Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A bit of sunshine..and this and that..

 Lemon curd..Elevates so many things~

Inspiring surprise~

Painting a home..

and another..

and ours..a while back..

Inspiration~Art form~

I made Jane's small batch vanilla lemon curd again..I made two:)
Beautiful Meyer Lemons sitting still..had to..
You can find Jane's recipe here..I have shared it before.

A delightful thing Debbie's Blog..Mountain Breaths..I won a beautiful cookbook..Kindness and Salt.
I loved how she described the book..the is wonderful that the book is a little bit French Bistro too.
Kindness and Salt..what's not to love? 2 of my fave things;)

Saturday night we had Noah ,Oli and Lucas..and later in the evening Lucas and Oli came back to our home for a sleepover.

I aim to please♥

That stack of beautiful pancakes won me brownie points..(I always hope that lol..) As I have said and confessed to before.. I bake for love;)

I've been painting..little journal pages and some homes..I seem to enjoy doing homes..

I always wish I could find MYSTYLE..when I paint a home..and I am ok w/ the outcome..I think..this is my style.

Not straight nor perfect..but I feel something when it's I don't want to tear it up:)
I just get feelings for certain our Littles..some homes..etc..
Those are the things I like best to paint.

I made a wonderful meal this week..we eat a lot of fish..chicken..veggies,salads..
Once in a while I want a plate of carbs..more often than not...:)

 I will make this and make it  again..w/ a few twists..We are only 2.. so just 2 spicy Italian sausages..and of course reduced all else..

I don't usually have heavy cream..used 10%and I jujjed up my ricotta w/ my basil oil and garlic and parm cheese.

For some reason I cannot remember if I shared my ParisBreakfast any event there are more now so worth another peek.
A neverending source of inspiration for me.
I save the envelopes and they are treats in themselves..the rubber stamping..stamps..postmarks..little inserts of this and that from Paris..
Just very very special.

Those are the other things I don't throw away..the small paintings I have done through her tutorials..
I am content w/ those:)

My maps used to be above  my art desk area but there is a big horizontal window there..width wise..not height wise..and I ran out of room so now they are all on the opposite wall..8 are in a frame..Ideally I would love 20 gold frames:) Chaching.
But for now..this just makes me feel even better to be down there:)
I love it.
You can find Carol's maps here:)

I saw this's not my photo but I liked it ..

  Listen to Van Gogh's words..

"If you hear a voice within you saying:"You cannot paint"..then by all means paint..and that voice will be silenced~"

Don't you love it?It opens a door for everyone. another era..;)More sunshine;)You can't see the roof now....nor all around for it's enwrapped in snow..

To every thing there is a season:)
And before we know it..Spring will be at our doorstep,clamoring for attention everywhere~
This is a time of rest.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Cccccold as ice~

Because outside sure doesn't look like this..
Our little place in Provence..

One thing I never mentioned I am looking through pics..St-Rémy is absolutely beautiful and old and charming..but one week in Sept was reserved to a foire of sorts..a carnival..
All amusement park set ups  and such take up the is to the shopkeepers chagrin as a lot of shops are hidden by the amusements..and to see these things in St-Rémy is very surprising..If you want to explore the town..I suggest you do not go on these days as it is crazy busy and the charm of St-Rémy is masked.Fun for the Littles and families..but for tourists searching for a nice quiet al fresco lunch ..this is a bit of a busy time:)
Early morning streets are cordoned off for the bulls..
Parking is unfathomable..we walk to St-Rémy so that was not an issue for us.

The weather outside is frightful..
lots of snow..for 3 days..and today rain..freezing rain.
I have flashbacks of our ice storm and keep my fingers crossed.
Meanwhile we stay busy.
I love these I ce Lanterns..Mine are from Lee Valley but a century ago..they still have them though:)
They are beautiful and easy to do..especially when you can freeze them outside.
You can stuff seashells or greenery or flowers..or snowflakes in the sides before freezing..there is an indent for tea lights.

Very much the same effect as paper bag luminarias..but free..and the molds last for a century as I mentioned:)

I made these delicious blueberry muffins..I know seems like I never make the same recipe twice;)
I did add a touch of cinnamon to the crumble.
I made them because..why not make them.
One life to live.
Muffins taste better in winter~

And tulips are absolutely thrilling~

Have a great weekend~ 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Dr. Zhivago Day~

Spending time painting.I love it so!I am a bit concerned about my lack of exercise in winter..

Spring ,summer and fall..I don't worry because the gardens call regularly as an exercise class.

I garden hard..not just watering 😏..although I must admit to not digging new gardens anymore and I would love one for my tomatoes.And a sweet pea bed♥

So I could grow Sweet Peas like Antonio Valente does.

I  finished up a blanket..I am so disappointed that I forgot to do 2 rows of the same my last blanket..below..

I did one color after the other..not as pretty..:(
However, less than 2 years ago I did not know how to crochet.
But ..heck..
Let us be grateful for what we can do right?:)
Still so grateful to all who inspired me~I would have never tried without many of you..

Jacques even comments on how pretty the blankets are.I do think he saw them with a different eye when Oli wrapped himself in one..I had to admit that blanket never looked so good;)

The other thing I will do differently next time is have my picot edge a more vibrant color:)
The white/cream is not  contrast enough for me:)

I made those lovely Maple Muffins..the recipe I invented:)
But used Raisin Bran this time..tastes just as good~
My Organic Maple Flakes are available at my Canadian Costco:)

See ..the thing is..unlike climates that are much warmer..we in QC,hibernate a lot for 3 months..
See the front steps? me neither..but tomorrow Jacques will have them all done..
I have an appointment in the next town..appointments week.

I thank God every day that I have had more ways than one..
So..thank you God;)

Storm of the year I tucked in all the wool stragglers on my blanket..

It's all done~
Until the next one~

I practiced a pie that is a perfect pie for Valentine's..I'll share it before.. if any of you want to make it.
It is not only my new "Pretty Pie"'s a very very GOOD pie:)
Have a nice week~

Friday, January 11, 2019

The days of Tundra~

Cold in Onion Soup..and ..

Stitched the week away..A Winter Cabin series by Alicia Paulsen

Fun fun book..Draw Your can see a review here..Samantha Dion Baker.
A lovely little book to get lost in.And be inspired by.
The Canadian price was ap $20.00

The only time I keep something that can loosely be called a on trips..I have a huge one from2009..but mostly writing..We went to Italy and France.

I have had an ongoing one for 9 yrs..all writing..I plan on burning that one one day..

Most of the time my journals are really just paintings in journals/books or loose leaf that I glue into that BIG one ..You can see my fullest book to my tiniest book.
I admire artists that have all the same books lined up..and filled..I never thought of doing that when I started painting..
So my books are all different except for 2 small Moleskins..I love finding old 3 boys on a swing♥ taller than I am now..Max will be soon..Oli will be the tallest of all 4..
Noah ..I am not sure yet..I think he will have a growth spurt!
I like books and paper and colors and pencils and erasers..:)
Lots of memories in them there books y'all;)

 Terrible Ipad photo above

Oli comes over when he can on Wednesdays..such a light..a bright light..He does mathématiques with Jacques..and then  francais with me..he had a particularly good day this Wednesday..All perfect en maths and all perfect en francais.

He had forgotten his snow pants at home so at recess had to stay on le premier palier(first level outdoors)..I said:" Oh Oli what did your friends do?" He said :"They all stayed with me."
Now does that warm a heart or what?
So after he has his grilled cheese and chocolate milk after school and does some homework..we watch the beginning of a movie to be continued next time..this busy busy boy..reclines on the couch facing me and covers himself up..I snapped an Ipad pic and this happened♥A quick brisk pencil sketch,and watercolor even quicker.He's a sight to behold.5 minutes...yet Jacques made it hiss screensaver.

That's nice..

Look what happens when you convert..

So obvi(new word)'s pretty darn cold here and I am organizing and painting..
Christmas is nestled..tucked away.
Sometimes I find a new something after Christmas..but you know what? Everything is on sale before Christmas so it's all gone.
All gone.

I do have to show you a little homekeeping thing I never knew..
When I married Jacques 45 years ago..he had Dansk turquoise pots..I loved them..but w/ wear and tear the only usable one was a small saucepot I gave to my daughter..oh...smaller than a to melt 4 tbsps of butter..
She gave it back to me:):)
I would love to have our whole Turquoise Dansk set back..but no..I have pots and pans..

I did however fall upon this on Varage sale..and a very very reasonable price.
When I picked it up the lady said:"Do you know why the covers are made this way?"No I said"..

Look everyone..if you have these..

Genius is all I can say..

Bon weekend!!

PS anyone watching The Kominsky Method?
2 in and I like it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

~2019~ So be it♥


So many make resolutions!
I just wish~

So nothing is put away Christmas..I even hate those words..Putting Christmas away..LOL
Does Christmas really get put away?
I hope not.

I will start to gather and reminisce and box up and store away  until next year..
Soon..probably after Epiphany like every year.

On the subject of resolutions..the deepest ,meditative friend I have ever had sent me a link to this..


I read it with intent as she is so wise..

and I found it so interesting.

I do finish what I start.

OHMGEE do I finish what I start..even a crappy book.

I'll even keep baking something I know an ingredient went missing;)

However..I do get extra paints..a new cookie cutter..a new art book..always thinking.."this paint set will make me a better painter":)
I will reread this link a few times this year:)

Maybe some of you will get one area or another.

can you believe I have never listened to a whole Audiobook?

I could not get a print copy of A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman..
so I took the audiobook.

While stitching in my warm craft room on these freakin' blustery days.
I am loving it.The narrator's voice is pleasant..  and the book is so interesting. My daughter had told me she loved it..
Same daughter who made the seed girl w/ Noah:)

Not done..I haven't been 9 hrs since this AM  in my craft room..but good:)
I love Fredrik Backman books.

Another thing I fell in love w/..Les Misérables..on a UK you tube..thanks to Carol at Paris Breakfasts.

Oh ...I watched the whole first episode on my mini Ipad while stitchin' an Orla K blanket..(not done by far)..It's so good!!

Did you all watch Call The Midwife Christmas special?
Bawling firtst 5 minutes.

I received such sweet snail mail between Christmas and New Year..

That card,see that first pic?

UK cards are the bomb for 3 D..
And Marie sent me the adorable stitched tree ornament.
Her new cookbook...number 2 I might add..comes out soon!

I received the most gorgeous Santa photo on a handmade card by Linda~ It is pitch black now to take a pic..:(

A beautiful 3 D vintage card from  Linda too..:)

I am saying these things because..well not os say..LOOK!

But to say..  How Sweet.How Grateful.

I am a firm believer in snail mail. Even if Canada Post is making me doubt.

I sent Linda a card the Monday I came back from Florida.Over 1 month.All within Canada:(

I'll fill you in on my Paris wall is getting fuller.I think it is time for a new pic;)

I can't believe the cute add-ins- Carol puts in her subscription's not only an aquarelle get goodies.

I made a cranberry orange cake thanks to Diane Morrisey..

and I was thrilled at the bit of COLOR that accompanied it:)
Thank you..DIANA.
The stamps..and history and story accompanying this sweet colorful dshtowel were a treat..and still are.

You can find her recipe on IG..Diane Morrisey's:)

What do I do during..well..whenever..
I stitch..

you can see the beginnings up there..

I love all of Alicia Paulsen's Christmas Kits..
And I found some lovely free downloads here.
Thank you to everyone who inspires me day in day out..

To occupy my hands and mind..

Like my son-in-law..
See that paper..brushes ..and paints?
Fred.For Christmas♥

My mom would have been 100 today.My lovely Capricorn of a mom.

I wonder if she sees me ..still♥