Friday, February 19, 2016

Cara's Cookies~

My daughters had 2 sweet baby sitters when we moved to the country..but their favorite..was Cara..Cara lived across the street and she was the kind of babysitter you would want your son to come with as his sweetheart.
She was a sweetheart.
Her nana is the one who had knit all those beautiful Barbie clothes for our girls..some items were knit w/ toothpicks..she is long gone..and Cara is a mom herself now.
Sometimes Cara would bring cookies and we eventually started making them:)
I think I have shared them before..but years and years ago..and they are worth repeating I recently made them for bus duty..and Jacques said..keep some here too okay?
Actually they were a bigger hit w/ Jacques:)

We had such beautiful glitter days recently..the trees and gardens sparkled to bits.
Have I mentioned I love winter?
I confess..I do.

I was cleaning up my craft be precise..the day before my birthday..that picture frame is in my craft room..
I made it in 1981..the date is at the back..a fun little ceramics class I took back then..I loved the fun times in that class..everyone was so..copacetic..very much like my art class was many years later.

anyways..the foto of me has been in that frame untouched since then..
as I took it off the craft room bureau..the photo fell out and I saw this at the back ..Belle Chérie.

I never ever get feelings of my mom being here like some are lucky to feel..

but when I saw and read this.

I welled up with tears and still am writing's as if she was wishing me a happy birthday in her own way..from up above.

This would have been in 1955 when I was 1 1/2..
my parents had 2 sons then..and had lost a daughter  of 5..before I was born.
She had beautiful handwriting.
She had beautiful everything♥.

I have no handwritten notes from her..very little photos..tangible momentos meant for just me..things are different now..and even 
when my girls were little..we kept baby books..etc..which they now have and the books are filled with loving words..

Keep writing to your Littles..give them some tangible things to remember..

Funnily enough this past week I was explaining to Oli in French what  calligrams are..and a message is..a note to someone..
So after the little exercise in his book..
I wrote him a note (message)..had him read it..and he tucked it in his pocket..
he then said he wanted to write me a note..
it was on note paper w/ my name at the bottom..Monique..
the Littles  sometimes forget our real's nana and grandad and that's it.

Oli wrote this..
Monique te le plu jelio eau mond
de Oli.

Oli is 6..grade 1..he reads so well..his spelling will improve:)
But to me..this spelling is extraordinary♥

That's a great message/note.Write notes to your Littles and Bigs.
Real ones.

The recipe could not be easier..

La recette~

1/2 cup margarine..Becel for me
1 cup sugar
1 egg
 vanilla of your choice..I used my vanilla sugar

Cream the margarine and sugar until light and fluffy..add egg and vanilla and combine well

add 1 1/2 cup flour that you have added 1/2 tsp baking soda and a pinch of salt
Combine well
With a spatula now..or wooden spoon ..add 2 cups Rice Krispies,6 ozs of chocolate chips..and 1 cup of raisins.
Mix well
Drop by tablespoons..flatten just a bit..
Bake in a pre-heated 350 F oven for 12 mins.

Perfect w/ a cup of tea..or coffee..or milk!

Now be forewarned..Oli picked out all the raisins..he loves raisins..just not w/ choco chips in cookies..Max tried to pick out the raisins..ended up eating them leaving a few raisins on the side:)
Lucas ate them all..
It's what you are used to..
No one made spaghetti sauce like my mom..until my daughter made it even better;)

Bon Weekend.


  1. Oh wow, I can see just from the photo I would love those cookies, I've got to try them, raisins and all ;) I agree with you about winter, I miss it so much living in Los Angeles.

    1. I am certain if you make them Sue..they will be even better..softer..even margarine room temp pretty stiff:)Chilly:)

  2. Monique you write such loving tender words, and the lovely message your youngest grandson Oli wrote for you, brought a lump to my throat. I only have one card from my Mother that I have kept. Now everyone sends emails, or text messages on each others phones, and usually unreadable from the young ones. It's a shame as they won't have those lovely messages to look back on. After losing a lot of photos from his computer files, my son is going to make a printed photo album of his favourite photographs. So much for the modern world we now live in. how lovely you are encouraging your grandchildren to write notes /messages.

    1. I know Oli won't be like this I am taking it all in..
      I appreciate hand written notes so much..
      she loved to write my mom..I got my handwriting a bt from her..I can forge hers:) But my brother..has her writing taklent down pat.
      I read his emails like a book.
      Printed photo books..are fabulous..I am glad he has chosen to do that.:)

  3. I can't read French, but that note from Oli has to be the sweetest sentiments ever.

    1. Laurie even if you could read French..his spelling at this point is a tad phonetic..I was thrilled to get it straight away as it made him smile :)

  4. Oh, what beautiful post. Thanks so much for the cookie recipe - they sound wonderful.
    Also beautiful pictures.
    have a great weekend.

    1. You have a great one too Mary..I am sure you will be busy in your gardens:)

  5. Little boys are so special. I think even moreso to us mothers and grandmothers. How sweet of Oli to write you a note. I have little of my mother's things. Occasionally, I'll find a recipe she has written out on a card. It must be because we lost them at such a young age. Those cookies look and sound good.

    1. It must be because of that Donna..I know we share..early losses..
      very sorry about Teddy ..:(
      Life has so many surprises for us..good and bad.

  6. I'm going to try these cookies with my niece, I'm sure she'd love them. I really like the way you styled that first photo, Monique, against the black blackboard. Very nice.

    1. I have had those black boards for a long tme and have enjoyed how some things show I added chalk would think the background was a chalkboard:)
      Thank you Amalia and I hope your niece likes them:)

    2. We made the cookies! My niece was against raisins so we replaced them with half dried cranberries and half chopped walnuts and used dark chocolate chips - they came out lovely! Half are gone already :-)

    3. Yay! Against raisins like Oli:)

      Love your substitutions!

  7. What a sweet and tender post Monique. You made me cry too. I loved seeing this photo of you as a bebe. So beautiful you were then . . . and now. Love the tenderness of your mother's words on the back, but love even more that you have a heart which treasures them. So much to love here, the Barbie clothes, your grandsons, your thoughts . . . cookies. I am going to try them. First I must buy some becel or like product. Have a wonderful weekend! You have gotten mine off to a great start. Two posts in one week. I like that! xoxo

    1. Itdoes not surprise me that you get my feelings..even though you still have your have so much genuine empathy for everyone.
      I had to share the watch right could not wait..LOL:)

    2. You are too kind to me Monique. You bless my life in countless ways. It's true, and not the least because we are so much alike. Love you to bits! xo

  8. Monique, il est évident que "te é le meuille heure !" :-)

  9. What an adorable photo Monique. Thank you for sharing Cara and her cookie recipe with us. And of course Happy Birthday. Memories are so special. What a lovely way to start the weekend.

    1. It's off to a rainy start here..snow during the night now rain.February is flying by it flying by in Florida?:)

  10. Very nice pictures, I can see why it brings back memories. What a nice handwriting and the cookies are calling my name. I should make them for my family.

    1. C'est vraiment idéal que cette photo soit tombé que j'ai lu l'arrière.
      Je l'adorais ma mère.Ma meilleure confidante..♥
      Merci Hélène.

  11. Bonjour Monique, There is soooo much love in this post, oh, thank you. Yes, notes, writing with real pencil, pen, paper...(plus adding pictures sometimes, like Beatrix Potter did...) I'm so happy you had the birthday message from your mother. I had a similiar experience recently in relation to my grandmother...I must write about it...maybe on my next blog which has STILL not been born...I'm so happy the Littles are engaging in notewriting... I think of a few children's picture books: The Jolly Postman. I don't know if he is too old for it, but it has sweet little notes in it...Also, the Felix books, the stuffed rabbit who travels the world and sends postcards back home. Also a newer picture book that I LOVE: A Letter for Leo. Bisous, R.

    1. I am so looking forward to your new blog Rita..I miss your artwork:)
      And your presence..always nice to see our favorite blogs pop up in our blog roll..
      I just told Lucas he was a Leo..he didn't know about horoscopes..and he thought that was neat.I must look into Leo the book.
      Have to searc Felix alos..
      My daughter bought an adorable book..the teacher..Kiki and Coco in Paris.
      It was on her piano and it caught my very very charming.She loves books..She is my bibliophile.
      I look forward to your story about your grandmother:)

  12. So sweet! :) Happy belated birthday! xo

    1. Such a lovely moment for me..bittersweet..but out of this world:)
      Thank you L~A.:)

  13. Such a sweet post and you as a darling little girl. Writing little notes is such a precious thing to do. We can treasure these moments forever and look back upon them. The cookies sound great. I don't want raisins in with my chocolate chips either. LOL Happy birthday Monique.

    1. LOL is and Oli:)WE were all darlings..I think everyone..looking at a photo of themselves at this age finds themselves so darn cute..Littles..we were once Littles :) You still are to your mom!

  14. How did I not know it was your birthday? I hope it was a beautiful and joyous one - and seeing that picture of you as a wee one, and then the sentiment your Mama wrote brought tears to my eyes. And the teeny tiny sweater! And the note from Oli - blessings and tenderness. And those are gorgeous cookies that I have to make as soon as possible, even in this half gluten-free house:) Belated birthday to you and envy your snow!

    1. It was a double of my daughres is 4 days after we always pick adate to suit both and do a double.:)
      I know Katrina..that your feelings run deep also♥All maman/kidlet things.
      Jacques was gluten free for a few months and although we did's not easy..Applause to you!

  15. Yammie cookies Ria x ❤️

  16. Memories: So delicious and so lovely!! I love winter too!!


  17. Your birthday? You are a February gal like me!
    Oh my dear....."happy birthday to you"
    Those cookies look delish....
    Those littles make me smile...raisins.....:o)
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend....
    Happy week ahead...
    Linda :o) that photo....and your moms words.....precious♥️

    1. I know..we are close..have been tempted to ask you what year?:);)
      Enjoy the rest of the days:)

      Is there a World Market?

      Go see the cute Easter tumblers for Miss V.;)

    2. I can be your older sister...1950....*gasp*
      I forgot to mention that wee knitting....almost unbelievable! Toothpicks?
      Enjoy your Monday....
      We have friends coming for lunch...I am making burgers and potato salad...
      Eating on the porch....long beach walk....gosh....I am writing a blog here! Hahaha!

    3. I enjoy our chats:) You don't look it! 54 here.1954:)

      Oh she was such a knitter..the little mittens and other items were toothpick knitted..I have a few outfits left and I just love looking at them..Have a great day Linda!

  18. I don't think I have any letters from my mother sad. Think I do have some old handwritten recipe cards though. My daughter and I had a big discussion about letters the other day....we both write thank you notes (even to each other) but rarely get them from anyone least in her age bracket and certainly not from anyone younger. I still have a friend or two who hand write thank yous. Most just email or text. Even got two Christmas cards by email this year. I'm getting old. So that makes me old fashioned! :( BTW: I was married in 1955!!!!!

    1. You look so lovely Barbara..hard to imagine you were married in 55..
      I LOVE handwriting.
      I love to write the notes and I love to receive them.
      I won't stop.
      I told Jacques that even w/ the small amount of Christmas cards we now receive and Birthday...I just won't stop.
      Even if it's just for a moment that we feel special..or someone is worth it.
      I even prefer writing to the phone..I dislike the phone..again probably because I spent way too much time on it while I worked.
      Thank you notes..are very special too.
      I am getting old's all relative;)

  19. What lovely advise, Monique. We live in a world of emails, texts and Facebook that it is important to remember to write notes and letters to our loved ones. Cara's mother must have been a wonderful knitter to be able to knit such perfect wee Barbie outfits - and some on toothpicks! I love the little hangar too :) I know I'd love Cara's cookies - they look so delish.

  20. You go away for a few days and I miss you:)

  21. Happy belated birthday wishes dear Monique! We were away and I'm now playing catchup. Hope your day was special.


  23. How very sweet! Hope you had a lovely birthday! We had one favorite babysitter and still miss her. Cara's cookies look perfect.

  24. Those clothes are precious. The cookies are precious. But most precious is the writing of notes. Email is so prevalent that I think note writing is a dying art. I think we should start a movement to change that!