Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mellow Yellow~

I am still gleaning from Isa's book..when I spotted Nonnettes..and her cute pic..I thought I have to try these..Nonnette..Nana:)
I was..  intriguée:)
I was not familiar with these..they are a French delicacy..and go way back..
so I set myself up to make them..and ..

..I went downstairs to the preserve /beer/yogurt/cheese /chocolate milk fridge..and I was out of marmalade..

so I made some..takes minutes for a small 1 orange batch..:)

Juice the orange..leave pits out..this is my take..I made it I went along..
then try and remove some of the scalpel:)..and process the peel and pulp in a processor..
Combine  the juice..peel..pulp and sugar..ok and I added a squeeze of lemon..and orange juice:)

So ap 32 ml of Orange juice,170 grams sugar..the peel..etc..

Bring to a boil.. cook until it looks good..this small amount..JELLS..far quicker than a larger batch of it's citrus..
So..then I had everything I needed..even the bees:)

Cute as buttons..I made half..
..again..yes you can use half an egg:)
Simply crack an egg in a measuring vessel and whisk..use half the amount..
I made very little icing..a minuscule simply top they are perfectly is..
and then the bees:)

Some fill w/ marmalade..others incorporate it..
Isa incorporates..

So good..
Some call them Nonnettes de Dijon.

See the small brown muffin Little Dante..they had these mini parchments..why did I not pick up MANY...I bought 10..very silly me.They work "superwell" and are "supercute"~ Little Italy..
at Dante..
an icon.
Milano is still closed..and we stayed for a very short time..
every time I see the owner of Dante..I am like a broken record and remind her of a funny episode from maybe  18-20 years ago..

Jacques said:"She doesn't remember..too many clients etc..":)
He is probably right but I liked that moment and yes like a broken record I bring it up..
so..the story goes..
I bought a gift for a friend..a set of 4 plates..and they rang up the decimal at the wrong place..I guess I could have said:"start the car"..but I said..:"I think you should check my bill.."
And they did and they thanked me..
The reason I think I bring this that I also needed to use the ladies room..and there was none in sight..

she handed me the key to their washroom downstairs and I was so grateful:)

Why I bring this up I have no idea:)
I think I like remembering moments that make me feel good.

The light is changing day by day now and the perennials are waning..some baskets too..
thank goodnes for annuals..that do keep well through summer and heat~
It takes all summer for Cobea Scandens to bloom here..still.. I think it's worth Morning Glories..they are annuals..but striking and fun to photo.
That maybe 1/4th of our pws..there is that one..from driveway to garage to decks..
the same the mini pond and around it..and then to the potting shed..then..the front of our home..  every few years..I have to chop away at the QUACK grass..creeping Charlie etc..overgrown grass that covers the stones we laid 17 yrs ago..they become hidden..
our son-in law Frédérick had helped us  lay each and every stone..we had a patio made with them also..but I found it could stay damp  after a heavy rain..2 years ago our other son-in-law Alain  built this one with Jacques.
I have been procrastinating ..but attacked at least that's like ripping the strongest turf burlap out..this took me 5 days..granted only a couple of hours or hour a day..but still.
Stinkin' hot out.
I just cannot wait until the boys are ok w/ x`acto knives and scissors and knives..aka my arsenal for tuff turf;)
I will pay them:) Happily.

La Recette..for Nonnettes
Courtesy of the book Miel
Author: Isabelle Lambert

This recipe is for 32 Nonnettes..I halved it.
You use a mini muffin tin..well prepped/oiled..

Pre-heat oven to 350F.

5 tbsps water
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup sugar
1 2/3 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 pinch ground nutmeg
1 egg room temp
3 tbsps sunflower oil..I used canola.
1 cup orange marmalade.
For the icing..

1 2/3 cup of icing sugar
4 tbsps orange juice.

In a casserole..on the stove heat sugar ,honey and water until the sugar is dissolved.
In a large bowl mix the flour ,baking powder salt and nutmeg.Incorporate wet ings.
Then add the egg,oil and marmalade until you have a homogenous mixture.
Fill your prepped mini muffin tins and bake for 15 minutes..wait 5 minutes before removing from pan..and then cool on a rack.
In a small bowl combine icing sugar and orange juice...then glaze the Nonnettes:)
The next day they are just as good if not better..more orangey:)
I had put them sous cloche.
Elles sont vraiment délicieuses petites que l'on peut en manger une sans avoir un besoin de confession:)

The light changed in a breath..Wednesday..Tuesday we had heavy rain and lots of it..but Wednesday morning I went out to check on things..what had grown..what looked perkier etc..and I felt a change..not a slight change.. but the beginning of the end.
The sun is so much lower.

I loved this story this week..this IS a feel good story;)
Bon weekend~

My trials this week..

It's not so easy painting teacups!


  1. Well, the teacups couldn't be any cuter and we know you have a kind and sweet soul. I did that not long ago where they didn't charge me for a 100 dollar pair of tennis shoes and I'm not nearly as sweet as you. Aren't you clever to make one jar of marmalade? I would have never thought you could do that. I wish I could send you some of my blood oranges. I bet it would make a pretty marmalade. Yay for the rain as we haven't had any in the city and I've had to water extra. I see the coming season changes each day and I'm pretty sure it is going to come early this year.

    1. Oh Donna..I hope you make some bo mamalade..the color is so beautiful:)I was keen on making i had to try something..and we had watched the GBBS and I think Tamal made a type of marm:)
      Summer is waning..I did not want to admit it..but it's that light.

    2. I forgot to say earlier how much I love that show. I can never believe they aren't professionals, but must admit, I didn't think this years' group was quite as good as previous years baker's. I don't think I could cook under pressure like that. Beautiful marmalade and little cakes. I have some of those Weck canning jars, but don't know how to get them to seal like they should. Plus, in the US, they are very much more expensive than Ball jars.

    3. You know what? I only have 2 Wecks..And one is larger and I tried the flip on that and it all leaked out..this little one I did not flip because I was using it that day..but the seal was good..Very $$ here..the small one was a gift..someone had bought it for me w/ something IN it..a commercial name and I cannot remember I have had it for years..the other I bought at W-S..I have looked online and they are $$$.
      We got hooked on TGBBS in Florida..and were thrilled to find it here..we always have favorites don't we? I can't believe it but I have forgotten so many contestants already!
      I quite like Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood together.
      I know i could not cook under pressure:)
      I like being on my own..although when I have baked or cooked w/ a friend..I have enjoyed it..especially my Little friends and they are so past that now it seems..
      we need another bébé around here:)

  2. Beautiful teacups! I would never attempt to whip up a quick batch of marmalade = you are amazing!

  3. Monique, yellow is the color my mother and I shared a love for. It was our sunshine on down days. Often after I went away to college, we would send each other yellow roses to brighten the day. She always called me her sunshine. So yellow is special to me.
    Your teacups are delightful. Have you seen Molly Hatch's Teacup Collection book? It is a catalog of sorts of 30 of the cups of the 270 cups in the collection at Clark Institute in Massachusetts. She photographed all sides of the cups, then eventually hand painted each in watercolor. You would like this book, though your work is just as charming. The Nonnettes look delish!

    1. I find that so touching that you would send each othere yellow roses..I remember being touched when a dear client/young woman friend..would buyfresh flowers to put in her little girls' room:)♥
      Since I am on IG and follow MH because of you..I have seen many of her creations now..but want to see if I saw these:)
      And I want to peek at the book..Thans Sarah for telling me about it..Thanks,Sunshine:)

    2. Oh cute book sarah..did you see there are notecards too;)

  4. What a wonderful story about the young man. I had to smile about your gratitude for being able to use the bathroom, I get it! Your rouqfort biscuits turned out well, I'll try theses when I get back from vacation. I marvel at your plate and tea cup collection. Everything is so pretty. Your garden photo #7 for some reason reminds me of Derrick and Marlene's garden. Can't believe summer is coming to an end. But cool weather means more baking! Katherine will be happy about that. Bon weekend Monique!

    1. Their gardens were so magica,the full expanse when I saw them in person..and having a bite to eat on their deck watching the river flow by,♥
      You will thrill katherine..with all your baking:)

  5. Les Nonnettes sont vraiment délicieuses, toutes moelleuses ! Mais aussi plutôt sucrées.
    Cela fait longtemps que je n'ai pas fait de gâteau type spongecake... Disons que je vais bientôt déménager alors j'évite d'acheter de la farine !
    Votre jardin semble toujours aussi paisible, un havre de paix ! Le Canada semble si bon à vivre :)
    Belle journée ~

    1. Tu déménages Camille?
      En effet il me semble que nous sommes bien au Canada♥L'hiver ..est souvent brutal..mais je m'y fais..j'ai une maison..un foyer:)
      Mais j'adore visiter la France..l'Italie..les E-U:)

  6. I love all these yellow...makes me happy looking at them. And you're a true artist. those teacups are gorgeous. :)

    1. Amy that's so sweet:) I too am quite yellow..our home is yellow..and it always makes me happy to see it.
      I know it's on loan I am grateful for all the years I can live in it:)

  7. What a lovely post Monique! Those cakes are beautiful and those little bees so sweet. (Probably in more ways than one!) I love the idea of making one jar of marmalade on its own. Todd and I would never use more than that! I will have to try it out! Also will have to try the cakes. The gardens are certainly beginning to look tired now. None of my tomatoes are ripe yet. All still green. I think I need a greenhouse perhaps. We just don't get the heat and the sunshine! You have wonderful son's in law. I know I do too, but they live too far away. (My fault.) I loved the story about Dante, and your teacups I think they are positively beautiful. I really do. You undersell your talents, always. Ils sont très charmant . Vos talents sont nombreux, et vous êtes un artiste fabuleux. Bisous! xoxo

    1. Et toi aussi:)Plus que moi.
      I read in your posts that you did not have a warm and sunny summer..we have and I think that is why the tomatoes are plentiful..I don't grow large ones..I may try next yr..but the only thing for certain is the garlic..I bought more again yesterday..
      I must say good locally grown garlic is not I know why imported garlic is 5 for $.0.99:)
      Thank you Marie..Have nice my yellow jacket puffed and itchy still..:(

    2. Ouch. If your arm isn't better soon, maybe you need to go to the Doctor?? I am determined to grow garlic this year!! xo

    3. I have had them before..takes about 7 get rid of the itch and swelling..thank you for your concern:)

  8. Such beautiful photography, Monique! Love your teacups painting!

  9. Such a fun post. And gorgeous pictures, Monique! I can't take my eyes of those yellow flowers with the butterfly!

    1. It's really the only time of year we have them..when the sunflowers and rudbeckias and black eyed Susans bloom..
      Thanks so much Chris:)

  10. I am salivating!!
    Lovely teacups by the way Monique

    1. Carol..I went back looking at your teacups..and I was floored.
      Your shapes,nuances..spoons..white cups w/ distinct wonder you type in Paris Breakfasts and images abound.It's not that I had forgotten them..but now in trying to paint them..I see how yours look so real.

  11. teacups are hard to paint and you did great, i love your style. and i love anytime you show a picture of your pretty garden borders.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

    1. They are hard..I actually read up on them..Liz Steel..and I got so confused I did what she said at the end..just paint what you see..:) And we all see things differently don't we?
      Have a nice nice weekend Jenni:)

  12. Your mellow yellow is awesome! And your teacups pretty. And I love that you whipped up a batch of marmalade, yum! And the Nonnettes, thanks for the recipe!

  13. Love your mellow yellow. The French delicacy looks amazing. Great little recipe. Love your sweet little teacups. I hope you are going to use the Recipes Generator. It is quite awesome and easy to use. Here's what it would look like: Nonnettes

    1.'re can I not try now.
      Well tomorrow!
      So nice of you..I have to try.

  14. You make everything look wonderful Monique! Your teacups are lovely, the mini sweets are wonderful and the marmalade - amazing. Love the colors! Have a great weekend!

  15. The nonnettes look so cute, Monique, and delicious. Will try them. My daughter is here so we're doing lots of cooking, but mostly dinners...she's loves the chocolate sables, but isn't much of a sweet eater otherwise.

    1. You know when I was making them I thought of one of my son-in-laws..who loves chosolate and orange..wonder what a little piece of chocolate in there would taste like..still have to make your lovely latest chocolate cookies..have a ball w/ your daughter:)

  16. merci beaucoup Monique :) c'est justement les nonnettes que j'avais préparées pour le lancement, cet après midi :) les gens ne connaissaient pas cette spécialité mais ont beaucoup aimé :)

  17. hello Monique, your nonnettes look delicious ~ your beautiful late Summer garden {love your garden sign} & wonderful sketchbook page ♥ so lovely to stop by and visit this afternoon.

    1. Is it pouring rain where you are? Like here?

      Nice day to stay in and nest and paint:)

  18. just whipped up some Marmalade? You are unbelievable, Monique!
    Love the the yellow your wee tarts...fantastic!
    Only a few drops of rain overnite here...big clouds today...seems to be cooling out...we have thrown abandon to the wind, and opened the windows!
    enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  19. I would love to try making some orange marmalade when the new crop of oranges start hitting the stores! So pretty in your Weck jar :) I love to eat it and don't know why I've never attempted making it myself. It sounds wonderful in Isabelle's Nonnettes ~ ♥ the name!

    Would you believe there is not one yellow flower in my garden this year? I don't know what happened to my rudbeckia! It usually reseeded itself freely (especially in areas where I didn't want it) and now nothing. I'll have to plant some more next spring or even this fall is John will indulge me in a nursery visit :) I had almost forgotten about Cobaea scandens! Oh-la-la! Did you start them from seed? I do remember how long it takes for them to flower but what a beautiful reward.

    Loved the story about Dante and the link RE the fast food worker - feel good stories :)

    1. I bought it already started at the nursery..I have started it by seed..but along with Morning Glories I am buying them started now..getting lazy about starting seeds lol.
      My black eyed Susans😉Are invasive!
      So easy to make marm,that was a quickie wish I could find my bestie..have no idea where I put it.!

  20. Aren't you clever to be able to whip up the marmalade so quickly! Good for you! And the recipe for the nonnette's sounds wonderful. I really must look these books up this week!

    I don't remember if I mentioned it in my other comment but thanks so very much for YOUR lovely comments on Marmelade Gypsy. I've been missing in action as I've been traveling and am trying to catch up. But I'm so very glad to have found your blog and glad you found mine!

  21. Monique, yes you're Queen of Baking ♥ I would love to just whip up marmalade but it would take me all day. You amaze me. Watercolor teacups, just beautiful!!

  22. So, I'm following a recipe for nonnettes and have so much batter for the amount listed for the yield. Thought I'd search the internets to see if they're really supposed to be baking in mini muffins tins, not regular...and guess whose blog showed up in my search results?!? I just should have started with YOUR recipe! ♥