Sunday, February 25, 2018

Smorgasborg~ A bit of a mess actually:)Like today's weather.

I have so many photos pending..for not really anything I better share what I have tried..and trued..


My blooming teas bring me peace and quiet and pretty.

I have to say I was delighted when my order from TMart arrived.
I took a chance as I had never ordered from there before..used Paypal..and my teas arrived in perfect shape..beautifully wrapped..ind.packaged.
Well worth the wait..:)Long's not next door..I have ordered again..hope my experience is the same.
(They don't know me..didn't ask me to write this..they don't know:) )

I will soon start  my indoor seeds but until then my indoor plants and teas keep me in the blooms;)

Stitching too..and I am still so grateful to each and everyone of you who led the way~
My bunting cozy is not but my Varage Sale Pom~po~nettes are♥
I wanted blue and white stripe,had no blue;)

Celeriac..gosh I love that and do not buy it often enough..  just grate it..I use my mom's Vintage one ..table top hand cranked..heavy metal:)

Add mayo..lemon juice..s. p., garlic....just go here..she'll tell you:)Ina Ina Ina..♥
So good!
I finally found some spray that on tomatoes..salads..etc..

All of you who hesitate w/ IG..
Do it.
I joined YEARS ago..  never looked

Last year ..and a half ago about..I got into it through my daughter..followed her account until I just loved it so much I had to re register and really look into it all.


Amazingly much so I told my daughters's a bit of
of a conundrum..

The glorious photos..
the wonderful gorgeous homes..
the collections..
the flawless beauties.

I am not into competition  or envy..and never fact I shied away from awards and my teens I was into it..

it's later..that all that seemed awful to me..for me.
And I am sure Jacques had a lot to do with that.
He never compared himself or what he accmplishes with anyone..he always told is how I feel about myself..remember he was 33 I was he kind of ingrained that into me..

I do know there was an applause I craved to hear..but never would (Anna Quindlen..talks about that in an article..I am going to try and attch it here someway for you)
I have had it since 1998.
I treasure it.

Ok I went off track a bit..

I think of people who may be affected but all of IG ..and feel less than..for no reason at all..

we see a lot that is smoke and mirrors.

I just show what worked on my blog and IG....and even at that.I sharpen my pics..adjust the there's smoke and mirrors there.
I show what grew in my gardens..not the ugly brown patches..;)
And I have them.

I show you which recipes worked;)
Not the fails..

It's not really that I am bla bla blahing about..

It's all the filtered faces..all the homes that are impeccably white and Pottery Barned and Crate and does that happen w/ Littles
and the clothes..
All the Rae Dunn:) All the pretty, chippy things..

that part of social media..seems to me to be so negative for people.

If what others have and you don't affects you.

If seeing great talents makes you feel less than.

If you're inspired that's GREAT.

But if it makes you sad..not so much..

So just remember not everything you see..  is real:)

I am however totally guilty of coveting things:)That I don't need..but love or find charming..
That's normal right?;);)

So here is the article:)

Anna Quindlen is one of my favorite authors..  she was the same age as I was..and is about my age now.
You have to click on the links to be able to read the article..Click on Page 1 first;)

On Losing Your 2


Hope it works..had to Google:)
I know page 1 should appear first LOL..;)


  1. So glad you find inspiration on IG - I just don't have time to explore as much as I would like. Love that you're getting ready to plant seeds - where has the winter gone? Off to enjoy my tea - have a lovely week Monique!

    1. You too!
      I have time:) Lots..until Spring..Spring and Fall are my busiest times because f our gardens:) Winter is long here and I welscome the inspiration!

  2. We're starting to dream about gardening too, so exciting. Love IG too but not enough time to really look. Maybe one day...

    1. So much talent out there..there was nothing like that when I was younger..young..;)

  3. I love instagram...all the beauty to see! I don't follow homes though, I love nature photography & some crafters/artist as well as a few pets. All sweet encouraging feeds that cheer me when I see them. Hopefully I'm well past the age of letting what others have or don't have affect my joy. If you'd like to check out my feed here it is!

    1. Charlie is adorable☺️We have 4..and one of our daughters has a Morkie😊I agree with feeds that inspire and cheer us up💯

  4. Always I think more time to read, to enjoy, to bake , to cook hahah, but maybe always will be this way.
    Like always enjoy yours pictures and yours posts, a lot of love!! xo

    1. You are busier than I am with twins and your every thing there is a season right?❤️ winter is quiet..yet I am occupied all grateful for hobbies and diversions.Have a good week Gloria☺️

  5. I loved your post. I have been in the garden also. The gardeners have pruned all my roses, all 100 of them. They would do a little each week and they finally finished all of them last Wednesday. The roses in the front yard have lots of new grown on them and I even found a peach blossom on my self start tree. I also found a fig tree one that was a gift from the birds. So I know how you feel about starting your seeds. I have been saving my egg cartons for seeds. We sure have been having unusually cold weather. Gets down to 39 at night. You know me I'm cold at 70 degrees LOL.

    Great post - have a wonderful week and wishing you warmer weather.


    1. 100 roses!What a show you will have..I knew you had a lot Mary..but 100?Oh good for you..always something to look forward to!
      Thank you.

  6. Love your tea-cozy.. it is so cute!!

    1. :) Thank you!! You are such an inspiration to me..w/ your nimble fingers!

  7. We think alike Monique, though have never looked at IG. I love Anna Quinland and will go back to read it. I have two glass teapots and have never used them. What, you say? Tell me this, do you pour boiling water in them or boil the water in them? I don't want to break them. just bought a seed light thingy and am starting seeds tomorrow. I was out today cleaning out the remaining beds. Where did February go?

    1. Well it's short;) So goes by true..
      Yes the water is boiled first..I kind of look at my kettle ad know when to stop..when the fisrt bubbles happen lol..look here..

      she explains it all.I use tap water.Ours does not smell of anything:)

      You should see my set up these days..I have not started w/ my seed night I put my basil..s under the light on the stove and have een putting my orchids that may bloom there..:) Our windowsills get chilly here in winter..Enjoy the tea:)

  8. I think of IG as an online magazine. The photos are styled. Most of it is aiming to sell something. Some of it is inspirational or aspirational, and that also is styled. In a way, "styled" just means "took the trouble to make a beautiful photo." If you think you're getting authenticity, then you'll be disappointed, either in IG or in yourself.
    Pinterest is the digital equivalent of clipping articles. My mother was an inveterate clipper and terribly unhappy. She would escape into magazines--she subscribed to at least a dozen, plus the newspaper--and she would clip and save all kinds of stuff--recipes, fashion looks, gardening, décor, advice. It was so much that she never managed to actually use the clippings. Anyway, Pinterest is mess-free. Want a recipe? You can find a dozen, and if one works you can mark it for later. Or not--it isn't that hard to find again. I love it.
    The thing that bothers me most about IG is that it's only visual. I love good writing, which seems to be fast falling out of fashion. Everything now is photos or, even more important, videos. They lack the depth and nuance of the written word.

    1. I agree re a lot sell things..not even the sponsored ad ones..but others.It is a great venue.
      Many sponsor things else would they get soo many free things? Again the top..the cream of the traffic crop benefit..and the talent is so great I do not blame the sponsors..
      I love Pinterest.
      I was disappointed when all my boards became unalphabetized one day and kept dragging and dropping to remedy..:( When las week..there was a new click and I was back to normal on my PCs.

      Yes Pinterest is terrific.
      I love the written word too:)

  9. While I don’t post too often on IG, I do enjoy a peek now and then into other people’s lives. Also, as a photographer of a certain age, I know how difficult it was to get a start in the business of professional photography and how many talented people were never able to realize their dreams. Blogs were the first venue for artists/photographers/foodies/designers/gardeners, etc., to put their work out for the world to see. I use IG and blogs for inspiration. If we stop being inspired, what have we left? Not to mention that blogs have been a boost to the economy. How many times have I seen something featured on a blog that I end up buying?😍. Each morning, I scroll through to see what is new. Blogs are still my favorite, and although I so rarely post on my own, I so enjoy your posts. You have a way with words, beautiful photographs and it always makes my day a little better to read a bit of what goes on in your life dear Monique.💖

    1. I stil remember when someone suggested your blog to me..and I just could not get over all the impeccable taste..and beauty.
      I remember showing Jacques..and I remember looking at little vignettes in my home that day thinking:"no..not good ;) )..Truly!

      One..was in an entrance..w/ a market bag..the light..everything was just perfect.

      But it was always just there..your blog..prettily in pictures..and softness..never boastful .Quiet elegance.
      I loved it and found it looked like you.

      I was happy to see you and find you on IG.
      We make connections.And I love that.So much.

      Yes in Canada though..often it's not available..oh and the gorgeous vintage UK and shipping and duties..

      keeps me on a tighter budget:)

      IG is a GREAT many artists I have found that I admire:) And bakers and cooks..and photographers.

      One potter/ceramist I love.. mentioned the word..COLLABORATION between IGers instead of least I think it was she..
      I loved that..

      Again such talent:)
      Bonne journée :)x

  10. Replies
    1. You will never leave lol:)Have fun.. the home decor feeds are AMAZING.

  11. You were the one responsible for getting me hooked onto Instagram Monique! I am following over 700 people on it now and it's all your fault! LOL I love it. I know that what we see is often highly edited in some cases, but I like to think that most of the people I follow try to keep things fairly real. I stopped following long ago, even blogs that distort the colours too much of things, so much so that they look almost like candy. I can think of one in particular. She used to post recipes, mostly desserts, but now it is pretty much a travelogue and her photos have become very unrealistic, with far out colouring that is just not real. It turns me off. I much prefer reality. What you get on my blog is reality and truth, although my photos are now getting a bit clearer, and perhaps better set up, I don't know. I just want the food to look inviting because it is the star! I am not a person who really gets jealous of other people's successes and achievements, I think there is plenty of room for us all and that we should celebrate the great things we each do. I can't comprehend the mentality of anyone who always has to come first or on top. I hate to feel like I am in competition with anyone. I don't pay attention to statistics or anything. If its fun I do it, end of. Your flowering teas are so pretty in your glass pot. I have been oggling glass tea pots on Amazon, maybe for my birthday I will splurge. (saying a lot for someone who doesn't really drink much tea, lol! Your tea cosy is so pretty. I love the colours! I want to do that cosy myself. I fell in love with the bunting as you know! I love the marshmallow colours, and your pretty little plant, so lovely and green. I have many of the same books you do. I especially love the ones by Sara Midda! You talented people always amaze me. I am so not a gardener, but I do love to admire them, and I love to see the decorating and flowers on Instagram. A good one to follow is Kelly Wilkness on Instagram, I think it is @mysoulfulhome so pretty. I am printing out the article by Anna Quinland to read a bit later on, thank you so much for sharing! I love all that you share Monique. You are such a humble and sweet soul. I appreciate that, and your honesty always. xoxo

    1. I know how you encouarge everyone..and how you are thrilled for other peoples' accomplishments..never envious..always applauding.
      me too..I used to love a food blog and then she traveled extensively and the photos were all so cartoony..too high was not real and I stopped..wonder..?;)
      I am going to go and look at many gorgeous accounts Marie.
      And yes you are ALWAYS real.
      I'm a wannabegardener:) Less
      I used to dream up new I am thinking how to get rid of one or two.;)
      I LOVE IG too..I knew you would:)
      So funny about the teapot and not drinking much MAKES me drink more tea..just watching it bloom looks like a miracle;) they make
      Have a great day Marie!

  12. I have become discouraged with Facebook but love my Instagram account, even though I don't post often. I check it each morning to see what is new. So much talent and inspiration there. I read AQ's article. Very moving Monique. The only clapping hands that matter are from your Mother. So true on many levels. Thanks Monique.


    1. I am not on FB.I have an account but not on it..
      I love this article too:)

  13. I follow a few people there, on IG. Nevertheless I go on prefering my blog, so much more intimate, don't you agree?
    Have a great week, dear Nana.

    1. Yes I agree:) We get to know people more:)Bonne semaine Nina:)

  14. I'm loving that tea cozy Monique..those colors would make a beautiful afghan.
    Have a great day!

  15. Thanks for sending the link, Monique. I love Anna Quindlen. And the photos here. I'm not an instagrammer because you have to have a special phone to do it, for one thing, and I don't have that phone. Well, I have one I have never activated because I know I will become attached to it and I see people who are and it really distresses me. So I only have a little flip phone I take with me when I'm on the road in case of emergency or use up north to call Rick because we don't have a land line there. But I do visit some people's pages and you're right -- you see some cool things. I just don't need one more social media thing to keep me away from painting and books and doing my work! I have Sarah Midda's book too -- aren't the illustrations inspiring?

    1. Hahaha I had a flip till my daughter gave me her old one and it is never on.I IG on my laptop..I use my mini IPad if I post a photo but the photo is from my laptop.I am zero with phone or mini iPad😕I am not interested in living on my phone..both J and I are kind of anti phone..for us.
      But I sure like my computer❤️IG is a time taker I must admit.I should pull the reigns in.I won't have a choice come Spring and my gardens☺️Hope you like the article..written a long time and re read through the years.Still means a lot to me❤️Sarah is Sooo inspiring.An IGmer I follow paints charmingly.She had wallpaper made of her Washington DC art I Spoonflower and just used it..Sooo cute!

  16. Love your latest in photos, Monique. Wondering about those beautiful plates of food. :)))

    I feel much like you. I've blogged for over ten years, and many times I followed bloggers with homes were looking meant for gorgeous magazines, and then some were actually in them! I was never envious because I think we all have our own specialty/creativeness/budget. It made me sad that the bloggers who became successful in promoting products and getting freebies, never found the time to comment on the blogs of the followers who made them so popular. It is what it is. I seek inspiration and move on. I love the real thing, and people who follow my blog and IG..who care!

    Love to you,

    Jane xxx

    1. You know..I have to agree with you:) I feel that once in a blue could acknowledge a visit..
      I am thinking of very few..but one in particular..where I have purchased things..commented so many times because it is stronger than me to not say how adorable something is..and the only time there has been an at the checkout:( The automated thank you for your purchase..your file will be sent..blablabla..I don't get it.
      And another..;)

      I agree..good for you for saying something I was uncomfortable mentioning.
      Have a great day!

  17. I got so caught up in reading all the comments and searching for their IGs I forgot to comment.
    I wonder if its too late to try to catch up with the IG trend.. the huge numbers of people who figured it out are early are daunting. Plus the numbers of their uploads...1900+ vs my 198 :((
    And how to decide who to fall in love with/follow? I wish I'd figured it out sooner..shoulda, coulda, woulda.
    I would love to see some of your process cooking steps sometime...just sayin

    1. NO you wouldn't..:) I don't cook or bake fcat ..for desserts my kitchen becomes a disaster(Cakes..cakes..disaster..piping bags..icing..blobs here and there..) Dinners mise en place on a board..not cute little cups..all in sections flat on a board:) My KA is in a corner under a cabinet and cannot come out unless I physically tilt it..and I tend to only move garden stuff:) It just sits..kitty an angle going no nothing cute at all:)BUt thanks for thinking it might be;)

  18. Powerful article. Thank you, Monique. For me, it was always Dad's approval I sought (he was alive)... and did not receive. So, I think I grew to take Jacques' attitude, since approval seemed unattainable. I am content with what I do. I enjoy being inspired by others, but do not feel envious or less than because of what they are. We all have our own purpose in life. I dabbled in Instagram for a bit, but I do not want to spend a big chunk of my day online, so I had to make a choice... I chose the blog world that I've enjoyed for years. So many have moved away from this platform, but it is still my favorite. The few I hold to feel real. I like that. A lot. ;) Have a wonderful day! blessings ~ tanna

    1. Same upbringing as Jacques maybe... middle child of 5..left much to his own reserves and inner applause..not a lot of affection shown..if any..we just talked of this as he reads my blog..he has never missed his parents.He loved them..never misses them.No one was demonstrative.. loving so demonstrative.... I have never longed for my dad.I think of him..and he was good to me..but my time was with my mom..

      She was the shock too..out of the blue 55 an dad..had had health issues since I knew him I think..

      IG is time are right.
      Have a beautiful day.

  19. You are so smart and thoughtful Monique...
    I am like you on IG...I follow, then,after a few days or so, I unfollow...same old same old...
    Mostly my blog pals, cause I love them! And I see a lot of them follow you and vice versa...
    I edit...but only for my make it the way I see it...
    Your pics are so “you”....bright....cheery....beautiful!
    That tea cosy? OMGEE....beautiful!
    I have 4 sizes of “Clover” pompon makers...all bought with a 50% off coupon at Michaels....
    Look them up...soooo much easier than the cardboard....(which I used before) 😉
    Can’t read your links...must be my iPad, but will try once home again...12 days left😳 that tea cosy...would make one, but we are lazy, and just put the bag in our mug 😂
    Enjoy your day Monique....we are out shopping this afternoon!🛍
    Linda :o)

    1. I do Unfollow too:)If I see it's just not me..I Unfollow..Sometimes..we get smitten in an instant:) And then the thrill is gone;)
      I will look up Clover PomPom Makers..I want to try and use a woll? For granny squares.. for a scarf;) Denim outside like that beautiful IGer you mentioned that I follow now.:) Thanks to you.
      I love the look of a cozy and am that bad that I will make tea and enjoy it just for the pomp and circumstance..:)
      Small pleasures;)
      I don't do that in cozy;)
      You are having amazing weather..funny..last seemed it flew by and you were back..this year it feels like forever;)
      We shoppped too..but Costco..and ASian store I favor and a Lebanese one..sometimes I need ings;)
      So happy to be home in the country.
      Bumpkins that we are.
      Have fun!!

    2. Feels like forever to me too....
      Missing my wee ones💕
      But....we have made arrangements to have Miss V for a sleepover during March break...she is so excited! Me too!

    3. Our March break is next week..Noah in Disney..boys a weekend getaway and we will have them too:)Wish we were exciting and could fly them to the moon:)
      I know what you mean..sometimes..the trip does can drag a bit..we do love our home sweet homes don't we?♥

    4. We think maybe 3 weeks next year! 😬

  20. Hi Monique, love your tea and cozy you made. When you started IG, I think I started too! I like the instant photo you can take and share it with family and friends. It has helped us keep records of when we planted seeds in the garden. Right now we've planted vegetables and flowers. Can't wait to see them come up!! Thanks for all the inspirational photos and recipes you share on IG! We always enjoy it!
    Hugs, Jody

    1. I can't take a pic w/ a phone for the life of not much is INSTANT..:)
      And although we had a taste of Spring.. a weeeeee am a long way off..May is lanting time here.
      Love all your IG posts..and blogposts too:)
      We have such different climates..that it is very interesting for me to see..and you have great crafty ideas..the gardens? Covetous am I:)

  21. Your blog is beautiful. I love it. Kiss

  22. Love your glass teapot and tea cozy. A+ for your achievements. Love your tried and true recipes. You are such a great stylish. Kudos to you Monique. IG is fun, inspiring and a joy to look. I know there is a lot of smoke and mirrors as you say. Life shouldn't be a competition as far as sharing our home, decor, cooking, baking and more. Love your smorgasborg post.

    1. So true..not a competition..a sharing of inspire..give give give give..sometimes a little inspiration is all someone needs to unslump:)
      Have a great day:)

  23. Si contente d'être revenue ici ! Ton article sur la perte de sa mère m'a beaucoup retourné, tu peux l'imaginer. Tellement vrai ! Je t'embrasse, non sans avoir auparavant admiré +++ ton tea cozy !

    1. Cela fait au moins 20 ans que je garde cet article.
      Il est précieux.
      Je peux comprendre que tout doit te transporter😢Quand on aime avec le grand A...
      Je me sens chanceuse d'avoir vu tes billets avec ta maman.❤️Un livre qui m'est cher depuis très longtemps...Motherless Daughters.Moi aussi je t'embrasse.

  24. Alison @ The Polohouse got me hooked on IG. At first I didn't get it, but now I find it fun. In fact, it is addicting. I can say this is the last photo, but then I'll look at ten more. It's like flipping through a beautiful magazine. If something doesn't interest, I just move on.
    Glad you said that about the photos. My photos never look professional. Yours are crystal clear. Stunning!!! Always!!!

    1. I find the best thing a camera can have is Image Stabilization..and even point and shoots have it..IS..the other thing is always shoot in natural light:) And if natural light is too dark..up the exposure..a little + sign you can access on cameras..point and shoots too..The difference is literally night ad day:) start with +1..and go up until you see what you like:)
      Those are my fave things:) I can't take a photo in artificial light for the life of me:)
      Yes IG..beautiful magazines!

  25. I agree that there is so much talent out there on IG. In fact, I listed to a talk show on the radio yesterday scanning the radio in my car (Christian station), and liked what I heard. It is great to show God our God given talent, and share with others :-)

  26. Love your tea cosy and your beautiful colourful photos. I don't do IG, I registered but didn't follow through. It's difficult to decide how much is real and how much is "Look at me and how wonderful my life is" made up.

  27. I will read the article, thank you Monique. I get affected both ways online: inspired, educatied, and also discouraged that I cannot have the great talents that I see. I guess it comes around to constant acceptance of who I am and what my own gifts are, no matter what. Now, your images are among the most gorgeous that I've seen anywhere!! And your rich life...So, consider this a round of applause of appreciation...for you.


    1. The greatest thing about blogging is the connections we make..
      I have found wonderful ,kind mentors ..and you are most definitely one of them.
      Thank you.

  28. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.


  29. I'm still trying to decide if I like IG, it is more immediate than blogging and there is beautiful inspiration but it seems more impersonal and in the long run I'm not sure I can do both that and blogging. Time will tell :-)

    1. I think blogging will always be a part of's a friend really and I think it is for you too.
      IG the inspiration is endless..but I agree with you in some ways more impersonal.Less words🤔Time will I see people jumping on Vero?I am not interested..more is not always merrier..I am just getting acquainted with I G I feel

  30. I never heard of TMart! I'll have to browse :) I love your blooming teas (as I drink my mint melange)! I remember making pom-pons :) I made them for my ice skates. Your cozy is adorable ♥ I do love IG and it's because of you and my daughters that I joined also. It's the time spent I don't love so I don't want to follow many or even be followed by many. Just my 'Besties', LOL. I've cut way back on Facebook though so that helps :) I did start a few seeds the day before we left. I have teeny tiny basil sprouts! I am anxious :)

    1. Okay, so I totally forgot your salad! My brain is not at it's best today :) Tired! I will check out Ina's link. I love celeriac but haven't had it in a long while and have never used it for a salad.

    2. I love mint teas..:)I can SEE you w/pompoms on your skates..I think you would have been an idol of mine:)x
      I do.

      I lurk on FB..I am only active on the Varage Sale lol:)
      Will start seeds..tomorrow I think!!:) I want to.I want to.
      IG is taking a lot of my reading time..:(I go to bed w/ the intenet of a book and IG..not good..


  31. Lovely post and article Monique. Bug hugs to you. xo

  32. very beautiful work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!