Wednesday, May 1, 2024

...Tiny Treasures..


So..since I painted this so dear to my art watercolor gleaned from a photo my daughter took of me  and Lucas..ap 15 yrs ago..I corrected my right arm:) It's uncanny what the scanner picks up..all to say it's all better a clip frame beside the original pic in the sunroom.

I remember as if yesterday. It felt like heaven. 

It has been an unusually cold ..wet ,dark Spring..slowly things are peeking up..but ever so slowly.

I am so cold:(

My poor little Cicely Mary Baker fairies have seen better times..missing arms..legs even one headless one..paint off..cleaned in fall and put into hibernation..still like our birdhouses..falling into decrepit states.

A while ago..Marie ..

Posted and a little bracelet caught my eye..the bracelet was ok price wise..perhaps 17.00 at the time..but shipping 23.00..I thought this cannot be lol.I send boxes to the US..well one in particular for that.. but a weightless bracelet? So I texted and asked if it was an error.Unfortunately no  reply.

So I thought..let me try's far from what I was looking at..but I will keep practicing.

In the of Jacques' very favorite desserts are date squares and I don't blame him.

These are the best.. and Anne Lindsay herself dubbed them that.I have made many recipes..this one is always tops.

Anne Lindsay was a hero of mine..I must have 4 of her books and I have kept them.

This goes back..a long I am 70 now..
She was a mentor.
I loved having mom..Since I was 19...So I relied on mentors..In the garden..In the kitchen..At work..

Oh a side note.I bought dahlia tubers at Costco on two occasions..starting them indoors.. We shall see;)

Happy May first.
Take care.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

...All the snow is GONE:)


I can't let you think I am still buried in snow..
It's right chilly and we have had a lot of rain but things are sprouting..  and hope of sprouting is going on:)

Those cookies are so easy..You just bake cookies that will fit in a silicone mold..pour a bit of melted chocolate in your mold..  then gently press the baked cookie inside..Let cool completely until chocolate hardens.
Release from molds and there you have them:)
Painting people from the back has become second nature to me and the rest is all intimidating..
Stepping out of my box going back to not stopping people but painting other things as well also..

I love baking small things:)
They last forever here now matter how small.I'll nibble to make sure all is edible..J ..well everything in moderation.The most disciplined person I know.

Friday, April 5, 2024

April brought a ton of snow..


Funny how in has lost its charm:)

We were so encouraged by the mild weather with literally no snow.. we jumped the gun..

My grandson and son-in-law came and changed our tires..It is a law here..Summer/Winter tires..

Jacques took out the summer furniture..(we can't do outdoor furniture like in California lol..)The BBQ..

And then the skies opened up..

I made a great quiche for lunch the tire changing day and these amazing cookies..I am not sure what her policy is on sharing her recipes since she published her book..

You can Google I am certain.

Mel Asseraf's best chocolate chip cookie..This girl had a pastry shop in Paris..was a winner on baking shows..I find it great to follow her on TikTok..Definitely not a waste of time.

If you have not watched The New look on Apple Tv..the series..I can recommend it.:)

Juliette Binoche,Ben Mendelsohn,Maisie Williams,John Malkovitich.


Although Coco Chanel is  a terrible woman in this series.

Paris figures at the top of course..Switzerland and a spot  south near Normandy..

Anyway we enjoyed it. The portrayal of Coco Chanel is unflattering but well acted.

The Guardian gives it 2 stars..Thank goodness I could not care less.

The audience gives it 4.5 stars

The Independent 4 stars.

Should you be going to Paris..

I highly recommend Véronique's Cooking classes.

Un rêve.

If I may recommend something else..

The Little Liar..the book on my sidebar..

Now that should be a movie.

I rarely give 5 stars.

I did:)

In fact I gave Spare 2 stars.

You cannot change mother nature but you can make it more cozy:)

Numi Blooming tea..always a treat:) Indoor gardening:)

Ok last recommendation..I mean we have snow here lol so series are still de night :)

Only watched one ,yet..I think Mikey likes it:)Andrew Scott (Fleabag amongst others) is so good.

There you have my little life in QC when it's still winter in a way on our heels.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Easters heavy...

 We are not doing a big Easter celebration this year as we just did a big celebration for my husband's birthday..

I miss making the cute things.:)

I have years of cute accumulation.. lamb molds, Easter cookie cutters, cupcake toppers ,banners.. the latter all Peter Rabbit.I love Peter Rabbit.

These littles tower over me.. All of them..They are young adults ,I am grateful that I still feel so close to these gentle giants.

Below..Lucas now 18:) Is twice as tall;)That jade plant is now a literal tree  in the sunroom..same growth spurt as Lucas and the rest..

Susan Branch's lamb cake

Favorite cookies:)

 Le menu..

Now tell me Easter isn't cute? All religious beliefs apart..Easter is the cutest.

I always grew grass:)

I loved painting cookies..

Or adorning cookies with home made chocolate bunnies..

Or edible wafer paper.

My fave cupcake toppers. 

We used to call Oli..Poodle:) 

Little things:)

So ..Happy Easter..All of you..It is but a few days away..

I miss all this..I wonder if they will remember:)
So many of my Easter photos are lost in space..
That glitch remember?
I have them on CDs ..etc..but to go through them all would lead me down a REAL rabbit hole.
So I gathered a few still visible on my past blog posts.