Friday, May 2, 2014

When I was a young mom..

  C'est le mois de mai..le mois de le mois des mamans au Québec~

Les filles au Parc Belmont  circa 1970's ap.
We wanted to eat them up..every day~

I really had no idea what I was doing.. I played house..
Married at 20..a mom at 21..and no one to really show me the way..

Thank goodness for 19 years I had had a great great great great I knew  a few things....but I was zero in the kitchen..

And pretty close to that in sewing..Everything I made couldn't have a zipper..or a there was a lot of velcro going on and hand stitched little loops for pearl buttons..
I loved to dress the girls alike..
Even though there were 18 months difference..between the two of them..
I was the first in my friends to have a bébé..♥
No kidding.. I am not talking the 50's..the 70's here..
My friends were youth hostaling Europe..or continuing university..
I had to stop university..for many reasons..

But I do believe in "Le destin.."~
So at destin began..

It was so affordable to sew back then..Bouclair had a dollar stage..where all the fabric was $1.00 for 1 yard..I could get at least 2 little dresses like these out of that yard..

Un peu plus tard

That little expression the very Max.. She is Max and Oli..The little one's expression to the right at that Noah..looks like his dad..but has his mom's expressions.. the oldest and a blend of everyone..!
Life was so simple computer the kids played outside all the time..
Finding fun in the simplest of things..Like making dandelion picnic tables..wearing Strawberry Shortcake tops.

Les filles et leur amie dans le sous-bois

And if they stayed in..well we didn't have superhero costumes..but they could don my boots and shoes..(oy remember those shoes?)... (Candies I think)..I don't own a pair of heels now..for the last 25 yrs at least..put one of my aprons on and their hats..
This was a particular day when their dad had done their hair:)And they had tried on anything available..
I can't believe I had window boxes..inside...Priscilla curtains were on every window..and our bed was festooned in a Priscilla Canopy.
Oh lala he put up with a lot..
Even Holly Hobbie wallpaper.
This is a polaroid below..:)

Les the 70's..

I must admit I love seeing old shots..we had a 35 mm most are on slides.Or a Polaroid..
I have so many beautiful photos of our darling photogenic  funny adorable girls..But you need a VIEWMASTER..:)
I made up for lost time as soon as I got a real camera..

The love of cooking and baking came with the years..
I loved playing house..
And along the way I met people that influenced me..Thank goodness...I had no role models..I needed guidance:)
One of the first women I met  that influenced me was Denise.. a back yard neighbor..she had 3 boys..she gave me the recipe for my fave Gâteau Blanc I have made for the past 40 years..we were not there long..
I had spent 10 yrs there..but we moved when I had both girls..

Then Nicole.. when we first moved to the country.. it was mainly because of her...Oh no one could decorate a house or make things pretty like Nicole..she had 2 girls and we were such nice changed.. she moved..her life changed yet again and we lost touch..
But she is the one who made me enjoy setting a pretty table.. making food look good..well trying to make food look good..She was a stewardess and I had her on a pedestal.. she never fell off..♥
Then Gail..Gail had 3 daughters a bit older..and what a dear she was..she would pass down kilts and leotards..and snowsuits..and recipes..Oh her onion pie at Christmas..and her shortbreads..her spritz cookies..
and these..her Oatmeal bars..
When I went over for tea and these oatmeal bars were on the counter waiting for me..for us..
It felt so cozy and welcoming..
Life changed..she moved and we lost touch..
It's a shame that moving from one province to another..changes more dinners together..tea.. holidays..
She was one of my daughter's first piano teachers too..The goodness in that girl..and her laugh..contagious.
My daughters loved her and  her oatmeal bars I made them and made them and made them..
I could make them in my sleep..

Even though  the girls don't live with us..
Jacques still loves these..and the girls do too~

Gail's Oatmeal Bars

La Recette~
2 cups of rolled oats
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup melted butter
1/2 tsp vanilla

Mix all dry ings add vanilla and melted butter..stir well  make sure everything is well coated..
pat in an 8x8 pan..
Bake at 350 for 20 mins..
Cut in squares when slightly cooled.

Trip down memory lane.
Such sweet innocent days.

I loved all those women who taught me so much..:)

Feeling  Mother's Day ish I think:)
The girls and I are going out to lunch..:)♥

You can't help but think of your own mom..every single Mother's Day.

And become very grateful..when you see your mom's jet black hair on one of your daughters..freckles of your dad  on another.. the best of the best in me..a very partial judge.
A wonderful mystery.

Since then..Oatmeal bars have expanded..

To granola bars..

I thought my alphabet boys would love these.. it was Pinned through Helene.  (I am a follower..of her beautiful blog and Pinterest..).to the original site..

Who was I kidding?
I knew everyone would love these..

No Bake..peanut butter chocolate chip ..pretzel  granola bars..♥

You can find the recipe so good.Crazy good.Even cold.

Bon Weekend..~


  1. Oh, it's just so wonderful to indulge ourselves with wonderful memories, isn't it? Your children are just as precious as can be, just little dolls! I enjoyed reading every word or your post today, so touching and heartwarming!
    Have a beautiful day~

  2. You too Nancy!
    I have enjoyed your posts also..
    You are an inspiration.

  3. I love this post. We were leading very similar lives (me with two boys) at about the same time--you north of the border, me south. Although I had my mother, grandmother and lots of aunts in my life for a long time, they did not pass on their skills in the kitchen. They did pass on lovely memories. And, I never made a buttonhole either!! Your girls are lovely!


    1. You are right ..same era..same nice kids!

  4. Such gorgeous pictures of your girls - I used to dress mine the same too and they (and I) loved it! the granola bars are making my stomach growl!

    1. Mary..sometimes I made myself a matching outfit..I definitely carried it too far:)

  5. Such a wonderful post with all your memories, your adorable daughters and the women who helped you along the way, so touching and I loved reading it. Its nice to look back once in awhile and remember our journey.

    1. They say.. you only discover later why somethinh happened in the past~
      So many things we never forget.

  6. A precious stroll down memory lane. I sat sipping my coffee as I enjoyed reading this post. You write straight from the heart. We get so sentimental as we get older, I know at least I do. I must try the PB granola for my hubby as he L O V E S all things PB. Have a great weekend too. <3

    1. You might even nibble..:)
      Oh do we ever get more sentimental the older we get..I thought how I was would be hard to beat..
      Not so..

  7. Un parcours unique peut-être et vous dites que vous êtes partie de peu, et pourtant vous êtes arrivée à un haut point. Une Maman géniale, je n'en doute pas !
    Gardez confiance en vous <3

  8. lovely post, photos and memories!
    thank you for the recipes ... will make the bars this weekend ♥

  9. So coincidental that you posted these old pics, Monique! I am in the process of scanning old photos and slides - some very old ones of my mother as a child and my father. Slides of our first vacation together as newlyweds to Arizona. Bell bottoms, long hair, etc., etc., You remember...and the shoes :) Love this trip down memory lane! Adorable girls, adorable grandkids. Lucky us :) I also had a role model in the kitchen. My roommate when I first started teaching. She was a great cook and taught me how to make appetizers. Never had before! Appetizers were veggie sticks and dip to me - LOL.

    Those granola bars look really, really good. My tummy is growling now :)

    1. I know we share so many things,,about our married lofe etc.. the girls and now the boys:)
      You play golf though lol..:)

      I wanted to add more pics but the scanner isn't hooked up to the new computer..
      Soon.. the printer works ..but haven't figured out the scanner.
      I know you are thinking about your mom toox

  10. What a lovely and nostalgic story!

    1. As you know..time flies..

      and it's true the older you get the more small things stand out..

  11. What a beautiful family! Yes, you were a young mother! Our first child came on my 33rd birthday! Aren't we lucky to have friends who influence us to branch out in our kitchen endeavors? I will definitely be trying these recipes! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I never thought I was young..:) retrospect..I you were a kid!
      My daughters had their sons in their 30s..

      They seem so young to me:)not immature..young..

      Everyone seems young!!

  12. Quel beau destin, Monique! Thanks for sharing it & what a gift these memoirs are for your family. I love how you pass on your happiness & love & creativity to the next generations of your family as well as to your blogging community. Hope for the world!

  13. I was a mediocre seamstress at best, I made and embroidered my daughter's outfits. I made cowboy shirts for my son - they were in style then - really. But, just yesterday I found a quilted pillow my friend made me. It had all the scrap pieces of our little girls dresses and outfits. I just hugged it for all the sweet memories. Lovely post Monique.

    Have you been watching Call The Midwives? It has been pretty gritty this season.


    1. WE have both been watching..and loving every tear jerking episode..

      We both cry!

      The love..the caring..the sorrow..
      Especially the love.
      I have hugged things by myself too Madonna:)

  14. Oh, what a sweet post! It's a treat to see your girls as little ones. Beautiful, just like their mom.
    Thank you for stopping by with your thoughtful words, Monique. Time in my garden has been wonderful this spring. I feel my mother's presence as I prune and plant. She was beautiful inspiration in my life, as you are to your girls.
    Happy Mother's Day, my friend!

    1. They never leave our things we say..things we dox

  15. Beautiful post. Love the girls and their fine wardrobes! I especially love the expression on your eldest in the red sash. (Did you say Hollie hobbie wallpaper!!)

    1. I did say..HH wallpaper..I was 21...Imagine.. many moves since then,,and no wallpaper last 13yrs:)
      Stripped enough to last a lifetime through our homes:)

  16. What a fun walk down memory lane with you and your adorable family. You've created so many sweet memories with the girls and your neighbors through the years. I've had many mentors as we moved about and I am grateful to them for guiding me along the way.

    Lovely post Monique and one I will fondly remember. Happy Mother's Day to you.

    1. I think you were probably a mentor:)!You still are!

  17. Thank you for visiting my blog. Our daughter and son-in-law are quite the outdoor experts, and they are the source of my "knowledge." That's what is known as Trillium around here, so they say. It's a beautiful day here! Lots of sunshine, and my husband is in the vegetable garden!

  18. You are so lucky! I have not seen a trillium in a yr:)

  19. Love your story and photos of your girls. Looks like this was a discover old photos month, I found some of my girls too. They are a similar age difference as yours. The photos bring you right back to each time in their lives and your life. I think lots of us did the same thing you did as we traveled down the path of life. I do applaud your sewing projects. Somehow even though there was a period I made almost everything I wore, I only made my girls one Christmas dress each (plaid with eyelet pinafore). By the way, I made your wannabe walker cookies for our British guests and they were a BIG hit.

    1. Terry:-)
      I have to scan the pinaforesO:-)
      How cute were they?
      It's been in looking through old albums..
      I look through them often..
      I show the boys their moms..
      I am so glad the cookies were a hit..thanks so much!

  20. Quel joli billet ! C'est chouette de parcourir avec toi ce chemin de mémoire ... Sympa aussi de te souvenir de tous ces gens qui ont marqué par leur passage ton existence ... Ici, la fête des mères est en fin mai ... Un peu plus tard, donc. J'aime bien la fête des mères ...
    Bisous et bon dimanche

  21. Et toi tu m'inspires depuis notre"rencontre":)

  22. It is amazing how fast things change and time flies, looks like you have created some wonderful memories.

  23. What a fun, fun post Monique. I LOVED seeing the pictures of your girls and a peek into your life as a young mom. Some of our old recipes are the best. I forget about those old treasures sometimes. These bars sound great!! Thanks for sharing all of this :)

  24. That was great, a wonderful walk down memory lane. It is amazing the things we learned from other women along our paths. Of course, our moms had the most influence! For years I bought all the same brands she bought, just because.
    I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!

  25. what lovely and beautiful pictures, so lovely Monique, Love these bars look amazing!

  26. The granola bars..TOP my oatmeal bars..

    They are just too good..
    have a great evening..
    A Demain~

  27. I love seeing these pictures of your little girls M. And good grief were all those dandelions on your property? What a clever way to use them.

  28. Your daughters are so lovely, Monique. We had to be so creative when we were young mothers. I made most of my children's clothes. I couldn't afford to do otherwise. What a sweet picture of them wearing their mommy's shoes. My girls were close in age too and I often dressed them alike. Good memories and lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.

  29. Wasn't it fun to design (and shop) for your little girls' dresses? I still have all the dresses I made Sam- can't seem to part with them.
    You did a wonderful job, mon ami.

  30. Oh Monique, you and I are so much alike and have so many parallels in our lives. No wonder we connected spirits. Married at 19, no one around to help, dressing our girls alike in homemade dresses. I loved to cook, but had so much to learn. Thankfully I had good friends throughout the years who taught me along the way, many things. I lived so far away from my mother and family so my friends became my family. It was good. To this day I have very good friends that go way back to those days. It's a blessing. Love, LOVE the oatmeal bars and squares. So delicious looking and perhaps healthy? Oats are good for the heart! Love you! xxoo

  31. Precious moments! I love old photographs, so much life in them-)

  32. Cute girls! I was born in the 70's...

    Lovely granola bars.



  33. I think we always get nostalgic when we look back at old photos of our family and friends and remember how they contributed to how we lived our own lives. Wonderful moments and memories that you should always treasure. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post.

  34. They were absolutely delicious little girls...
    You make me tear up...thinking about the passage of time...
    Bisous xo