Sunday, December 9, 2018

Fairy Lights ~And believing in Santa...

In's either freezing w/ bright blue skies and sunshine..or milder..and grey..milder meaning 20's lol..
So fairy lights and cocooning indoors ..baking or painting or wrapping are favorite sports here:)

It's fine indoors or out  with no news on:(

Had to show you my Advent Calendar..Paris Letters..Paris Breakfasts..look at her latest subscription lette.It's Le Louvre..she designed and painted this absolutely genius Advent Calendar.
I am sure I have shown you my wall of fame:) I will's almost wallpapered with her letters:) I save them.:)

Made a new no-knead all my fellow no-kneaders,cinnamon and can find the recipe here and I am here to help if you need it.You all know Isabelle Lambert..our famous QC cookbook/lovely person author.! It's a keeper.
I would recommend proceeding as I do for Ricardo's I really have trouble w/ the floured tea towel.I had to throw it away.It does not work for me.I am not a pastry/bread chef..she is:)

Operate the way you are used to..:)

My cake is a Bailey's Coco cake..dense..not very moist..perhaps because I halved it..still turned out ok..That little house took forever lol.

This little cutie and his mom popped by for tea/treats/hot chocolate..

Magic bars ..were the treat of the day..a classic since the 60's here..
I have been making them since 1974.
Like Nanaimo're sure to land in a QC home around the holidays and find them gracing the sweet table.

That Vignette above with the very mini crocheted tea cup..was in a Christmas box from a dear dear penpal/friend.
My longest one.
You can have a long long standing one if you start NOW at my age:)

Time FLIES..

Noah had been asking his mom about Santa..children had started to talk a lot about NO Santa..he asked his mom she told the most gentle way possible..and he cried.
I had tears when she told me.

"But what about the cookies he eats?"

So many questions.

So few yrs at being so innocent♥

Saturday, December 1, 2018


I can't believe it~

But it is a lovely time ahead..

Thinking about baking ..and thinking about those we love..finding a special something for them..

writing cards..making cards..

Drinking warm soothing teas or coffees..

My daughter initiated me to Skinny Moka Lattes:)..


Florida has a special place in our hearts~

All our 4 Littles have come to visit at the same time we have babies..
To see them grow.. after a few yrs of absences..
is  quite amazing.
I like my daughter's phone pics better than mine for one thing;)

We had all kinds of weather..from sublime to not so sublime.
Robin..a VT friend on our beach is a landscaper..gardener..she combs the beach and makes..gardens out of SEASHELLS♥
This is one smidgen of what she creates.

Max..came and had to leave us w/ his dad for Edmonton,Alberta where he played in a round robin tournament for all of Canada w/ the flag football.
His dad..left their holidays and went w/ Max.♥
Dads are different these days.
Fred does anything for his boys.And Alain is a dad like I never had.
Alain goes out to lunch and shopping with his Fred..and supports everything they do.
No iron hands here.
So different from the 50's.
So...Max and Montréal won:)
National flag football champions.
Next..Fl Jan for International games and the ProBowl..meeting heroes..playing their best game.
Look what I spotted on the beach..on a cold breezy..well windy day..on the beach.
You Mean The World To Me.

Sums it all up for my little family♥
See you soon..back in the saddle:)

Friday, November 23, 2018

The treats of Christmas past:)

My Christmas thinking cap is on..I think I know what I will make..a small festive cake for my daughter's home..some cookies etc..some newer things to me..I picture them turning out..the power of positive visualization;)

I make far less as far as bars and squares go because both my girls bake for Christmas also.

But Christmas baking is my very favorite baking..
So I'm not ready to stop.
I had fun looking at past blog posts..not to the very beginning..but some..
In case some can inspire goes my internet Rolodex of a few Christmases past.

His face here lol..

Oli..  that age where you don't care:) he is still a bit like that♥

You want to see how quickly time goes by?
Adamo..18  Giuliana 16  Lucas 13..Max 11..Noah 10..Oli 9.

Have I mentioned I love Christmas baking?:)♥

Blogs..are a great way of storing memories♥
Now to take off the thinking cap..and put on the baking apron;)
Have a good weekend and week ahead!