Wednesday, April 21, 2021

What's Poppin?


We had such nice weather ..that's when the poppin' started..
And then..the weather outside became frightful.

Which led to soup on Tuesday..This wonderful Chicken Pho Soup from can find the recipe here..I LOVE it ..We all make modifications and that's fine..No coriander? Fine use hate fish add in? Use soy..

I used the stock.gorgeous stock with charred onions etc...beautiful noodles..the poached chicken..crumch sprouts..sriracha..hoisin..and a touch of sesame oil.HEAVEN.

The buns..BUCHTY.. buns..I made a French can Google and find them here there and everywhere..
Pillow soft..brioche like.
Not bread..brioche.

Lovelies blooming indoors..  African Violets,Christmas Cacti,Kolanchoe...

On a sour in sourdough starter note..I've barely been keeping 4 alive..I fed them all ..  you discard.. save 4 ounces..add 4 ounces of flour and water..
Well I thought I'd thrill it and give it rye..
Except Jacques' Molisano Pizza a brown bag very similar to my Organic rye flour in a brown bag..
you got it..I fed all 4 starters w/ YEAST.

Had to throw all out and use the discard to revive..
so far I don't have good news.
I tell you..I am doomed for sourdough starters. DOOMED.

One of my Paris People stories was about Margaux this month on IG..

My story featured elegant older lady separated from her family due to the pandemic..
We all have to do what we can to end it.
Get families back together♥
Stop your stupid maskless protests.. grow up and step up.
You don't want to be in by 8PM? Poor you..
Kidding not poor are jeopardizing the lives of the very same people that put you to bed all cozy and clean in your jammies by 8PM.

And then this happened..

Fingers crossed my 100 plus garlic bulbs will survive.

Saturday, April 10, 2021



Dear oh dear I cannot stop painting these Paris People..I am still baking etc..but on a daily basis ..well painting has less calories and it's only the two of us..

They all have names and stories in my IG feed.. it's fun♥

My girls are starting to tease me and say..are you going to write a story about this pic?:):)

I do make my new old favorite bran muffins.. a lot..I seem to love a certain recipe for a while and then I switch..

Fickle muffin  baker.

These are from CaféSucreFarine...but I add prunes instead of raisins most of the time and love my daughter's light crumble topping.

I love making make ahead small lunches..quinoa/farro salad..cook both   for different times..add all the fave veggies you like..olive oil..lemon juice..garlic..salt and pepper..parsley..and FETA when serving.I make 6 ind bowls..Jacques is not a fan.


I also love making Naan..I have made Half Baked Harvest's repeatedly..this time I made Once Upon a Chef..Delish too..

Started seeds..

My usual tomatoes..

Bumblebee Sunrise

Dancing With Smurfs

Sweet William


Poblano peppers

Some Zinnias

Potted up some 4 o'clock tubers

Bells of Ireland

The only thing showing signs of life..the tomatoes..

NB..I added 2 tomato varieties from Fred and Jalapenos and Blue Chard..Fingers crossed  my craft room looks like a grow room.

I think this is the earliest in a long time that the yard has looked so clean so fast..Have to rethink garden areas..

Ours ummers are more parched and sunnier..our land is very I need to add drought tolerant sun loving species.

Oh and these were fantastic..from an Instagrammer I follow that is uber talented in all she does..

Take care.. have a lovely's felt like summer here the past 4 days..♥Thank goodness..a new lockdown in place.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Easter 2021 Still Covid~


When I look back on my blog and see all those danger exclamation still bothers me..

All hose lost

I should have never used Google album photos..

I know hindsight..Hindsigh.

So I gather here and there and find more recent ones..

Looking back at some Easters..

For this journal of mine..this blog of mine.

I wish you all a Happy safe and healthy Easter♥