Thursday, May 22, 2014

What's Not to Love? ♥

It's flowering apple tree time~
Our little town is abloom with them..from whites to deepest pinks and in between soft pinks..That huge one is the one wesee out the back windows..the spread is unbelievable.. 
The wonderfully twisted one is ours through the side windows..
It lost many limbs one year..due to a 100 yr old pine of our neighbors falling..traversing their yard smashing our hedge ..maiming this old tree..with the tips of their pine tree through our screen!
It has returned through the last few years with a whole new persona..Thetree Dr knew what he was doing..
Anyways this year is a showstopping year for these 2 crabapples..
One year..there were almost no blooms:(
Only that one time..
The double heartackingly beautiful..they are in front of oli's school..I went and actually walked inside their form..the limbs and blooms surround you as if in an enchanted castle.

I decided to take advantage of seeing apple trees in bloom in make that fabulous ..fabulously easy apple cake again..
You can find the recipe here..
I made my slices a bit larger in this one..I prefer the look of thinner..but my apples were so small:)
This cake is gorgeous..delicious and easy..
Have no fear in making it♥
I have to keep up with nature and it's offerings at the moment.
I don't want to forget a single thing.



  2. All of your photos are showstoppers Monique. The crabapples have bloomed beautifully here this year as well. How fun to be able to walk among the branches.

  3. So pretty!!! I was working at our friends' office yesterday and they have one in bloom at the front door - the scent is divine. I'm sorry we had to cut our old flowering trees down years ago. I love the hanging lantern :)

  4. Oh my, your trees are stunning. I have never seen anything quite to beautiful. Your photo's are so beautiful. I have copied the recipe and I am going to make that lovely apple cake.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Quel jardin idyllique ! Vos fleurs sont superbes !

  6. What beauty, Monique! Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures with us.

  7. Miracles!! Intensely fantastically magnificent! You must have been in such a wonderful state while being immersed in this beauty! And then, appriciating the tree with its various gifts by baking with the fruit!

  8. The trees are breath taking! Love your window box too.

  9. What's not to love, indeed! Honestly these images are so brilliant that they almost don't look real. I truly can't imagine looking out the window to see such beauty, Monique. I hope you are sketching these for your journal. Magnificent!

  10. Monique, I love your yard every season. But spring is amazing.


  11. Beautiful flowers Monique! I miss the Apple Orchards that surrounded us when we lived down South. The seasons in an orchard are pretty special. Thank you for showing us your gorgeous Spring, and helping me to remember the loveliness which was once on my doorstep each season of the year! Love you! xxoo

  12. I love being able to see spring all over again Monique at your house. We're pretty much into summer now here in NC but I'm reveling at the beauty of your spring!! Lovely, as is your delicious looking apple dessert. I'm always in the mood for apple :)

  13. How beautiful, Monique! We used to have a yard full of apple trees...loved making applesauce every fall.

  14. Oh my, such breathtaking beauty. The photos are all fantastic.

    I want to try that recipe. It looks beautiful and delicious!

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  15. It's that time of year when can actually see glory.
    I met a woman at that tree(s) and suggested she walk under the canopy to SEE.
    She then invited her 2 friends to walk in..I left them to revel in the feeling.
    In the winter things are pretty also..but going out w/ a camera..etc and trudging through feet of snow..

    Well what can I say..Every moment is a photo to me ..never as beautiful as what the eye sees..but there's a pleasure of seeing even more in everything to actually stop and admire and then see it again to admire nature again.
    Plus she said..(the other woman..a tour quide..)..that she liked to paint and took pics to have inspiration..I said ME TOO.
    And that was that..Bonjour..Au revoir..

  16. Lovely! Our flowering crab apples, etc. have flowered and moved on. They were a most welcome sight after our really harsh winter!


  17. The trees are explosions of color reminding me to giant cotton candy cones. Who does not love Spring!

  18. What magnificent apple trees..Thank you for sharing their beauty and your lovely apple cake.
    Have a bon weekend! ;-)

  19. pretty pretty, I love tree blossom time, ours has already come and gone, so i love seeing yours and how you captured it all

  20. So beautiful Monique. My crabapples give a bang for their buck. The pink one is for show only, but the white I use for jams, juices and liqueurs.

  21. Look absolutely georgeous I love Je aime spring Monique just beautiful!!

  22. I Love the magic of spring. You have captured it beautifully.

  23. Splendid flowers and pictures! Spring is such a wonderful season.



  24. Absolutely splendid! Spring has to be the most glorious time of the year and most welcomed after a long snowy winter.