Friday, August 10, 2018

I sometimes buy love w/ cookies♥

I think this is the hottest..most humid summer I have ever known..
even..including the summers of my youth.

It's a great summer.
Not for gardeners..
not for hair that fuzzes and frizzes..
not for the sleep deprived..

And not hot tea lately..Ice tea..
I love this Tea Forté set..because it's pretty and clear and Tea Forté pyramids have leaves..
Because I bought it on Varage Sale for a small fee.
Because the seller was nice..

Re that heat.. the Littles..never complain! They do day camp and football in all that gear ..and NEVER complain.

I think they are so lucky and so adorable.

Yes I miss our Littles when they were Little..and I kissed them not stop and stared into their beautiful little faces with love and adoration.
I could snuggle and rock them..

But I have to tell you..They are pretty amazing..older.

I love that they are happy to see us.

My face lights up when I see them..I feel it..I look at them all..and admire their perfect..different features..their thank God healthy bodies and loving..funny individual personalities.

No one makes me laugh like they do.

No one tells me my baking doesn't even need a a"Do you like this?"

Everything I make according to my little delicious.

They tell me my skin is soft..when in fact I am turning into a lizard.

I marvel at the gifts these Littles have been to us.

Which brings me to the GIANT see above..
A hit.

You can find the recipe here.I have made 2 others,this has been the best.

I put it on a pizza plate and Lucas cut it w/ a pizza cutter.

Oli asked if he could have one for his birthday..and when was the day we were taking him out for lunch and shopping?

We had just brought Lucas..for that day..his 13th..
Oli is the last..

Max told us there were 305 days ap until his next birthday..That's Max:)
And Oli can't wait.

Noah..knows exactly what he wants..LEGO forever..the other takes longer..clothes and shoes and sport things are often considered..and reconsidered.
Lucas gave me a fashion show at Marshall's.
I beamed.

High beam.

Ok..make that Giant is the reward;)

Summer Snow..(Paul Farges ) clematis IS the most vigorous longest blooming clematis.Mine is in full sun all day.
Have a home to cover? LOL..This is the one:)

My Japanese anemones are in bloom..

we've had thunderstorms to paint in..

new gardening aquaintances that have brought joy to me..

and did I mention those Littles?:)

We have a multi birthday celebration here..this w/e..

Fingers crossed for sunshine.:)

Have a lovely one!

And look what's on Netflix!

The Guernsey

Tonight!:)Will watch:)


  1. You put it so perfectly.
    I remember my daughter touching my then-80-something mother's face and telling her, in all honesty, that she was beautiful.

  2. We took our little down to the Ski Shores Cafe on Lake Austin last night. It is near our house and Friday is Family night. Family’s can dock there boats and enjoy dinner, drinks and the kids get to watch a movie outdoors and make s’mores around the campfire. This morning, I woke up and looked in on our sweet little sleeping boy and thought - I am not ready for this little guy to grow up! So it was so nice to open your epost and read all the joys you are experiencing as your littles grow older. A reminder to count the blessings. Thank you!

    1. It keeps on going RY♥You will see..loving little boys.. he is growing up with you.Oh that sounds like a fun outing!!
      Aren't they just so beautiful?So much love.

  3. This post made me smile all the way through. I love hearing about family that truly love one another. Family is the most important.

    Enjoy your littles

    Have a super weekend


    1. Thank you Cindy..enjoy the weekend.
      It's all I have family.♥

  4. Your littles are growing up quickly. It’s heart warming to read the love between you and them.

    1. It sures makes my life warmer:)♥Thank you..have a great weekend!

  5. There is nothing wrong with buying their love with cookies. They will remember Nana when they are grown for all those cookies you made for them. This has been such a hot, humid and wet summer here too. We managed to squeeze in the pig roast last Saturday and now we are back to stormy weather. Everyone loved your relish that you shared a few weeks back. Is it already anemone time? Before we know it our littles will be back to school and pumpkins will be showing up at the markets. Have a great weekend.

    1. I know the moms were talking school supplies last is in full swing so the boys aren't thinkig school ..yet:) Glad the relish was a hit:) Have a great week Terry!!

  6. Dearest Monique,
    Well, in Dutch we have a saying: 'Love goes through the stomach' and it is SO true.
    Even a husband can be bought with a good cookie or chocolate making.
    Happy weekend to you - enjoy the ending of summer.

    1. Oh I love that saying! I must remembr that Mariette.You too enjoy the end of summer ..2018..Everyone last night said it flew by..!

  7. Oh---please help me with finding something good on Netflix! I'm new with it. Is it the same in Canada as in the States?

    The cookie brought back memories of the same. We would have it in a restaurant during my working girl days for birthdays. I finally made one for my niece's birthday. We dolloped it with vanilla ice cream, berries and whipped cream. I really want to make it again now!

    I feel your love for your little guys. I never truly understood that heart tugging feeling of being a grandmother when I read blogs until I had my own. Holding Madelyn close and inhaling her baby scent is sublime! It takes me back thirty years to when I held my own daughters and felt like time had stopped.

    Have a lovely week, dear!

    Jane x

    1. I never craved being I felt I was too young..and then it happened..and you nailed it ..and I can understand people who dn't have any not wanting or's once it happens you are just overwhelmed with this HUGE adoration lol:)
      I get it.
      Netflix is different..Canada US..
      It depends what you like..
      I know..I can have eclectic tastes.

      The Killing..Oh I loved this
      Friday Night Lights and this..:)

      La Mante

      I have many many more what do you like

      The fall

      Hope this helps!!!
      Toi aussi..bonne semaine!
      Happy you are doing soo well!!

  8. Oh, I doubt sincerely that you ever have to buy love in any way from anyone. You are loved beyond measure by your wonderful family and I am not surprised. You are very loveable, cookies or not! I like baking cookie "pies" too. So easy, just mix, press into pan, bake and cut. Simple. Will check this one out! Guernsey is not available on our Netflix here yet, but hopefully soon! I have wanted to see it for a while! Happy Birthday to all your August Birthdays. It is a great month for Birthdays! Your flower photos are breathtaking. Thankfully the heat has broken for us here in Chester now. Whew! I don't like heat and humidity! Love the sunshine, but the other two, no way! Hope your parties, etc. go very well. Bon Weekend! xoxo

    1. Guernsey was lovely Marie..
      Great cast!
      Great scenery..
      Lovely lovely Kit:)

      All went well..just have the dishwasher to empty..a few other things..but it was outdoors so no big system restore indoors..Tomorrow is YOU!!

  9. I doubt that you are turning into a lizard! Those littles are big blessings in your life!
    The heat, oh, how we hated it. Yes, there were some records set for humidity and temps in Maine.
    Your watercolors are blossoming, like summer flowers! Love is all around...

    1. Merci Rita! I was happy w/ the clotted cream jar and brush..not the flowers at all:(
      I'll keep on trucking:)

  10. I can feel the is infectious...💓

  11. Don't all Nana's buy love with cookies? ♥ I know I do :) Finally catching up after our big weekend! We had a beautiful night for an al fresco gourmet dinner. It was very humid but the skies were clear, mid 80's F, and no wind. Tiki lamps, twinkle lights, lovely. Wish I had taken a photo but the hostess is always too busy thinking of other necessities. Glad to hear you were able to be outdoors for your party too!! So cute, regarding about your politicians. Dane hasn't reached that stage yet. At his last sleepover, I was reading a book to him in his bed and he said to me "Nana, why do your hands have wrinkles?" LOL. All of your photos are lovely!

    1. LOL!! Noah used to ask me questions like inquisitive..
      I had a rude awakening..we had lunch out w/ Lucas..on our bill? One adult..Lucas.. 2 seniors..WTheck?
      We will go back but still..time's flying.
      I am sure your gourmet night was gorgeous..I remember them all I think.
      Lucky you great group of true blues:)
      You're the heart.

  12. Thank you for sharing your day by day with us, dear Nana. Around here it’s real hot and I don’t feel like doing anything at all.

  13. Thanks for the movie recommendation - I will have to watch it tonight! You have wonderful handsome grandsons Monique - so blessed :)

    1. :) Thank you! They really are blessings..2 just left.They are my shining lights.Little beacons.

  14. That water color is gorgeous Ms M. I love the way you talk about your grandkids. They are so lucky to have someone like you in their lives.

    1. Thanks A! They ..are the Photoshop Effects in my life:) Brightness..Clarity..Sharpness:) LOL I could name many!!

  15. what amazing cookie!!!
    and Im sure it was an amazing movie :)
    I was thinking in see look Dowton Abbey again, never bored me, love it!

    1. I could start DA again too..we will one day I am sure..we are running out of things to watch! I like my nightly hour:) Or 1.5 hrs;)

  16. I just finished reading Guernsey. I didn't want it to end. Can the movie possibly be as enchanting? Can it carry me away a Juliet's letters and those she received did? Oh, I hope so. I am almost afraid to watch.

    I love reading of your littles. Or soon, the not-so-littles. And the cookie. That looks divine. A birthday cookie works for me.

    And oh, your painting! Now that is perfection! Your style is so free. I envy and applaud it!

    1. You're so encouraging!! So fun we both enjoy paper and paints:) I read the book YEARS agao..maybe that was a good thing..but I did feel the love :)When your boys are older..parents approving of can make the giant cookie:) ♥

  17. Such lucky grandboys.... :) Your tea set is so pretty. And I can't wait to watch that on netflix! I loved the book. :) xo

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