Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Hot and humid...then chilly and rainy..


Love my gloves:)♥


Am I ever happy garden wise..Seriously..am I lol.
Who nows..
Either too hot..in the last few days we had high 90's..too hot for May ..fried my tomato seedlings.This might be my last yr having started them indoors..
Too disappointing to have sorrowful demises.
Or too chilly now with a boatload of rain.
But this is my time of year to move about  flitting like a bee from plant to plant several times a day seeing what has happened..

Fastest sprouting seeds..dill.
Waiting on precious Cream Nasturtiums and French Marigolds....garlic chives.With bunnies eating my lettuce last yr..I did not sow.I would love a tall raised bed.
A very generous amount of rhubarb from my daughter led to Ricardo's Strawberry rhubarb pie and David Leibovitz's strawberry rhubarb jam.
That's a magnolia from her tree..
She has almost two acres of land..first owner was a master gardener.they built that home for themselves..subsequent owner ..not so much a gardener..so they are just discovering so many treasures on their land..some gardens will be put to rest..
others will be re-beautified.
You can't be a full time gardener with a very active family life and careers.
It's so private and lovely there.
I found a lovely account on IG and she makes Turmeric onions..I do too now:)Cafehailee..@cafehailee.
SO good..
On a personal note I had a lovely sleepover in the USA with my daughters..for mother's day..We had skipped the last two years because of..you know what.One of my all time fave outings.It's so much fun.They make me laugh so much.

Mask mandates..schools..stores..etc ..lifted..still wearing ours..
Govt offices..hospitals..elder care residences ..still obligatory masks.

Watching or watched..

The Staircase great acting

A Very British Scandal..Season 1 and 2

This Is Us .. so sad..

Stanley Tucci..Searching For Italy I LOVE this show,

Gaslit (yawn) Yay for Julia and the metamorphosis of Sean Penn..But for me this is not riveting.

Call The Midwife Season 11 was stellar as always.LOVE.

How many ways do I love these? Not tons of them here  but the ones I do have.. I love..
Grown from seed:)♥

Let's not forget the glorious flowering almond~


Until next time:)♥

Sunday, May 1, 2022



May ~

Sometimes we get to Thursday and I say.."Already Friday tomorrow?"..And lo and behold..it is.

Randall ..  This Is Us gave such a depressing speech at Kate's wedding lol..
Both Jacques and I didn't like it..
Yes as we age time fast forwards in so many ways.. we know..why remind us.
He's been the good kid in this show..but often quite dark. 

Anyway..  Is it May already?

It's been so chilly here..few sunny days and those have been oh so chilly..however true to form ..the scillas showed up.
And the fairies are thrilled.
Funny story..not really..about these Cicely Mary Barker Fairies..
I have a few and have had them for 20 years.I used mine..they came out to play..and in our climate..they have lost limbs etc.. 
But I have loved playing with them and nestling them into our gardens.
They are so worn..I thought perhaps I could add some fresher ones..
Well in these twenty years they have become collectors items and new in box can range from over $100.US dollars to 400.
Egads .
Mine were never over 20.
I would spoil myself ..after transactions etc..with one or two.
So although mine are on their last legs..and I mean it..I am glad they have lived a life outside of the box:)

I am still loving Jean Haines' tutorials ..painting outside my box.

When mid May comes..I will stop until fall/winter.
I sincerely have too much to do..in the gardens..
Not complaining.
I have some great girls that have send me or post people from the back:)
I'll do those on rainy days..

I made those wonderful choco chip bakery style muffins again..from
here    My faves  and use mini choco chips:)

The tea cups are fun..vintage 1950's Lipton tea cups..
Winkie Eyes..Man and Woman.

A recent Varage Sale find.

I was born in the 50's..

I hope you can't see that:)

Who cares;)

The sugar dispenser was first seen in Provence.

My fave place on earth.Apart from being with my family here.
I keep saying..Had I met Provence when I married 48 yrs ago..
I would have asked for us to relocate.
Then.. now it's too late.

Garden update..not much.

Hyacinths are popping up ..some irises ..daffodils and tulips..just breaking ground though..
Invasive pachysandra and goutweed..so much of it..
some buds on trees..
I did spot some pulmonaria ..but so little so far.

 Les années se suivent mais ne se ressemblent pas.

My mother loved May.

One of Jean Haines tutorials is an atmospheric jockey on a horse..practice practice..

My jockey is..where? Oh lala more practice needed..I get lost in it all..I love being so attentive to something.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Less to talk about~?


A lot happening everywhere that kind of makes you feel that what you have to chat about is so unimportant.

See what I mean?  Ted Lasso cookies..basically..a shortbread w/ as many variations on the net as you can imagine.I made mine w/ butter,flour,icing sugar.

They emanated from a great show..

Above photo from IMBD online.

Our daughters kept telling us it was great J was unconvinced.I went for it we both love it.A great distraction.He is so charming.

Our family came for Easter..Loved my day.It's funny before they arrive..not a thing out of place..I have a thing  for order and tidy.

The moment they arrive..LOL..

And I love it.

Life breathes everywhere.

Stuff everywhere:)

Especially a buffet..Because you eat around the island for apps..then here and there for the meal and desserts.

The boys head for the basement:)

They've always loved down there:).

That cake is the least cute Easter cake I've ever made..however it won rave reviews..

Carrot cake/ cheesecake ..yes both in one..

I had to bake mine a lot longer.

This game was a hit..w/ Max getting over 100 levels..all bunnies on levels  .

If there's a competition..he's in:)

One of my fave apps for life now..

You can find here recipe here and there is a link for her onions within the text of her recipe.Best I have made.I only had reg unseasoned rice  vinegar but with her add ins they were perfect.I used smoked salmon.

I have renewed my subscription for another month at Jean Haines.

Apart from watching my seedlings grow and grow..I've started laying mulch..and my dirt arrives today..

See what I mean?

Not much to say:)

Fourth dose done..

Fingers crossed.

Take care everyone.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022



April~ Avril

Here April announces Spring as the calendar does..and we have had 2 nice days..but I still have patches of snow here and there..and I am waiting to start seeing growth..

Funny..Forget-Me-Nots..the leaves are intact..certain feverfews.. pachysandra ..that ruthless invader..some Iris tips..my thyme//some sage ..some parsley..winter damaged but alive.

The Queen of them all..garlic tips:)♥

Indoors things are lush and lovely ..and seedlings are starting to sprout.

Easter grass..sprouted..

Still loving the Jean Haines tutorials..over on the 16th of April..Ill begin again next winter.If I painted..only painted..no problem..but I have chores lol..

One of my favorite salads has to include beets..this is one I made a while ..while ..while ago but keep repeating..also made a new one that has a hint of cinnamon in the dressing.

When I search recipes on my blog ..it still bugs me to see danger signs at all the lost pics..I hang on to everything..can't let go..

except some things..

Every Christmas Cactus is blooming ..messy little things though..


I have a jade plant that started the size of that tradescantia..

It's a floor jade now,huge..It's been years..

I seem to always have to be caring for something.

I loved Carol's Vanilla map..I use vanilla A LOT..

Look how pretty it is.

I'm sometimes tempted to try our small town but I have aerial view issues lol.

not for cute things like Carol..but fave buildings and things.

Carol had a fund raiser for Ukraine..she was donating half of the proceeds of her sales to aid Ukraine.

That's an Heartist.

A lot of closures of favorite local things thank  goodness new ones  popping up..

My favorite flea market ..Ive been going over 40 yrs..:(

A fave art store..

Quel dommage.

Les jours se suivent mais ne se ressemblent pas.

I have been loving Julia..

Can you believe I laugh and have had tears?

Fab acting. Set design.. costumes.. Love it.

Still LOVE Call The Midwife..

This is Us nearing it's end..I've loved it too.

Laughter these days is a rare commodity when we see the inhuman barbaric images of Ukraine.

Inhuman cruelty.

We are all affected.C'est trop triste.

Take care.

Here we will be getting a 4th dose of a vaccine for Covid..Jacques is set for tomorrow..I can call Monday.

The sunshine will help warm our faces..it's here for now...

Minimal garden notes for April 10th 2022

I walked the gardens..we clean up in Fall..and come Spring more to do..leaves never cease to fall..acorns seem to multiply..

AS of April 10th ..almost all seedlings are up and tomatoes have two sets of leaves.

Easter grass is great..not outside..inside;;;)

I see Irises popping up outside large and small  from Susan:)I hope they love it here.

Forget me nots..pachysandra.. daffodil shoots..hellebore leaves.. we are slow to start but do take off.

I am ordering a truckload of earth..mixed w/ 30% compost..instead of bag after bag..probably just 3 yards.

Delivery is $55.00 but it will be here..I'm tired of making trips w/ car boots and 10 bags at a time.

I will pick up black mulch bags though.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

End of March~


Spring walks many many many years ago....

Not a lot going on..

We're edging into Spring with puddles and still some snow here..

I came across these pics of the 3 Littles that lived across the street..in this kind of weather..

To try and explain how much we love Littles..is impossible.

They are big and tall and beautiful now..

I love that I have sooo many pics to look back on.

We had a celebration for Jacques' 81rst birthday last night and got home around 1 AM.(I felt like I had gone to a wedding..:) )..Making up for lost time?

To count the laughs would be impossible.

To say how good the food..impossible..

A beautiful fun celebration.They are not just family..they are friends♥

I found a new sourdough bread recipe and it's a keeper..

If you want to try..

The recipe is here..

I'm taking a one month watercolor class..es w/ Jean Haines..

Tempted to take one yr..it's just that busy will be here soon w/ gardens etc..

and they are in dire need of work..

dirt..planting etc..I'll see..

And the kindness and generosity of this artist is..wow..she has a fund raiser for Ukraine.. selling her art donating all the proceeds.She wants to reach 10,000 pounds.

And she will ..she's more than halfway there,

Carol from Paris Breakfast has her own fundraiser going on w/ her gorgeous blue and yellow paintings.

The hearts of these accomplished artists are as beautiful as their art for Ukraine.

Speaking of which..I actually am filled with hate for the beast running Russia.The images..are haunting..ever so haunting.

I started my seeds..some this week and lo and behold too many have sprouted..

I have to keep them happy till they can go out end of May/ early June.

So my craft room is looking rather busy w/ the painting lessons and seed sprouting.

Busy mind and hands stay out of trouble and truly help shifting focus.Your mind wanders with painting..baking.. gardening.

I thank God I love doing these things.

Have a good week..take care..From me to you..

Sunday, March 6, 2022

~On my mind constantly~


Still doing things..I've loved distractions for years,crafts,gardening baking..painting..so I keep the hobbies up..but always on my mind.

Last night we watched War In Winter on Netflix..So sad.. their courage is beyond amazing.Very insightful to the pride they have for their country.

Trop triste.

My friend T sent me this this morning..

You can listen to Sting here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

And here we are March~

Indoor gardening.. because..

Yes because of this..

and this..

Yesterday  a glorious walk~

Ice Lake~

An artist's community

Our dunes~

Nosy Parker~

The love tree

I do get out there..but less this year...  I am ashamed.I have usually donned my snowshoes by now..always an excuse.. not enough snow.. too icy..too much snow..it's blowing like crazy out there..
My excuses.
He actually enjoys all the snow removal..paths.. decks..etc..redoes parts of the driveway after the contractor  because of where our cars were parked..It's picture perfect.
I love walks at favorite places..

I honestly cannot believe my geraniums..I think what I did last summer is that I nearly killed them.I had overwintered them in paper bags..so really the roots were raw.. I put tooo much Miracle  Grow granules in my soil..all summer they did nothing.. 2 big pots..I brought them in and by then the roots had time to strengthen I think and now they look like an ad for Miracle Grow..at least 2 ft tall on one just the leaves,the blooms are well above..the other has to be 3..I had to put bamboo sticks in.Lots of blooms etc..My fern still spot on..and Rosemary too..the trick is never let rosemary dry at all.
I hope I can make their transition to outside ..calm and uneventful.

I have baked a few things..namely those adorable and delicious Bonne Maman Petits Marbrés.
I follow many French blogs and feeds and kept seeing marbled cupcakes..cakes etc..and then one day a lady said her recipe was from the back of the bag:)
Never one to procrastinate..LOL those who know..know..:)I made them right away.I will always make them.
Recipe is below..

I also made Alexandra Cooks EASY (IT IS) Brioche bread..don't excpect a full on tons of eggs and butter and make the night before and rest...stretchy filamenty  (new word) bread..This is a lighter easier version.And truly it's a keeper.
You can find that recipe here.

Now for the Petits Marbrés..

Preheat oven to 350F ...356 to be exact as it is 180C.

For the white dough~

Combine 100 grams of sugar, 2 whole eggs ,a pinch of salt then 100 grams of flour  and 1/3 envelope of baking powder,
Then to this preparation add 100 grams of melted butter and mix energetically:) to obtain a homogenous mixture.Set aside.

For the chocolate dough~
In a bain-marie melt 100 grams of chocolate with 80 grams of butter.Meanwhile mix 80 grams of sugar  and 2 eggs ..then add 90 grams of flour and 1/3 packet of baking powder.
Then add in the choco butter mixture.

Butter and flour small cake molds..And drop half white mix half choco mix.Use your knife from one end to the other lengthwise to create the marble,
Bake 22 minutes.

My notes.

I melted my butter and chocolate in microwave.
Be sure to not keep going over the marbling or you will just get a pale choco cakelet:)
Levure chimique is baking powder. My Envelopes still active contain 11 grams. So you have to use your judgement.you can do 1/3 of 12 grams.

The recipe as found in French.(Source internet)

My molds..(source..internet)

Trust me had I found this in France..lol..it would be living here.

We had lunch out every day..in Provence..every day ..can you believe..but ate at home in the evenings..
So we kept little bags of Bonne Maman treats..in case we hadn't gone crazy and had dessert or pastry in the day..These were some of my favorite.The Bonne Maman shelves in France are PACKED with delicious charming products.










On my blog..I stay away from religion and politics ..as much as I can.
Everyone is different.I don't want to offend or take stands..I do have opinions and can be vocal..But for my blog..
It's just what I choose to do.Or not do really.
But understand that I am heartbroken over the images of Ukraine.