Thursday, November 26, 2020

~November Snowpeople~Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends♥


A very fuzzy Ipad pic of a kitchen window..100 yrs ago I made these stars my daughter taught me to do for  our office looked so need 6 sheets of white paper..scissors..scoth tape and a staple and this video..

Mitten garland from a few years back..snowmen..and lights..some precious Sarah gifts and it's a fave sight.

I love making these snowpeople..I told you about them last year and this year they are multiplying.

Our tree is up..all outdoor lights done.
A little early but glad we did.
Fairy lights are soothing medicine at night.

And I still have visions of my mom staring at ours in the dark w/ the light of her cigarette being the only other light.
Please picture the classiest woman you ever did see..she would be over 100..yrs was chic.

I started watching  The Crown Season 4..I may backtrack..
J is not into it at all..
He knows everything..
All their names since season 1..but has never wanted to watch it.

Canadians seem to want less and less of the monarchy.QC in particular.

Watching the first 3 episodes made me cringe for Diana.
I truly had no idea Charles was that sad at the prospect of marrying her.
And if the Royal Family was that mean to Diana..well..
Margaret..what a pill.Have you noticed the similarity to Reese Witherspoon? Certain angles..

That poor girl...Diana..
She plays the role very very well.
They all do..
G.Anderson although her voice is a tad too tremulous( I should talk..)  does a great job.She's such a cold actress..Perfect role.
And The Royals were mean to her also.
That's bullying..sorry but it's a form of..  ridicule is never right.
I wonder how the boys feel if they are watching.

Not impressed am I.

But I am enjoying it.And yes I realize it's a show..and a lot of it may be fabricated..

Above is one of my fave special soups .I have been making it since 2005.
You can find the recipe here.
And you can play w/ it.I chose not to add the coconut milk and peanut butter... today.I used 2 % milk and maple syrup instead of brown sugar.
Delicious as always.

The words..the felts..the glass..etc..when you are are old:)

There's no theme..just life.And I think of each one and it's origin when it goes up..

And while decorating it..not only do I think of the ornaments and their provenance..but I think of people I know that have much more than Covid going on.

We are also watching The Undoing.
It has good reviews..I almost can't stand it.
First of all..Nicole Kidman...her face? What's up with it?

I can't bear to look and neither can Jacques.
Why can't women age gracefully and not look like their face is tied at the back w/ many clips?
Just passing the days here...No more far less exercise..not a good thing at all.

I hope you are yours are well..  vaccines are around the corner..
Stay safe.Many of you will have before us..It was a surprise to me to learn that we are in line.

We had quite a bit of snow yesterday..enough for the plow to come and for Jacques to have work to do..

I LOVE where I live.

Below aerial views that were on social media..not my photos.A drone took them..imagine that.Did I mention I love it here?

He never complains's exercise for him.
He is a fitness virtuoso.

From London to Paris:)

Stay Safe.



Friday, November 13, 2020

~Not sure re Christmas..:(



It's not looking good news anywhere re Covid saving grace is that in the midst of all this and mental health issues family seems saved from issues..The teens are ok..the younger ones too..the adults are so busy..which is good..

I am so grateful for this because I know not everyone is so fortunate.

I enjoy being busy but not busy in my working days kind busy..I mean having hands that can still garden and craft and bake and cook..

I love learning.

Painting calms me..

During this year I painted a few cards that turned into Christmas cards.

I picked 2 of the above..scanned and had cards printed front and backside.

My images were too large and printed off the page..But They will do..

I find if ever there was a yr for sending cards this is it.

That tortellini soup is just out of my head..but it started with that tomato starter I made from Just Crumbs..It was so easy to get flavor going!Glad I have several bags in the freezer!

La Soupe au soo good! a type of Pumpkin..I picked this Potimarron at a veggie stand because of it's outstanding color..the woman said you must make Potimarron I did.

In case any of you have pumpkin left..I suggest you try..

You will need..

2 chopped onions

2 chopped leeks make sure they are cleaned:)

 4 small  peeled potatoes cubed

600 grams of cubed potimarron..

4 cloves of garlic..



maple syrup

salt and pepper

In a pot heat some oil and butter..1 tbsp each..add onion ,leeks..garlic..sauté..add potimarron cubes.. stir..

Cover w/ enough stock  so that all veggies will simmer and cook to fork tenderness..I covered my pot and kept a watchful eye.

When done..  use your hand blender and blend until beautifully smooth..add milk and table your liking..I add more 2 percent milk and then add cream to make it beautiful:)I add a generous splash of real maple make it over the top.

Check seasonings..always check seasonings..a bland bland.

Bland like the potimarron seeds I tried to home make..

Buying pumpkin seeds BB outing..

Thyme is a lovely addition.Sunflower seeds..etc..

You may be in more now that our most beautiful summer seems to have ended here in QC..

So ..Here are a few recommendations of shows I enjoyed..

The Queen's Gambit

Dirty John..  2 seasons. Betty was my fave.







The Morning Show

The Loudest Voice



The Stranger

The Sinner





Friday Night Lights

The Killing..but I cannot find that one anywhere..

me alone Emily in Paris;)

Some are recent some are old..

Just in case you need diversion..and if you have recommendations..yes please.

So do I bake? Or not bake?

I know almost 100% we can't do Christmas morn..all tightly knit around my table..

Will we do the eve if allowed in one of my daughter's larger spaces?

Will I bake my yearly special cake and bake cookies?

Maybe not I am creating a step back in time with this post and the next few.So many of my photos have been lost in space as we know..