Friday, November 23, 2018

The treats of Christmas past:)

My Christmas thinking cap is on..I think I know what I will make..a small festive cake for my daughter's home..some cookies etc..some newer things to me..I picture them turning out..the power of positive visualization;)

I make far less as far as bars and squares go because both my girls bake for Christmas also.

But Christmas baking is my very favorite baking..
So I'm not ready to stop.
I had fun looking at past blog posts..not to the very beginning..but some..
In case some can inspire goes my internet Rolodex of a few Christmases past.

His face here lol..

Oli..  that age where you don't care:) he is still a bit like that♥

You want to see how quickly time goes by?
Adamo..18  Giuliana 16  Lucas 13..Max 11..Noah 10..Oli 9.

Have I mentioned I love Christmas baking?:)♥

Blogs..are a great way of storing memories♥
Now to take off the thinking cap..and put on the baking apron;)
Have a good weekend and week ahead!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

~Apple Caramel Cake...and fall's gone y'all;)

As fall comes to a close know..fall y'all:)
Y' all over blogs and's not a term we use really in QC..makes me smile because it seems it's everywhere!

..I thought I'd post these pics here on my blog remember a beautiful fall day...  s..
Beautiful fall days which were few and far between..

It's not been the prettiest fall ..lack of sun to make our trees shine and unseasonably cold.
But some days ARE diamonds and some days dust right:)

Turn your day into diamonds w/ a cake recipe I gleaned on IG..

Y'all can find it here:)
It's just that good.

One of my all time fave tender to me..Oli wasn't even 2.. I think..
He's 9 now.
Still our baby doll.

Time flies by so quickly...we've been very lucky to have 4 boys who helped us go back in time..if even  for a bit♥
By the way I still love that's almost ankle length and pure wool..from was Nancy's and she bought it in the SW of France when she lived there..she gave it to me and it is one of my favorite things.Brass buttons..warm..some small gold threads It's fall to me.I look like the trees.

And then it snowed..No kidding.And snowed again..and this weekend we are expecting quite an accumulation..

PS The cake is an absolutely delicious cake.I find it is at it's peak same day..once cooled..The topping stays amazing but the cake loses a bit of it's moistness..Still good !
Perfect same day of.

The boys all had great season finales at football.
Parents..coaches and kids put their hearts into it♥

Have a great day y'all;)For some reason it does not roll off my tongue..;)