Monday, August 31, 2020

I'll see September~

I sometimes tell myself stop w/ the seed starting..and then my little tomatoes start producing and my daughters tell me they like sent me pics♥
They get small plants of mine and the rest is up to them.
So glad tiny seeds give soo many tomatoes..
So now I have ordered seed starting soil and jiffy pots to go w/ my new /old/varage sale heating mats I bought from an 80 yr old gardener leaving his home and gardens for an apartment.
This yr w/ Covid I could not get anything and was grateful for a bag of earth Fred had from last yr..
One of our fave things..

Is Gazpacho..

even J..

So many recipes ABOUND on the internet..
If you cannot find one you love I would be happy to share..

I made a delicious Savory Zucchini loaf..don't expect a sweet dessert..this goes on an apéro table   w/ wine I love it too:)
You can find the recipe at Just Crumbs may remember I just bought her new cookbook..
I made mine in my French pain de mie fave's just under 8x4 so breads rise a bit higher:)
It was a gift from a dear client ..from E Dehillerin.
She became much more than a client.

Such a special young woman.

Now for the...

Autumn Vegetable Melt~

May I say that this is just soo good.
I made it for lunch one day and I don't recommend making time consuming lunches every day lol.
I am happy w/ mashed avo and cherry tomatoes on toast:)
Or crackers and cheese.
Or an egg..
Or not much actually;)But I had this recipe cutout forever..since 2016.
I give it five stars for if we are in a bistro..
And..I made it on regular French bread Jacques had made the week of.
I lightly toasted it before adding the mixture and rubbed it w/ fresh garlic then proceeded to add all the goodness..
Also I added OUR roasted red peppers that I keep frozen.I added confit garlic oil to the oil portion..
I think the cheese is interchangeable as I used parm and mozz as that is what I had.
It's a fantastic bread.
My son-in-law brought me some Asian specialties including the Fleur de banane in the last pic..I added it to may salad dinner:)
Another Mandy's Salads dressing:)

I have done paintings..practicing on different papers..the jam was done well before..

There is no way I cannot thank Carol for her kind and generous tips and tricks..She is selfless and doesn't keep her knowledge to herself.
She shares .
This is the girl that her art was plastered all over the metro stations in Paris for Champagne.  And fine pastries...

So grateful I am sure you remember my wall in my craft room:)

This wall faces a window and there's another to the side so it's so hard to get a good pic..
As many of her letters are in a glossy poster frame..
Wall of inspo I call it..dates back:)
You can subscribe to her letters on Etsy.Little special add ons are always in the envelope.


So many disappointments with Covid.
I won't go into them..but so many.
We all have them.
And many of you may have tragedies..
I hope for a change soon.
In everything.

Onto pretty...

And finally I THINK I have a bud on my one and only Dahlia..she better hurry up.
She is disappointing..started 2 died as soon as I planted..the other I have been babying in full sun..staked..watered fertilized..and maybe now I see one tiny bud somewhere?:(

Zinnias are ok..

FYI it says thank you my pharmacy..because my pharmacy is so good.

Footnote..Many of us are backing up our blogs..

I thought the content meant words and photos..


According to the are not saved.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Mid Augustus~

Some fave tools of le home trade;)

I love pop ups:)

In and out of the garden these days..what else am I going to do? 
Paint and bake:)
Nothing much different than before..
However all this extremely limited contact with loved weird to say the least..and how many days till Christmas..different when you live in a northern can't have Christmas outside..

The first pic ..beginnings of my tiny treasures..

A great book..these girls..have several Salad restaurants in and around Mtl..the book is packed with delicious recipes..  smoothies..salads galore and their dressings..bowls..and some desserts..
I am on a salad kick now:)

Here is how I like to save my chives in the fridge,harvest..line up..tie and easy to use scissors to add chives to anything when prepped like this!

More Chris Petri Youtube videos.♥

A Nantucket basket w/ a vase in it to act as a vase itself:)  All because of..

And a delish recipe well worth making..Easy Chocolate Donut Holes ♥Rave reviews from Littles and their moms.

I don't know about you.. I wrote on Penny's blog..

 I am finding all this quite demoralizing....I watched a video yesterday ..Sharon Stone..she lost her nana,godmother  to covid and now her sister and brother in law are in covid units in hospital.
I can't believe people don't wear masks..I think that's what's bugging me..The total disrespect some people have:(
Sorry to rant.
Border is closed for another month..worried parents sending their children back to school:(My daughter TEACHING in a school..
It's all a lot.
Wear the mask.Stop being stubborn.
When I see videos of people refusing to wear masks entering stores etc..
I wonder who raised them to have no respect for their fellow man.

Take care.And for the love of God wear a mask.♥

Monday, August 10, 2020

And Happy Birthday to her:)~

August 10th 1975..
I was 21 having my first daughter..

I didn't even know what I was doing:)
Turned out alright:):):)I think..just loving them is key.;)

I sure knew how to decorate lol..I don't think there was an undecorated part of her ..maybe 5 yr old room..♥
I had lost my mom in Dec of '73..and when I saw this head of black hair like my mom's..♥

I hear crickets..I hear end of summer..very few clematis remain..
and they did poorly this year.

Zinnias are popping..but I wanted fields..
Dahlia..only one..and no buds yet.
We've had some rain so things look a little's been the driest summer ever..
My tomatoes are starting to turn..but I saw my son-in-laws garden Sat and let me tell you chickens make a HUGE difference.
He is already harvesting and the 4 plants I gave him are monumentally huger than all my 12 put together.

I am going to worry about Blogger later.
Maybe after Covid.
Please tell me by Christmas we will be in each others homes..

Lucas had a birthday too:)
And Giuliana and Adamo..

Summer is bday season..Oli will be the last Sept 8th.
I have missed every outing with them this summer.

Lunch and shopping..  so many things by the wayside for so many people..
And these are infinitely microscopic things compared to most.

Strawberries and blueberries have come and gone..
Now favorite..
Gosh..Peaches and Cream deliciousness.

It's the bee balm and yellows now..and hydrangeas..
Japanese Anemones and annuals ..
Russian Sage..
And Phlox..

I am still thoroughly enjoy Chris Petri's You tube watercolor tutorials..I got a nifty little water container w/ brush if I needed it but I like it..I'll share it next time just thought to tell you now.

I hear crickets..did I mention that?

Have a beautiful day and a wonderful year darling~♥

And to you..a good week.
Take care.

Friday, August 7, 2020

New Blogger~%^&*&^%$#

Remember that time we went to Paris and La Seine flooded so we could not walk along it? Champ de Mars was closed off for World Soccer? Garbage service was on strike?
We were frauded and robbed?
What a trip.Rained most of the time too and I don't care what anyone says ..even the romantics..which I can be..Paris is prettier in sunshine..

Which brings me to why are they changing Blogger?

Why do I have both subjects in the same post?New Blogger and Paris gone wrong?
Angst away.

I received an email yesterday ..about Blogger from the G suite team..  Action Required..
I follow directives..
I am Catholic and we were brought up that way..
I am Canadian and too polite..but that's changing.

So I did..I scared.
This is November all over again.
Migration..Conversion..I mean what' s up with these words?

Did it ..not even my blog name showed it was called Latabledenana /Recipes..What?

And once you Migrate ..your blog will disappear after 30 days.They say..
So now I am wondering if it's a worth it.
Years ago..when IG and Tik Tok and etc did not exist..

So many the years went on..less and less.
A very popular IGer wrote to me and said you get a lot of comments on your blog..

Not really..  but she said she hardly got any.

It's not for success etc..but you get to a point where if it's going to be this hard..and you've messed everything up again w/ no live help..and you feel like you are floating down the left bank going nowhere..
You have to reconsider.
And try getting help.. help fromBlogger was found yesterday.
I have been so grateful to Blogger but when last Nov happened and all my pics were gone and now this?

Not sure at all..
Let me know how your migration conversion goes.
We all know I am not an instruction booklet person.
I feel like I just assembled and Ikea house all wrong.Broken.

If it's not broken why fix it?

Not a happy Blogger.

FOOTNOTE we have until 2021.
So maybe I am ok for another yr.

Also the email I got was for Google Sites which I am not part of..see how mixed up all this is?