Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scilla Season~

Scilla Season here is the beginning of it all....
Years ago..I found my first love as far as websites go..
Gardenbuddies..I met wonderful people through Gardenbuddies..I learned about things to plant..how to use a digital camera.. how to use Photoshop..how to grow a clematis..(I even have a clematis named after me God Bless him:) )
I learned many wonderful recipes.. how to set different tables..
How to keep in touch..how to have amazing netfriends..
How to grow lilies..and irises..
I met wonderful people in person through Gardenbuddies..

and as penpals..but in webpals..:)

Many cherished people..
2..very cherished..Marlene and Derek..
I can't believe  I lost them both..

They visited us..we visited them..
Wonderful memories..

Derek..found the poem I was looking for:
"In Search Of My Mother's Garden..I found My Own.."

And described  part  our backyard as "Borrowed Landscape"..
His words have never left me..

In our "Borrowed Landscape"..there is the golf course..lush and pristine and lovely..w/ a hedgerow of wild grasses and wildflowers..and a secret garden..that the Easter Bunny hides the eggs in..that the boys come exploring with me..:)

Right now..my borrowed landscape smells like heaven..or what I think heaven smells like..sweet ..pure..fresh..

And ..it's all in the Scilla's Scent~

Scilla and Coneflower have been out there sharing delicious secrets:)

The Potting Shed's ( La Maison des Jardins)..flag is flying against the brilliant blue skies..

And Nana is practicing her watercolors every chance she gets~  Humbly..

Did you know Scillas had a scent?

At the same time..the Fiddleheads are popping up~So many in the Secret Garden~

So ..  beacause of the voluptuous fiddleheads..tarts are also in season..I love to forage and pick these and rinse the brown outer parts away..then I steam ..and steam....and add to tarts..
The basis for this recipe is from Epicurious..but fiddleheads were not even a thought in their recipe..

So easy..  I picked the fiddleheads yesterday..and kept them fresh in the fridge..

This morning..  I thawed the puff pastry(President's Choice..my fave here).. I steamed the fiddleheads.

I mandolined 1 onion..  and one potato..
I chopped 1 portobello mushroom..

Browned my onion rings in one tbs p of butter..set aside..
browned my mandolined potatoes..w/ thyme..s and p..set aside..
and then cooked my mushrooms in the same pan....set aside

Roll out your puff pastry to ap 1/4 inch..mine is almost that..cut out 4 circles to fit your 4 tat molds..prick with fork and freeze for 30 mins(not in the tart molds)..

Then in your tart pans.. set 5 or more fiddleheads..prettily   ..in the pan..top with the onions..and the potatoes..I added some feta..
I seasoned generously..
Topped with the chilled pastry and baked at 425 F for ap.. 25 minutes..
As soon as they are done..flip ..and see.. beautiful:)

You serve w/ a balsamic glaze..since I burned my ceramic cooktop when my son-in-law #2 came to ask for our daughter's hand in marriage while I was making a balsamic reduction a la Ricardo..I buy my balsamic glazes now:)

Top w/ fresh herbs..and ..well.. delish and pretty..
Jacques had one of his home made sausage patties w/ it..and I made a generous serving of broccoli..
We worked outside all day..so it was nice to have the tarts prepared this morning..I simply heated them up for dinner..still crisp..still fresh~

Kindness In Words Creates Confidence~
Kindness In Thoughts Creates Profoundness~
Kindness In Giving Creates Love~

Lao Tzu

Thank you Linda~
And welcome dear Spring~

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Housekeeping~and Cara's Cookies~

As soon as I can open a window without freezing to death..I start washing my windows and the few curtains we have..our bedroom and bathroom have the curtains..  12 yrs old already..a Martha Stewart pattern..they look like chintz..yellow background and beautiful peonies and lilacs and roses throughout..nicely faded..just plain panels ..  no frills.. and they are never closed:)  3 in the bedroom 2 in the bathroom..
I can throw the panels in the machine..and hang right in place to dry~  After shining the widows..
..but the V shaped toppers..I cut out from my grandmothers tablecloth..I was able to get 5 v shaped toppers..the 4 corners..and then the center of the tablecloth..I formed myself into a V shaped topper double width..one of them that she embroidered..it still has a very faded little piece of fabric where her name was..♥
Those I wash delicately..and have to iron..I had made my own starch and added lavender oil..apart from everything being sparkling..the scent blew me away:)
It still lingers but not as much..
Google home made starch recipes..you will see how easy..and mine is still fresh as a daisy..Cornstarch..cold water..hot water..essential oil.
I never knew my grandmother..nor my grandfather.I think my grandfather died when I was about 3 months old..I will check again..they had 5 children..

In the photo above..there is my great grandfather..my grandfather..my dad and his 2 brothers..there were 2 sisters also..the last one just passed away..and this is how we discovered our grandfather had been married prior to marrying my grandmother..his wife died at 23 yrs of age..:( and they lost a 6 month old baby..
He went on to marry my grandmother..have 5 children and accomplish great things..
You never know in life what the future can hold can you after huge sorrow?

Did some of the kitchen ones..and will finish up the rest this week I hope~

Picked my first bouquet~ Pickings are slim..but when it's your first ..it's special..To sound like Vivian Swift the whole bouquet is probably the size of a teabag:)..or a Triscuit:)

Made a few seafoody meals~ Involving more shrimp..

                                                   Seafood Caesar Salad

                                                  Butternut squash Risotto with Shrimp~

            No greening of QC yet as you can see  but very soon..the buds are on everything!And then by magic..the neighbor's home disappears~

But sadly..those glorious tulips are on their last leg~They are stupendously attractive~

Ahh..I was forgetting..Cara's Cookies~

Cara.. was our daughters babysitter at one point..the very best..there is always one that is the best..she was it..she lived across the street..and would bring games..and play with them..we really did not go out a lot ..but when we did the girls were so happy to have Cara.They were great neighbors.
Anyways..Cara has moved and is of course a  mom herself..but we kept a recipe from her..they are called Cara's cookies to us..
When I made them ..I brought some over to our daughter's and her eyes lit up..she said I haven't had those in so long~

They are really really good..

La Recette~

1 1/2 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
 Blend and reserve


 1/2 cup butter(her recipe which is 30 yrs old at least for us said margarine)
1 cup sugar
add 1 well beaten egg..one tsp of vanilla..mix together..add dry ings above..
then add..
Add 2 cups Rice Krispie cereal..
1 cup raisins(I plump ,drain and cool mine)
6 ozs of chocolate chips..
Drop on your parchment paper pan..and flatten slightly w/ a fork.. bake at 350 Degrees for 12mins..

Cool on rack~

A step through memory lane this mixed up post of mine..
Anyways enjoy the cookies..
Enjoy all your new buds and blooms
And take care~

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Turned very cool and windy~

I had spoiled myself on Thursday and bought tulips~
My friend had tulips when we ate at her home..RED and utterly gorgeous..I sometimes buy bouquets of 8,but these Costco bouquets have more..last longer and are infinitely prettier I find~
I made California rolls one day..we love those..Easy to prepare in the morning..and then after a day in the garden..(Friday)..you just eat them up..

Saturday..I baked bread..and then decided to try More Than Burnt Toast's rhubarb muffins..but with Strawberries as I could not find rhubarb :(
They are very good..the streusel..w/ the almond essence.. almonds and lemon zest..Miam:)
3 little bowls..all you need..

With a cup of tea or coffee..so nice on a cold day indoors~

I have been playing with paints too..
So not too unhappy that Saturday was chilly~

You can find the Muffin recipe at  Valerie's~
I halved the recipe for Jacques and I..as we had bran muffins too..So..well..just so:)
They are good..very good and I would not hesitate to add a touch of almond extract to the batter~
Truth be told..it snowed Saturday.
Twirling huge snowflakes it snowed here..31 degrees F as I looked at the outdoor thermometer..stuck to our back door....
What's up with this?
All I can say is :"Stay off my tulips...snow..stay off my outdoor tulips.."~
That night ..Jacques made another of his specialties that I like so much..Shrimp Pasta..
Delicious..and so have those tulips been all weekend long..
Just delicious..

You have to find a way to let Spring in..one way or another when winter seems to be hanging in~
Orange..coral..not my colors of choice in flowers..but they go well w/ terra cotta floors..and they positively brighten up a white room tremendously~
I found something new at Costco..a  large container of Parmesan Shavings..
I give them a thumbs up..we always have fresh..and shave..but these were reasonable..there was alot..and so handy..Chocolate shavings like these would be great for desserts♥
In Italy.. they actually served Shrimp w/ cheese..so now I know we were not crazy to like the combination:)
I finished my online art class that I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend..re-arranged the" Messroom "downstairs to accomodate the classes..with my ancient Toshiba laptop on my drafting table..:)
When you are a Jack of All Trades and Master of None..the Messroom..serves as ..past office.. art room..sewing room..photo room w/ lights:) yoga..wine making..ironing..etc..

Lots of light though after noon for a basement room..2 big windows let the sun shine in..when it does:)

And today..Sunday was such a day~

More of the same..ccold..but loads of sun..
I made sushi again because I found lovely new colored wraps at my Asian shop:)and my daughter was popping by with Noah~In one package there are 5 sheets..yellow..orange..green..see through with yin ~yang sesame seeds..oh so pretty..and they worked very well with my smaller rolls..
I finished my online art class..which I thoroughly enjoyed..
and watched my tulips bloom~



One thing I love about Pinterest ..is how..you often Pin..things from the same people..:)Time after time..


When I am lost with paper and pens and paints..time stands still  and I am quiet inside..Love that~

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things~

Today..April 17th..just 5 days after quite a bit of snow..I was able to start doing one of my favorite things..

So nice to feel the sun on my face and my hands in the dirt~Tulips and daffodils  starting to poke up..worms hiding from me as I moved the leaves away..Birds chirping,buds on the trees..a snowdrop or two..The vinca looks like winter never happened..
So nice..
 These are a few of my other favorite things..

I had not posted favorite things in such a long time~

Trinkets~but Treasures to me~

My great great aunt's First communion medal..dated April 27th 1906~Her name is on the flip side~
My wish necklace..w/ a milkpod fairy feather inside~
My mom's and other pearls..
My Love Necklace..Remember Love Story?  What a movie:"Love means never having to say you are sorry~" Ali MacGraw..so pretty..all the boys loved her~My Rod McKuen days:)They still are!
My bracelet with the alphabet boys pics
My necklace with their names and birthstones..~
A Button Bracelet~
A special pink teacup~
My Nana charm slipped over my first communion pearls..I was 7..7 tiny pearls~
Miniature scents~
Pins I love to wear..and have for years and years..~
My dad,in his hunting shirt..my mom holding my eldest brother John~
My mom in the heart as a little girl~
My mom as a young woman~

Nothing of great value..but all so dear to me.
I think I like photos:)~
And gardening:)

Enjoying this Spring feeling many of you have been enjoying for a bit..I knew it would come at last ..and it did~


Sunday, April 14, 2013

When Life Gives You Snow..Make Macarons~

Pretty Dainty little Macarons~

Turquoise..with Nutella filling~
                                                            They are so much fun to decorate too~

Hmm ..yes..mais oui ..Mother Nature played a little trick on us.
Not a fun trick..
Just snow..freezing rain etc..Friday April 12th~I guess Friday the 13th ...would have been more appropriate
So used to inclement weather..it really didn't phase me..
It is not as if I must go out and show homes anymore...

So I made macarons..much more delicious an activity..peace wise..

I have made them before..
One time..  the first time.. not so great....I didn't know any better:) The Jetsons :)
 the ..next... time ..better
and this time even better..

Happy Feet and all:)

I played it simple this time..

Look here..@ Mom's Dish

The video is perfect..

It did not take 10 minutes for my meringue to take though..and I did add my sugar a bit at a time..
My almond flour never did get perfectly smooth..but they worked:)

These are like Petits Fours cuteness to me:)

I made different sizes..
The snow never bothered me:)

La Recette~

3 egg whites room temp
1/4 cup of sugar
 1 cup almond flour
2 cups icing sugar

You meringue up your egg whites and sugar until stiff peaks form..stiff:)
Add color..natural or not~

You then add the almond flour which you have sieved along with your icing sugar..
And fold the mixture into the meringue until you get the right consistency..the video shows you..

I used  my Silpat to make my  circles..
I baked mine convection ap 250 F for ap 20 minutes.

Please go see the video and her tutorial..foolproof..Love her accent too!

The kit I bought..the one that inspired me for my second macarons trials..

Is a great little kit..it comes with many tips.. bags..thermometer..
I found it at Costco ..2010..Christmas time..
All those kits are treats..

And in my mind's eye..you can never beat the price..
So reasonable for such quality~
The tip I used was just right.. the bag..is even cuter than Wilton's~
There's even  a thermometer..but there was no need for this recipe..

I will make these again and again..w/ berry flavors this summer..

I love turquoise~  So that's what I chose this time color wise~

While making these..

Enjoy this..


Carla Bruni..Pick Little French Song~

PS ..I like the bags above for  food giving...they are by Meri Meri..I found some at our Chapter's store.You can find them at Amazon .com too~
I prefer the smaller ones..but our store only had the large..
They are so cute you will want to play house with them..
Or Bakery owner:)
Now I want to try..coffee..hazelnut..blueberry..rose..etc:-)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fig,Arugula and Prosciutto Salad~

A most delicious salad~
We found some small figs from Mexico.. (at Costco..not actually in Mexico..Costco ,Ottawa..)and picked up a small container..
At the same time we bought some Arugula..
I started Googling and came up with a mix of a few recipes I found..the basis was found on Chow.com..I added salt and pepper..the prosciutto:)

La Recette~

Prosciutto..(I used one of Jacques' small ones..)

Plate up ..and drizzle with this dressing~
2 tbsps EVOO
4 tsps white wine vinegar
2 tsps honey
2 tsps Country Dijon Grainy mustard
S and P..
Whisk all..
Drizzle and enjoy~

I find it very pretty also~
Toasted Pine Nuts would be a plus~
I loved the huge fig tree at La Ferme De La Huppe in Gordes.

I tried growing one here..wintering it in the garage etc..unfortunately I gave up..my brugmansias and the fig..just came together way too late in the season for our climate..And they were so heavy to cart in..
I just gave up..not like me..But I did..
Must be heaven to be able to grow figs..and lavender..and herbs..all year long~
Along with the Olive trees..The figs were my favorite..I am growing an Olive BUSH in the house:)
It is a tree.. but growing quite randomly... and ...haphazardly! I  do ♥ it though.
I'll make it go on vacation outside this summer..it should profit quite well.
I am not expecting olives..I just love looking at it~
The leaves are food enough for me .

Have a lovely weekend~

I hate to repeat myself here..as I have bemoaned the fact a few places today..but during the night..(pendant la nuit..) we are expecting 20 cms of freshly fallen snow~

I've mentioned so many times I love Mary Engelbreit....
I think ..I'll add some of my favorite daily quotes:)

Just sometimes..~
This one is a keeper!

Aerodynamically,the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly,but the bumblebee doesn't know that,so it goes on flying anyway.
~ Mary Kay Ash

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Korean Beef and Krafts~:)

I have seen so many posts re Korean Beef lately..

One in particular was Marie's..But I did see others made with different cuts of beef..different ingredients etc..
I opted for Marie~s..but made a few changes~

I used my all time favorite Basmati rice recipe because it takes 9 minutes in the microwave and is picture perfect taste worthy every time~
I love sticky rice..
But I thought this would work well and it did..I usually add frozen peas to my rice and in this case they worked well again..

The basic recipe I found in more than one places..

La Recette~

1 lb of lean ground beef
1/4 ~1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup soya sauce
1 tbsp sesame oil +
3 tsps garlic paste..I used crushed garlic cloves..4
1/2 tsp ginger paste..I grated fresh ginger
1/2 tsp crushed chili peppers..but I  also added sczechwan peppercorns lots!
fine sea salt and crushed ground pepper to taste
1 bunch spring onions washed trimmed and chopped
..My notes..
On top  of the chili peppers I used  Sczechwan peppercorns(to taste..but I like a lot)
and I added 1/4 ~1/2  cup of beef broth
also some finely julienned carrots for color~

Oh and since I have made it yet again..add these notes:)

A tsp of Hoisin..does this dish no harm:)

And the more spring green onions the better..:)

These peppercorns are not cheap..20 grams..will cost ap $10.00 where I live..
Well not where I live.. but close enough..Marché Jean-Talon~

I heated a bit of evoo w/ the sesame oil.. browned my beef..
Added the ginger and garlic..until infused..and the crushed chilis..I also crushed my peppercorns with my fingers and added..

then the brown sugar..soya sauce..and beef broth..I wanted our rice to have a bit more dampness..more "jus"..this does it..

It's a perfect easy ..quick..flavorful dinner..

I will certainly make it again~and I did:)

As I mentioned it snowed Friday..the 5th....so I played with an old photo from my blog.. of sometime in 2011:)

And tried a small Triscuit sized painting..thanks to Vivian Swift's posts about Triscuit paintings..

Let's not look at the quality..But it was fun to paint this size..I usually always paint small..(paint is a generous large word for what I TRY to do..)..but never this small:)

You can see how small they are..

These traced Triscuit squares ..all 3 fit on a rectangular travel book~
I bought it at Blick's yrs ago..You can see it here..and is still available..

It comes with a wonderful little brush~It's pointy and fine..and quite gorgeous~

I still have to finish up the roses..but I was anxious to take off the masking fluid...again..the fluid was a great reminder from VS..I had not used mine in years and it had dried up..luckily..I had a new one that I bought with my friend in an art co-op a long time ago..but it was unopened and still perfect to use..I used it recreating the beach scene above..It was Nov 2009~I asked O-L-I..do you know what this is?  He said Nanan(that's what he calls me..)..and O-L-I:)  It's actually Nana and Lucas..but just the fact that he saw 2 people and one was me..made my heart do cartwheels.
I should take out my paints more often..I always love those moments..And this was with the small Cotman travel kit..I have a Koi one too..But I prefer the Cotman colors..I do  love the water brushes though and mine are Koi~They are so much fun to travel with..the water is in the brush:)

Not PRO..but fun:)

So Friday..albeit grey..and snow..(minimal as it turned out)..was still nice..
  Try that dish if you like asian type meals.. It is to be served right on top of the rice and I like mixing mine up so the rice tastes like Korean Beef~

Someone mentioned it would be good in a lettuce wrap..I totally agree!
I continued to play w/ paints and Triscuits~  and ME..
And Paris Breakfasts~

I opened a ME cookbook and decided to practice what my art teacher..(Sandy) ..had taught me 10 + years ago..Did I even mention I LOVED those art classes?
Nicest people were in that class..and I loved the teacher..
it was short lived..we were just moving..work was very busy for me at that time..but what she taught us in those classes..I will never forget~

She gave us each 3 colors in jars she had..that is why you see Primary Yellow with a reddish color in the jar...We each  had a blue..a red  and a yellow..

She would suggest we paint something w/ more colors than these 3..and learn to mix and make:)
Well w/ 3 colors..you can make almost any color..I love that about paints..
You need very little to go a long way~
Like ingredients to make good food..
Bread for example~

The little bag that I keep my water pens in..  my Indian Ink..a pencil..an eraser..and white gouache.. a few toothpicks..an old toothbrush.. a Q-tip..was a gift from my friend..who travels to Paris quite frequently..
I ♥ it..I know I say that a lot..but I mean it..
and when I take that pouch out..
I always think of my friend..and Carol.. who is in Paris..Painting~

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pain Ordinaire? I don't think so~

I was recently intrigued by a bread machine book I read about on Chowhound I think~

Rustic European Breads From Your Bread Machine~

Of course I Googled it..and tried ordering it..but many of the off site Amazon dealers do not ship to Canada.. or don't reply:(~
From a reseller?:)Amazing prices! Will keep looking.

But I was able  to  Google some recipes..and will try all of the ones I found..
But one stood out because she actually showed how she formed her baguettes~

Well Fed Soul~

It's more than 1 year old the post..but it keeps on giving:)
I love  our bread machines..Love.
I don't really mind what purists say..
For kneading etc..bread machines ..rock.
In lifting heavy babies:)  and yrs of gardening..I have some ..some..not many frailties in the joint between my right thumb and index..
So kneading to me..by hand is far less important than it used to be.

Je dis..adieu aux puristes..and long live my bread machines and their darling dough cycles:)!

Just like Well Fed Soul..

So this recipe....is minimalist for ingredients and maximalist on "ordinaire"!

It's got that CRISP crust most people need and want and a tasty interior!(I can live w/ soft..inside out..but you know baguette people:)
They need that crunch.. well..here it is!

And ..as you know everything is better w/ buttah:)

Plse refer to her site for the directions etc..GREAT tutorial..fun to make..delicious to eat~

La Recette~

1 1/4 cup warm water
2 1/2 tsps  active dry  yeast
3 cups flour
1 tsp salt

Put the water in the bread machine and add the yeast..let it bloom for about 5 minutes.. add the flour and salt..
Push Dough Cycle..mine runs 1 1/2 hours.
At the end of the cycle..form into a ball..go see how she does it..you tuck all around then gather:)
Cover..let rise ap 20 mins..
Then sep. in 2..slightly flatten and form them the way she shows you..(I think Ann T forms her beautiful baguettes that way also)..
After they are formed   cover..(see her plastic bag method)leave to rise until doubled..

What I do..is form them..place them on parchment that is on my pizza board with handle..and I let my bread rise in a pre-heated..then turned off oven that was set at 175 F.
I m lucky enough to have a double oven..so before the time is up..I can preheat the top oven to 450 degrees..in which I have stones to bake the breads,,
Mine are thus ready  so I can just slide the parchment paper w/ the 2 loaves on it.. off my pizza board onto the hot stones..
I misted as she said..
After 15 minutes I removed the parchment..after turning them around and baked another 15 minutes..

And that was it:)  We loved it~

PS..  Look how cute the baguette wrappers are~  They are a courtesy of Heather Bullard's gorgeous blog~.I felt like someone sent me a gift in the mail when I saw them:)So nice of her.
The lovely board my bread sits on is from Ann ..her store....you have seen it before..:)They are beautiful .

Enjoy..I have a feeling all the recipes are great in this book..
Do you have it?

Let me know~And do try this Pain ordinaire..car il est extraordinaire~

Friday, April 5, 2013

Come In~ I'm In The Kitchen~

Sadly..not this one~

In Ménerbes,France this one..

Assuredly one of the prettiest little towns~
We loved it~
It snowed to day here.. April 5th..this has been a very long winter..
So this morning..to cozy things up a bit..I decided to make one of many Marie recipes I have Pinned..
I've mentioned Marie so often..I am sure you all know of her and her English Kitchen..
I opted for her Orange cake..
It is absolutely delish..and the ingredient I loved best? The cinnamon makes the big difference for me in this orange cake compared to others..
In the cake..and in the glaze..

Il est absolument  parfait.

I opted for my favorite small silicone mold..so my baking time took longer..I kept a vigilant eye on it..I also baked it convection and adjusted the temp..mid way..
So base yourselves on Marie's and the pan and size she used.
You will be happy you tried this cake..
Perfect with tea..coffee..or nothing quite frankly..

You can find the recipe right here~
This girl knows how to bake..Seriously.

Tonight I am making her Korean Beef..so we could say it's a very Marie Friday..in spite of the snow~

Dreaming of..

My French Kitchen window~

Have a lovely weekend~

Monday, April 1, 2013

Soul Food #138~

It's been too long~

Easter was good.. and busy..and we are very lucky to spend it with close family~Watching all 6 non adults..  not concentrating on the 6 adults :)..I realized Oli..the 3 year old..is still at that totally innocent  stage of life~
When appearances mean nothing ..apart from pointing to his bright blue sky top ..to show me that it was a special day I think and he too was part of the "dressing up"..(he does that:) )..but outside..searching for the eggs..there was no competition..no race..just happiness and wonder..at being outside with his brothers and some of his cousins..finding these treasures and putting them in his basket..♥
He snuggled with me while looking at his paltry findings:)  smiling..offering me goldfish from the Easter goldfish small carton..while the others were counting and eating and admiring..
I think I ♥ his innocence yesterday..
So far removed are small ones..compared to us..~

Today..Monday..we finished a system restore on our home..:)  and I took photos..and Pinned and read..just being..QUIET~
One of my daughters sent me photos of her friend's ( and ours)..spanking brand new baby boy....Luke..the family went to visit them ..and while looking at his peaceful newborn face..
I thought.. everything that happens to you..  from now on..is so part of you..
May it be good♥

She also sent me a photo of Max's (5) latest artwork..I think he is in such a NEAT after school activity..It's different than the others..
Max loves art..(my mom was an artist..)..last week the teacher taught them about Monet~
I am sure I was in my 20's the first time I learned about Monet..Or was interested in learning..there is a difference and your tastes evolve..change..

We spoke of him at the bus stop..and Max repeated his name perfectly..

His latest works..:)

I think art.. in this form..is wonderful for kids.. they may have a way..of seeing in the present..longer~