Saturday, September 29, 2012

Almond Raisin Crisps~

And yet another little recipe I loved from  the current issue of  Food and Drink..a magazine offered by the LCBO~

Their little leaf shaped almond raisin crisps~

Thin and crispy..very flavorful,perfect for this  fall season~
The current issue's recipes won't appear for a I am just going to post it  directly from my book~
It will be out online can gather many great recipes from their site~
These are precious.

I used my Silpat instead of parchment paper.

Here you go~

In case you can't make out the recipe..I did check again to see if the recipe was online..and no..not yet..but this video came up..
I thought you might's not me..she's far perkier:)
But toute la recette is there:)

And the a magazine..The Food and Drink:)

And yes that ice cream was the accompaniment:)

I didn't color my all..
But they are really good..really cute..and fall like~

Bon Weekend~

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rose Petal Scones~

A friend sent me  a name of a lovely cookbook that had me Googling it..I found that the author had made Rose Petal Salt:)  So I made some..I then found recipes for Rose Petal Sugar..and Rose Petal Scones..
My last hurrah roses needed to be picked..and so I did..
Instead of using a new recipe for scones..I have 5 or maybe more  that I love..I decided to use Linda' I had some heavy cream that needed to be used:)

I used many The Fairy Roses..One Red Parkland Rose..Winnipeg Parks or Cuthbert Grant..

Iceberg Rose.. and  a coral Carpet Rose~her pretty name escapes me at the moment~
  I walked around yesterday seeing what needed to be done..and all I could see until today..was picking the roses to preserve in different ways~I think I was just lazy yesterday:)

And so I did.. whole bed was cut down to rest be able to plant some tulips soon.A little mix of pinks and yellows for our  yellow house.

Did you see the movie..One True Thing? How touching at the end when Renée plants the bulbs for her mom ♥?
Cried my eyes out~

And   so...this morning I used some of the rose petals for the scones..
This was yesterday:)

The salt..I will use later to put on fish I think..some petals were used today..I iced a few scones w/ a mix of Icing sugar and rose water..topped with a dried rosebud..but they were eaten this morning~

You can find Linda's original recipe here..all I did was add petals:)
And on some the rose water glaze..
Miss you Linda..hope you post new recipes soon:)And thank you for all the ones I have gleaned so far~

Sunday, September 23, 2012

David Rocco's and Isa's Delicious Cake~

My kitchen is a busy place..both my husband and I love to be in the kitchen ..he has become such a good cook in the last few years.. my favorite home made pastrami..our roast chickens..all our home made fries..(baked)..some breads..some salad dressings..not to mention his wine..but that's done in another room:)~
It's a pleasure to be there....almost our favorite room in our home..simply because it is bright and busy:)
Last week..I spied at Les Gourmandises d'Isa..a cake that awakened my curiosity simply because I loved the look of the top..:)
Imagine..So I read  everything and saw that the original recipe was from David Rocco(I like him..) but made with apples..Isa..made hers w/ pears and I just had 2 very ripe pears..
This cake is delicious..Jacques scores it in the nines:)

My kitchen looks  a bit too busy there but I was preparing something else when I took this photo.My little peppers are still going strong..the windowsill basil..better than outside..and the Rosemary Christmas Tree I received at Christmas..(edible) still satisfies the rosemary recipes I have.
You can spot an Ann T knife rack in the background..left..they are beautiful:) friend's  French brocante canister set from France before she married while dating her husband..over 40 yrs old..I treasure favorite hand soap for the kitchen..Cucina..from Fruits Et Passion..I have been using it it for yrs and yrs..
My ME birthday calendar to the's so old I am embarrassed to say..but a gift from my childhood friend so many many years ago..The Milk bottles..from my favorite shop in town that closed yrs ago:(  Matryoshka measuring cups from my daughter.. and an EVOO bottle..
The Paris canisters..:) Not really from Paris..
Anyways..I am rambling..but this IS ..our spot..J'aime tellement être dans la cuisine.♥
So is the link to the cake at Isa's..she is a Canadian ..  from QC.. a cookbook author of 2 beautiful books that I know of..

and here is the link to David Rocco's recipe..from Kitchen Heals appropriate and thus my kitchen in the collage..~as it does act as a spiritual place for me..

As I said..I used pears..and baked for longer..
The aroma in the house was so were hungry for the cake before you saw it..:)

Very few ingredients..easy as anything..I hope you try it.
I think you could be very happy that you did.~

Friday, September 21, 2012

Banana~Raspberry Muffins~

A friend/neighbor..Nancy... moved away....not drastically far..but far enough that I don't drive there:(
My darling Son-In-Law..offered to bring me when he has business there though..that will be nice..

I am a country bumpkin..moved to the country when I career was in the I never really had a need to relearn driving into the city..If I had to go to a notary   downtown..etc..Providence provided :)
She is in the city...
Thankfully she made many friends here and visits....and once..I met her at a pastry shop she favors..that I can easily get to:)I've been to her adorable apartment twice..In the city..Le Plateau..It's just so charming!I already have a fave food store..Latina.The staff was so kind..and I found my vanilla bean paste there..and a great little pancetta..(Shh..Jacques has just started a batch of home made pancetta...)
  At the pastry shop..she ordered her strong coffee(lived in France for years..and Ireland)..I ordered my vanilla hazelnut..I am a coffee woos..although I did enjoy my espressos and cappuccinos in Italy:)
and she ordered a Banana ~ Raspberry muffin~
I had a was divine!
I Googled Banana ~Rasberry many!
I have a few fave banana bread recipes.. from rich to less chocolate marbled to a new chocolate one..  to  pretty rolled one:).... without even knowing about my daughter happened to call and mention one that was in the book I gave them..:Auntie Bernice's recipe~
I thought why search for Banana ~Raspberry muffins..when this recipe would adapt perfectly?It's my least ingredient easiest banana bread recipe~
And so it did..It adapted perfectly.Very fitting that that certain daughter gave me this  platter and dome yrs ago:)

Do you spy a camera in the left hand corner?
My friend Diane..I went to Italy and France with Di and her husband..
gave me that cute camera when she and her husband came for dinner Friday night~She said it called her name but screamed mine:)

 La Recette

1/2 cup creamed margarine(  this is a 1970's recipe..I use softened butter)
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
3 ripe mashed bananas(I used 2  mashed and 3/4-1 cup whole raspberries..lovely ones)
a pinch of salt...  they used to say DASH of salt:)
2 cups of flour
1/2 tsp baking soda..

Cream butter and sugar until light add pinch of salt..eggs one at a time and then the mashed bananas,
In batches add the flour that you have sifted with the baking soda.
Gently fold in the raspberries.
Bake at 350 F..for ap 30 mins..the cake takes ap 1 hr..but my muffins were done after 30 mins..and I baked on convection at 320.
I really like convection for baking..
On some I added a slice of banana like they had in the pastry shop:)

Oh and by the know I love cupcake /muffin wrappers..cups..
So MANY casings change color..


Reynolds..Why do you only make a few colors and designs? I am hooked on these now..
I still love the big brown and white casings....But for the normal large muffins? These have been the best..every one ..the butter or oil etc.. soaks through..not these! And they come off so easily..
This was not a paid advert:)
But you must admit..they are unscathed..
PS  I had another muffin..two days in a row.

Bon Weekend~

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Swing Bags..#5 I think~

I love making these when I have the time..

Those Amy Butler pattern bags I am fond of making~I bought my pattern a few years ago on Etsy~
After the beach pastel one..I thought a black and white one would be in order~
I wear a lot of black and white..This one I made to have a longer it can be worn cross a messenger bag~
I used buttons from my mom..and a few newer ones..the grey one at the top was on one of our coats..either hers ..or mine before I was 19..It almost looks like her special Spring grey coat..or my first communion coat..I add  a pocket to my bags since the beach previous ones don't have the pocket..
It's perfect for my Kindle..and makes waiting for anything a breeze when you can remove the Kindle and start reading:)

The graphics..and I think the French Embroidery Initials..are from The Graphics Fairy~Always grateful to her and her sharing of wonderful images..A treasure chest for me:)And many many others.
I encourage you to make personalized bags..They are fun to do..and the possibilities are endless~
For this one..I threw caution to the wind again and fed fabric into my sometimes coughs and I know it may leave me one day..but so far good.
I like it better when the fabric is soft..instead of iron-on transfers..but in some cases you have no choice..This is the freezer paper method I have shown here.
Fun fun little projects..

My particular pattern is The Swing Bag~
Have you ever noticed that liking crafts..always adds accumulation of "things"..I go to my friends homes apart from my friend the wonderful artists who had easels and paints and papers and brushes:)..that there is no accumulation of things to make things:)
It sometimes looks very relaxing to me..:) and then I make things to relax:)
I have warned my daughters that if ever they sadly have to take care of things here..they will be surprised by the bits and pieces here and there in my craft room..Treasures to me for sure..the ribbons and tags and pearls and rhinestones and glitter and floss and thread and canvas and wool and fabric and paints and pastels..glues and papers.. dremels and glue guns..fiberfill and felt..
I can just hear them:)

Not to baking love.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Simple Tuscan Bean Soup~

With fall around the corner..Tuscan Bean Soups have caught my eye..But I was busy harvesting hydrangeas..roses..russian sage replenish my dried flower arrangements inside..every yr..this time of yr..I throw way the old and bring in the new:)
What a mess..They are large arrangements that sit on armoires..or the baker's rack or the fireplace..
Faded glories..replaced by  a renewal of colors and shape~
Feels good after I pick up all the crumbling debris that fall all over the place dragging them out:)
This soup was as easy as 1-2-3~
I used my small red Staub pot..I don't like freezing leftover soups..they always have a certain je ne sais quoi mush about them:)

Sautéed some chopped onions..garlic..~then chopped carrots and celery~sweet potatoes and baby potatoes.. kale..added 3 cups of chicken broth and a rind or 2 of Parmigiano cheese..  some seasonings..simmered until fork tender then added 1 can of very well rinsed and drained cannellini beans..Simmered some more..

Before serving I toasted some home made French bread.. rubbed w/ a garlic clove..drizzled with EVOO..

Placed in the simmering soup bowl and topped with fresh parmigiano..
I know..I should have used dried beans..I had  a  can:)also I should have removed the Kale stems..:) I did in all the Kale I blanched and ice bathed to freeze afterwards..A nice shot of brilliant green for our freezer..for future last minute Tuscan Bean Soups..

Brings me back to a GREAT place in time~

See that Foto shop?  I thought I had lost my photos on my memory card..nope..they made me a CD and all was not lost..God Bless Technology!And that dear dear Italian man who said..they were there.. not lost..
Did I mention I loved Italy...?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apple Bread With Caramel Icing~

Either on Foodgawker or Tastepotting or Pinterest~
I spied..w/my eyes..a lovely Apple bread and decided the weather was perfect to make it~
It just looked like the beginning of fall to me..
It's very good and the caramel glaze on top does not hurt one bit~
It's apple picking time here so I thought I would share with you~
The recipe is originally from Betty Crocker but I found it here..Her photo did it for me..

The only thing I did differently was add cardamom.:)

La Recette,,courtesy of BC and PTS~

Plse go to the link above:)  Wish I could copy and paste like before..But as in all just cannot turn back the hands of time:)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eggplant ,pear and pecorino salad~ Our new very favorite salad~

We love pears..

And eggplants,and pecorino when I spotted this salad recipe..I knew I had to give it a try..I have made it thrice:) since~  It's not a salad you make at the last minute for 6 guests:)
If you like it at room could do it for 4 ahead of time..But I make it just before serving..for 2..
You grill the eggplants..cook and liquor up the pears..

Make a dressing..

Then assemble..with the dressing.. honey..walnuts and pecorino shavings..some chopped's beautiful!
I serve it on a large white platter and Jacques and I help ourselves..
It could be the whole meal for me:) ~

Instead of trying to copy and paste the recipe..which for some reason makes everything look..not pretty here.. I will simply add the delicious link..
This one..from Food and Wine..~
I realize that blogging about  Food and Drink's recipes..being a magazine available at Ontario,Canada liquor boards..limits the availability to most:(  That's why I share the recipes when I have tried them and can..
So...without further it is..:

La Recette~

My notes..I feared the eggplant would be too charred on the BBQ so I grill it indoors on a grill press..~

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do..I make a few salads that have pears in them..But hands down so far..this is our favorite~Definitely worth the pleasure of making and assembling it~
And I think you will want to make it again and again..It's a ten.
Bon Weekend~

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Onion Flowers~ They look like Lotus Flowers~

Perusing this season's Food and Drink~(I LOVE that magazine  am I repeating myself?)I saw some pretty onion flowers..
As Jacques said..the refined  version of a Bloomin' Onion..
I comparison..

I must tell you that the onion flower you see on the not my best take on it..We had them the night before I took this particular one..and they were perfection incarnate.
The light was not.
So I made a smaller one..just for me for lunch while J was golfing..
A tad too crisp on the outer edges,but un délice nevertheless.
They beautify any meal..on the plate..and look lovely as a   single side dish also.
And well..they are fool proof.

You do need small red onions..not mammoth ones..

La Recette

4 small red onions,peeled and at the bottom simply even out the root end w/out slicing off more than a minuscule amount:)
Just so they can lay flat while baking..if they topple they will NOT  bloom.
Make them stand up straight:)

Once they are at attention..slice in half..But not to the bottom..stay about 1/2 inch away from slicing through..
then slice in half again and again..  and again.Never all the way to the bottom.
They will look like a tight tulip head.

In a bowl combine 2 tbsps of Evoo and 2 tbsps of good balsamic vinegar.

Gently toss the coat.
Season with salt and pepper.

I then placed mine on a parchment paper ..added 1 tbsp of Evoo..and covered with foil.
I baked at 425 F..for 30 mins..
Bake them until the blooms have opened and they are slightly tender.
Remove foil~
Bake an additional 10 minutes more.
Serve each onion w/ a sprinkling of capers if desired~ 

I added  the remaining Balsamic~ Evoo ~today..and it makes them even better.
Great w/ roasted meats..we had them w/ Basmati Rice and Rainbow trout~

Little jewels..
Thank you Food and Drink..yet again~
Guilt-free bloomin' onions~
Pretty as a picture~

Just thought in case you are entertaining..this weekend and want to give them a try:) You can practice in the next 2 days..

Monday, September 10, 2012

Food and Drink's Onion and Brown Sugar Marmalade~

Saturday was Poochie,Pooch,Poodle,Ollie,Wollie,Oliver,Olivier's 3rd bithday~So many pet names for a sweet little boy~ We had dinner at his house and it was delicious..wonderful escargots,pasta with  Ina's meatballs,a decadent decadent cake ...and 4 Tim Horton's sprinkle donuts~:)
I brought an friend's recipe she found on Oprah..just so easy and's a baked feta w/ toppings that you spread on crackers or baguettes.

I opted to bring baguettes~ actually 1 white baguette and 2 smaller fougasses type baguettes.
I love these breads stuffed with Kalamata Olives..or Lardons..They went very well with the baked feta dish~

I used the recipe I have been using ever since making the doggie breads..I put everything in the bread machine..for the bread..and shape and stuff manually..let rise..and bake in the oven.
I love bread machines..Again only half the recipe was needed for these 3 loaves~
You can find the recipe here..~
It's so easy..and I must thing I love about this bread is that it does form a crust..but the crust softens..and I find this kind of bread much easier to eat,my husband also.We used to enjoy we find them huge and tough~It's a pleasure to bake bread.I love the Robin Hood Multi-Grain bread flour too..I vary..and make our bread ap. 3 times a week.
It was quite a grey,muggy day..and I decided to make Food and Drink's Onion Marmalade that same day.
We recently picked up the latest fabulous as always issue and I am working on a few things..I truly enjoy that magazine.The photos..the recipes..a 10. And it's free..hard to believe..only back issues are $5.00 each I just discovered.I save mine..I am missing many  ,but enjoy the ones I do have.~
The Onion Marmalade is very good.In sandwiches,w/ roasted meats,as a pizza topping,hamburger topping~

The only things I did differently..was use regular brown sugar and I used 1/2 balsamic vinegar..1/ 2 apple cider 1/4 1/4.
The jars are golden ..They bathed in boiling water after being filled for a full 30 minutes..I love hearing that vacuum seal pop when we opened our first jar.
Making things like this,fills my kitchen with business,gratitude for a bright  functional  kitchen and gratitude for being able to afford to buy things to cook with.
Most of all the ability to enjoy them also.

La Recette~

2 tsps olive oil
6 lbs of  white  onions
1 cup dark brown sugar
1 tsp salt
 1/2 cup cider vinegar(See my notes above)

Peel and slice onions..I used a food processor..6 lbs is a lot of onions:)
Put all the ingredients in a big pot(there are a lot of slices)
Heat the olive oil,stir in all the ingredients
Cover and cook over medium heat until all the  onions are tender and translucent
The recipe says ap 1 1/2 hrs..I used a big heavy Staub pot and the cooking time was reduced,
Stir every 15 minutes to assure even cooking of the onions.
Remove cover when done and increase heat to evaporate some of the liquid ap 3 minutes.
Put in your sterilized jars.Wipe rims,cover with sterilized lids.
Give them a rolling boil  high heat water bath for 30 minutes.

Then enjoy looking at them:)
The onion and brown sugar marmalade will last up to one year~

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Le Gâteau De Ghyslaine~

When I was a young mom-to-be..21 in 37 years ago...I took a pre-natal class..and in that class was a woman who was a bit older than I her 30's at that time I think..and she took me under her wing..So sweet.
She and her husband invited us to dinner at their beautiful home by the water at that time..and for dessert she served us a cake that I have always called ,  well... Gâteau Ghyslaine~.
It's a very very moist cake..
A  can of drained fruit cocktail is in it..after all these years it is still one of my husband's favorites~

You are supposed to make it in  a 9x13 pan..But I had just bought this lovely oval springform mold and wanted to give it a try~

It's delicious..not for the sweet or calorie conscious.Luckily my husband is neither of.
He is a pleasure to bake for.

I lost touch with them when we moved.. shortly thereafter..but I only have fond fond memories of them.
It's amazing..I have said this sharing gesture lingers forever.

I think this  is what we do with our blogging.. we are preserving the art of sharing recipes in a busy busy world~

So here you are..

2 eggs
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 cups flour
2 tsps of baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 19 ozs can of fruit cocktail ,well drained..
Mx the above and spread in your pan,,I prefer an 11x9..or this new springform:)
You have pre-heated your oven to 350 by now..
On top the cake batter sprinkle with:
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup coconut
Bake for ap 35 mins or until done.
Obviously I had to bake mine longer because the cake was narrower and added height.

Near the end of baking time..

Boil for 2 minutes..

1 cup  of sugar
1/4 Cup butter
1 small can of carnation milk
vanilla(I am hooked on vanilla bean paste now)

Pour all over cake while cake is still warm out of the oven
That's it..
A very vintage recipe that Jacques gives a 10 to..It reminds him of his mom's baking I think..
I find it fallish and sinful~

He posed for me..:)

I don't have any cute little chubby hands in the house at all times to hold my baking..nor my daughters beautiful hands..
He's a good sport~
Enjoy..and Bon Weekend~

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rustic Chocolate Tart~And a Few Of My Favorite Things~

I had clipped this recipe from Better Homes and Gardens in 2010..Last week was one of our daughter's 9 th wedding anniversary..she likes chocolate,shortbreads,brownies..
That about sums up this rustic tart.
Keeper recipe:)~

La Recette~

For best results:)

Go here~

And for a few of my favorite things~

Some sightings close to monochromatic mood~
I love this  area..

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Watermelon ~Feta Salad~

The first time I was introduced to this duo..I loved it..
I have made a few salads  with both..even incorporating I did here..and the watermelon was cut in rounds..I have loved making the watermelon balls also..but a lot of loss..

Served in parfait glasses though... oh so pretty!

But when I spied this way of presenting a  favorite ..I had to try ~The colors..displayed this way..spoke to me~
She had such  a cute presentation..looked like a quilt to me..When I made it my husband said:" Lucas would play a game with it"..I guess:)  Those two play chess together..:)

I used my ordinary dressing for the time will add avocado:) The green   is even prettier..a trio:)

I use..
Olive oil~
Lime juice~

I also love basil..but usually w/ this..I use mint~
It's so pretty served this way..and watermelon is so good for us!

Speaking of colors..Carol..inspires me..I took my traveling paints out..and did what she suggested.
I think they are my greatest works of art yet:)
I did my small W/N pocket set..My Koi..pocket set..and my Cotman W/N studio filed set..Now in my little journal..this one..I will have samples..true ones..of my colors~

So nice to be inspired.
If you go to my will read and see in depth:)~
I love it when I see a blogger I something that makes me get up and do it:)
This..I knew I could try:)

Well..I mean..these ..I knew I could try~
Sam is right:)