Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Still winter..winter still♥

A bit of a mish mash post today..;

Lol what a food blogger my apple on the left is upside down;)

The light was just so pretty.

For some reason..I am looking at Easter..and it's 2 months away..and guess what? I am not hosting Easter..
Alain..our son-in-law turns 50 that weekend and a festivity is planned:)
That's ok..I love looking at my Peter Rabbit little things collected over years.....
How old am I again?


I have to say..I love this..and I painted it almost 20 yrs ago..
I just found it..look how dull the pic looks:)

I think it was from a book..my inspiration..

not sure..

below is just today..  inspiration from an Instagrammer..Ziadm Mitri..  no lines..I think I like the little houses better w/ lines..pen lines..

I love the inspiration I get there..

I made 2 recipes from Half Baked Harvest..

The cookies I told you about..I freshly made them right before Oli came today..her mom's oatmeal choco chips ones..

He looked at them on the baking sheet and said:"Mmm..I just know these are going to be good"

He was right..warm w/ the chocolate chips dripping..oozing..ohmy..♥

The other I made of hers..  was this..
Half Baked Harvest..Oven fried Korean Popcorn Chicken..
So good..I even found the paste at my Asian.store..well..my is putting it largely..

it's about 45 minutes away..
the only thing I would do differently next time is put less soya sauce..even sodium reduced..too much for me.
But delicious!
Will make again and again.

The pie above is just a regular apple pie..but I just wanted to tell you..Pillsbury already made 2 to a package pie crusts are pretty good!
I always make my own ..apart from when I make 15 tourtières w/ my daughter and then it is fresh store bought..but frozen....
for individual pies..I make my own..Pillsbury is a time efficient..fun way to have a fresh pie on hand;)

Have a great week..
we're still freezing here with mountains of snow and ice..

but..it will come to an end before I know it.

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes..

Thank you for all the camaraderie..

I don't know if you have any idea how much it all means to me:)


Soon..:) ER  than later:)♥

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Some Kind Of Wonderful~ Beautiful~

♥ Forgive this self-indulgent post~

But only once in your life do you become a senior citizen;)
That's me now.. 65.

At this point in my life I have outlived my mom by 10 yrs.. she was 55...when she left..my dad by 3.. he was 62.. 6 months after my mom..the night I got married..at 20.
A brother by almost 30.
And a sister I never knew..
Sounds maudlin..

It's not..I am grateful to see my Littles grow up.My mom never had this joy.
She would have adored her grandchildren..every single one of them.
Karina..John..Jennifer..Christopher and Mylène and Caroline..♥

There are seasons to a life..like those tulips:)

I am sure their mommy said:"It's nana's bday..  make some cards .."lol..
But it's the words♥Those are theirs.Those cards..my daughters cards and Jacques' cards..
Friends cards and....I acknowledge right here..  far fewer than when I was younger and could tie an elastic around them for safekeeping..
gone are the girlie lunches..

And girlie dinners.Jann Arden singing in the background..
I don't want to drive at night anymore..:)

And that's fine with me.

Anais Nin once said:"Each Friend Represents A World In Us.."

C'est vrai..

People come into your life for a reason or a season..and some forever.~A Lifetime..

The words the boys wrote:)♥

Really sweet.

Linda once told me little boys are so loving..she was right..

She knew ..she had 2;)
I never knew..and now I do.

That Carole King Wonderful Broadway in Canada show was fantastic..
It was in Montreal at Place Des Arts..
My girls brought me..it had been my Christmas present and it fell on the usual combined birthday for Caroline and I..

We rushed in through the underground parking as we were late..so I never snapped a pic..
.. looked online and this pic popped up..

I never thought I could sketch it..haphazardly.. I did.. and it's page 3 and 4 of this journal.

I keep saving journals because they look so pretty blank and I fear screwing them  up..

Well.. I can't take these pristine journals with me ..so..I went for it..who cares if they are not perfect..
Double page ..I had never done one..

Anyway GREAT show..makes me wish I could sing..at the very least dance;)

Great seats..Unobstructed views..oh and the sound..something so uplifting about a live show..
We all shed a tear.
LOL..That would be us.At an uplifting show..
2 of us are the biggest criers.

As you know when I see the boys I make sure I bake something fresh..these are so easy and quick and I am sure the recipe  could be halved..but I made the whole recipe..baked half.. and froze the rest of the balls..I'll let you know:)

They are from that adorable Half Baked Harvest girl  Tieghan....and they are her mom's recipe passed down to her..in her book..but you can find it here too:)
By the way..once your tulips start dropping petals..the deed's done..don't take them out and snip and wrap..the petals will fall..
To every thing there is a season..

On top of the above..

65 brought me ..a small pension..lol..to come..

A WONDERFUL heating blanket that I am using watching "Dirty John"..Oh how could anyone be so gullible..

Reading socks..
A new artist bag/pencils and handmade journal..

And a few words on a page♥ w/ a Fitbit.(Jacques)..we never exchange gifts really so this is big:)
He has had one for 2 years and loves it..

He felt I should see why I can get dizzy..and how many steps I do..do in a day..and will do once my gardens awaken.

Today?Mad Hatter Spring Fever Marie Kondo on a stepladder cleaning every high area w/ a shopvac and rag.

More steps than the FitBit can count..because it's up and down 3 steps..100 times.

The world is filled with some pretty neat..kind people..
I have been witness to that..many times.
 Can you believe that over 17 yrs ago..I "met" some great people I am still in touch with through Gardenbuddies..on a forum..I won't name all the names..but Terry and Susan  and Arlene and Debbie and Linda will recognize themselves..lol
and more..

but..wanted to show you this and how sweet?

I am not deleting it..evah.

Arlene was a Gardenbuddy..we yakked gardens for years..and one day we met!  Since then she has become an even more talented photographer than ever..and has taken up the ukelele.I applaud her.
Thank you for this A!

And a Happy Birthday Thursday to our baby..Caroline..42.

She's on the left..Mylène on the right who will be 44 this summer!
And that's about it;)

Friday, February 15, 2019

Tulips and cookies and winter and Peter Rabbit~

It's been quite a winter..as you can see by some of my pics above:)
But we love it believe it or not..

Jacques never complains about what he does outside and he makes everything look so nice in winter with paths..and walkways..all just perfect.
He even makes a winding walking path to the She~He Shed...

I wanted to tell you something about tulips because I love them..and they can last 2 weeks if I am lucky..

When we get them home they are upright..in water like the first shot for a few days..slowly..they start their dance..which I love even more..arabesques..and curtsies..a virtual little waltz..but around the 7th day..they can all droop right over the large fishbowl type vase I keep them in..
I found a trick..take them out of the water and and snip the ends at an angle again..like you did when you brought them home..wrap in newspaper snuggly ,straight...stems and all lying on your table or counter.. and leave out for a couple of hours..put them back in your vase that you have put fresh water in..and watch them dance again..and again..I have done it twice..they are still beautiful.

I also wanted to share a new rolling pin..cookie stamp recipe..that I made up as I went along.
Works for both.I used the Brigitte cookie cutter for the Justin Paul name..and my GoodyWoody rolling pin.

La Recette

1 1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup cocoa powder
Vanilla paste or sugar..again to taste..I used 1 tsp paste
1 egg
instant coffee powder..I use espresso..as much as you like I used 1/2 tsp
1/2 cup dk brown sugar
1 softened stick of butter

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy..add vanilla
Mix egg and coffee powder  add to egg and sugar mixture
Sift flour and cocoa powder..add to the above.

Bake in a pre-heated 350 F oven for ap 8-10 minutes.

You must flour your surface w/ cocoa powder for choc cookies..roll dough out and again cocoa powder  that.
Cut out your name plate cookies..
or roll ONCE with your engraved rolling pin....don't come back..just roll once I roll away w/ your engraved rolling pin.Cut desired shape.

Place on parchment paper on your baking sheet.
At this point I freeze mine..outside in our screened-in porch..in winter..in summer I freeze in the freezer..they freeze fast.
Bake and enjoy.
My impressions stayed clear and lovely.

Note..These are not for first timers..  at least I don't think so..

best to stay w/ a vanilla plainish sugar cookie to begin with:)
Chocolate is messy..and I don't want you getting discouraged:)

On a fun note..

For years I have coveted a child's Beatrix Potter Tea Set..because you know me and BP and Tea..
Never something I felt I could invest in..after all I'm 65 not 5..

Well lo and behold one of my favorite sellers on Varage Sale had one for sale  for $20.00 and I felt that was not the end of the world to be a little girl again..one tea cup is missing and the lid to the tea pot..but luckily I have one that fits well enough..I searched online for the replacement lid to no avail..

For my fellow BP/Peter Rabbit lovers and tea party lovers..as well as tea and tea cups..

Look how cute.

It even has the lace picnic blanket 

Even the suitcase ..♥Be still my young girl's heart:)

Have a lovely weekend~

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Valentine's~Week~What does it mean?

Nothing really..all commercialism and what about people w/ no loves in their lives?
I say..  let's shy away from it apart from the ones you have to tell how much you love them.
Or like them;)

Even if it's just you.

Can you tell he's our youngest?
When you know he's the last..you hang on;)For dear life;)

Sprinkled w/ icing sugar..even prettier..Thanks Pam!

Last year Jacques told me the boys were too old for Furry Friend Stuffed toys for Valentine's so I mailed them their cards this year..they are my Valentines♥

Caroline sent me a pic of Oli reading his..♥

Loved the pic..:)♥

And I had promised you the Pretty Pie..well there it is..

I follow @Mariesaba on Instagram and she made this:)she also has a website/blog..
And you can find the custard pie recipe there..well..right here
How could I resist making such a pretty pie.
And she has more..:)

And those chocolate hearts? Well if you need a short order delicious choco dessert..this is it..
I have followed Pam for years on her blog..and now on IG..

I got around to making these because I still had dark choco from TJ's..
why don't we have one here:)?

Super glad I had everything on hand..my heart baking tin is so old I cannot even remember when I got it.
Yet my memory is good;)
Knock on wood grateful.

So I am getting older.. make no mistake about that..

..this ..is pretty much a beautiful thing to me this week..when we are young..things are so different..

Have a look..here..if you want to have puddles in your eyes~

When we are older..well..wait..you will see:)

I have been painting..more..;)

for these..homes in Montréal..gleaned from 2 IG accounts w/ their permissions..I got looser;) And I love being loose..ya right..;)

PassionMontreal..Myriam Bouroche..go see her fabulous account  here..
And I love this Montreal account too..
They are INSPIRING..
I'll come back w/ more inspiration;)
I found more of course!

But for other things same small detail oriented older girl;)

Above a page in one of my  journals gleaned from..what I learned reading Samantha Dion Baker's Book..Paint your Day~

Have a good week:)
Take Care..
And go see IG if you can.You can learn so much.
And no ads on the posts..just in between..Well yes some posts are all about buy this buy that but most ..not..

Honestly..I can't even PIN on blogs I love because there are so many ads..everything takes forever to load.
I apologize to all of you if you are not hearing from me..
I just can't.
It just doesn't load to Pin..