Thursday, July 31, 2014


Frédérick~ "Fred"~ One of our dear son-in-laws~
His bunnies..his chicks..his eggplant..s..
His serving tray he made for me♥
Lucky us to have 2 terrific son-in-laws.I know..  un petit jackpot.
Alain helped Jacques build our deck..fell trees..may help us with a chicken coop..if we go ahead with the idea of having a Bécassine and a Mathilde in the back yard..We will see soon..In the meantime..we are devouring his eggs from his chickens.
Fred..moves things for  wonderful company ..he lives across the street kitty corner..brings us food he makes..and grows..cooks like a dream..and now makes wood products.
The board is beautiful..THICK,,has handles..a live edge.
Old looking..I LOVE it.
It was the perfect platter for 2 ideas I gleaned..
One from can see how she did her basil and oil etc to construct her's not a real cheese in it no pine nuts..just the great flavor of basil and garlic and oil..
So the base of my mini pizzas ,,is Pam's idea..:)
I love making my own dough..but when Hélène gave me the idea of Naan.. and I had some..I thought why not?
Gave both ideas a try together..and the y were delicious.
I could have baked my naans a touch longer,and I wish they would have been fresh..Mine were frozen..We can never eat a whole bag fast enough!
Lovely little lunch~
Thanks to all the contributors♥
 And that  little face   up there..cute or what?♥
I was going to talk about Lilies time..I repeat myself so much.

Have a lovely weekend~

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunny, brilliant, Habanero Gold~

Years and years and years ago, on Gardenweb..a lovely lady named Annie shared her Habanero Gold Pepper Jelly recipe .
I started making it then..and am still making it now.In fact I shared it here in July 2009..
Faves never go out of style..
It's actually in Bernardin's Home Canning Book too so I will send you there..this time to switch it up a bit~

Here I mean:)

It is one of the easiest pepper jellies you will make..It is what I used for Sam's Pork with the Blueberry Peach Salsa.
Just remember you need to soak your apricots for at least 4 hours in the vinegar prior to making your batch..
So put them in at least 4 hours before you want to make your jelly.
One thing I love about this one is the color..the confetti look..and the piquant.
I also love that I can water bath them in a big need for my big canning casserole that weighs a ton when full of water!:)
I ended up with 5 125 mls jars and a small Weck.
Many recipes call for hot pepper jelly..
so this is ideal..
I used a little less than 1 Jalapeno..I know it's Habanero..but they only had Jalapenos:)
Great on savory thumbprints..the salsa..a variety of recipes..baked brie♥
Or on these little gems..  Parmesan,Polenta,and sage Madeleins~ found here  Butter and Brioche~it is adapted from a Donna hay recipe~
I tried adding a few tiny pansies..stick to the sage..
What a pretty blog!
Don't forget about this one either..the red pepper jelly I make every year and so does one of my daughters..
The latter is my family's favorite..but I love this spicier one also.
This is the time of year the wildflowers start to explode in our borrowed landscape as Derek would say~
I love walking out there when the sun is setting in that creates a lovely little light..the grasses are high amidst the BeeBalm, Black Eyed Susans..etc etc..
My trusty camera around my neck the bees and butterflies ..just..stay.

PS my graphics are courtesy of The Graphics Fairy~.Always grateful:)

Have a good week♥

Friday, July 25, 2014

Darling Dahlias~ And some cookies~

I grew Dahlias for years..  and got discouraged with the slugs and earwigs eating them all.
I used to bring in my the fall and start over..
Again..always to disappointment.
This year..I bought a bag at Costco..started them in flats..and then transplanted into a very sunny garden in the front..I am pleased to say that  although there is still some earwig damage and I have spied them..but because these are in full sun most of the day..the damage seems less..and I am back to being hooked on these dinner plate darlings.I could be mistaken though..
Just a little glutton for dahlias.
They are stunners and make excellent cut flowers.
Love them..there I said it again:)

Gardening for spiritual and therapeutic.
Yes I get sore..and some chores I loathe.
But watching things grow..taking care of them..and taking photos of the addictive.
Medicine for the soul and body that you cannot buy.
If you even have just a small spot..again I encourage to try taking care of plants♥

I made cookies again with the mooncake plunger type..(Starbucks..etc..) but celebrated the season by using the disks that reminded me of dahlias..
The recipe keeps the patterns sharp and clear..
and the cookie is delicious.
I have shared the recipe before with a link to the Italian blog..
But I am going to tell you what I do.
I halve the recipe..
I use ..

80 grams of totally summer softened salted butter
I beat in 60 grams of light brown sugar
I start with ap 100-110 grams of all purp unbleached flour..beat it in..
I add 50 grams of almond flour
and the zest of one small lemon for one half batch.
If I find the consistency too moist..then I add a BIT more flour.
I wrap in Saran..flat..

and ref.. for about 1 hr.
I roll it out w/ a bit of flour dusting..and with a lightly floured plunger type mooncake press.. I make the cookies..or you can use stamps..
I put on a parchment covered cookie sheet and freeze..just for a bit.
I place them in a 350 degree oven..for 15- 20 mins.
And that's it.I don't believe a pretty cookie has to be tasteless.I believe they should be buttery flavorful..delicious..They can be pretty and GOOD.
They are flaky..tasty..  and they keep their form superbly.♥
I am calling these Dahlia Cookies..:)

Have a lovely weekend~

Monday, July 21, 2014

Just Peachy~

The lilies are blooming their little heads off..
Someone wrote in one of our local papers that the Daylily ..well the common Ditchlily actually..should be our little town's official flower..the roads are lined with them at this time of year..not to mention our driveway...and some of our dishes..:)
I have lost the driveway battle so now I hope they just keep multiplying..
I prefer REAL daylilies:)As in the first photo..
To me they are like Irises..each so different and delightful.
My favorite still..Maggie..and she's again back in town.♥
The yellows and peaches are also appearing in corners of the gardens..
and I seem to be gravitating towards peachy colors in food..
The grilled shrimp are a staple here..thanks to Bobby Flay..
and the brined pork with a gorgeous blueberry peach salsa..well that's from the queen of colorful healthy dishes..Sam..@ My Carolina Kitchen.
I can make that salsa in my sleep I think after only having made it once..
It's pretty to put together and I could eat it by the spoonful.
C'est si bon!
That darling little 3 year old is my daughters friend Amy's youngest one..
I could not stop snapping their photos..
In the last photo..a seagull landed in the pool:)

I bought a book at Winner's (TJ) said watercolor..I felt the paper..not watercolor at fact I found it a bit glacé..But the cover was sopretty and it reminded me of our trip I bought it..
You know what?
I find it is fun to try watercolors on different paper..

It's large compared to what I am used lots of flaws if not all flawed..but it's funny..I feel like it is Layla and that day♥

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blueberry Hill~ And 2 really good recipes~

I know..looks almost like my strawberry apple pie..but it's not..
same tole painted tray though..
I have had it for maybe 15 years..
It's just right..large and old:)
Our own blueberries are coming to fruition:)
I love them on their stems..

You can find the blueberry pie recipe I made here.
I had to buy blueberries though as I needed 6 cups:)
My husband LOVES pies..I am happy to have found some new ones for him.
I sound so 1950's.
Makes sense..I am.

Delicious..and again..I really like this pan.
Didn't make their crust though..

And those cookies?
Telling you right now..
Please don't blame me for your NEW addiction.
You will need FROZEN blueberries for the cookies and you can find the recipe here..
Be prepared to be astounded by the photography..
Did you go yet?
Told ya so:)
They are absolutely amazing..  these the photos!♥

Here is a neat little webpage to try..
Random Words and they make a collage for you~ Word Cloud~

Just think of words ..and enter them..The possibilities are endless..
They place the words where they chose..You can start over..but  chances are the words won't be exactly where you want them..But it's nice to see one's words:)
I mean one could start over and over and over with a myriad of words~
Like adding chickens..eggs..names of people you love..places you you love..friends you love..♥
Enjoy..I do.♥

And have a lovely weekend~

He does♥

Monday, July 14, 2014

~ Mish Mash..

I know a bit of a mish mash..Here there and everywhere..

All those pretty Saturday roses..

But it rained today..
So I got ready for Noah's sleepover making these cute cookies..
Just make the best chocolate chip cookies you like..
then add Googly eyes.. by her method..or just melting chocolate chips..I made mine from memory and see how hers are way cuter!
La prochaine fois!!
I made half of a new recipe..they were good..but still 6 too many made 12.. so I walked them over to the across the street alphabet boys and they were gone..right away:)
Jacques and I each tasted..but I removed the Googly eyes for us..
I know..we are sticks in the mud.
I had one bite.
I can't poison anyone..I have to do a taste test..
But mine took much longer to bake and if you do the double scoop..flatten first   a bit:)
The boys had big smiles..and I No..ah:) will too.

Remember I saved some unopened peony buds in the fridge?They are still there..
But I also hung some peonies upside down in the basement..opened and unopened..and you know what?
I love the way they dry..Have not tried white..but the pinks work so well!
Just wondering if any of you love Songza like I do?
There is music at your fingertips for to bed..
Falling asleep.
It's a dear app!
It's an App on my Nexus..must be on your Ipads too♥
It's also just there on your computer..follow the link.
That's it..I'll have a new blueberry pie recipe next time and out of this world blueberry chocolate chip cookies:)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Strawberry ~Apple Pie~ Ricardo~

It's still strawberry season here ,,at Nana's House..
The gardens  are blooming enough now to pick a few roses..matriarca..snapdragons and sweet peas..although not any means the snaps and the sweet peas.. I still pick a few. I just can't help myself.
The clematis are prolific though!
The front fence is blooming it's head off.. and we can't walk through the front arbor..I know that's not a good thing..but what can I do?
Walk around:)
The others are starting to come into bloom and I wish they could last all summer everything else..

I bought some fresh berries.. and I had some apples so I Googled Apple Strawberry pies..
The main reasons..?
The berries and this cast iron pie pan..that I spotted months ago..on one of my very favorite blogs..
There is nothing not to fall in love with there.
It all starts with the marriage of gorgeous photography and Amelia..and then every subject:)
It's where I buy my Christmas Ornament patterns from..Anyway she showed this pan once..and I already have such a fondness  for whatever cast iron I own from my mom's on..I thought why not?
My daughters friends were visiting parents in I placed my order months ago..and they just brought it back..from

It is a GREAT pan.heavy..but GREAT.
The dough stayed so nicely baked well  
It was a pleasure to pull out of the oven..
The recipe is simple and wonderful.
The dough..I must confess..I made this pie the morning we were going to Noah's 6th birthday party so I used my grocery stores dough.
And the recipe?
You can find it right here..

Apple Strawberry Pie
I humbly think you could safely add it to your pie making repertoire:)♥

Monday, July 7, 2014

May the Force Be With You..And Routines~

Picking small bouquets for the windowsill..or anywhere in the house..
Lady's Mantle is like..a whisper of yellow in a bouquet with a hint of chartreuse..perfect for the budding Annabelles that start off green and end up huge balls of white..perfect for the daisies..and some early  rudbeckias..
It really doesn't take much to make a bouquet.

Starting to eat something for lunch and making a routine of it..many days..not most..I must have gotten carried away while adding the text..
I love avocado and so does my husband..we live alone together so I can mash it up w/ 3 garlic cloves:)  add olive oil..salt and some baby tomatoes..on a nice piece of toasted bread with fresh herbs. edible blossoms..a slice of fills the spot.
Making  La Relish de Josée..  because no other relish compares:)to us.
I eat the same thing every morning for breakfast..Get up every day same time.. go to bed every night same time.
I think I am a creature of habit:)
Noah had  a party this w/e..a Jedi Party!
You don't turn 6 every day:)

Everything was so cute..there was even a dunk tank..that my son-in-law obstacle course..One of those rainbow cakes daughter made..:)
A sundae bar.
Glorious weather.. a tad windy..but glorious..
On our way there.I said to Jacques I love our grandchildren's parties..he said me too..and we just get to relax:)
The chickens held court as always.
They were not roaming as there were so many children there..
The day before they were:)
Lucky little grandchildren to have such fun little busy happy lives.
Not routine at all:)

The loot bag tags and one of the gifties in le loot bag..
That mommy thought of everything.