Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Mostly Baking;) Gardening too but it doesn't show~

Oh my gosh Call the Midwife this past Sunday..I wanted to become a midwife ..a nun..adopt Mae..
None of which is remotely possible.
None none.
Goodie One Shoe..could have never been a nun..I have had way too many detours..let's say..a Midwife?No but if I had to go back and had the talent to become a doctor and the drive..count me in.
Adopting? I'm 65..way to late.
I shed tears galore.

The daughter..the dance..
Reggie and Jane..
Jacques says this show was made for me..I have news for you all..y'all;)  It is made for him too;)
I made delicious rhubarb strawberry shortbread crumble tarts..
you can find the at Sue's wonderful professional blog.
I used cornstarch.
I made half the recipe and it made 2 4 inch tarts.♥

Also we had the boys Friday so I made duffins  aka Dirt Bombs....the original recipe is from Sol at Memories In The Baking..
I found the recipe a few's in a book I have somewhere too:)But where?
 I cannot find a direct link to hers..nevertheless..this is a direct link in a way..It's from Lori..we were all in this together at one point.Both lovely girls..I made minis  you can half the recipe.

I made a knock off..because I couldn't find Sol's ..Link to Lori,that's the right recipe.

The winner of this week's Tuesdays with Oli..

Big Fat Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies..mine spread out a bit more..but I assure you..Oli said :"Make thses again next week Nana:)From Sally's Baking Addiction~

As for GOT..I watched because Jacques wanted to all those seasons ago..maybe a season or twon..or a handful of episodes were interesting to me..

The last season was probably the worst for me and others have been as bad.
Not into fantasy and dragons and gratuitous violence on that extreme level.
I give it a total thumbs down.

Started soaking and seeding..

4'O'clocks that are dear to me♥Please pleasee please grow:)

Today..the 22nd of May..I planted yellow nasturtium seeds..gaura seeds..some tomato plants..some geraniums..and some pansies..some trailing things in my head planter..I need my ferns  and a yellow wave..for the she shed flower box.
The new mailbox and bunting are up..waiting for the almond and apple trees to bloom.
The Serviceberry is full on since this aft..but the skies had clouded over..we're in for rain rain rain..rain..almost all week:(

Hmmm..see anything wrong with this picture?Below?

AS if our season was moving along swimmingly.
These will be cut and unappealing in front of a hanging pink geranium basket:(

I want to footnote this post with a thank you to Deb  at Mountain Breaths..
She wrote and mentioned to me that when you clicked on my blog..  a non secure warning appeared in the toolbar above..I had seen this for a long time..but I don't do ads..don't pop I thought..what a joke.;)

Anyway with her mentioning it..I researched and in a matter of minutes it was all good in the world of my little blog again.
It's an easy fix if you need it..

So thanks Deb..for having taken the time to point it out and in such a discreet manner:)

And that's about it in my little country world:)

Look what's happening Sept 20th:)

Downton Abbey Movie♥

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Tuesdays with Oli♥

No mood uplifter like a boy after school happy for a grilled cheese,chocolate milk,clementines ,chips and cookies:)
We try and do math(J) and French dictées(Moi)..I am telling you the stuff you learn in school can be tedious..and do I remember what les déterminants indéfinis..définis..possessifs and démonstratifs are? I know them all but to assign a name to them is quite by heart heavy.I also know which is which..but in the mind of a 9 year old football player..this is tedious.
This Little makes me laugh so least once lately he sneaks up on me and scares the living daylights out of me..yes..I find that funny..:) Lucas did that too..and Lucas used to come after school but now he could teach me things .
Max came for a bit but he was just so fast at learning everything..that he didn't need us.
And darling Noah doesn't live across the street.

I have to give the French in France..their beautiful language.
My family is not a slang French family and it irks me when the French from France mock the Québécois French because we're not all slangers LOL.
They do admire many Québécois artists..
And in Provence we were constantly told how they loved our accent.
Not so much in Paris.
I must say Paris people are different from Provence people.
Like any big city vs the countryside.

However..literature and spelling important and it shows in France.
So..this is what we try to do w/Oli..on Tuesdays.

The eraser says FOR BIG MISTAKES's huge.I buy the books that are supposed to help during the year..but it doesn't seem to be their curriculum.
I love how he wrote Olivier et Nana last yr..we're still using that one for when I ask him things or give him his vocabulary words:)

Oh and see those orange and green things?
Oli has always had a distinct and never seen by me way of holding his pencil..this ad popped up on IG for these contraptions and I thought..Ideal.
Poor Little tried to make me happy and tried..after 2 tries I said you know what Oli..I love the way you hold your pencil..let's ditch these..I kept them..I may find a use ..;) Lol ..not..

The cookies this week were Marie's original PB cookies..every Tuesday I make new and he leaves w/ the rest for his family.

Here is her recipe..they are the ones of my youth.. that the neighbour made:)

I went cross border shopping with those two fun girls above..and bought the Reeses pieces bag w/ everything you see in them:)
I bought skinny cheddar popcorn..Jif crunchy PB..not that our Kraft isn't excellent but I love US and Euro food too.

We went toTarget and TJ's and Home Goods and Walmart and Panera and The Plattsburgh Brewing Co..
Slept over .
Lovely tradition..
Oh and Michael's  .I had a US gift certificate..and Hobby Lobby.
Love that ceramic palette:)
New brushes and a smaller Mixed Media  pad.2.

After lessons he likes to start a movie or a show w/ us..
the crocs are loving Mario Batali days after I met him:) some crocs over your socks..they often don't last the whole time;):):)
When we say it's time to leave he ends up on the floor:)
he's 9.
Let him be a kid.

Finally buds and blooms..not tulips are coming up looking paltry..
my garlic is stellar except one patch.
I brought my tomato seedlings up into the garage to get them used to outside..

It's a really paltry Spring to be honest.

Another thing I love and please forgive the paltry pic..I am just full of paltry today:)
But I pasted it to my Carol wall of fame and it's been dark ever since apart from today for one bit!My wall is an INSPIRATION.
These are Carol Gillott's Letters From Paris~
You can go here to read about them:)Or to subscribe:)

They come w/ goodies and even the envelopes are adorb.
This one..has Notre Dame♥
I'll never forget.

Have a super week ..we've got projects galore.

And did I mention our grass is so paltry this year?
Well it is.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Mother's Day~
 all of you who are mothers..or have mothers..or are married to mothers:)Or arried to someone who has a mother..
Have a lovely one.

Mothers of Dragons?

I had fun painting this card w/ the eye trick
Jacques gave me..

Then..lo and behold I was able to make an even better galette than in the last 45 yrs w/ a layer of Bonne Maman jam over the crust:)
Easiest almost a pie pie you will ever make:)

Rita mentioned a book I might like which led me down the rabbit hole and I saw THIS.
I had to..Amazon Prime has virtual carts where things just jump into carts.
The next day I had the thickest ..cutest..idea packed gorgeous book. has recipe cards to paint..a little art journal..tracing paper..color paper and watercolor paper..a poster..a house you furnish and a doll you dress up. Canada..$20.00
Just the first 2 pages were delightful.
Easiest explanation to draw a teacup EVER.
See his review's great because you see INSIDE.
I really like his reviews.
Perfect gift for someone who wants to learn..
Art is not only about perfection ..This books shows that.
Also a great journaling tool.
It pulled at my artstrings:)

My tomato seedlings are well..too well..
It was so cold here the earth will take a century to warm up.

The seeds Susan sent me..they are even BIGGER.
When I water my plants..they smell like tomatoes.:)
I gave my first one away to my gardener hairdresser.
I had my streaks touched up..who am I kidding? Touched up?
I know she will look after it.
She's so busy with her college horticulturist full time classes and her own salon.
Only works nights and Sat. at her salon now.
I admire her.
45 and a new career.

Have a lovely weekend.

I inadvertently pressed publish yesterday and it's showing up so I am me..the always early for everything me.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Some Baking And Painting..because it rained and will snow:(EGADS.

Today should be ok to finish up a few outdoor things..
And yesterday we did have some sun..

(note re the gloves..because of our rotten weather..I only tried them once and I give them a green thumbs up for my roses)

Marie's refrigerator muffins are can find the recipe here:)
Thank you Marie!

Twigg Studios Anzac Cookies are simply addictive..printed..and in my forever book.

Diane Morrisey's Strawberry Balsamic vinaigrette  is fresh and delicious.She's on IG..worth following for sure.
Here you go:)

The only blooms here..  scillas..oh lala..what a Spring..had a good garden clean up day yesterday but it was cold.

Poor flood victims..I won't complain about garden clean up..c'est tragique pour eux.
Life goes on for the unaffected and I applaud the volunteers.
But we sip our coffees in our warm homes while others froze with flooded homes in the rain.
One of my daughters and  her son went to fill sandbags..which is unfortunately something we can't do.
The outpouring of volunteers was heartwarming to see..

Kids on bikes going around the neighbourhoods asking if people needed help.

Unfortunately this isn't a once in a lifetime thing anymore.
Flood season..and scilla season.

Sometimes I wonder where I would learn things without the internet..blogging..Pinterest and IG:)

All the recipes..books..stitchery..gardening..painting..
Not to mention photography.
Thank you everyone:)

(that's Oli's blanket for his 10th bday in Sept..I was concerned I would not finish it by Sept..but once you start..YOU CAN'T STOP:)..out of the blue and I am sure he won't remember and will hope that's not his real gift on his bday..he said..Oh can I have one?..Your wish is my command thought nana;))

I also wanted to share something with you..who also like to paint..
I had painted these girls..  omitting the eyes because I hate painting faces..
when I showed Jacques the cards he admired his own way:) So it's not's encouragement really..but he said:"There are no faces" ..LOL I said I hate adding eyes etc..I ruin them..
He suggested I make a copy and's amazing how confident you are when you can erase:)First try..:)

Just thought IN case you have the same engineer found a quick solution..never even thought about it..just said it:)
Just black and white draft quality..and They actually looked kind of ok in black and white..but that defeats the purpose of watercolor;)
I also like an hour or two of TV at night..

Last night's Game Of Thrones..was dark and way too violent.
Is it necessary?
Not in my mind.

Did I mention dark?Could not see a thing.
And he looks like my vision of what the devil has looked like all my life.

Maybe I am just not into fantasy and violence.
Give me Call The Midwife.

Have a good week!

PS I received a very sweet email from a  girl../blog I followed and she followed me.
I rarely get new posts from many of the blogs I used to follow.
This email ..well she mentioned WordPress was not that friendly to posting comments and that's why I have not heard from her and vice versa .
Hmmm..that's realy too bad.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Spring has finally sprung.


Can you believe I was raking and blowing and gathering last years wet hostas..with some snow?
Believe it..
My daughter popped by Monday said :"I can't believe you still have snow".
I can't either.

Just piles here and there from the roof..but still..

My fave new Easter baking accoutrement is that Nordic Ware Bunny Cakelets Pan.
Look how cute.

My first bouquet is paltry Pachysandra..but I do like my head vase.
Pachysandra is taking over a whole bed here.

Vinca too.

This is the debut of my garden journal for 2019.

I have a question for gardeners..
Today the time I felt so done with gardening..around 3..
I hopped in a bath for the screaming back..

What do my fellow gardeners put on late afternoon after a bath.
I put leggings and a sweater but..geesh in  3 hrs in pjs..
What do you wear in between?
Not about to get in a linen dress..
Or tight jeans and a cute top.
My day is done.
What do you put on at the end of the day?
A day of HEAVY garden cleanup 10 AM-3 PM.?
Pray tell:)

Easter ..the Saturday..the eve ..was at one of our daughter's for her husband's 50th.
It was lovely..

all the
Fitting for Fifty.

But when Noah came over Monday..his mom said that Noah missed Easter at Nana's with the hunt..
LOL Jacques said..we skipped a year we skip all years.

By then he had logged in ap 17,000 steps.
And we weren't sightseeing Provence on foot.

The only things growing here..
Forgive the pics.. lights above the plants in a now dark room.

And Coach Taylor;)

Truth be told..he just popped in to pick something up after 5 hrs of basketball and football and I said..just stand by the dining room window for one minute and look out:)
I could take pics of all 4 all day.

Have a great week.
Two of our Littles are taller than me now.

Many of you must remember Arlene from Gardenbuddies..
She's on IG and her flower pics are amazing..
The weekend's inspo.
Thanks A!

Have a good week~

Saturday, April 13, 2019

~The Bunny Trail~

Come down the bunny trail with me for April♥

All the pics tell a story..

About how I do love to bake for Easter..

This year..I am not hosting..we have a could a son-in-law of mine be 50?Egads.

Anyways..I loved making all of the above..
the latest...the madeleines..
I love making madeleines and I love eating them..yes.. a!
More than macarons..
Expect moist ..immediately..then they become drier..but perfectly drier if you get what I mean..

Not quite as beautiful as macarons..but look..dress them up and you're almost there:)

In Provence even the packaged ones are wonderful.

What you want when you bake is a bump:)

I am still using a very pliable soft silicone mold ..9 cavities..I bought 100 yrs ago at a Christmas Tree sits on it's own rack to stay put.
Naysayers say..nay to silicone..look for yourselves.
Beaux et Bons. Point final.

The lamb is a Susan Branch recipe mold is a vintage EBAY purchase another 100 yrs ago;)

Cupcakes w/ Peter Rabbit cases and toppers..Meri Meri .

Little bunnies sitting on cookies:)

Sugar cookies w/ edible Peter Rabbit wafer Ebay UK purchase.

A WS huge egg sugar cookie cutter:)
Some watercolors..
Part of my PR collection:)
I have a few more..:)

My favorite tea cozy comes out:) Repeat performance♥
I did not make it..Kathleen made me this one..2 McKenzie Childs look alikes and a floral one.She's amazing.

Lots of other Easter treats here in there through the years..

I can't believe I brought a few larger Easter decorations to Nova..

not because I do not love the cause..but because our Littles..are Bigs now :(

I was very happy that one of our daughter's..Mylène..took my 3 big plush bunnieson stands for her Kindergarten class..turns out..  there are 3 K classes so each class has a bunny.:)

I caved in..and bought..soon to be here.. a Nordic Ware Bunny Cakelet pan..I was assured it would be here before Easter so all 6 will get at least one bunny cake.
I'll post after!

I believe..that all one can want for your children and for them to be caring..happy people.Above all else..healthy.I would hate to see any of them suffer.

I think it's great to be proud..
and I have always been..
but once in a while..pride aside..

as A.Warhol said.."you get 15 minutes of fame".

I do remember mine..the one that came later in life ..
and it was just ok.

I really thought..:"Is that all there is my friend"?

My girls were teens..had no husband is not into accolades and pride..and that is a virtue..
well..I had it.. and it's nothing. To me.

I was more excited when I won a radio contest w/ an essay I wrote about why I had the best mom..for Mother's day.
She won an all inclusive weekend in a swank Montréal hotel..and took her sister:)
Pampered..She was never pampered.
I think it was CFOX radio station;)Not the current one..the one when I was a teen.

So..oh lala all this to say..I never had anyone be super excited about things that I surprisingly did well at one point..
All my Littles are loving..happy lovely ones..even our 2 special additions..

But Max..LOL Max..we looked all and had our thoughts..
Max was the least adroit growing up..
I thought he would be an artist..and loved him for that..
and the sports entered all their worlds..
and this happened..

Max is  Latendresse..

Here is a link to a Youtube video the Montreal Alouettes posted.

I love it.

Just this past week.
You have no idea ..the practices..  the leaving Florida to fly to Edmonton..for the Canadian eliminations..
Both his dad and he..

The hard work.
Just had to share because he is happy..about all this and will have wonderful mamories..more than my visit to Magic Tom Auburn on TV;)

Have a wonderful Easter.

I have had my fill of looking at past Easters on my humble blog since 2009.
Tears..just looking back..
So tiny..growing up so fast.
These children ♥♥