Friday, May 30, 2014

Le Vieux ~Québec~

It had been so long since I had been..

I was 10..the first time..with my mom..

Then a few years ago,outside of the main attractions Pont Rouge we went  to visit Marlene and Derek~  their ferme laitière.. their beautiful home..and a sweet garden..

So since I have been talking about going back....for YEARS..40... I would say..:)
We went..  Left on  Monday back on Thursday..yesterday..

It's only 3 1/2 hrs away..

I highly recommend it to anyone..anytime.
It is the shores of the St Lawrence..
Up and down cobble stone streets..mostly feels like up..:)

A photographer's paradise..

The people are friendly..all shopkeepers seem to be bilingual..
They all spoke English and French..
It is a very touristy town...and rightly so~

This cruise ship had docked..I think it came from Manhattan..Oceania..
The tour guide had a marker with Oceania on it..

All languages are heard.. throughout le Vieux ~Québec..
All smiles..universal.

Beaucoup d'histoire..

Many terrasses..many..take your many and all charming!

We had one nice day..  weather wise..  cold  torrential windy rainy day  ..
and another  beautiful nice day..
Although just that short distance from us..the gardening different..
Their gardens and leaves are a tad behind us..the leaves were annuals planted in the earth,and tulips just trees about to burst..I would say at least a 10 day difference..albeit that one apple blossom:)
And did I say WINDY?:)

The Promenade ..boardwalk.(la Promenade des Gouverneurs..).is magnificent in my biased opinion..  ap 1/2 mile long... of beautiful decking..wrought iron rail..and old fashioned gazebos line this famous boardwalk~ we walked it many times..the first time..we walked up the bezillion get to the very very top..I cannot even remember how many steps..

Wonderful wonderful walk..better than a treadmill any day. galleries..abound.. Quartier Du Petit Champlain below..

From our hotel..we could walk down..and back up..or take Le Funiculaire~
It's a lovely ride~

I recommend comfy shoes..a raincoat..just in case..sun glasses..sunscreen..   a hat..Some were buying winter tuques that cold windy rainy day..I had my daughters fun black cute  raincoat..w/ a hood..
I looked so cute with the hood!  (Not at all ...not one!)The coat yes..the rest not..
  .. and  a  point and shoot camera.
I was tempted with my  DSLR and last minute opted for the point and shoot..

Good idea!

Mind you..I saw high heels high boots high skirts..long skirts short shorts long pants..the whole gamut.:)

They have every popular store I am used to in Mtl....and boutique type shops..artisanal ones etc..

Restos  are varied.. as well as hotels..and a multitude of all!!

Le Chateau Frontenac is well loved and favored.

We opted for a neighbor ..a recommendation from a friend..
And I was happy with our choice..

Quiet little place..only 50 rooms.. facing the fleuve and a park.. and clip clop..calèches  go by..
I had a bay window with a writing desk to look out..

Old French windows..great views..Could set up and paint ..etc..
Our little meals varied..

I loved the French Onion a hidden little grotto style gem..

We munched at Paillard..and had coffees there..
One resto we looked at each other and actually took 2 bites and stopped..and we never complain..and didn't but I am certain that the plates were a give away.
We rarely eat out..
and we were reminded why..
A quiche by any other name is not a quiche:)

I had picked Le Lapin Sauté for our last night because I fell in love with the look..and the first time I saw it a guitarist was strumming such fabulous tunes right to the left of it..I bought one of his CDs on the spot..and vowed to eat there.:)

I had le lapin w/ honey and rosemary..
It was delicious..the night was cool ..we ate outside.. blankets are on the chairs..for you and heaters are mounted on the old stone walls..
Our serveuse..was as nice  as can be.. travels outside of the old city to Limoilou by vélo..and just graduated in Special Ed..doing a masters in Sept in Montreal..
She charmed us both..

Met a love couple:)

W/ 4 children on a business trip..

True Foodies:)

Collected stubs I did in Europe..
I love looking back on things like this..much later..

Every where you look..up the right to the left..
Sights and please..

I fell IN LOVE with some pillows from the line above..but they were the kind of cannot really buy for yourself..  a flap opens  with a poem inside..Be still my heart.
I have my thinking cap on..

Street signs..home signs..address signs..

Tout est beau!

From dawn till dusk~

Artisans..are easy to be here at the Glassblowing shop..
I loved his tools~

If you love stone buildings.. the water..cobblestone streets..



Then go..:)

A little getaway ..sure to please.

It is so charming..

And it's always nice to come home.

Bon Weekend..~

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Muguet..Mai..~ Chez nous..Still~

Un bouquet ou deux pour vous~

Ou trois ou quatre!

Still ..I am overwhelmed by the fun of having color and beauty right outside our door.
I am outside..all day.
In for lunch and often standing up..
then in to start dinner preps around 4..
And sometimes..even after dinner..

out and about  I go and.. yes ...and click click.

Remember that song Still by Lionel Ritchie?
Someone once told me when they heard that song they thought of me..

Well I feel that way about my garden..all winter..Never far from my thoughts..
And more loyal:)

It is high season Lily Of The Valley time here..
And I have been intoxicating over my bouquets..
Luckily..The Diva herself..Miss Giuliana  was spotted for a few minutes the day I picked this bouquet and I said:"Could you just hold this for a few minutes?"So obliging as always~
That darling girl is lucky she does not live next door.:)
I think we would be baking up a storm:)
And  I would be clicking away at her.
She is a natural.

I save a few you can see..

The Laura Ashley ribbon is from a beloved PJ  I bought at  a Ross in Florida:)
I loved the ribbon as much as the PJ:)

It just suited my bouquet so much..I tied it around this oh so fragrant beautiful bouquet♥
I made little fondant LOTV thanks to a post from Carol G.. but had no occasion for a day soon after an occasion I will post.

As far as annuals go..My fuschias are knocking my socks off right now..

And all the little herbs here and there:)

Along with edible blooms..

In the food dept..
I tried a fast ..easy and delicious little appy..
I used brick sheets as she did but Phyllo would be perfectamundo too!
I found it on a charming blog I follow..
You can find the recipe here. olive..chèvre and red pepper~

Go see hers..they are more transparent..I doubled my silly little sheets and they became opaque..still the taste was as they say :"nom nom"::)
Buy brick sheets..(I had some from Adonis..)  or use phyllo..

Make a mixture of black olives(Kalamata for me) diced red pepper..and chèvre ..I had feta..)..add Herbes De Provence and make your samosas with this filling..  brush with EVOO..Bake at 350 F for ap..20 mins  flipping half way..

Mine took a tad longer..
So good..I had filling leftover and ate it by the spoonful.
Merçi Rose Noisette!

Another something I made that was a huge hit..
Will post a pic soon..were  these..
I happened to read Marie's post this morning at 6 AM.. and I knew I would be having boys over today..
Will  I make these again?
The nutmeg is the clincher..
Apart from the all over taste.
They were gobbled up here.
Also I received my first 6 pack of Alain's eggs..
I am over the moon..
Will try and make something special soon..
Thinking cap on.
Have a lovely week..~

Thursday, May 22, 2014

What's Not to Love? ♥

It's flowering apple tree time~
Our little town is abloom with them..from whites to deepest pinks and in between soft pinks..That huge one is the one wesee out the back windows..the spread is unbelievable.. 
The wonderfully twisted one is ours through the side windows..
It lost many limbs one year..due to a 100 yr old pine of our neighbors falling..traversing their yard smashing our hedge ..maiming this old tree..with the tips of their pine tree through our screen!
It has returned through the last few years with a whole new persona..Thetree Dr knew what he was doing..
Anyways this year is a showstopping year for these 2 crabapples..
One year..there were almost no blooms:(
Only that one time..
The double heartackingly beautiful..they are in front of oli's school..I went and actually walked inside their form..the limbs and blooms surround you as if in an enchanted castle.

I decided to take advantage of seeing apple trees in bloom in make that fabulous ..fabulously easy apple cake again..
You can find the recipe here..
I made my slices a bit larger in this one..I prefer the look of thinner..but my apples were so small:)
This cake is gorgeous..delicious and easy..
Have no fear in making it♥
I have to keep up with nature and it's offerings at the moment.
I don't want to forget a single thing.