Thursday, June 14, 2018

Iris and peonies and cookies and pens~

Bouquet of pens..quick tutorial at end~

The prettiest of times in the gardens..and then the ROSECHAFERS arrive and massacre everything ..I kid you not..Google them.
I can't do a thing about them.
I live in a pesticide free community..but then again..pesticides don't work..
so I will be filling my sprayer w/ soap and water ..and running around ..I have to go out and squish them 4 times a day..I should be on guard all day.As soon as you kill them..more fly on..they decimate..roses..irises..peonies..hollyhocks...etc..DECIMATE.

Gardening gardening gardening..lying flat on my back on a hard floor at night watching TV.
I have to love gardening to torture myself this way.

I did bake..made choco cut out cookies..really good..hold an imprint..not sweet..
You can find the recipe here..the cookies soften up the next day..

The ganache recipe..was found here..I bought a swirl mold on have to freeze it..hard ..then pop off and apply on the cookie:)
Jacques gives this duo a French Pastry shop rating:)

I apologize for some of my pics being square..I thought they should be on IG..I don't think it's true;)

IG I love it..a lot..but having dinner with my family and Heather:)..we talked about smoke and mirrors..and IG..
and then I read a great quote ..Bill Murray...

"Social media is training us to compare our lives instead of appreciating everything  we wonder why everyone is always so depressed"

He's got a point.
I don't post my decimated flowers..the rose chafers..the recipes that don't fashion wardrobe malfunctions ..facial features that change ..moods etc..

I only post what's good.

Just so you know;)

And I am never going to talk politics:(:(:(:(:( Such sad times.

And never journalism and the lack of ethics...ok just one thing..did the world need to see a photo of Kate Spade leaving her home after her passing..:( NOOOOOOO.Shame on you.

Back to the gardens..I have several types of peonies..some grown from infanthood from a local peony grower..I mean..just above a seed..almost 10 yrs ago..maybe 6 plants and 5 bloomed this yr..Singles..need no support all pale yellows.

I have pinks and corals and frillies and singles and doubles and daughter has white..and red..her whites are the most beautiful in the world..:) I took one when we left after dinner.
Everything pale is a rose chafer I won't add more tempation for the vultures.

In one of my photos.. last post..w/ the seed packet a particular peony was in the photo..that peony is faux..fake..artificial.

I like finding big blooms and making pens out of them:)

100 yrs ago for one of my daughter's wedding showers..flower pens were part of the take home gifts..
faux was not as pretty back then.. now they are..

that first photo is crockery  w/ faux flower pens..and one real flower:) The white peony is the one in the vase further down...the only real one.

These pens are a cinch to make..

A flower..dollar stores have beauties.

Wire cutters..or scissors you don't care about.
A  Bic can get 15 in a pack at the dollar store.
And florists' tape.

I am sure you know how already.
I cut the the length I want..ap the length of the pen..
I add a few of the leaves to the top and start winding the tape..all the way down..tightly..
You can add a few drops of white glue at the top to secure leaves even more..
C'est tout.
I love them:)
The bigger the flower the prettier the pen.

I find they look pretty on a gift package or gift bag:)

Little girls would love this craft..because this big girl does.And maybe some little

It feels summery writing with one.Special:)

Have a lovely weekend~

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Delicious June~I have way too much to for a rainy day;)

'Tis the season!

Whatever you do..if you love nutmeg and a great muffin..make these.♥

This sweet adorable boy turned 11 yesterday♥

The above..watercolors from a photo his mom took that I loved..Prima  Marketing Decadent Pies watercolors..  added some Payne's Grey..forget which make..painted on a  Strathmore Watercolor Card.I like the decadent pies for skin so much..always have..the 4th color on top doesn't moisten well for me and I never use's my honest review.
Love them:)

Footnote ..nothing under $20.00 art supplies..I have bought my sets while visiting the US..I have 3 I them all..


le mois de May..

but the prettiest month is perhaps June here.(It was until 3 days ago..)

From Spring to Winter's will not find a prettier place;) many places have their oomph♥

But for us..that's THE time frame;)

June w/ the first Irises..and Catmint..and some Peonies..

Rhubarb..and Chives and Parsley..Mint and Thyme..Miss Kim Lilacs..

Bridal Wreath Spirea,annuals..settling in.. some not..seeds sprouting..

Some rotting..;( Some drying out:( Some not showing up:(

But so much color compared to winter and so much popping joy in the gardens..

" Take this cloak off us and set us free"...said my gardens.

On IG I do teacup Thrsdays w/ Linda @

Just showing a teacup or two from  our homes..some from moms..aunts..tag sales..brocantes..Varage Sale..Kijjijji  ..
Some w/ loads of sentimental value..others just because we like them.
I wish I would have collected Brambly Hedge in the 80's..
Love everything:)

This wedding cup is one of my faves..

It's 44 yrs this year so I bought myself this gift on Varage Sale.
Last year we were at The Cape..meeting Susan Branch..

this year we are home.So..the lobster rolls are kitchen..
I loved it..the Cape..always have always will..but it takes 8 hours to get there and once you're on the Cape..even early June..well the's pretty bad.
It was all so worth it but staying home this year..

C'est la vraie vie.

Susan is in England now..I bet you are all following her..she's having the time of her life w/ Joe..

Made Ricardo's rhubarb cake for the umpteenth it is..used Tonka as the spice instead of vanilla and cinnamon..Every French from France pastry show uses Tonka..the bean..and grates it.
I finally ordered some from France..just getting a packet..letter etc from France..always a treat!:)

And ohmygosh the cake is was and will always be good..but Marie's nutmeg muffins? I CANNOTRESIST.
I sprinkled a touch of sugar on top after baking..

As in ParisBreakfast 's Letters from Paris:)♥

I am going to try and find a way to display them :) More prettily than I have them;)
They are little treasures.
I think a book should be made by Carol:)
I am sure many of you do too.

Snail mail came  twice♥I am hoping to add pink hollyhocks to my blacks..I read ..and I am sure I did this years ago..that sprouting great in paper towel..Fingers crossed♥

I wish you all a nice weekend..

I read this so many times this week and have always loved it..

So let's all do it.

Be kind..many you meet are fighting a hard battle~

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Almost June~

He's so photogenic:)

It was like they had planned to have matching clothes:)

Lots of gardening..some tea..some cups..some of my fave blooms..the Forget-Me-Nots,the lilacs,bleeding hearts and LOTV..all the pretty Spring blooms..Jack In The's feast or famine here.

Had a fun little outing..
Noah.his mom and I went to Alexandria..home of the Priest's Mill..

We had a nice lunch at The Quirky Carrot.. the staff was friendly and polite and welcoming.
I had a couscous salad..M and N had soup and sandwich combo..they loved the Sweetpotato split pea soup..desserts were brought home..

And right across the street is the mill where Eric Covington has set up shop..glassblowing.Sat was damp..wet murky when we  headed set the tone for my pics:)

My daughter had thought Noah would enjoy glassblowing..through AirBNB she booked a class for Noah and she.I came along and took pics..Class is about 1hr +..individually.

She was right..Noah's interest did not waiver one iota.

Noah was so into it..and even into watching his mom's private class.
Staff could not be nicer..Staecy was so sweet ..she is an artist ,makes her own paints..gardens..and glassblows.

Gab (Gabriel) could not have been more patient and interesting and professional.He studies glassblowing in Mtl..must be advanced because he is already a glassblower:)

It is so hot in a glassblowing!!

I love the stone walls..all the equipment..the window..the glass items were beautiful and art is available too.

During the week..I made Marie's KManis..I love Asian inspired dishes..even though what I eat is not pure's the Americanized/Canadianized type..I knew I would love this sauce..
Go see Marie for her recipe:)

I also made a DELICIOUS salad..

Recipe came from my daughter ..source is RecipeTins' Crunchy Asian Chicken Salad~
Above..a photo w/out the dressing..I did water my dressing down a bit mine was too thick.
I could eat this salad once a week.
So good!!
Used rotisserie chicken;)

If you are in need a of a good Blackberry Muffin recipe ..ths could be it..

I used greek yogurt because I was out of sour cream..and sprinkled a touch of cinnamon sugar on top.I made half the recipe and got 6 good sized delish muffins.

You can find the recipe here.

Garden Journal

So lots of blue mauve and pink as I wrote above
The peonies are in buds
A few Irises have bloomed
In the morning..I go see the girls..Caramelle..and Bcassine..only Bécassine lays these days..fresh etc..and garden while J is on the treadmill..
I come in and have a Keurig..and indulge in half a muffin good!!
I often bake earlier in the my pj's.I like that.
I bought alfalfa pellets at the Co-Op where I buy my chicken feed.
I used to put the pellets around my roses and clematis and have not in years.
Fresh bag..have done many of the roses..almost all the clematis.
I am excited to see that 3 hollyhocks I transplanted against the front fence..have taken..and no rust like at the back so far.These are the black ones..if they do well I'll add my fave pinks and such.
I like hollyhocks.
I ripped out some Weigela..(no wonder my back barks)..the leaves come out too late.
I have one summer per year.Let it be alive.
I read I should never plant tomatoes before the Lilacs bloom..lesson learned.
Using my petunia food:)
Some Miracle Grow
Garlic is perfect again this year.God Bless Garlic.
Perennial spinach and there ..I just pull what I don't want..I had pulled so much last year.
I guess that's it:)
Some days are diamonds some days are dust in a garden.
Some days I am overjoyed with my garden and think How can I be so lucky to have this pretty garden(s) :) Other days I think..Who am I kidding:(? 

First few days in flip flops:)

Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Wedding~Scones~Ottolenghi's Lemon Loaf and Gardening.

My girls say..pardon Monique's ugly soaker hoses..until the garden fills's visible..she wants it out..she never uses it:)

The Wedding~

Well I loved everything about it..


Her simple dress..I can think of many a gaudy bride..

I loved her loose tendrils..

I appreciate  how it makes me content  inside ..when ..having met someone this week  at a store..the  person said:"She doesn't have grace"~ re the Princess of Sussex.

LOL.  Her reason..? "Because of torn jeans at Invictus."..and her hair...etc..

My  daughter wears some and IHAVEAPAIR.That is exactly what she said."She wore torn jeans.."

That same person that mentioned that to me this past week..was never  particularly kind to me.

She was rough and abrupt .And made some of my days miserable.

Long live loose tendrils and ripped jeans.
Long live the sermons..and the choir and Stand By Me.
Long live the Looks of Love..
Long live the MOTB and her daughter..
The Mulroney's twins:) The one missing teeth smiling so happily!!
I did not see I won't comment on some faces that could have smiled..

or teared up.
And let's talk about that archway of flowers:)♥

I won't point a finger at Harry marrying a divorcée.
I married a divorcé.
And was heartbroken when my church did not allow a wedding for me in my church.

I didn't know my husband when he was married..I met him 100 yrs later when I was 19..and he was already  divorced.
44 yrs later..we're still married..

And you would not believe my fairy tale wedding at the Justice of The Peace when he looked at my husband and said:"Better luck this time".
OMGEE the 70's.:(

Shame on you Mr Justice of the Peace.

Thank goodness my dear dad..did everything he could to make my humble backyard wedding reception..lovely.
The day was beautiful and bright..the lilacs were in bloom..
My family and very few friends were there..
A friend at the time made my very simple A-line eyelet cotton dress.
Thanks dad:)For my reception..the Steinberg's buffet..Mr.Blackburn who took photos.

I loved how happy they looked..did you see this video?
Who doesn't want to hear that.♥

Diana would be..and happy for Harry.

As my mom would have although she was not there..she had liked my husband a lot at the time.

That's what I will miss later..if we miss later..not seeing my their 30's..40's..happy with their lives and healthy..not wealthy..happy and healthy.

I did also enjoy the guest list and what they wore:)
The dresses ..the hats..

The gardens are coming..SO alive..but because things happen in stages in May..nothing is perfectly photogenic except snippets..

All my plantings are done..except if I find a new fuschia..mine seemes to have been DOP..:( A small one..and maybe some more nasturtiums to eat.

I made scones this week,a whole new way..not sure if the result is different..I had always read and made w/ very little handling..this method called for folding and folding and puff pastry..anyway..
they were good..

so if you want to try this way..
go here..I am always grateful to people who share~

I also made this little many lemon poppy seed loaf recipes can one have and keep?
But this one was from SWEET..I booked it out of the library..and Googled which recipes were keepers..this one came up..

 Ottolenghi's Lemon Loaf~

I baked mine at 325 Convection in one of my very fave pans EVER for about 40 minutes.I may have snuck it back in for 4 minutes at 320 the toothpick test.
I also added on fat tbsp of greek yogurt because my cream was not full fat..I only needed 2 lemons.
Mine did not sink one iota.

My pan is perfect for Mie De Pain..there is a cover that slides onto it..
It is from E Dehillerin,Paris,France..From my sweet young friend Lee-Ann..her husband Jon picked it out for me many many many yrs ago.It looks like new.It was made for this loaf LOL..:)

Perfect volume.

Garden Journal

All the planting done
Excited about petunias this year with a new fertilizer
Some crabapples doing better in our area ..some not as well.
Serviceberry and Flowering Almond almost done.
Jacques finished painting the fences..looks so clean.
Forget Me Nots in bloom..violas..lilacs about to happen..happening:)
Girls are happy to come to me.I keep snacks in my pockets.
So cute.Caramelle ..the definitely the one with should see me trying to catch her when she won't come in..Oh lala.
Although the tulips were not my fave colors..nice show offs lol.but like annuals here.
My dear foxgloves have acted like annuals also:( Gone girls gone.

Jack In The Pulpits coming up..such darlings in the fairy areas.

Bon weekend~