Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pause Paris #4~

I am fascinated by the formation of the peas..all the infinitely intricate transformations.
Nothing short of miracles.

I am absolument hooked on avo easy to make easy to pretty to see.
The from our gardens..earwig traps I call my heads of lettuce..chive blossoms home grown..edible pansies too..cherry tomatoes are still green here..and I don't see a chance in heaven at growing an avocado in QC yet.
A salad like this doesn't need much:)
Some S and P and a lovely home made vinaigrette..

The garlic looks like corn..
The peas are starting to much like sweetpeas..but edible peas.
The herbs are so happy..I was wondering where those shears were:)
The tomato plants I started from slices of a Mucci tomato we liked..are healthy plants..with blooms..fingers crossed..
The borage from seed is about to bloom..
One thing for certain..I will never plant seeds in the gardens w/out making seed tape..w/ toilet paper..what a difference..I will show you:)Well I am sure you can imagine..a nice straight continuous row..or sparse and mixed up all crooked really..

Above is one delicious delicious cake..I found it on Instagram..that led me to Smitten Kitchen..and we are both smitten w/ this rhubarb big crumble cake:)
If you have just had a cast removed or about to:)  Maybe this could be on your list:)Of to do's:)
Do what she the mixture in the bowl(th e topping) because it forms and then you can break off bigger pieces.
This recipe is PRINTED and in my keepers.
The only sub I made was use European Vanilla sugar instead of vanilla.
I find it makes such a difference..I did buy a few packs in Paris..but knew I could get them in Montreal..
certainly not for the next little while..I feel so bad for the store and it's employees..

Milano~A store Jacques and I enjoy every time we go to Little Italy.

Bon Weekend..a long one here and in the US..and Noah's 8th birthday:)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 4~Montmartre~

It is unfathomably warm and dry here..the skies are true blue..the grass ..true brown..the peonies have disappeared into the heat..the roses eaten by the chafers..
we cannot water..albeit by hand..pots and baskets..
it seems that it's feast or famine au Québec..
but what I would pick over grey..any day.
I do love the sound of the rain and all the benefits for the earth and the environment..but IF you had to pick...
and sunshine..finally showed it's pretty face on day 4..~Of Paris~
I think you may see a spring in our step at last~

Wall of Love

A wall of I Love you arrive at Des Abbesses station~♥

Beautiful little park..birds chirping..children  playing in a nearby schoolyard:)

I read a book.. re Rue Des Martyrs..the Only Street In Paris.. and I quite liked learning about the area..

Cute signs abound~

We took the funiculaire..and I recommend it..your metro pass covers this.~

Sacré-Coeur~  see that statue bottom left?

A mime~

The views from Sacré~ Coeur are phenomenal.

Day 4 saw us getting up to a bit of fog and sunshine..what a welcoming warmth the sun is..
We left early..direction Montmartre.
Our daughter stayed there on her honeymoon and she described it very accurately saying..I know you'll like Montmartre mom:)
She was right..
It's packed with charm..some very visible..and some discovered walking the pretty streets..
I am so glad we got there early..when we was packed with people and vendors had set up around Sacré-Coeur..I am glad I saw it devoid of that :)
It is easy to spend a day there..walking up and down..up and down..
looking up and down..right and left:)

Let's see ..what would I have loved there?  The sun? Seeing the artists at work? The pretty pretty homes?

I love this song and you may enjoy hearing it also~

The famous Maison Rose~

The pretty to me~

My place...below..

Audrey Tautou's place~

Remember..look everywhere..

Stop for lunch..moules et frites?
And meet a cute cute couple ..from Washington DC..on their honeymoon..
Married in Paris the day planner from Paris..  just for the 2 of them~

There she is again..

Notice the soccer balls?

Lunch in Paris? Pinic in Provence?
Elizabeth Bard's Scaramouche~

And then onto..home again:)
To be continued...

Reading Cara Black's book on my far Aimé using a turquoise scooter..but usually a pink one is used..
I think Aimée was where we were staying;)

School's out for summer~


I will mention this on my last post of Paris..but just in case some of you are itching to go to Montmartre soon..
You may want to look at a post Martine~Alison posted in 2015..I was not even thinking of Paris then..
now I wish I had seen more than her art:)

Martine ~Alison is an artist..and it just so happens that apart from her home..she owns an apartment in Montmartre that has just been renovated to a T..

These are views she posted from that apartment..

I can tell you that I really enjoyed Montmartre..

that I have seen photos of her apartment..and a link to her rental..and I think could contact her..should:) 
I think I would have..

I think you can still use Caryliss..which was great for us..

Comfort zone.