Friday, December 3, 2021

A lovely time of year~


December has arrived so quickly and unfortunately will end so quickly too.

I think because of last yr..I am more looking forward to it.It seems we will have dinner and brunch together♥..This new variant was and is a real threat.

My last Paris People was Santa..It finishes this watercolor book off perfectly in my mind's eye..Photo as always by Geni..who has recently been taking an IG break.

I've loved painting these..over 80 lol so I really have.

A lovely lady Diana..sent me this wonderful tea advent calendar..the first day was Gingerbread!Yesterday's pretty  and useful..A decadence really.:)I am grateful.

Advent Calendars..when my girls were at home I always gave them one so it's been years really..Last yr..Dec I decided to make them one for this year.I bought the little Kraft paper advent calendar houses on Etsy..a PDF file pattern..My Staples doesn't print on Kraft paper I found out aftrer:(So I printed them up here on reg paper.50.

Because I have 2 girls:)

Then you cut out and clue the little homes..I glued mine to a foam core board that I cut in two w/ a curve like a street and set up the village..added bottle brush trees and trim to the front..and that's fill and tie off.

They liked them:)

I made those delicious Gaufres of Isabelle's..I just love the crispness..sugary caramelly taste..not a pizzelle warned..but I love these more.Rhum adds a distinctive taste.Put them in a tin and you are good to go for weekkkkks!

Paris Breakfast's charming letter..look Gingerbread men:)

Perfect opportunity to use Dash's Gingerbread man waffler..Tilley told me about the waffles..I had bought some for the Littles..never for me.These are tiny treasures..gems..Tilley has many:)Enabler she is.I give these wee machines 5 stars.

Not sure I will make more snowmen..I'll see but they were fun last yr..

All special  Canadian cards are sent and US and Europe..only certain local and one local gift still left to mail.

Started some other baking..not all successes..Anyone else have problems with some Donna Hay recipes? Never quite on point for me.

While I realize that I am looking forward to this season I know many are not.

So many have lost parents..spouses..friends..So many are many have far less than anyone else..

And so many will be sad and lonely.

Sorrow happens to each and every one of us..loneliness too..and situations change..things happen in a heartbeat.So even though I may have a Spring in my step because I will be w/ my family this yr..all can change on a dime.

I've been on that dime many times.And never quite completely off.

It's 27F windy and brisk ..but blue skies..Tree lighting and festivities going on in my Hallmark town tonight..♥

Wish I really really wanted to need a BFF for that..

Mine are busy moved.. and one's not a festivity person lol..Nor am I but I'd like to get that back.

Bon weekend!

Saturday, November 27, 2021

~Dec fast approaching!!


Cutest most professional silver ornaments tags etc made by Ginny  at Martinis and Roses
She has an Etsy shop and trust me you will NEVER be disappointed.
Her shop is now closed for the holidays as Canada Post could not guarantee delivery.
I love that you can have something inscribed that you could not get anywhere else.
I am one that loves words.She can do them all.She's on Instagram and I have linked her Etsy shop.Five stars.

It's time to start looking through old maybe start a few things.
I learned my lesson last yr..I've always loved Christmas apart from the nostalgia of missing my mom which never ends..4 Littles helped fill that void..I think I mentioned when the first came into our lives..Lucas..a hole in my heart was plugged:) And then 3 more came.
The lights of my life w/ their moms of course lol.
Anyway..last yr not having my family around for a dinner etc..sank my heart.
So this year I am anticipating it with a whole new outlook.You never know what you have till its gone is probably the best true quote ever.

I did take out my lantern Christmas house..Get yourself a lantern..some miniature furniture..not much..they are small ..a tree and lights and you've set the twilight mood of youth.

The gnome garland can be found on many sites..and youtube,I bet..and that dear crochet tree is from..Linda..breaks my heart when I open her blog she was a dear dear dear blog friend whom I 2021.She lost her courageous battle with cancer.You would not believe how she fought.♥
One of her daughters sent me the tree shortly after she passed away with a card that had sea glass flowers that she made.
Don't ever tell me blog/IG friends are not real friends.

This little girl had no idea what the future held for her.

On this particular day in her shiny shoes, puffy organza swiss dot dress w/ black velvet waist ribbon,black velvet ribbon tied ponytail..her hopes and dreams had come true.

A canopy bed.(Wish I still had it)And a new bébé...plastic though:)

Our white plastic tree and baubles and tinsel and glitter..our faux fireplace.. An upper duplex in Mtl.

I was messaging with my daughter and I said to her that while Lucas was playing his last football game last Saturday..for the Provincial title..They won.. My grandsons love their sports and work hard at them.

I asked my mom to send me a sign..

I asked for something special so that it would be an in my face sign.

See..I've never had signs..

The fact that they won could have been a sign..but it was a sign for everyone.

But when they won he broke from the cheering crowd he came to hug his mom a big bear hug  he's 16 ..and then us.

This boy...

That could have been a sign also:)♥

But I think that was not a pinpointed sign.

Anyway the more I thought about the more I thought my girls and these 4 darling boys are my signs.

I told probably won't get signs when I am gone..and she said :"Really"?

I said I think what you have are you right now have 45 yrs of memories with you will remember funny things..words..flashbacks..stupid things I did..or nice things I did..

Things I told you..things I did OK as a mom..not so stellar things;)

Food I made..Christmases....

I figure I had 8-9 yrs.

We don't remember much before the age of 10..

I lost her at even 8-9 I am being generous..and then it's such a shock ..your memory bank in that period of time (the loss and before) is pretty much a blur.

Tree is going up today and we had ..

Thursday, November 11, 2021

I win at deleting pics and posts:(

 I had a lengthy November post ready and one false move..and it was all gone..

I thought drafts were saved..I better not find that touch key again ever that pulled the whole thing into a disappearing act...


So I won't bore you with a repeat of what got deleted..I'll just highlight the recipes etc:)
That apple crisp is unique..and a keeper
It's from Marie..Her Mom's Best Apple Crisp.
I have been touting this one as my best..
And I still love it..
But I had never made one w/ crisp on bottom and top.
Noah and Jacques gave it thumbs up!

Continuing on the apple theme..I made Ricardo's BEST APPLE PIE.
It's always a winner here.And I had to use my new old vintage Fire King pie plates:) I had to.

I stitched..this one is the Second Day of Christmas from 

I love her patterns.Super detailed instructions..And she is a wonderful talented creator.
I have finished all The Alicia Paulsen ones so I am happy to have found these precious ones..
Don't be fooled though these are projects..Not done in an hour or two.
I only make  these for my daughters..not for me lol..
If you want to start off softly with less intricate patterns I recommend Susan's.Click on free patterns.So cute.Generous of her talents.

Also I wanted to share these fun waffle cookies ..made w/ a waffle surprised!
My fern's hanging in there from bringing it daughter got my other two..fingers crossed they make it to her new home.
The geraniums are doing so well lol..and the rosemary bloomed..

On a personal note..Max and Oli are in the finals this week
And Lucas semi-finals..
I can't believe I'm excited..  two things..I always worried about football..and told my girls this 10 yrs ago lol when I met a man in yoga who had pain pain relief implants..he told us never let your kids play football..OY I immediately told the girls.
They all play football.
Goes to show you a Nana can change and wear many coats.
I love going to their games.
I had the pleasure of picking up Noah at school and he came for dinner.Unfortunately his team didn't get very far this year.
Next yr he will be in a school he can walk to here from:)

So that's it..Take care..

Sunday, October 31, 2021


 November is knocking at our door..

while October is still here~

One of my favorite older homes where I live.. decked out..

I used to enjoy Halloween when girls were younger..even older and I would answer the door:)  Then I lost the thrill until the boys appeared..boys never did trick or treat here..only two will do the rounds in more populated areas tonight ..Here the homes are too distanced lol they would rather go where the return is greater.

Fun cookies to make with a great cutter ..a set of four I have had for a few years made by Fred..not our Fred..the company Fred..
The chocolate cookie recipe I used this time was from..Beyond The Butter.

Most of the reds are gone now..and the golds are being flashy..

Still so many more to blow..yes we blow and compost in a designated area.So many complainers about leaf blowing..we're on half an acre..and we never blow at annoying times.

I brought in geraniums..  rosemary..a big fern..kolanchoes..and trying Susan's idea of Impatiens cuttings that I potted up..apart from my other houseplants work's cut out for me..sunroom and basement window full up:)

Have a good week..It’s raining and gloomy here for all little trick or treaters..
Oh and that top pic is a very good no-knead cinnamon raisin bread.I omitted the pecans and baked longer uncovered as I bake breads started in a cold oven.
Have a good week:)

Monday, October 25, 2021

~Golden Days~


From upstairs here I love seeing my neighbour's garage at a distance w/ a little zoom..

Photos on our piano I cannot bring myself to change♥

Fall is definitely upon us..  I went shooting.. love fall for photos..for baking even more..
This bread turned  out well hope I can keep my starter alive..
I love candles this time of daughter picked 2 up for me..Feels decadent to light a three wicker w/ a pretty scent.
She says they last and last..she picked me up a Christmas one also:)
I still have these photos on our piano..I cannot bring myself to change them..yet one is 16 now♥
Anyone else?
Have a lovely week..
Take care~

Sunday, October 17, 2021

L'automne au Québec~


Frédérick ..aka Fred always walked the boys to the bus in the morning and when home picked them up at bus too..Little darlings are now big darlings:)

Yellow tree and yellow chair♥

Main road is always a treat~

Fall can be glorious..  more in the sun I find though..Shimmering palettes.

We were able to get together for CDN Thanksgiving for a few hours out back.

Everyone brought a charcuterie board.

I made two bread contributions because I just love baking bread.
The first is Rock Recipes no knead..I seem to have this one on repeat.
Anyone can make this bread.I love how it holds together so well.
The other..the pull aparts were a flash from the past..
Steakhouse black bread..You can make it in the bread machine..shape refrigerate..take out the next day..let rise..BAKE.
Like Outback's..honey butter is a great match.

Both were suggested to me by T..who Instagrammers like me know:)

Watching a few series we enjoy..the first me..Jacques is not interested.

MAID   Andie McDowell and her talented daughter Margaret Qualley star. Netflix.I love it.

American Rust ..Crave..

Call The Midwife is back♥PBS

Baptiste..about to start..PBS Season 2.

Scenes from a Marriage. Great acting..Crave.

The Sinner

And this weekend The Great Canadian Baking Show starts.

It's dark at 7 here..need TV at night.Not day.

Still painting my Paris People..  have given a few away.
In this last watercolor book Canson I have 1 page left..not sure what Paris People it will be..

Told you I LOVE it:)
Have a lovely week~