Sunday, February 21, 2021

~A month of birthdays~


Still at them:) Geeparee's Paris People on Instagram.

These days my favorite things to paint..coolest nana ever above.

Which leads to my new fave mug♥

Truly was a fun ..funnest surprise.I love this show..

My friends Susan  and Deb..they got me to the world of sourdough..and Barb too..on Instagram and TikTok.

An English Garden in the house~

The birthday girl last February when we could get in a car together and go out for a few hours..

I thought I might have her on my birthday..but she arrived on her own day ..4 days later.

The easiest happiest child you could imagine:)

My family..well they are my best friends.
I don't need anything else.

The joy they all bring to me is absolutely all I need..from the big ones to the little ones.

I do cherish a friend or two that I never see..especially w/ this pandemic.
And I have amazing longstanding virtual friends that are not virtual at all.
They're real you see♥
They want your well being and send face masks to protect you:)

And other dear things..I'll save for later:)♥

So the youngest above turned 44..oh lala..
And I turned 67..I only talk about it after lol..
I can't see myself saying..IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!
Years and years ago a fanfare maybe..kidding but definitely attention..
Now I prefer others having the attention.
Yet they give me attention these girls of mine..

flowers..meaningful offerings..funny things..or not..

My grandsons faces ..THRILL me.
When I see them..I think my face looks younger:)It's called filled with joy.
It's an overwhelming feeling just pops into my heart.

My girls..always make me laugh the mug above..;)

And my boys..well..

Some of you may recognize this shot:)And Oli's art:)

Never too old to sleep w/ a furry friend..Bolt♥

The three of us follow Remibader on Instagram..just do a search on IG and you will find her..
we love her,,for many reasons..
She's funny..her voice is angelic.
She is gorgeous..she takes clothing lines..and shows what real people often look in them.
She promotes being beautiful even if you are not twiggy with such a great sense of humor.
Anyway we love her..
How many things have we tried on thinking..I love this..only to see we actually don't on us:)
If you're on Instagram..well go see for yourself..might not be for you.
We favor her..

So all this to say Mylène had bought this as a card for didn't arrive on the day..but arrived a few days later,
They are called Cameos..her sister..above,,got one too..
I mean look how cute..
It arrives as an email..and you open it.. do watch it..

A Happy Birthday Wish..

So thoughtful and funny:)

It was a lovely day..s in this time of pandemic..
Grateful to everyone who sent kind thoughtful wishes.

Friday, February 12, 2021

~Mid Feb~

I am having a lovely zen time painting Geni's Paris People from Instagram....I just like to try and draw them (no tracing)..then painting them..LOVE my pen recommended by Roisin Cure..

Just enjoying all this during these miz times.

So much on my mind..

Americans have Shrove France it's called Le was last week..

I used my Christmas gadget from my daughter..and in no time  a stack of crepes were done..

just lemon..blueberries and icing sugar..except Jacques douses his w...maple syrup.

Still playing with breads..

My sourdough starters are started,prettiest bread..but not great yet..and honestly for all of you that SD seems intimidating..Trust many FAB no-kneads  for everyone to be happy and bake bread at home w/ just flour water salt and yeast.

A heavy pot too though ..

In 2011 Susan shared this recipe..  pecan shortbread hearts with many of can find her lovely have been friends for years and years and years.

The year I had to stop have no idea how much some friendships meant to me and continue to..

Never underestimate..the companionship of kind words.

Have I mentioned how much I love all my grandsons:)

They leave love letters in our snow when they ski out back♥

And did again just now.

And if you can stand more...:)  All people from Geni..Geeparee on IG.

Take care..I know a few of my US friends have been fortunate to have been vaccinated..
What a disappointment.
I LOVED him when he was elected..
How could such a delay have happened.
Bon weekend.

Monday, February 1, 2021



Some sweets for Feb..since ...if you can believe it our tree is still up.We put it up early.. taking it down late..It's so dark here it's a beacon of fairy lights at night..  coming down today but those are decorations from our tree..not all is felt;)
The calendar part..the months are all thanks to Kelly at Minding My Nest.

However..these are next year's..I always make them ahead of time.
I learned yrs just don't know what can happen..

These patterns are Larissa Holland's ..if I link to her Etsy store it links to my account..just search mmmcrafts on Etsy:)

Larissa just lost her dad:(She told her followers she will not be answering mail for a bit..but that her blog has great info..and it does.

I hope to make all 12 days of one point in my life.

Made some madeleines's all about the bumps!!In France.. a bump is "le must":)These are lemon ones..I love the simplicity of them.

I made minis and normal.

I also took another Roisin Cure class..there is a link on her IG account..

This Sat was proportions..I swear the two hours fly by...I LOVE HER CLASSES.

Some Galway is missing ..he looked like a mouse..not hers..mine.

Later in the afternoon..another instagrammer inspired me..

She has a feed ...geeparee22  Geni In Paris..and takes amazing photos in and around Paris..on her stories..she has Paris People..I LOVE that part.

She has given me permission to sketch and share..

And you know what?She said you don't even have to give me credit..

I mean..that's nice.

I would never not give credit..

Sat she posted these..had to try.

They were not together..the man was alone and the girl was on another pic w/ another girl..


It's been so cold here I cannot tell you..

I picked a rose ..from a stunning bouquet my daughter gave me..

it's still stunning one week later~

Covid ..covid... covid.What more can I say.

An actor was on TikTok..and I loved what he said..

To keep going..  be creative..pick up a paintbrush.. anything you can do with your hands that can distract your..mindset..

And love one another.Now is not the time for criticism.Be kind.

Take care~