Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happenings~ And a Y. Ottolenghi delicious recipe.

I find bouquets joyful~

Above Schmincke  watercolors,Strathmore Mixed Media Paper.

Above painted from a lesson in a book I bought in Provence..Peindre La Provence a l"Aquarelle.
Wanted to show you this eraser..battery operated..and it's so nice.I follow a very talented Brazilian  watercolorist living in Mtl on IG
She was using one on one of her stories.
I am hooked.
She paints Montreal beautifully.

Had to leave you w/ a prettier reblooms are still going strong..all at once when they are done..I will get another..because now I need to see one all the time..

Lots and lots in the gardens..

Summer is now upon us..and the roses are starting..I have included a very tame pic of rose chafers..this is when they arrive..about 20 minutes later they are grouped en masse devouring the flower.I can't show you because quite frankly it's gross..And I do kill them.I wear a rubber glove and squish fingers full.Read up on them..they are useless..destructive..have no predator and make gardeners wonders why they garden for those 3 weeks.

My yellow rose of Texas on the front fence..was eaten alive..before I could even take pics like I usually do.

This past weekend was time to gather the garlic scapes..chopped and frozen ..waiting to enhance many meals:) and peach..Love the peach ones:)
Feverfew..still some irises.
Beach roses..
Clematis are starting..

I make small bouquets..they last a few days and I feel happier looking at bouquets than not.

Made a few paintings..different papers..paints..

Did I tell you? I had no idea Giuliana was so talented..she drew an eye of  a horse for her art project at school and it's unbelievable.It was put on show.
She starts college in Aug..Interior design.
She has great taste..  make-up..all that artsy stuff:) I love.

I picked up some yarn..;)  You know how long our winters are..
will make another Orla Kiely type blanket..great price..instead of $5.00..  2!!I went in for nothing really and bought all that..had it in my arms..quite a sight;)
That's half of it..picture the other half;)

I do Teacupthursdayk with Linda..and this week ,I picked my Summer cup..Brambly Hedge...see that piece of cake in the back?
It's delish.
Yotam Ottolenghi..fom his book Sweet.I booked it out twice.:)
It's my fave book of his.
Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Cake.
I made a square springform pan.Small  . 6 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches.
Perfeto.You have to try it once:)And then you will just make it again:)
Something about it..♥
I did not need paper sticking up..and had more crumble..even halved.
It's a keeper.

Funny story about the Camembert clocheS..
I recently bought this Camembert cloche on reminded me of a home we stayed at in St-Rémy de Provence.
It was very very reasonable..$4.00

I Googled them when I came home..and realized that the white opalescent floral dish I already had..was in fact a Camembert cloche:)
I never knew..I thought a pretty butter dish.
So now we have 2.
A fancy feminine one..
and a more rustic one..
That's ok:)

I think we will use the Provence/rustic on for my daughter's birthday in August~ 43!!

Mentioned the battery operated eraser above..the idea came from here.Have a nice is a long one here~

And I LOVED her dress and hat.

P.S. As if I had not talked enough..just read a great piece of news..Carol..Paris Breakfasts..go see..this is her the Paris Metro!! 

Photo courtesy of Carol's blog where I borrowed it to show you :)This is THE salon for champagne and French pastries.



  1. I have all the Ottolenghi books except this last one. Can't wait to peruse through it! Love your flowers, so beautiful and that orchid, wow!!!!

    1. Happy to have this lovely orchid..hope I can get her to put on another show in several months:) Sweet is great!Thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. Ohh..but not low maintenance:( Thank you..but your design is looking exeptionally appealing to me now:)

  3. Rhubarb anything is a rarity in this part of the world and you have made me want a pie and cake with it. Why do they always put strawberries with it? Never heard of that eraser thing. Does it erase the pencil lines or watercolor? That pale pink poppy is gorgeous, but what flower isn't (except maybe a bird of paradise). It is a good time of year. I am battling my lawn outside a little area off my bedroom. I think I've planted grass seed three times already and might have to do it again. It looks horrible. Kudo's to Carol. What a nice shout out. Have a nice weekend. We might finally get some rain.

    1. It's often used alone but just works as a taste combo..rhubarb is not sweet..a strawberry however:) Maybe that's why..a great balance.This cake..I tell ya:)
      Grass is that isn't is Quack grass..we have so much of that I almost need a chain saw to do my edging:(
      I hope yours finaly grows.When I want grass in a hurry..I lay the seed..add a touch of earh on top..then JUTE..water the juste..soon you will see grass popping up..keep it moist.I grew some in an are here where we had chopped down a grew!
      Carol..can you imagine..and they are lining the Metro!

  4. I feel all zen for having read this. Just what I needed.
    Summer hit here all at once. Like a light switch. The lavender is blooming so much, it's surprising it doesn't make noise.

    1. I love how you said that! It must be beautiful!!

  5. Your flowers, photos and watercolors are all so lovely.
    Perhaps you could try a chili pepper spray (treehugger dot com) on your roses - it is a shame for all that beauty to be eaten immediately!

    1. Thank you ..I added cayenne..but just a touch..I will put more tomorrow morning as they continue their rampage..Thank you again!

  6. Your garns are like a bouquet and pictures inspire me to look for bouquets, too. I'll start tomorrow:)

    1. Thank you:) Ys yarns are like blooms for certain!

  7. Sweet Arabella ♥ My poor garden is such a weedy disaster this year. So much heat, so much rain and so many bugs that I don't even want to go out and weed. Yours looks lovely! Gorgeous yarns! You will have a prolific winter :) I will definitely check out that rhubarb cake. I still have mine in draft form :( Not a looker but so good. Dane coming tomorrow, I hope it stops raining. Everyone coming for dinner on Saturday. Our weather - sheesh! If only there were something to get rid of those chafers/beetles. It's a never-ending batter, isn't it? Beautiful watercolors and I have to find that eraser pen! Kudos to Carol on her Metro advertisement artwork! Such talent :)

    1. You made me smile out loud..not about your weather!!😢😢😢That is not lucky especially with your love and devotion of your garden!!
      But because if never-ending batter😂☺️🙂Because I know what you mean but also batter works too here!
      I bought my eraser at Anazon..first one did not work.You know how amazing Amazon of course a replacement worked perfectly.
      I find it is light and precise.
      I think Camila may have used it to remove mask ..also..not sure.I have only tried with pencil and love it.We had Oli and Max yesterday..tomorrow Jacques goes out with Alain Noah and Adamo..Alouettes football game.
      Susan..Lucas did so well in his first year high school🙏🏻We are so happy for him.YesCarol..hard work..devotion..talent..she followed her dream.
      Really amazing.Have fun with everything!Hope you get garden glory soon🙂

    2. Now I made myself laugh out loud :-) I just reread batter. Auto correct is a blessing and a curse... and it is appropriate to us both as I am about to make some cookie batter for Dane - LOL. Our big boys got good reports also and we are proud...but high school is a big step and so important. A real adjustment. Kudos to Lucas!

    3. We just want them happy:) So if things go's easier right? You know..the boys appreciate my baking as I know yours do..but they love plain ol' chips too and grandad is the keeper og those keys:)
      Batter up Susanana:)♥

  8. Your garden keeps on looking wonderful. I miss my roses at the fence. I read an article that gave me a good idea of what may have happened. The roses that grow wild in our area, multiflora carry a disease and a bug carries them to the ones we love. I read it on A Way to Garden blog by Margaret Roache. Pretty bouquets.does your feverfew seed around like the Shasta daisies? Mine are needing to be thinned out again or they will be taking over once again. Carol must be proud as can be having her artwork displayed in the metro. It’s a wonderful piece of work. Off to read your recipe. Bon weekend.

    1. Roses and their I have tried many David Austins..etc..and few survive..some do..mostly tea roses..the Explorers and Parklands do's a guessing game..I need better gloves for my roses..I get small pricks and splinters and yeow..for days..
      So..I have feverfew..and one that looks exactly like feverfew but is aquaintance gave me some yrs ago..the the leaves..both return..sometimes too many sometimes less..:)
      I do love them..very much as the rose chafers don't touch them but eat the shastas..:(
      Bon weekend you too!

    2. The white flowers in the vase, are they feverfew? Also, I forgot to comment, you must have so much garlic to get all those garlicscapes! And the yarn! Good for you on your bargain. I know you will turn it into another beautiful blanket.

    3. Tomorrow I will pick feverfew and the other..if both are blooming to show you the really is only in the leaves..and one grows airier..leaves a touch more delicate it seems..wish I could rember the name!!I will have about 100 I guess..bulbs..have to keep 100 cloves...We eat it all except the 5 or so bulbs I gave neighbour..3 friends of my son-in law and my son - in far my neighbour and one friend..that I know of had planted it.They were given at a get together and I think most

    4. It sees that at the moemnt..only my other blooming with it's smaller airier leaves I am think Chamomile..The thicker leafed either not up or out yet..but Google..Feverfew and Chamomile..same family same look different leaves..and very little difference.

    5. Just saw your comments as I’ve been busy in the garden yesterday and today. 100 bulbs of garlic, wow! I’ll google the two plants to see the difference.

  9. Yeah !!!...happy weekend love Ria 💜

  10. Beautiful garden photos. Too bad about some of them being eaten. Love the garlic pics. Have a happy weekend. I have been too busy helping my mom to write a post. Surgery is needed for my sweet little mama.

    1. Oh poor Mama:( She is so fortunate to have such a wonderful daughter.♥

  11. You have a wonderful garden. Great haul of yarn


  12. Your photos are always so gorgeous, and make me feel so serene. Except now I just know that I need a Camembert cloche!

    1. I think you do need one!You made me smile!Thank you!

  13. Your flowers and watercolours are so beautiful. I always feel good after reading your posts and watching your pictures. Have a nice weekend. xoxo

    1. Nina..a lovely thing to say!You are so nice..Enjoy the weekend..I know you will🙂😂

  14. I'm behind reading blogs and so I didn't hear about Carol's big billboards for the salon! Tres magnifique! Oh, I'm happy for her and all who get to see her colorful art!

    I need to get that eraser. It works for watercolor? Or just the pencil lines? Tell me more!

    And of course, every photo, as I often say, makes me happy. I love the beautiful flowers. I'm with you - bouquets make me happy and I've been making a lot of them too. And I really love your painting. It's perfection. And a bit envious and also mad at myself that I didn't plant garlic this year so I could enjoy the scapes. Next year. And big happy sighs with your garden. OK. I can relax now. I've been here!

    1. Pretty newsworthy the Paris Metro !!Exciting.
      I doubt the eraser erases watercolor.I have used it on pencil and I may have seen it used on dry masking fluid..
      But I have not personally tried the latter.On pencil it's a thrill and precise.🙂
      I find painting real the flowers in the vase..much harder than copying from a in the Provence
      Very reasonably priced the eraser..comes with a few extra erasers but buy more☺️Needs batteries too🙄Yes plant garlic..a Beautiful..hassle free..except harvesting.And even👍🏻

  15. Ugh...bugs. The only thing I dislike about digging in the garden or looking after flowers. But your blooms are beautiful, as are your photos. I am also in awe of your watercolors. I think I say that whenever I comment! :)

    I so enjoy your are fun, and down to earth. As mutual friends of Linda, I know we have a lot in common!

    Jane x

    1. I am sure ..being friends w/ Linda means we have lots in common..! Except you two have lake houses:) I could say I need one;) It's fun seeing you change abodes.
      The water has always called my name.I tried..I showed Jacques many homes w/ watefront ..w/ almost 30 yrs under my belt as a realtor..a few caught my eye..was not to be.
      I am over the moon with our home though all is well..
      I hate things ..that put our efforts in vain.:(
      Have a great weekend Jane!

    2. Hugs and kisses to you both!💋💋💋
      How fun to sit down and chat together...☺️

  16. Oh those bugs, I could be angry for you. Grrr ... Where do I start with what you have shared with us on this post. There is so much to love. Your photos are simply beautiful. You are so talented, so very, very talented. Your art is so beautiful also. Monique, you are a treasure trove of talent. Sweet, soft, gentle talent. And such a beautiful heart also. So happy that you share it. That cake looks magnificent. When I worked at the big house, the daughter would come down from London some weekends and bring treats from Ottolenghi. His salads are to die for. I am in love with Meghan and Harry. I think she is the best Royal yet, but you already know that! ;-) Bon weekend my friend! xoxo

    1. It's a losing sure what to do..hard to fathom that as soon as I pinch more fly on..they are so revolting Marie it's like a armies..and armies of them:(
      You are what the world need more of..lifting people up all the encouraging..
      I made your angel cake yesterday..even I had a bite and liked turned out cute in the round pans..but had to naked it up if you know what I mean..and your baking is perfection..and slicing..mine not so much:)
      Have a lovely Sunday!

  17. So much tenderness is every photo! Thank you, Dear for that inspiration!
    I`m your new subscriber in GFC
    Follow back? Sunny Eri: beauty experience

    1. Lots of temptations on your site:) I love trying things..Thank you.

  18. I've only seen red poppies, love the pretty peach one. And your paintings...they always make me smile.

  19. These paintings are so pretty Monique! I do believe you improve every time you pick up a brush.
    I think your blooms are beautiful, and it must be heavenly in person.
    Darn chafers....🤬
    Rain rain rain today....good for the gardens....
    Have a wonderful day...and a great week....
    Linda :o)

    ps....what kind of yarn is that? Love the colours...individual grannies...or one big one?
    I am still working on the cross stitch....I NEED a new blanket to start soon! 😂

    1. One big one..let me go see..for the yarn..:)
      I thought it was Impeccable mpressions lol..

      Not sure which color to start with..
      It has threated rain for 2 days..I just went on my killing ramage and that front bed is as dry as a not enough to quench a thirst!
      Can you believe I actually forget how to make the blanket? My memory for many things is still happily quite good..but's like our don't use it..ya lose it:(

      I see unicorns everywhere because of you:)
      Have a great week!!

    2. We got a really Good soaking rain overnite and most of the day...
      The Impeccable is on for $2! Maybe I should grab a bunch of colours!
      How many balls did you buy?
      You start with a granny square and just keep going...ch1 on the corners...remember to turn over every row...Amanda taught me that! Good luck!

    3. I think I bought 10..yes I paid $2.00:)I won't start right gardens are top of the list right now..but I LOVE to crochet and I love that you got me hooked.;)

  20. Dearest Monique,
    Your winters may be long but during summer time you are the more 'bubbly' with all the fresh flowers and fruits and rhubarb for making delicious crumble pies!
    Love your photos, also the monsieur/madame silver napkin rings!
    Enjoy your summer season.

    1. Merci beaucoup Mariette..summer keeps me on my toes:))With terrible looking hands:) Enjoy yours also.

  21. I bought the same book when I was in Provence! Carol's art looks gorgeous blown up like that! It's fun to see her so happy and proud! Speaking of books, when are you and when is she going to publish one??? I want them!

    1. I love that book! I just painted another small one..letting it dry before I continue:)
      Moi,jamais..mais j'espère que toi et Carol allez en publier un:)
      Bonne journée Rita!

  22. So many lovely all of your bouquets. The cake looks delicious too. Recently made a rhubarb cake...really yummy...on my keeper list... :)

    1. Thank you! I have Pinned it..keeper for you=keeper for me:)

  23. I love Ottlenghi recipes, I have this book and love it, only I wanted make all the recipes and is impossible :)
    This you mad elooks wonderful and delicious !
    Hope to make something soon.
    I love all SHE use and this dress and hatt too . She loooks always really pretty!
    hugs and love

    1. :) She is just so pretty and stylish she is fun to watch!:)Their joy..feels good:)