Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rose De Mai~

Rose De Mai~
May here in my small town is  all about pink..and white..rose et blanc..what's not to love?
I wish every post I ever posted was Rose De Mai~

Rose rose rose..
We have so many blooming apple trees..almond trees..
that pink is predominant .
A picture perfect little town in May..

After the rains..the grass is greening up nicely and the leaves are sprouting.

I heard the rain impige upon the earth~ James Joyce~

I have a few precious items in my post today..
not only have I planted the most beautiful French radish seeds..
but I have actually been in love with the way I have smelled

Cerisier En Fleur..


 Rose De Mai..


 Sublime scents~♥

I have always loved flowers in brown paper bags..
so much the 80's I made a ceramic paper bag;)
2 actually..I gave one away..and kept one..and still have it.

It never dawned on me back put a a bag:)

When this bag arrived to a gift ..
w/ 2 different sides..written on..(oh me and the written word..)
I knew.
I knew.
I knew a vase at one point would be settled in..this brown paper bag~
Be still my ♥
You know..the simplest things..bring the most pleasure..
the sight of your husband..a friend..children..grandchildren..nature..the sky..blooms..fresh kind email..a snail mail..a pet.. a song ..a scent..a child.

Pink and white blooming in your town after the coldest winter you remember..

these are the important things..

gardens growing,flowers blooming..
on your own..
or with someone..
cups of tea..cups of coffee..a great cookie..
 a piece of cake..
a smile,
a good movie..
a good show..
a good book..
a fantastic clematis ..a fantastic recipe..
a glass of wine..
the sea..
pretty paper..

I talk way too much in May..
when our world turns into technicolor.

Enfin.. here is a GOOD cookie for you~


Milk And Cookies Bakery..Vanilla Cookies and Variations..
this one is the classic chocolate chunk cookie.

2 1/2 cups old fashioned rolled oats
 2 cups flour
 1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt(I omit because I use salted butter)
1 1/2 cup unsalted butter room temp(I use salted)
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup light brown sugar
2 large eggs room temp.(I used Alain's)
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract(I use vanilla bean paste)
2 cups chocolate curls
2 cups chocolate chunks

Pre heat oven to 350F
In a food processor..process the oats until they are finely ground..
Add to the flour and baking powder..soda and salt..
In the bowl of your stand mixer... cream butter ap 3 minutes until soften it perfectly
with the motor running..add the at at time until well incorporated..add the eggs one at a time..beating well after each addition..add the vanilla..keep scraping down the bowl w/  a you add the ingredients*
Slowly beat in the dry mixture..
While the mixture is still a bit streaky..  scrape the paddle.. add to the mix and knead the dough with lightly floured hands..Do not overwork..just make sure everything is blended..
At this point you can add what you want..I added chocolate chips..milk choc chips the first time..
The author advises for choc chips..2 cups of choc. chips
2 cups chocolate shavings..
I added  enough choc chips until they looked exactly like I wanted them to look..
Place on parchment lined cookie sheets in a pre-heated 350 degree oven..scoop w/ a small ice cream scoop..into balls of ap 1 1/2 inch to make hockey puck shape:)

Bake for ap 15 minutes..
This book has many cookie recipes..basic doughs..and add-ons..I think this book is really many books go off on tangents..this one sticks to basics and adds~ons:)

PS..This is just me writing about the  book..they don't even know I read it..


  1. The cookies sound wonderful, and the scent of rose in incomperable

    1. They are good!
      It's a good book..I am a tough critic for books and cookbooks..
      I rely on my cookbookie:) and trials..
      This one is very good:)

  2. Tell me more about your perfumes, Monique. I am looking for a rose scent and wonder about yours. I'm so glad May has come to your little town. You sound so happy. The pictures are beautiful and I wish I had a cookie right now.

  3. I love roses and all with roses and maybe you noticed:))
    Aww all look beautiful and the pictures are wonderful Monique!

  4. Happiness abounds in this post. Yes, it is the simple things that bring us joy. My roses have bloomed out for now, but a new flush is on the way. The ice berg by my front steps smell heavenly. The knockouts have no fragrance, but they do put on a show. '-)
    Lovely, lovely post!

    1. Our roses..are of course far behid yours..the leaves are starting to come out..
      Soon..things happen quickly when they do..they have to squeeze life in 5-6 months!

  5. I believe in pink! The happiest color!

    1. I knew you would;)
      You are always sooo happy..cheerful and your work reflects that.

  6. So much to love here Monique. Pink blossom. Paper bags. Cookies. I would love to see your town all pinked up in May. I am sure its almost magical. Must try those cookies too! xoxo

    1. Like huge CottonCandy through the pretty..ethereal..for about 1 week-10 days..then other things happen:)

  7. Tu vois, je savais moi aussi que tu saurais faire quelque-chose de ce petit sac-là ! ;o) Je suis toujours très attachée, comme toi, au graphismes et aux mots ... Tu es arrivée à lui donner une âme ... Ce que tu fais à chaque fois que tu touche un objet, d'ailleurs ... Je suis contente que les petits sachets parfumés te plaisent. J'en garde toujours un ou deux dans mon sac, "au cas où", moi ... Des fois, coincée dans la voiture dans un embouteillage sans fin, ça fait du bien de respirer ces senteurs fleuries et printanières ... Quant aux livre de Milk and Cookies, je l'ai rapporté une fois de New York ... J'avais adoré ma visite à leur boulangerie ... ;o)
    Allez, je te laisse ... Je dois descendre fouler le tapis rouge (et pourquoi ne feraient-ils pas rose, leur tapis ? ;o) )
    Bisous et à très vite

    1. Crois nous que nous pensons à toi..mon gendre Frédérick étiait chez nous la journée de l'arrivée de ces trésors et a tout aimé de cette délicatesse..Jacques..bien comme de raison..était présent lors du déballage:)
      Nous avons un attachement à la France..♥
      Et que tu aies pris le temps de visiter La Maison De L'Empereur:)

      Il est franchement bon ce n'en reviens pas que tu y sois allée !
      Cela est un oubli de ma part que tu sois allée à leur crois que j'ai de la revision à faire!

  8. Bonjour chère Nana,

    Tu as toujours des petites idées très originales qui apporte un petit plus dans la vie de tous les jours. A cette époque de l'année, c'est formidable de prendre du temps pour admirer les fleurs, la nature... Cette jolie période passe malheureusement si vite, qu'il faut en profiter.
    Je suis très admirative de toutes tes superbes photos... Elles illuminent ma journée.

    Et les friandises... comment résister ? après avoir fait un bon tour de jardin ?... Une tasse de thé à l'ombre des arbres fleuris... Du délice +++

    Gros bisous ☼

    1. J'adore regarder la nature et l' n'y a pas une journée lorsque je travaillais..en auto..ou non..que je n'admirais pas tout ce que je voyais..Printemps..Eté..Automne et nos belles journées d'hiver..non pas toutes !

  9. Only you can make a paper bag look so lovely. So much pretty in this post.
    Pink blossoms and cookies go together ;o)
    Do you wear the Rose de Mai and love it?

    1. I love both Debbie..Cerisier En Fleurs is sweeter..I find..and Rose de Mai..more floral.
      They are Eau de Toilette so not as strong a s a perfume..
      These are samples so I am being frugal:)
      I love samples,you get to know what works and not.
      When someone offers me a sample in a store.I love them.
      Kiehl's is great for that.
      As a teen in school I worked part time in Cosmetics at a large dept store..Eaton's..we were lucky.I had a ball with the samples and would love helping people with their make up.
      Helped pay my expenses.
      They do go together.
      I love bags:)

    2. And speaking of bags, I'm making your apple pie in a bag tonight :-)

  10. I always feel your joy in your beautiful posts! Your photographs are just lovely and I'm all about those elegant colors!
    Have a sweet day, Nana~

  11. Fragonard is such a nice Fragrance house ~
    Rose ~ Toutes les fleurs le sont ~

  12. lovely post!!! Kisses from Spain!!!

  13. So, so pretty!
    Be still my ♥
    Love the brown bag/vase concept.
    Utter simplicity and elegant too.

    1. Our whole world changes here in May.
      Un vrai renouveau:)
      Have you tried these fragrances?

  14. What a wonderful idea, putting flowers in a bag! Your cookies sound wonderful.

  15. Des roses de mai, des plaisirs, la simplicité...How wonderful to have an open and unfettered heart to be able to take it all in as you do. I love the way the pink is flowing through your post. I love the ceramic paper bag!! I have a small ceramic LL Bean bag, and it is very sweet!

    1. Bonjour Rita.. the bag is a real bag:)From France..Marseilles:)
      My ceramic one is in the basement..stored for future use..:) Not well stored..kind of on a shelf w/ Christmas decorations..Maine must be popping now too!
      Thank you:)

  16. Monique, I remember seeing ceramic paper bags, loved the concept. But, to use a paper bag is a wonderful idea. I'm in love with this Rose De Mai post. The photos are gorgeous!! Thanks so much for the cookie recipe too, they look delicious. Your important things are my favorites too!!

    1. I know Jody I can tell by all your posts:)

  17. Have a Nice weekend !!!...what a beautiful post !...Love Ria...x!

  18. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and i love your lists of the important things in life. and i love that little rose de mai card.
    have a lovely weekend

    1. A lovely one to you too..I always wish good things for you..
      Can't wait to see more of your journaling~

  19. I love to see what makes you happy! Many similar joys here :) I love this blooming tree time of year. Trees loaded with scents and pretty pink and white blossoms. Oh, that mug...I think I need one! I ♥ the bag too. I wish you great success with those radish seeds. I will pay attention and learn if you have luck. Another wonderful cookie recipe! I love the oats in these. A must try added. What a wonderful post filled with happiness.

    1. Mylène gave me the mug at Mother's day..:) The make is Thoughtful Gardener..little red bird in the it is very toi too..
      Busy time of year..we must step back and admire too..not just dig and prune and weed right?♥
      I am sure your gardens are beauteous!!

  20. Town looks wonderful with the trees in bloom! How fast it all comes after we thought it would never arrive. That is genius to use the bag as a vase and I too love that coffee mug. My sister's specialty is chocolate chip cookies but I am getting that cookbook out of the library. Need cookie recipes as you know. I saw your "about1/2c" pitcher and I hit goodwill and home goods looking for something close. No luck, but you know I came home with some things from home goods. That store is too close!

    1. The mug is definitel from Home Goods/Sense she told me:)
      You may want to jot down a few of the basic cookie recipes..if they are all as good as these..they will all be winners!
      I know the HomeSEnse/Winners stores are very popular here too!

  21. I love all of the blooming trees this time of year. Your photos of them are gorgeous. My azaleas are just starting to bloom. Perfume samples are the best!

    1. I know..they should really offer more samples..I was surprised..yesterday I bought a few things and I had to ask the cosmetician for a few samples:( Which I don't love doing..

      One was for cellulite..thanks..and 2 were rejuvenating....thanks again..just small cardboars w/ a small envelope as in magazines..
      I think I'll skip next time:)

  22. Gorgeous blooms.....gorgeous mug.
    Are all of these trees on your property?
    You must have a big place.....rural?
    Have a great long weekend Monique...
    Get your hands dirty! :o)
    Linda :o)

    1. Oooops...I forgot!
      You made me laugh about putting a vase or bottle inside the paper bag!

    2. Rural yes..half acre.. half the size of where we were 14 yrs ago..right in town here..
      2 of them are here.. one is on the borrowed landscape as my friend Derek called it..we are on a golf course and that huge one is smack out my back yard..then a friends home.. a church..where my grandsons went to a skip away.
      Dirty dirty hands..have to trim the edges of the beds today w/ may dad's weed eater;)Hw e would be 102.. so it's at least 55 yrs old and works like a light!Just lots of electrical cord:(

    3. How lovely to have that much land to live on!!
      Our cottage is just under an acre...a double lot across...lakefront! FANTASTIC!!
      Have a great weekend!!
      We are off shortly! YIPPEE!!

    4. have fun..I love that lake home of yours:)♥

  23. So pretty! I'm afraid our trees didn't last long this year with all our crazy weather! Wish I had taken some pictures. Love that cookie recipe.

    1. Oh they don't last long either here..
      My daughter..Noah's mom..said she wants a pink tree too..Cotton Candy pretty aren't they?

  24. We can never have too many oatmeal cookie recipes in my opinion. Your tree is spectacular, Monique. I see a huge cotton candy pink cloud.

  25. As always, your post and pictures are a thing of beauty, Monique.
    All the rose and pink - ahhhhh
    Lovely time of year.

    1. It really is a lovely time of the year.. so different and ever much color..the new teder greens..the pastels..little miracles.
      How things can die off and return..miracles.

  26. Very inspiring post Monique. So many thinks to be thankful for. Eating dinner on the porch last night, I heard summer crickets for the first time this season. Brought back memories of childhood summers in Michigan. David said he hears crickets all of the time (Tinnitus), so somehow he missed it. LOL. Beautiful pink blooming trees and delicious looking cookies. I like the idea of putting the oatmeal in the food processor. Have a great weekend.

    1. Tinnitus:( I know people that suffer with that..Wish they could find permanet cures for these things..
      I love the cricket sounds and bullfrogs too:)
      Sure signs of summer..Your post was fun today with this and that :)

  27. I love that I get to see spring twice. Once here in April and again now in May through this lovely post. I love all the pink. And I had to laugh at your bag. Last night we were having guests for dinner. Suddenly I realized that I didn't have anything pretty for the table. I asked Scott if he had any plants he hadn't planted yet. He handed me a small yellow blooming plant. I looked around, saw a pretty bag, plunked the plant in the bag and set it on the table for a centerpiece. The doorbell rang and the table looked great :)

  28. This post made me so happy...I can feel your joy!
    Bisous xo