Monday, April 9, 2018

April~ Malcontent so far~but ♥ Yupo!

Above..transparent Yupo..
below..white..looks grey and washed out..sorry..brighter ,whiter and sharper in person..

Transparent.. alcohol inks..brush and straw:)

Talk about cold..snow squalls..  wind to écorner les boeufs:)..There is no translation for this fantastic description of gale  force winds..if there would is windy enough to remove the horns from cattle.

I can translate for other can't take a breath outside because it's so cold and so windy~

So..I have been painting and drinking tea and decaf coffee ..lots of tea as you can see..

I have to tell you that I find Sloane Teas..the packaging .. superb.
I have one..Pink Lemonade from Nancy..a few years ago..still good:)
They have minis too!
That book ..Madame Bovary a treasure for me..My mom's..look at the cover♥
The blue tea is light,herbal and so pretty..bought on Ebay from Thailand..Keeper!
Super nice seller too.

You blink..and the Christmas Cactus explodes~

My seedlings are coming along..

My chickens are wandering
I bought these 2 iron chickens for my gardens..  the paths  that Jacques snowblows.....are bare..but on the left side.. still a foot of snow..
these 2 were in our garage waiting for our gardens..

I looked out Saturday..while prepping the vegetables for dinner..and saw the girls:)

See our nice lush green grass? And that's the path Jacques snowblows..  we still have at least 1 foot to the I said..above;)..and I don't even want to talk about the front.

Jacques had spent time tidying in the freezing garage and found my purchases..he put them out..
I actually said to him when I saw them..:" That's adorable"~!♥

Doesn't take much for me;)But honestly.. .how cute?

I made a few new recipes..

but in the interim..

fell in love with..

YUPO Legion paper.

I am a huge fan of Legion..I love their Stonehendge may remember this done on it..

I bought white  5x7 (10 sheets)..and translucent (15 sheets).2 pads.Synthetic paper.
They immediately said to me..:"Oh, I am yours":)

I tried making alcohol inks for the transluscent and that is fun:)

Then I tried watercolors..on the white..
and fell in love.
And tried watercolors on the translucent.
The translucent is very much like vellum.

I prefer the white.

And I am planning on bringing the Yupo on trips.
It makes amazing watercolor effects.♥
The next trip I take ..God willing...

I hope to make a YUPO journal..and bring my watercolors..
maybe a new journal w/ darker colored paper and gouache as recommended by Miss Mustard Seed..

MMS..this girl..I tell ya..On IG..her stories and her posts..she is so talented!!
These young girls..I just cannot get over them.

While I am on an art spiel..if you have time..go read this..all my painting buddies..even if you do not piant I think you will be moved!

Made new scalloped potatoes..not bad not bad:)

I made half..and honestly we have enough for 2 meals.
You can find the recipe here.I liked the addition of caramelized onions..and they are baked in broth..allow for much longer baking time IMHO..My slices were perhaps not 1/8..but defiitely not much much thicker.

Had to squeeze this post in to tell you about Yupo..I think I found out about it later in life;)
And I hope you try it and enjoy it.

For the first one I used DS paints and Prima Decadent Pies..
For the other..Sennelier.
Let's hope May is far lovelier~

Have a lovely week~


  1. All nice the chickens too! Have a nice day~🐔

    1. They look like they want green grass and us;)

  2. Those chickens are so sweet. Love your paintings. Hope your snow goes away soon!

  3. All exquisite Monique. A moveable feast for the eyes and heart. Come on spring.

  4. all looks beautiful dear Monique like always, love yours paints and I love your house boxes I love too!

  5. Winter is hanging on here too - so cold and I could use some sunshine :) Love your chickens - they are gorgeous - and I wonder what your girls will think of them - haha!

  6. I always love your paintings.. As you are a tea lovers, I just want to tell you that my hubby has started a business on pure Darjeeling tea. you can visit their website:

    1. I did visit when you mentioned it on your site and I thought how wonderful for them!Passions are so precious.❤️

  7. Love the story of the art teacher and the sketch books!! Reap what you sow. Love it. Monique, your Christmas cactus is so beautiful! Such a lovely drape of green and pinks! Your paintings are so beautiful... lots of good work coming from this COLD weather. Dinner looks delicious (I always think scalloped potatoes need to cook longer than the recipes say). Stay warm, enjoy your teas and keep painting! blessings ~ tanna

    1. Merci beaucoup Tanna..To every thing there is a season..right?
      Yes I always think they should be baked longer..fork tender for bite for me..melt..:)

  8. If your happy working on Yupo BRAVO!
    Not easy for many myself included but winderful effects.
    Ever onward M!

    1. Ever onward! The translucent is harder..the white ..I like ..;)
      Bonne journée!Did you read the link re Urban Sketchers? Tender!

  9. Even though outdoors is still cold and snowy, indoors looks very happy there :) A touch of chicken whimsy certainly helps the landscape look cheery at least ♥ Love your bright and shiny 'Girls' I visited both Miss Mustard and the Urban Sketchers - loved the sketchbook story!! Those scalloped potatoes look delicious. I don't know why but I am craving carbs too. Perhaps because we have been busy blowing away leaves from our Scilla 'field' and tidying up all the garden beds in between snow flurries - OY. Looks like a slight warm up coming here the next couple of days and then right back down to the 30s and low 40sF :( Love your beautiful paintings and I've not tried that YUPO paper but it sounds like fun to work with! Congratulations on getting your orchid to rebloom...such a thrill when that happens!

    1. Forgot to mention I tried to find the Sloane tea but I see it's made in Canada so likely won't find it here :(

    2. I will look for you..I just ordered a British Brew..even a British Shop did not carry it..have to try of course.
      I am craving carbs too..slads when it's in the teens and twenties..well they make me colder.
      Good for you and all that clean up..I love when we advance in our projects.This year everything will be a rush:( I feel it.
      The Yupo white get a little pad..the moment your paint touches's just different and you can start over..wipe away errors unlike real paper.They are synthetic.
      I look forward to the garden work..BEING like the maintenance enough w/ results..but now the hard less fun:(Bonne journée!!

  10. Oh how I love your art work! Jacques snowblows paths in the grass? We would end up with the grass a mess but I know he loves his grass. Our weather has been similar although the hellebores, snowdrops, winter aconites and some daffodils are up. With all your snow still I guess it will be a while before you see flowers. Wonder if your hellebores will bloom this year? I’m not sure witch hazels are hardy your way but if they are you need one or two. Their bright yellow blossoms against the snow shine. They just curl up in a storm and I have had them this year for a month because the weather is so chilly. I have followed Miss Mustard Seed but not for a while. She is so talented. I follow another blogger Dear Lillie Studio(could it be because of our Dear Lillian?). I like the fact that she/he lists all the items they have decorated with. Lots of World Trade, Wayfair, Target so it is not a fortune to copy something. Now how do you get your orchid to rebloom? And your Christmas cactus looks fantastic! Enjoy your week.

    1. Hi there:)
      Yes he snowblows paths everywhere..they are all flagstone..can you believe we laid them all with Frédérick and our daughters..backbreaking.I was young and foolish.
      I would never do things like that again.
      We feel invincible in our best decade.. 30's was worse.I shingled a roof.

      Anyway so of course the snowblower is much wider that our paths..and he goes back and forth..also that area is as southern as southen can be.
      I will look up witch hazel for sure..Hellebores are not visible..still a ggod 6 inches in one area and 8 in the other.I would LOVE for even one to bloom:)

      So the orchid..s..
      I have had some nothing ever happened..since Nancy sent me one from Westmount Florist in 2017 for my birthday..I just thought..try everthing..She now has buds and will stalk only from 2.
      The white one I bought from Costco last year..2 stalks instead of one..
      I have a 3rd one ..just arrived on my birthday from she is still full bloom..

      Here's what I did.

      Blooms can last for months right?
      So after those months..when all the blooms have fallen..and the stems turned brown. I cut them.

      I left them our sunroom..

      If you notice..when you buy an orchid..

      there should be 2 pots..even Costco;)
      One is transparent and has seepage holes..
      I hold that pot over the sink and let water run through..drain.. back in decorative pot..back in the sunroom..any room with light will do..
      Then I take a look..maybe 1 week -10 days..if the plastic pot shows there is still moisture..leave it alone..they don't want to be waterlogged..if it feels light and water..
      If I go away..Caroline plops a couple of ice cubes on top..and many recommend this..but I like to see what's going on..
      I also bought ( a suggestion from Susan..Savoring Time in The Kitchen;) ).. Miracle Grow spray Orchid spray the top of the pot mixture and leaves..
      THis takes months..don't expect a quick rebloom..
      I had a friend at work..Luc..his wife kept the basement..under lights when not in bloom..
      soft lights..and dark periods too if I maybe she turned them off at night?

      All of a sudden..a new shoot or two will start..and grow..and buds:)And Bloom..

      So's an investment in caretaking..and I know you love that and are great at that:) Miss Greenjeans:)to say the very least.
      Christmas Cactus are the easiest plants in the world I find.They don't ask for much and give and give..:)

      Yes if I found a site named after a loved one..I would be partial to it too..
      Have a good week and weekend!

    2. Wow..I think that's my longest reply;) Maybe not;)

    3. You shingled a roof! I’m impressed, no AMAZED! What we could do in our youth. Thanks for the tips on the orchids.

  11. Lovely paintings and how sweet of Jacques to free the hens from the garage! I’ve been watching the news as storm after storm sweeps across the upper US and Quebec. Makes for a long winter!

    1. OMGee..snowed today.Unbelievable:(
      Just not fun at all ...:(
      Thank you:)

  12. Your new chickens are sweet, such a fun addition to your yard. Love your artwork. I am going to make those yummy scalloped potatoes.

  13. The winter that won't quit. Sigh . . . it is much the same here, but we get rain, rain and yep, more rain, but things are blooming despite the rain. I have not seen any bumblebees yet. Where do I begin with all that you have shared! It is all so beautiful. You are such a true artist, knowing kinds of papers, etc. I just grab paper and paint. Perhaps I need to pay more attention to things like this! Your chicken are lovely, even bordered with snow. They will be such a cheerful thing in the summertime mixing with your real girls. I wonder what they will think. Those potatoes look fabulously tasty. But everything does! I am not sure how long I can keep to vegetarian. I think I might slip in a bit of chicken and fish . . . we will see. Love ALL that you share dear friend. What a treasure you are! xoxo

    1. Didn't realize you were becoming vegetarian?Oh I wonder how I would fare? I know J would have a very difficult time..he needs proteing with his condition and has to eat a certain amout of meat protein..I think I could do it..but like you..we eat chicken and pork..and sometimes a burger..or Korean Beef;) Last night I made a Vietnamese version.Marie..if you come across Yupo white..try it:)
      You're such a nice girl.

    2. Oh, I am struggling with vegetarian, trust me. I just thought perhaps it might be easier on my tummy/digestion problems. I do love a good steak every now and then. I have been two weeks without any meat, except for some chicken. I feel a meatfest coming on, LOL

  14. When I saw your Christmas cactus it made me smile! I keep mine in the spare bedroom and don't go in that room every often but lo and behold the Christmas cactus is blooming. Same color as yours :-)

    This is the coldest April we have had in history. But I do know that the worst is over and we will soon see blooms in our garden. xo

    1. I love your optimis..and yes that's a can be in a room..w/ out much company and do very well:) Ideal plant!Not fluffy and airy as I usually favor but so stress free;) Bonne semaine!

  15. When will the real girls return to your garden? :)

  16. Dearest Monique,
    Your paintings are quite lovely and I love the way you experiment with different papers!
    Oh, that Butterfly Pea Blue Tea looks stunning and is a treat for the eye. Blue in psychology is calming...
    Well, I might be doing some more weeks of writing as there is not much else I can do 'yet'.
    My doctor got worried about me still being in pain and not being able to stand on my left leg. Even though the x-ray showed no broken hip bone.
    He ordered some MRIs for me yesterday and his worry got underwritten, so this morning he had me have a CT scan.
    There it was: a hairline crack in my left sacrum and in my pubic bone. How unlucky one can be. Hip got bruised and the hematoma is almost gone but the impact was more inward...
    But I'm happy, spring seems to be more serious in our area and I'm in heaven with the scent of fresh white hyacinth in a vase. Did pick that up at Trader Joe's on Sunday.

    1. I am sorry for you.I hope this pain leaves you very soon.It can become demoralizing.We think we are invincible until something happens..and then we pray harder😌Sending hopeful soon to be mended discomforts.
      I know about unlucky😕Many of us do...Please take care.So much on your plate.
      Spring is not serious at all here.The interminable winter!

  17. Good morning....raining here☔️
    I spy those beautiful Cactuses!
    Your tea always looks delightful...ready for the Queen to pop in!
    Your painting skills always amaze me...everchanging....must be so peaceful...🙏🏻
    Hopefully these April showers will bring May flowers....
    Do the carmalized onions really improve the scalloped potatoes? I use raw...
    Think I’ll do some indoor gardening today...and work on my x-stitch project 😳
    Linda :o)

    1. Hello:) I think the caramelized onions did improve them..but to be honest I have made these once before;) A different recipe..I am a newbie in these but will make these again;)
      I put my 3 orchids under the stove light..I told J everyone needs a bit of love once in a while..downstairs my tomatoes and etc are using the lights..pouring here..hopefully some snow will melt..

      I ordered a crewel stitchery for a tea cozy from and IGmer ..UK.. it's cute ..vintage..too many appts this week and next..and then hopefully in the garden!!Somewhere..we had burgers on the BBQ..home made buns..not from today..and baked fried..garlic mayo.I am stuffed.I could have had just a big bowl of your soup:)
      Have a nice evening:):)

  18. Oh Monique, you know I love it when you talk painting! I just looked up Yupo on Amazon and they don't have it so hopefully their website can direct me someplace that does or maybe I can even buy online. I love the things you did with it along with all the other photos. Your chix are adorable and that dinner looks so very yummy! Scalloped potatoes are one of my favorites -- I love the idea of carmelized onions! Merci beaucoup!

    1. You can order some nice samples directly from Legion Paper :) Yupo and the other.
      I bought my Yupo here in I was happy to find it.
      The samples are so reasonable..I did get some last yr..Stonehenge..(the house painting)..but for the yup..the paper samples were $3.00 for 4..but $12.00 shipping to me:( Plus our exhange rate..

      Oh do try the white..start w/ white:)

  19. Your watercolors are gorgeous, Monique I love them to bits.

  20. I have been sick and away from Blogspot...How refreshing to see your gorgeous photos and art again!! You have found a match with your new papers, how great is that?! The paintings are gorgeous!
    I've been working on finding fountain pen matches. And just purchased a bunch of Daniel Smith tubes because they were on sale in Portland...

    If you come to Maine this summer, maybe we could meet somewhere in Maine?

    1. :) We are staying put this summer...So nice of you to suggest..though..:)
      You have some DS already I am sure... I really really like them a lot..I find M Graham jucier but what do I know:)?
      I hope you are feeling better and better with each passing day..
      I sent you an email a while back with my gratitude..s..hope you received it.
      Prends bien soin de toi..

      On a qu'une de nous:)
      Prompt rétablissement!

      Le printemps se fait très tardif chez moi au Québec..

  21. stay warm and stay dry-my dad has told me about the horrible weather in Ottawa. I love your watercolors. They are so inspirational to me.

    1. It's January I read somehwre:(
      It's the first time I feel this way.I can usually find humor and beauty in our weather:( Interminable .Even warmer would make me happier.
      Freezing rain today/night into morning.
      Thank you for your encouragement re my efforts:) Such a quiet joy.That's such a big part of my love of painting:)

  22. I love your watercolors, dear Nana. They are sbsolutely gorgeous.
    Around here, Spring is arriving! So good!

  23. You have found your match in Yupo! Your watercolors are amazing, as I said, growing! You capture the season so well.
    Is it possible that you have never published a book of your photos?? Or published in magazines?