Saturday, December 28, 2019

Some Christmas Ideas for Next Year~Updated Dec 30th~

There are some ideas I couldn't share before Christmas as they were gifts or to be eaten Chistmas Eve~
Here goes..
Things I loved making or baking~

The snowglobe cake was inspired by Aimee at Twigg Studios..if you are not familiar with have to go meet her♥

I made the centerpiece using cookie cutters and stencils..( a kit) from Fancy Flours.
It's called The Winter Village set.

 Last year..on IG stories..Suzie at Just Crumbs showed us how  she was making these seasoning baubles..had to try this year.
We don't have a I loved this idea

Last..but not least..after years of making Alicia Paulson's felt ornaments in sets of threes..I completed the last set.I did not make a set for myself this year..
I'm thrilled that the girls..even though our tastes are so these♥
I boxed them up in boxes I favored..:)♥

Not everything I attempted turned out..
Trust me;)
I know..we don't usually trust people who say that.
You would have to see my face.;)

 I had to throw out..

My snowflake cake.

Every nook and cranny stuck stuck stuck ..even with careful prep.
What a hot mess..  lol hot lingo;)
I am going to try again;)
My sugar cookies/ paint by hand..
as you know the icing never set..
So those were two projects I had looked forward to..that did not pan out.
Peanuts in the big picture.

That's a wrap for 2019..Christmas edition;)

Enjoy the rest of the year.♥

Have you all watched Call The Midwife Christmas Edition?
Oh how I love that show.♥

A newfound love for paper chains♥

I had to come back to add a very special footnote with pics..
I follow Val  she charmed me from the get go with her kindness..intelligence and candor.
You may remember a while ago..I made a little lantern Christmas living room..
well look at hers.

She made it for her mom and dad for Christmas..♥
I would rather you read her post on it and all the special touches she added.
When I first saw it..before Chrsristmas:) I showed Jacques and he said Oh her place is so cute:) LOL men.. he didn't put 2plus 2 together and realize it was a lantern house.
But I concur..her place IS so cute.
Look at that furniture♥And do read about all her special touches.
She's a doll.
Bravo Val!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

~Hark the herald angels sing~

On the 12th..I was opening a gift package..:)
Jacques and I don't exchange gifts..
So indulge me please:)

Touched to receive a watercolor of our she shed with little elves frolicking about:)
Mice decos..napkins ..tea angel to watch over us..and a baker's amazing spoon..all you cooks/bakers..need this:)
It keeps your bench clean..scrapes and measures..
The kicker every yr is seeing Susan's beautiful family on her yearly Christmas cards.
Merci Pea:)

Our Mouse fam is growing..and I love them all..

all the felt..all the time:)

Cozy..cuddly..unbreakable..and personality plus..

A little Texas mouse arrived too:)Merci Sarah:)

On the home front..

in other areas..
The tourtières are made..Jacques and I do these well together!
He LOVES these.

He learned by assisting Caroline and I for a few years:)
Those are my old hands.
They are older now and one more ring is on my hand:)

I tried painting cookies I always do..and my icing didn't let's revisit:)
I don't mind because my previous pics are lost in space right?

My magic bars turned out far better:) Quintessential Christmas Eagle Brand classic~

Our stockings are heavy..not ours lol they are empty..but the family's stockings are heavy and I always lay them on the they have a support..:)
The mannequin was found on Varage Sale for about $10.00 if I remember correctly..and I festived her up.

I have some Christmas things to share..little ideas but I am saving them until my daughters receive case they pop by my blog..saving 2 small surprises.
You may want to make one or two:)

I have such a sweet little story for you..

Our postmistress was off for a while and a replacement came..someone I knew  through her older sister..and her dear family..
We talked of many things while I was posting Christmas..etc..

When I dropped off my cards..I smiled and said..I know..there's a few:)  She had to calculate postage for everywhere etc..

I told her I still believed in cards..
she confided in me that she did too..and that at her regular post office..the one where she is the full time postmistress..every yr..she sent a card to all her clients.
Who else does that?

And guess what?
I received a card from her with very special words in it.
What a gift.
A little Christmas story♥

I wrote all of the above about 1 week ago or more preparing for a pre -Christmas post..this one..

But reading parts now just for some reason.

I know people who are suffering so much right makes Christmas SO HARD.

I saw this on IG this week..

"All I want for Christmas is to have my husband back"

I followed this girl on her blog for a few yrs then found her on IG..

Puts so much into perspective..

Jacques and I were talking early one morning..

About Christmas and how things and times have changed..

Never would my mom have thought of a Christmas stocking holder..or matching gift values and more and more and more.

Granted at the end there was just me..I actually only remember being me ..only apart from a photo or two.

And I know she saved and saved so that I would have that one special gift and a stocking.

A gift she would never spend that much on herself..just for me.

But we were never over the top..

Jacques and I find everything over the top now.
IG actually turned me off these past weeks with swipe up buy this buy that.

If I could I would rewind time.
Far less material.
Far far far less.
More kindness..more words..more letters more thoughtful attentions..
Less buy buy buy.

Tell someone you appreciate them.Tell them why.

Show some compassion.
Thank people for what they do for you.
Be respectful.
Surprise someone with an attention.
Show appreciation.
Try and make someone smile or laugh.
Speak from your heart if you can.
If you are a professional caregiver don't treat patients like a number.
be a CARE giver.
Put yourself in someone elses' shoes.
Know someone who has very little?Give there maybe.
If you're buying a gift because you have to..maybe you should reconsider:)
I know I stopped a few obligations in gift giving because they became a weight..not bought in joy.
Don't ask.."are we exchanging gifts this year"? If you are asking the question your answer is there.
Why must it be an exchange?
Give when the spirit hits you..skip a yr if no obligations:)
Stop the cards you don't feel like writing..write the cards that make you happy.I know that sounds selfish but giving is a bit selfish no?
We feel so good!

I just go on and on don't I?

Jacques' mentioned that before;)

All of the above written by me..who does shop too much for her family..who did make a stocking holder..who bakes and faffs.

I should practice what I preach right?

The cards we get with family photos get nestled in the tree♥

Have yourself a sweet Christmas.♥
Very grateful for you all.
Thinking of everyone I know who needs a hug right now.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

December 12th~

A Christmas past below..

and another:)

Such a lovely envelope in the mail with a beautiful card(I collect them;) )and a charming evergreen garland for the kitchen.
December starts off well when a sweet thought from across the pond arrives.
I loved that it was early.
♥Look how the details say ..I was thinking of you..stitch after stitch after stich.
Thank you again..Marie..

For years I hesitated to include a gift I had received..well.. why?..On IG lol gifts arrive every day to Influensters to market things.

Why can't I just feel comfortable enough to market kindness?

I sometimes felt maybe someone would feel left out..or whatever.
But nothing is an obligation.
Obligations..are not fun to send.
I have stopped all obligations..apart from family lol..which ..they are obligations..but good ones..not..Oy I have to do this or that..

I love to send where my thoughts lead me.
I received a card in the mail yesterday that meant somuch to me..the added words the dear person added..warmed my heart.

I started the baking..

Auntie Bernice's Shortbreads took on a whole new meaning when I discovered after 46 yrs..they can be stamped;)
I have a few stamps..(I can hear you laughing)..

I learned a new addictive craft..snowmen perched on cute things..embellished..I learned here:)
Sweet Rose and Wren~  WHAT A BLOG!!!
I'll be searching for tiny hats and scarves and adorb minis.

I truly love's special you must admit..
For many reasons.
Even if it was the occasion of my worst year ever.
I also tried a new sugar cookie recipe and they are good..
Stamp very well in fact it is  made for the beautiful Heirloom Nordic Ware stamps..
I made the personalized ones above..
Here is the recipe..

On IG I was asked what cookie cutters I use..  well for these batches..I used the above ones shown..plungers:)
So easy to work with.
Many from EBAY..Mitten for Michaels..Gingerbread Man large ..personalized.. w/ all the letters and snowflake and ornament..Williams-Sonoma~.
Years of collecting here and there.
I did dip many of the sugar cookies in chocolate once cooled..but Oli arrived soon after:)
He put his advent calendar chocolates on his cookie..LOL
Nectarine..grilled cheese..ships and choco milk..whipped cream ..because it's CHRISTMAS:) 
I am a nana and my girls let me;)

100 yrs ago..

I used to publish a type of memorial in The Mtl Gazette every Dec 12th..they had a Christmas fund and you could memory of~
Jeannette Guimond~♥

The Mtl Gazette is no longer published hard copy..
We don't get newspapers anymore except a local one.

I saw this on FB..
and it hit close to home..
46 years later..
I don't think it's bad to shed a tea or two at Christmas...
I am on my own today..this Dec 12th..a fresh cover of snow..a bit of sun..

I will be opening this box..number 25;)  I have been friends with Susan for 20 yrs now I think..almost..when we moved here..on Gardenbuddies we met:)

Making the 12th a day to remember but a day to also count every blessing that has come my way since then..

The delicately embroidered white ornament is new this year from Belgium..from my daughter and Noah..their trip this summer~

On a much different note..

This came via email to me from a special Parisian artist ..I bet you all know who:)

I love it~

These videos GET to me.
Of course I'm a bag of tears anyways.

I remember each of our Littles here at Christmas :)Their firsts..
Lucas was 4 months old..Max 6 months..Noah 5 months and Oli 3 months..
I don't have visions of sugarplums..I have visions of wee baby boys:)
And 2 little girls in matching pjs..:) An acorn red fireplace..Fisher Price Toys and stockings with Holly Hobbie bonnets in them..plastic milk bottles where the milk magically disappeared as you fed your baby doll..
My Friend Mandy and Jenny and Becky..Mary came first.
What a great company FISHER PRICE.
They once found a Mary doll for me in a factory ..and sent it to me♥

Below fotos from the web~

The annoying Tuneyville Choo Choo:)

Flutes and play pianos..
puzzles and books and games.

I live far away from city hoopla..
I just don't care..
when I drive home on a grey December day..and see this..

Stop..and reflect:)

Today..looks soo different! skies and sunshine..either in Fl or here..a blue sky makes all the difference in the world~

It means a lot..That's Oli's school crossing guard:)Yes our roads need a bit of work..I just focus on all the charm my town has to offer.
Have a great day:)
I'll be quiet.
And reflective..we all can use days like these right?

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Love having my head in the clouds

Above Photo courtesy of Caroline

..Oh My..A few years back..above.

Photo courtesy of Caroline~

Below..more of a few years back...the only ones I was able to find here now that my blog is ghosted~

Mowgli years ago..♥

The 3 amigos years ago.

Oli and Max yrs ago.

Max years ago.

That face yrs ago:)
Baby teeth.

Catch of the day!

Caught and released~

The mailboxes..all shapes and sizes:)Same with homes..a small area of cute and humble..a  million..estates~This mailbox has  Linda's name on it I am sure.
The beach..her flip flops..:)

A new necklace..a treasure chest that holds a shark's tooth~

My daughter's pretty young hands:)

I loved watching them play~Diamonds sparkling on the water..sailboats going by..footballs on the beach~

The sunsets on the Gulf are amazing.

My fave pic♥ Caroline took it:)

It's very difficult to pull off a great surprise..someone can usually let the cat slip out of the bag as they say..I have let the cat slip out of the bag many times:)

But a few times..I have been so surprised!
My girls had a surprise party..never expected a thing..and my our family gathering..they had set up a live music stage in their living room:)

Heartfelt lovely surprises..

Oh and this summer when all the boys wore those cute Tropical shirts:):)

But one surprise..I think is the show stopper.

We recently  had the opportunity  to  go to Florida..

Getting back to this surprise..we were on our own this year..
about 10 days in..on a chilly grey Fl Sunday ..close to dinnertime..Jacques and I were inside..out of the corner of my eye..
I saw three tall boys walk by the side window..3 tall Littles!
Unbeknownst to us..  their family had totally surprised us by driving down for the week.
I grabbed my face with both hands and repeatedly said "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD"~
This is all on
They filmed the homecoming;)
My voice is soo annoying.

They had a beautiful weather week..and we all had a beautiful week.
The climate reminds me of Provence..not the way of life..not one iota.  But those blue skies!And the warmth on your face..and the very windy days can remind me of Le Mistral on the beach.
Not inland.

And the people we know here are special.
No one has a fancy house or
We all live in the same accomodations..
Most have rental cars:)
So no fancy schmancy.
Our plates said:" California"~
No one's grass is greener..
No one has a prettier garden.
One common ground it seems is that many of us are creatures of habit.And we laugh at our habits.

They can tell the time when we leave the beach for lunch;)
They know how far our daily walks are.
They know we eat every meal at home.
They know I like to paint and take pictures.
They are so nice to our Littles..
I know about their children and grandchildren.

This is the place on earth I actually mingle with people I have come to know.
Apart from family at home.

The boys swam..fished..collected fish..played football..racketball..waterball..
They are loving..polite..chraming beautiful boys.
And funny..The whole family..:)

Unforgettable for us.Grateful they drive all that way..♥4 days of driving for 5 days of beach.

We only had 2 days of extremely SLIGHT red tide..
It surely is the sunshine state.
Saw dolphins..

But see that seagull pic?
That was a few yrs ago..we used to see flocks of them.
Not one be seen..and hardly any to see on their own.
Where have all the seagulls gone?
Erosion is also a big thing..

For years..I loved taking the family pics..I am delegating now:)
I can't match the quality of my daughter's phone:)
I did BUY a phone..:)
And it takes pics;)
But not like these;)Hers~
And..she's got an EYE~

Some pics..above..for my reinstated humble blog..getting back in le swing of things:)

My friend Brenda on the beach one day~
And a pic she took for me one night in town~

Trust me when I say..time flies~♥

I need to put this back in my it's going here..

Yrs ago..makes my heart happy.

Watching them on the beach..I could look back through my mind's eye..and see them as infants..toddlers.. Littles and now teens and tweens..

I know this is not possible for every family. many variables.
Some are on their own..with no family.

We all have yearnings I think..some are more vocal about them..
Wishes for loved ones long friends..
we all look over from time to time..and wish.

I hesitate to write about about things like this..but wouldn't be me.

Our 4 littles never..if ever.. leave my mind;)

I hope some of the pics will make you smile..
Don't mistake Oli's little face for anything but being funny.
the boys are so loving ♥
Never in one million years would I ever have guessed that boys could be so affectionate.
I need that LOL.
I enjoy feeling loved.

My friend Brenda had her wedding anni there..25 yrs..they married there..I left a shell and a  single hibiscus  bloom on their patio are humble Oli was their anni.
The next day he asked Brenda:" So,..yesterday was your wedding day?  Was it good for you?"
She liked that.:)

I spent many moments looking out onto the Gulf of Mexico watching the waves..the diamonds..reflecting on so many things..
Mostly.. wishing health and comfort for everyone..not feeling particularly grand at this moment.

We never ever know what someone is going through.
Masks are well worn by habituals.

Some get colds and the world knows..some suffer intolerable things in silence.
And that's ok..we're all so different.

See you soon for Christmas Chatter....