Monday, April 2, 2018

~Easter Monday 2018~

What did he see:) Lol!

I love this photo I got of my girls Easter Sunday..
Just a fluke.
But how dear is it?

Easter was iffy..cloudy..sunny..windy some snow flurries still snow..
Mylène and Caroline came earlier prepare the hunt..Mimi had bought Meri Meri Hunt decorations..( I love them..surprised?)

They hid everything like a scavenger hunt w/ clues and such..they traipsed through snow and mud..and weeds and found everything..
Let me tell you it was FREEZING..out there.

So I talked about my fails..

Winners were the carrot cake..same recipe every yr..
But I took a photo out of one of my Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit books and had a wafer paper sheet just apply over your frosting.I think it turned out cute..wafer paper on buttercream or cream cheese frosting..softens..and is good..but on fondant cookies? I don't know..paper to me..cute but not me ..

This potato salad was great..but..  I keep bacon drippings in the when my small skins had boiled..I cut them..and tossed in a tbsp of bacon drippings..I did not add bacon and did not add celery seed.I left my skins on.It is a keeper.  Oh and I put 4 eggs.

The little verrines are so cute..I found the recipe and idea here..Jane is a fab photographer..recipe developper..etc..and all around nice person..A mom to 2 little girls .
I omitted the whipped cream topping..and I mousse was Dr Oetker:)
The curd was hers..recipe here..delish.
Thank you Jane.

Another winner those big Kinder Eggs..a nice toy to assemble at the table :)

I made la Salade d'Amour another proven many different recipes!  It's basically that Asianish rice/spinach/sprout salad we all know and love..

This soup is always good too.. an oldie but goodie:)It's so old of my daughters said :"I used to always serve this for comapny" Used to..being the operative word..It is GREAT..
Try great!
and Terry's husband's family recipe of Goat's Mustard Sauce..  My son-in-laws love it..that's a keeper.I keep saying it but Thank YOU!!

So the table said:"Nana  eveything you make is cute"..
That have no idea what that felt like♥♥♥

Oli :"I love these mashed potoatoes":) LOL..

Oli ..they were all playing football may remember Jacques built  4 of these remains for nostalgia..  we can see the boys outside playing..look at Oli on the swing..he is the only one that fits..he loved it as a baby..
Our grown up so fast.
I swear to you..this part of life? Grandchildren grow up way faster than our own...children ever did..

And then ..well all good things come to an was time for tea and clean up..that sponge though? Sarah~3 arrived in a card w/ envelope..flat as paper..3 puffy tulip sponges appeared once wet..I was going to keep them all lol but gave the girls each one..too cute for Spring:) TY Sarah!

 Pea Soup on the stove simmering,this Easter Monday morning.

Oh my girls..thank you♥For you and your familes.

PS And I got manure again!And my girls come home soon.I am keeping the originals..  their feathers grew back lol;)


  1. The girls, bright and beautiful and the boys. Ollie ruminating in his swing and I think Noah was looking up to spy an egg before the others. Life is sweet. Those cookies all turned out perfect and I'll have to go back and look at the potato salad. It sounds good. I'm nursing a cold and resting today. Tomorrow, I'll soldier on.

    1. That's what we do..:) Soldier on..:) Take care!! Oli was looking into the house:) I was w/everyone..and of course we are all keeping an eye out..the ones facing the back and when I saw Oli I grabbed my camera w/ a zoom..and he saw me..I knew it:) He is ruminating a are right..and LOL yes Noah:)
      To you!

  2. They looked like it was freezing when I saw the picture on IG, but what a beautiful picture it turned out to be. Your cookies are darling.
    We had a lovely warm day and everyone was here so it was crazy but fun!

    1. I can't even imagine a little Easter dress day!Halloween and Easter here😬Never costume/or holiday outfit days.
      I bet it was splendid chez vous!

  3. Beautiful family photos. My son-in-law makes a fantastic potato salad :-)

  4. aww youra girls are beautiful like you!
    Im sure was an amazing day!
    I miss when the twins looking by their eggs !!
    Im agree all you make is cute and finally I love Peter Rabbit!
    Here was good my brother bring chocolates eggs too. and my Mom is easten them. Hope she will be ok is like a girl sometimes.
    Hugs to you!

    1. I admire you Gloria🙏🏻And I assure you...our girls ..I was never that attractive.
      I am 64 now ..😌
      Peter Rabbit and all of BP..charm charm charm.
      Hope you are feeling better!!!

  5. you are beautiful Monique :)
    Im better. was my sister never come to see my mom. My brother always come and brings a lot of things :)

  6. Did you decorate those dazzling chicken cookies yourself? They're the cutest things ever! I love all the photos. Never heard of the wafer paper. It looks really cute -- too bad it didn't taste as good on the cookies as you thought, but it's a visual winner! Everything looks and sounds delicious. Your daughters are beautiful and I love every single photo and the idea of the egg hunt, too. Your grands are so nice and complimentary. I hope ours ends up that way!

    It looks as though your Easter was a wonderful day and that gives me a very big smile!

    1. I could paint gorgeous cookies Jeanie.
      Yes Easter was actually blessed.With my blessings:)
      I am sure yours was too!

  7. I came here this morning to look up the banana oatmeal muffins and found all this cuteness. ❤️
    Love egg hunts :-)
    Look at your beautiful daughters. They look like teens. And the boys are growing up too fast.
    Have a wonderful week M.

  8. That is such a lovely photo of your beautiful daughters! You made everything bright and springlike despite the snow and cold. I remember all to well Easter egg hunts in the snow from living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. One year, in Boulder, I had an Easter Brunch planned and it snowed nearly three feet the night before! It looks as if your littles had a great time!

    1. We are use to inclement Easters..but it did feel quite Siberian:( Jullie Christie in Dr Zhivago.I am printing up that photo as I love it too:) Thank you so much for saying that:)

  9. Love all the photos. Your daughters look great. I love that photo of them all so seriously on the hunt, from young to old they all get into it. I’m so glad everyone loves Goats mustard. It is unique. I love everything you made.

    1. Mylène..the teacher..prepare the clues..all laminated..I kpet them..they were so well done..
      The Littles had fun:) Thanks so much Terry..I am sure you had a ball at Gerarda's:)

    2. We did! She made a 9 lb leg of lamb. She made chicken and potatoes too! I have to ask, what glasses did you use for your mousse? The link you shared had some very nice desserts so I might NEED some. I do have 5oz yougart jars but the tulip shape glasses are pretty.

    3. They are my yogurt pots..the boys each left with their own for home..:)
      They are Riviera pots..

      I have plastic lids for them..but w/ the Meri Meri cuties..I could not put the lid..
      Oh Terry..have you seen the Meri Meri Fairy cupcake toppers?
      You do NEEED some..I needed less than the required amount of biscuit base..I could have done 5.. and the pack Dr Oetker I had loads leftover.I use piping bags when making verrines..
      imagine chocolate too:)

    4. We don’t have that brand. Will do some research on Amazon for jars. Your right I do NEED the Meri Meri Fairy cupcake topper (along with a few others!).

  10. Love that photo of your girls! A framer for certain!! Oh my gosh, I am planning a scavenger hunt for my Little's baskets when we get together for our triple birthday bash in another 2 weeks. I made the first scavenger hunt for them the last time they each stayed overnight. When Dane was here to 'surprise' me for my birthday he asked "Nana, can we have another game with clues?" LOL. So cute, everything. Your BIG Littles! Maybe it's because we don't see them every day that they seem to grow up so fast? I've already pinned the potato salad and verrines :) I've never tried the printable wafer paper but love how they look. What Max said is so true. Everything you do is cute ;)

    1. I remember your hunt!The wafer paper is good when it seems to melt into an icing..maybe it's just these particular circles that just stayed too stiff..the cake one was fine..became one with the icing..oh the little verrines are so cute..!Even chocolate would be I tend to stay away from chocolate and Cheesies indoors☺️It just seems like they grow so fast..3 will be much taller than I..Noah will also but not as much as the other 3 who have taller parents.The 14 th will be lovely chez vous I know it.Have a great day❤️

  11. This had me so happy I wish I was there. It seems from the photos and stories it was a perfect family day. What more could anyone ask for? The picture of Oli in the swing was cute


    1. I find Easter is happy:) Everything seems sweet and cute..and starting Spring like although not that much here.
      It's a great reason to get together.I know the value ..the real meaning of Easter having been raised catholic..but I think it's ok to step outside and just write about chocolate and Littles and not everyone shares the same opinions or beliefs.. and that is what makes life so very interesting.We're all so different:)Cindy..thank you for your nice comment.:)

  12. All three recipes sound very delicious! and the girls are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Krishna..they are so photogenic:) Lucky girls:)They are'd like them:)Hope you had a nice weekend.

  13. Monique, your Easter images are sheer magic! You have a way of making everything look as if it were right out of some magic kingdom. I can't imagine egg hunting in the snow, but your boys looked as if they were undaunted. Love the idea of a scavenger hunt for the older ones. So clever! Happy the little tulips arrived in time, fluffed up, and are being useful! It makes me smile that you shared with your girls. That's one of the best parts of life ~ sharing!
    Happy Easter Week!

    1. Happy Easter week to you:) When I received them..I thought..all for me..because our tastes are so different..partly;) But when they saw them..they loved just never I said: "Here!One for you and one for you:)"
      They are so warm booded.. Not like their nana..and Caroline..the rest of the never cold!
      I saw Jacqueline's Easter.what a difference a warm climate makes clothes wise:) Wasn't it all exceptional?
      With those big bunnies:)
      Have a beautiful day someone who shares so much joie de vivre with everyone.

  14. There is those beautiful girls,and handsome boys!
    Your potato salad is like delish.
    You are so right about grandchildren growing faster...I love them little!
    Can’t wait to see your Chickens again...we see lots on our cottage drives.
    Raining here now...and BIG winds expected...fingers crossed for our dear old cottage 🤞🏻
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. Same here..wind and rain and..what was that song?:)

      Love watching our Littles on each others blogs Linda!
      Have a great night!

    2. Oh, me too Monique...they are getting big!

  15. Be still my heart! Max just makes a grandmother's heart go pitty-pat with his sweet words to you! And, Oli! LOVE the photos! Especially the first one of your daughters! So beautiful. Like their momma! Yours was a COLD Easter where ours was mild... but, the fun was the same no matter what the temperature! Have a wonderful week, Monique! blessings ~ tanna

    1. You too..a lovely week!We will warm up one day just not yet..Spring always comes right?
      Thank you for your nice comments..just going to bed..ends on a nice note.☺️

  16. What a lovely post Monique. I really enjoyed reading about your Easter festivities! That is one thing I miss out on living so far away. The photo of your girls, they are so beautiful, just like you and your grandsons, so handsome. I am with Max, everything you make IS cute! Love all that you do. You have such a beautiful spirit and heart and it shines in every post. I love visiting you. Hope you are having a great week and that each day brings you closer to Spring like weather and your girls coming home! xoxo

    1. I have learned so much from YOU.Never forget that!:)
      It was a nice day.
      The Little had fun..and the adults did too:)
      I know you miss your fam..and I am conscious of my family posts because I don't want anyone feeling blue if family is far..but it's my journal..and one of my daughters has told me she loves looking at it sometime scrolling back..on posts like these.
      WE laugh because they will say..Oh I love that..(It was on my blog lol) They don't have time for long boring blogs like mine;) They go for my recipes or a trip down memory lane♥
      Have a great day!

  17. Dearest Monique,
    Lovely family Easter time and at least you could go outdoors together.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Merci beaucoup! Si ce n'était pas pour une hanche meurtri et marcher sur des béquilles; Je serais pétillant!😘

    2. Roses have thorns... It will be okay in a while!🌹

  18. You can make anything glorious including an Easter egg hunt in the snow!
    Bravo ❤️

  19. Reading this post as my pea soup simmers :) All my friends at school were wowed by all your Easter treats ... and laughed as I told them about the boys licking the ink off their beautiful cookies ;)

  20. An Easter egg hunt in the snow! The fun! Your grands are so lucky to have you.

  21. Sounds fun and everything looks delicious! :)


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