Monday, March 30, 2020

Stay Home~Restez Chez Vous~

I keep harping about this on IG..Please..Please..Please.

Friday, March 13, 2020

~Mid March~2020.

I have never witnessed anything like this in 66 years~

I painted this flattering self~ portrait..I say flattering because I am not wearing my 18 winter layers and slippers..and it's from the back..just about 1 day before things started going haywire here.

As of now..our Prime Minister's wife,Sophie Grégoire ~Trudeau has the virus.

All schools are shut for at least 2 weeks.

Events gathering too many people are canceled.
Sporting events canceled.
Store shelves bare of certain necessities.
The stock market is know..

Cities..closed down..countries..
Our parliament is closed until end of April.
The government.. will continue..but by phone..and web..

It's all so much and so frightening for many.
It's easy for us to say relax..but I did wake up several times..really concerned.
My What If middle name is overactive.
I really never sleep well in the best of

I think of the health of everyone..businesses..

The economic outcome seems  grim.
That's not me predicting this.

In the last 10 yrs I have seen that many people are alone.
What of them?
Who can they find comfort with?
In a way the internet and social media will be a blessing  for house bound people..
It certainly made the news spread soo fast.
The bad jokes..the shocking photos..
The jokes in poor taste..are the worst.
How people can find humor in all this is really beyond me.

I have often mentioned it's good to develop a HOME hobby..I hope you do.
Now is the time to be grateful for reading..knitting..painting..writing..etc..

I have to see a doctor next week..I told my husband to stay home.
I will go alone.
We are being well informed here in QC..

I tried painting yesterday and it was just awful.I'll re-apply myself later today I think.I have to be inspired...

I am hoping that sometime in 2020..all will be well.
For everyone.
In more ways than one.

Sunday, March 1, 2020


Unfathomable that March is upon us~

I for one am not done with winter..
I'm a gardener before ..a lot of other things.. and Spring till frost is a lot of hard work..
So I quite enjoy this time to be still and paint and play..

I'm a bear in hibernation..

I don't feel guilty taking out my art toys and painting..or crafting or baking..

In summer ..I do.

So ..let me eke out winter quietly and happily on my own;)

We did have more snow..

Oh well..c'est la vie ♥

I love our area..  so many pretty in point above..

I am not really a lover of Mc Mansions..
I prefer cozy.Small medium or large..hand me charm...different..unique..COZY.
I often listed homes that the fireplace was never QC..  makes a mess ..they said.Oh lala.

As I type this draft..everything are coated in icing sugar..

I made blueberry muffins for Oli on a Wednesday and they were good:)
I do..use way more vanilla..and prefer a pungent sweet vanilla SUGAR..I poke blueberries on top before nestling them in the oven w/ a good sprinkling of Turbinado sugar.

You can find the recipe here..but do read above.
I also finally started digging into Julie Jones' first book..Soulful Baker.
I found Julie on IG..
I loved everything about her..
Her devotion to her mom w/ Alzheimer's was exemplary.

She would often have her stories revolve around her "mum"..heartbreaking..
Her 2 beautiful boys..
Her art in baking..
A magnet she is..and her accent♥♥I am a sucker for a beautiful accent.
And ..well her beautiful face is so approachable..
So that's my story about this great book..
She has a second one out now..kudos..
She has not had an easy year.
I think sometimes one must keep forging ahead..regardless.
I much easier said than done.

In every stage of our lives..we face challenges..

One of our grandsons..adored one of his teachers..
School was fun..he got awards..he was so gung ho.

He loved her.

And  before Christmas..she took a leave..and has not.. and will not return.

He said to me:"Nana I think she's dead"..she's not coming back:(
For once in my life (lol) I had a great teacher."

I was disappointed for his age..this is huge..
he is forging ahead regardless.
There's no choice in the matter.♥
What we learn from invaluable.

My cute thoughtful cards are all put away..but this bouquet arrived it's out and it wanted you to see her..she's a UK card..:)
From Marie..I love fold outs..we are watching Paddington 2 w/ Oli..I love it more that the original! And a pop up book is center stage;)

She's pretty darn lovely~