Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jaws....and Max ,Noah and Grizzly..,Gardens~

It's no secret our darling Max has a fixation w/ sharks.
I had no idea the day I mentioned the movie Soul Surfer and Bethany Hamilton..that Max would be so smitten.
Mind you these boys FISH..
In Florida..the whole I click..
The boys,dad,mom..enjoy casting and casting and watching and waiting and catching.
They are good.
You never ever hear..:"I am bored"~
They have their bait..eeewww,lures,rods,book about which fish they can catch and cannot..

They have caught small sharks..
funny though..when their dad prepares lobster..
it's a different story..
They can bit a bit squeamish at that.
Anyways Max's bday this year is shark themed.
They are all going to Toronto..there is an aquarium w/ sharks..they will stay in a cake at midnight..and have fun en famille before his celebration dinner at home.
We will do what we always do and take him to lunch..he gets to pick a gift or two.I jumped the gun this year because where would I find sharks?
So Amazon..was the source for his Shark Toutou(furry friend,stuffie)..EBAY the source for a silver shark necklace and a shark's tooth bracelet..and Ebay for this shark cookie cutter that came in a set of 6 different sea world cutters...I had some..but not one shark.
I made the usual Sprinkle Bakes sugar cookie I have posted..and whipped up..some sort of Royal Icing.
I have given up on outlining...for the moment.
I think I would need a class..The outline is often too hard and cracks..
the lines not flowing like the ones I see on blogs..
so I head to flood fill right away:)
No lines just flood the cookie..
Then add food marker and icing accents.
I bought a little globe shaped vase and decorated it like the sea  with shells and a net..
Easier to give  this way and Max may actually notice..
Do you know he has known the exact countdown in days to his birthday..geesh since Christmas I think.

I think he will like these:)
8 years old..
So much so..I cannot believe I made the sand dollar cookies in 2012~
They are so easy and so good too..
And then 2010
That post brought a tear to my eye when I reread it recently..
Someone I "knew"  through my Texas..
was just such a nice nice person..she would send me links to recipes for the boys..  if she made paper things that were so cute she would send me one.. she once sent a JoAnn's fabrics craft bag..we spoke of fairy gardens and Texas..and here..about our husbands..and food..
When I posted about Rod McKuen and my LPs..on this particular post..she wrote and asked if she could send me some of hers..
I said no..I had his poetry books and I was all grown up now..and didn't even have a turntable any more..
But I just could not get over all her kindness..
She is the one her husband wrote to me to tell me of her passing.
I think about her so much.
A little angel in heaven fo certain.
Probably overlooking all our fairy gardens now.

The peony side  garden will bloom soon:)  The Alliums lead the way as do the Korean Lilacs..the scent at the moment is so nice..I have about 4 clematis in there two growing up ..and 2 meandering..some roses..Irises..poppies.. a yellow tree peony..odds and ends..and hydrangeas at the back..I added cleomes and salvia at the front for wher the Forget Me Nots ..Forget Me.
The thing about it's green before color happens..and green it is..
The round cutting garden is sooo green..can't wait for the pops of color.Some roses..Irises..a tree peony..shastas.. rudbeckias..perennial geraniums..the hostas circle my little Trevi Fountain:)

My little family across the street got a new camera and let me play with it♥
It gets a lot more in than mine..and these were automatic!
Mind you it's a very good camera:)
I would love to be a camera tester...
I think I would..just to see how they all work differently.
You know..I thank God for my liking hobbies.♥

Some of you might remember Noah's dog Kali  went to heaven while he was in Florida..she was older and apparently had a weak heart..we never knew.. and she was checked regularly..
Anyways.. a couple of months ago..they went to meet Grizzly..
Tuesday night much to all their joy..Grizzly moved in..

Happy Boy..happy dog♥

Forgive the resolution...I will get better ones from her..The day we visited..Wednesday..he was either too busy running around..or sleeping in his bed..
Hope he gets along with the far..he has fit in perfectly there.


  1. So
    Look cute!!!
    Only you:) you are the best!
    The cookies look beautiful and love this cute dog!!

  2. Oh, Monique, it's all so enchanted!!!! The cookies, the garden, the boy, the dog, you & your photos!

    1. The dog and his boy:)
      So glad both families have doggies for the Littles..
      You can tell kids love a pet!
      Thank you Rita.

  3. I am going to have to make those sand dollar cookies - how adorable is that!!! You are such an amazing artist. I wish I had a fraction of your talent. A beautiful post! Have a great weekend.

    1. I hope you try them. I want to make them again too..maybe for a beach day..a tin of sea cookies!
      You too have a great weekend!

  4. Monique, your posts are such bliss. The shark cookies in the fishbowl are amazing! I pinned your recipe for sand dollar cookies ages ago and still have yet to make them... they do look so good. Your garden looks amazing. Hugs

    1. Pretty much more green right now ..but soon some colours will pop.
      Winter was harsh and some things are lost:(
      A dear pink diamond standard hydrangea..a focal point of a front life yet!
      Gail..I am going to make those cookies soon too!

  5. I love your sand dollar cookies!

  6. These cookies are so much fun! I love the way you packaged them in the bowl! So adorable.

    1. I was happy the thought came to me:) Thanks Amy!

  7. Wonderful..wonderful!
    Is there nothing you can't do?
    Love your Sand dollars. They look very sandy...

    1. :)
      That magazine..Food and Drink has so many great recipes..
      So much I can't much..

  8. So creative with the shark cookies! Our Rachel turns nine this weekend. Your gardens are breathtaking Monique. Makes me want to become a better gardener. The deer eat everything I plant. As usual I spent lots of time here, clicking from link to link. It is always so fascinating and relaxing.

    1. If Jacques didn't take care of the grass..the gardens would not pop out;)
      I find them still so green:(
      A gardener always should have seen it yesterday..I keep saying..wait till next week!
      Never just right:)
      Thanks Penny..Rachel is in between Max and Lucas Lucas will be 10..Noah 7 and Oli 6..all 4 have summer birthdays..

  9. Max is going to be one happy boy when he gets that "shark bowl". You did a wonderful job decorating the cookies with Royal icing. And the sand dollars! I remember my cousin coming back from a trip and giving her little cousins sand dollars. I think if you shake them you can hear the sand inside. I have bought a cookie jar and it is empty. I need to fill it with something. Some sand dollar cookies would be nice. Your gardens look so good. We have had two afternoons of thunderstorms and downpours which the gardens needed. Still no clematis in bloom but soon.... Have a great weekend.

    1. You too!
      WE have had some rain also which helped.. will try and weed and trim today..we have a helper..Oli:)
      You will enjoy the sand dollars..I find them in Fl..and have been known to buy one or two..

      This ..I read a long time ago and I did find the arrow type things they mention..

      Wow..that's a long link hope it works..if not..Google Legend Of the Sand Dollar;)

  10. We are so lucky to have the internet for finds such as those for Max's birthday theme. All the parties I remember as a child were the same: princess pink for girls and cowboy theme for boys. I'm sure he will love his party!! Happy birthday for Max.


    1. I know!
      I had a little book..that showed you how to ut out cakes to make elephants..angels etc;)
      I still remember one party ..that I was a child.. and in the small hallway of the city appartment there was a pin the tail onthe Donkey..
      Things have come a LOOOOOONG way..

  11. I LOVE the shark cookies! You know I made the hats for M & D and I got the face painting book from the library and face paints from JoAnn so I am ready for summer fun. Are the shark cookie cutters from Amazon too? And how you wrapped them in the little fish bowl - Stinkin' cute :) I think "Je voudrais voir la mer" sounds so much prettier than "I would like to see the sea" :) Max and his brothers will love the aquarium! We went to a wonderful one in Atlanta, Georgia last September and there is also an outstanding one in Chicago where we took our girls years ago. Your garden looks beautiful! Even though it is still mostly green - I love the color of the green in spring, emerald green! I have Jack-in-the-Pulpets here too :) The Fairy House and fairy look perfect next to it and all the green. I watched Maleficent last night, speaking of fairies. I liked it but I'm a sucker for that kind of movie :) Oh, little Grizzly is such a cutie! Puppy time is wonderful. Noah will have so much fun this summer with his new doggie. I'd love to be a camera tester too! There is always something better that comes up just as we finally get used to the old one :)

  12. My daughters told me I would love Maleficent so I am keen to watch..Jacques is the animation guy.. but some I have UP..

    and I get to see animations a lot here:)
    The boys..Lucas and Max..have watched all of Full House..imagine..remember our girls watching the Olsen twins in their cribs?
    they astrted anothers series our girls watched and for the life of me it's on the tip of my tongue..
    I should get them intereted in Little House on The Prairie:)
    I could not have planned Jack that well with the fairies..nature! they come up here and there in that area..
    The cookie cutter set is from EBAY..

    not sure if this is the exact seller as mine were free shipping but about $7.00 cdn for all..

    You know how wonderful it would be if I could just walk them over to you?

    I think the sharks will be's here.
    Grizzly is edible Susan.His paws have perfect brown pads in caramel fur..his face is shaped like a heart..and he is already cuddly.
    The teacher in M got up every second hour the first night to let him out;) They all love dogs..perfect matches all around.
    Have a beautiful weekend Nana2

  13. Love your beach themed cookies, Monique. My little great grandson is coming out for a visit to the beach this summer. He lives in Chicago and is thrilled with the sight of the ocean. Little toes in little waves. I made little shell cookies for him last summer and I think the sand dollars would be perfect this year. I share your thoughts about piping royal icing. I can't do it without making a terrible mess that dries rock hard. I've given up on that.

  14. Happy, sad, impressed...and ending with a big smile at seeing Grizzly. Your round cutting garden will come into my life sometime, soon! And always smitten with your packaging and cookies - you are a Super Nana!

    1. You are! Yu are moving to be with them♥
      That's Amore!

  15. What a great post. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Kali. How sad she passed when Noah was away. Grissly is a stinker, so darn cute! They bring us so much joy.
    Monique, your gardens are so beautiful. I love your beach cookies. They looks so real, especially the sand dollar ones. The sharks are darling. Your posts make me smile.
    I admire your creativity....

    1. I admire yours!

      It ws sad about Kali..Alain was afraid to tell her..

      they ahve her at their home..w/ a hosta and a bleeding heart at her little spot..
      This Grizzly..he is edible..
      I can't leave their dogs alone..when I am at Caroline's I usually have Ray in my arms..(a chihuahua:) )
      Take care with all the nurturing you have to do..want to do..are so good to do.

  16. Max will adore those shark cookies! I do too! Your gardens are so pristine...beautiful! Everything you do is filled with beauty!
    Bisous xoxoxoxoxo

  17. There is so much to love here Monique. Max will just adore all that you gift him with, and especially because everything is so filled with your love. I think you are just the most wonderful Grandmother ever. Your gardens are gorgeous even without the blooms and so pristine. I am looking forward to the blooms however. I just know they will be even more beautiful. I was sorry to hear that Noah's dog passed. It's always so heartbreaking when that happens, but little Grizzly looks like a real joy! How simply wonderful. You always make me smile. I Love my visits with you. xoxo

    1. You would love that Pooch..both of them:)

      Have a great weekend Marie...

  18. The sharks are so adorable! I love the ones in the cellophane bag with shells. How quickly they grow. Your fairies are so adorable. I am just setting my fairies up - the grandkids got ahead of me and put some things out. So last night after a sleepover I gave the girls fairies seated on unicorns and one little one got a planter with moss and a bench and little trees etc. to have her own fairy garden. The others have started theirs at their new house. I love it that they want to be like grandma! We did a castle last year so the boys didn't feel left out with knights and dragons, etc.

    1. Your Littles are very lucky!
      And your mom..well..hurry with the next lovely letter:)

  19. Love all your photos, Monique, but that last one with your grandson and Grizzly made my heart smile.
    And those shark cookies - perfection. You really know the way to a little boy's heart.

    1. My daughter took that pic Susan..Little Grizzly came to visit us Sunday..he is a real Gund:)
      Thank you:)

  20. Me encantan, un fondo de mar precioso. Te han quedado genial.

  21. You outdid yourself this time, Monique, you really really did. I adore this mini- aquarium, your grandson must love it so.

  22. Love the shark cookies-))) You always have an amazing ideas for sweet bakes!

  23. Monique, The shark cookies are a work of art! Love the idea to wrap them up and put them in a small aquarium! The sand dollar cookies are so pretty displayed in the sugar bucket too!! Your garden is just beautiful, the fairies look very happy there!!

  24. Je me demandais tout à l'heure en lisant ton billet suivant qui était ce grizzly . C'est en fait que j'avais loupé un épisode ! Quelle adorable petite boule de poils !
    Quant à ces requins et oursins, ils sont vraiment magnifiques eux aussi ! Ah, ce bocal enrubanné ! Bon, j'ai fait en plus une leçon d'anglais en te lisant ce matin. Je ne connaissais pas le terme de sand dollar. En plus, je pense que je n'avais jamais vu de sand dollar non plus ... Je ne suis pas sûre que nous ayons de ces oursins plats chez nous ... J'ai vu qu'on les appelait aussi sea cookies en Nouvelle Zélande. ça tombe bien, non ? ;o)

    1. Grizzly est un coup de ♥ Hélène.. comme un toutou dans une boutique.
      Doux comme tout..
      Quant aux requins..Maxime fut bien content hier en ouvrant ces cadeaux de trouver cet aquarium;)
      C'est en Floride que je trouve mes Sand Dollars:)

  25. Your cookies are precious! Especially the one in French...I would like to see the sea :)
    Speaking of Bethany Hamilton :) In December I visited Honolulu (our cousin moved there) and we went to the North Shore to see surfing...never thinking we'd see Bethany and we did!! I am still in shock and awe that it happened! After she stepped out of the water, I had plenty of time to snap photos of her and didn't know at the time but she had to have been about 3 months pregnant. Sweet girl.