix and I think the small photo above is from it..

Well..I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And I think some people have the drive and determination that surpass everyone..He did.

What he went through.

Fans are awful when you are not winning.

I found the documentary well done..tasteful..and he certainly is a hard worker..does not give up and is charismatic.

And he has the perfect partner in Victoria..IMHO..I never knew anything about her....You get to know a bit more..

Just an FYI if you are looking for a 4 part documentary series..

And if you are looking for a way to distract yourself from the terrible news.

I'm not going to voice an opinion here.

I have learned more than I ever knew re Gaza and Israel.

I am heartbroken seeing the scenes flash across our tvs etc.


Peace .


Peace on earth.

Take care everyone.

Saturday, October 7, 2023

It's here, I am sure...


Aconitum..monkshood is last to bloom here.. beware:)

We have 2 lovely crabapple trees and one on our borrowed landscape..


Those blossoms turn into cute little hard as rock apples until they fall on the ground and some get mushy..SOOOO many this yr..

I could fill at least 4 wheelbarrows..but I didn't..

Pelting rain..much cooler..falling leaves..  All of a sudden hier après-midi..fall is happening after a neverending summer.
One of the beauty days we had burgers on the BBQ.We make all the patties with several  ings  not purists here.. and freeze them ..One thing we have that home made buns are best.
I vary recipes..

This one was can find it here..

Bread machine is my way for sooo many doughs..not for actual baking...

Speaking of which..I made a challah recipe I have made before.. you can find the recipe here.. but I fashioned it this way. friend ..often sends me posts she thinks I will enjoy or we would both enjoy..this was one of them..She is a great bread baker on her own..and I am grateful for her links:)

When the boys were Littles..I decorated for just a few touches..I do wish I had fall fabric for the porch swing and wicker furniture..We have one fabric store.. ap 20-25 mins away. and if you are not a member you pay so much more.I'd love a JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby here.More affordable.My next Hobby Lobby trip a few meters of fall.

OMGEESH the cost of things now is ridiculous.

Nothing is $1.00 at our dollar stores.. I know it's now $1.25 in the US..but here? Many items are now $4.00 ..many many many many..most.
This is small scale..Home! Rents! Food! What is happening? How will all our littles be able to manage?
And with AI?
What about that..

Covid changed so much..pre-covid..things were not as pricey..
Travel must be through the roof..Staying put.

Time to gather your herbs and make bouquets garnis again:)
I took the opportunity of making several when I brought in my herbs to make the bread.. ..they have to dry before I tuck them in a jar.
Froze lots of things for winter..I'll be glad to pull out a bag of  leeks and make soup:)Tomato starters..hrebs..basil especially..pestos..
All of it.
Home Sweet Home.
So grateful .
For my Family .'s Thanksgiving weekend here.
Take care..

Sunday, October 1, 2023

October first.


We live in the country but drive to the big city for my peppers:) Our peppers..this is a fifty fifty job I love .
In Provence I coveted the wicker trolleys so much..LOL in 2008 I should have just bought one and paid to have it checked in the plane..years following...the opportunity didn't arrive:(

I have a plethora of zinnias..hundreds..I have to let them go to seed..

Our fall has been nothing short of stellar with more to come.
I am letting my cosmos,marigolds ,nasturtiums and zinnias go to seed from this moment on..
My 4 o'clocks also.
Or else..I won't have all these flowers I loved so much next year...a plethora of them.
We had only one coolish day a long while back and I made Ina's Italian Wedding soup.
I love it and my husband likes that there is meat in it.
You know..I never knew this but if you cut a long stem of nasturtiums and put them in water in your home ..They continue to bloom!
They took up that right hand corner of my kitchen sink windows.
All our windows are sparkling..J did the outside I do the insides..
Spring and Fall.
Feels so clean.
We went to Little Italy and bought a very large bushel of chariot:) Comes in very handy:)
All roasted on the BBQ..all frozen..and ready for a year. fun to store and have on hand.

In Little Italy I bought some tuna from Portugal packed with chickpeas too..
I made a salad with my pickled onions and watermelon radishes for the market.Sublime.I eat with my eyes first.
The other salad we both love is apple fennel and mint...
A trip to our Montreal market brings out the best in salads for me.

Bees are so nice..I can take photos right next to them..and they continue their work..

Wasps are awful..bees are beautiful.

That dessert such a keeper.An Apple Crumble Tart.
So it is in my keeper binder:)

This weekend was filled with football..
Max..Oli and Lucas..
The night camera is not really great.. Oli's game wasn't a home game..and at the same time as Lucas'. ..Home but in the city..
He gives it his all...

The thing about these games..all 3 of them..the camaraderie is simply amazing..even graduates come back to see the younger ones play.They hug and cheer..and are so happy to see each other again.
All the boys stay on the field after the game and get hugs and hug back from all of us.
The night games..  we get home late.
I lie in bed and relive everything..  their game..their daughter's friends.. and then I don't sleep a wink.
Truth.Too excited.
Have a lovely October.

It's like high summer here so hot.
Not looking forward to putting my gardens to bed..I might be getting lazier.
I hope not.
Take care.