Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fortune Teller~Lemon~Isabelle Lambert~

I have made soo many of  Isa's recipes through the years~

I can be a fortune teller~

My crystal ball..

can predict some futures.. 
...2 crystal balls can predict more than some:)

Remember I wrote about Isabelle Lambert's book Citron..w/  a recipe?
Many of you asked if the book was available in English and it was not.
Guess what?
Now it is..


She has several cookbooks and they are all fabulous.

Available at ..

Amazon Canada..hurry 2 copies left
Amazon US

I love her books..this one..translated into no exception..
fab photos..more than fab recipes..
over 100 recipes featuring lemon from apps to desserts.

Case in point..   her Lemon Meringue Pie I made w/ Swiss Meringue..

I had never made Swiss fun.

I picked her lemon meringue pie.. and it's not your every day lemon is very special..I remember  when my mom made lemon pie..when the meringue got wet sitting on the lemon and slid off:)

This didn't make the filling ahead..spoon it into your crust..(see below..)****
and pipe this gorgeous Swiss Meringue on top.

Jacques loved it..

Here is the below..***

I made 2 small ones instead of 1 large..I had frozen 2 pastry shells I I used those instead of her sweet crust pastry..I assure you I have made this and it makes the pie a tart/pie..pie/ excellent.
A sweet dough pastry makes it almost like a shortbread..

But when I want to make something..and I don't want to waste anything..I adapt recipes..
So I blind baked my 2 small pie crusts..

and made 2.. a bit too much filling:) And not enough Swiss meringue ..but look I went crazy was going so well..follow HER recipe and you will be spot on delicious.

My prediction? Years ago..I predicted this girl would be famous:)

La Recette~

It takes a few steps..but worth it..sure to be in your "special" recipe file.

For the shortcrust pastry

2/3 cup softened butter
1 cup icing sugar
1/4 cup ground almonds
pinch of salt
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups all purpose flour

In a food processor,cream butter and icing  sugar,add ground almonds ,salt, egg and vanilla ,pulse to combine thoroughly  add flour and pulse  until  a bll dough forms .Wrap dough in plastic wrap and chill 2 hrs..

(I find this recipe alone is a keeper for other tarts,pies)


Preheat oven to 350F Butter and flour a 9 inch pie plate and line w/ uniformly spread pie dough (she may have used a removable bottom fluted tart tin)..
Prick shell w/ fork. Cover with buttered parchment.
Fill w/ dry beans and bake 15 minutes.
Remove beans and parchment and continue to bake 15 more minutes or until edges are golden.

Lemon Cream

1 cup of sugar
fine zest of 3 lemons
4 large eggs
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 1/4 cup unslated butter cut in pieces ,room temp.

Fill a saucepan w/ 2 inches of water and simmer..Place sugar and zest in a heat resistant bowl
Rub sugar and zest w/ fingers
Beat in eggs, the lemon juice
Place bain-marie bowl over simmering saucepan and whisk once mixture is a bit warm.
Cook whisking constantly until mixture reaches 180F.Cream will become lighter and foamy then bubbles will grow as it reaches 180F.Mixture will be thick and whisk will leave no trace..
Do not stop whisking until temp reaches 180F.
Remove from heat and strain mixture over a food processor or mixing bowl.Discard zest.Let sit until temp reaches 140F about 10 minutes.
With mixer running on high..add butter 5 pieces at a time..scrape sides if necessary.
Leave machine running another 3 minutes.
Pour lemon cream in a container and cover w/ plastic wrap.
Refrig 4 hrs or overnight.
Cream will keep 4 days in fridge or 2 months in freezer..defrost overnight in fridge.

For The Swiss Meringue.

2 egg whites 
1/2 cup sugar.

Place egg whites and sugar in a round bottomed bowl.
Heat a saucepan of water and place bowl on top to make a bain-marie.
Beat with hand mixture until mixture is hot..At this stage meringue will be very white and shiny.
Remove from heat and continue to beat until cool.


Whip lemon cream  with a hand mixer and pour into cold crust Even out top w/ a spatula..Refrigerate 1 hr.
Place Swiss meringue in a piping pag w/ fluted tip and  cover top of lemon cream w/ meringue.
Using a blowtorch,brown top of meringue..

Jacques loved it~

Apart from the meringue you can make things a head of of presenting this fab dessert do the meringue and there you have a pastry shop worthy wow and delish dessert.

Have a great weekend~

PS  My Gardenbuddy Arlene..fab photographer and ukelele virtuoso:)  ..well we were emailing..about being little and ever since she was small she had a camera around her neck:)

She has also been in a way a camera buddy..100 yrs ago she went to Staples and bought my Sony for me and sent it to me..yrs later because mine broke after yrs of loving it..she sold me her old one:)

We both got into DSLRs at about the same time..she a and Oly and a Canon..recently she bought a mirrorless and I followed suit..
I was saying that it was so grey I was not doing much shooting..
she mentioned these bubbles that stay like bubbles in the cold.
I made some..she sent me the instructions..and I blew bubbles and took pics yesterday.

Thank you Arlene:)

 Up above..Arlene to the left  with the camera:)

Don't you just love it?
The ankle socks..crinoline and Brownie around her neck?
I spot a corsage too..
This is Lucas' grade! So cute.


  1. Lemon! It's funny to me that lemon is so season-less and yet it tastes better than ever at this time of year when everything is so bleak. This pie is absolutely gorgeous. And speaking of gorgeous, I love your new header!

    1. Thank you for noticing..I just just did it..had to resize the right photos..I think it still needs tweaking but merci Chris!

  2. Love the new header! Did you paint it? So cute how it happens to follow the story line of your post :) Everything looks 'expanded' too or is that my imagination? Questions, questions :) What a beautiful lemon pie! I can't wait to try this on my lemon-loving friends the next time I am asked to bring dessert :) It's so pretty with the piped meringue. Now I need a blow torch! I made the bubbles this morning. Tried to blow some with it this afternoon and they pop almost instantly :( Will try again tomorrow. Love the photo of Arlene! Hi, Arlene!

    1. I think I just fixed the expanded..I wish the header fit full sets everything off if I do that..
      No I didn't paint it..I thought of copying it..but that's just not right..and I doubt it would have been as cute.
      I bought the download of 3 cameras and 3 florals on Etsy..and then designed the header with the font on PS.
      Personally I think everything needs to be revamped..but for now..this will do..I am not HTML ..or template or whatever girl
      I like Photoshop..

      I loved the cameras when I saw them..and I loved this font I found..

      Word press looks amazing..too tecchie for me..and I am very grateful to Blogger..all these lovely years..

      Maybe it is too mild..or did you try indoors? Indoors mine popped..outdoors no..but it was 28F..

      so my bread has gorgeous holes..has that sourdough is just too dense and not I am half way there and thank YOU.

      The dessert is so good..use the fluted removable bottom pan..

  3. Wonderful photos. I will look for the book, probably in French. Thank you for the tip!

  4. Did you paint your new header? You've had the same one for so long, which I loved. Love the new one too. Lemon pie is one of my favorites and those perfect little points on the meringue couldn't be more professional. I have been known to have lemon pudding with blueberries or raspberries on top for dinner. The bubbles on the snowy branches are beautiful. I loved my 35mm Nikon before digitals came out and would love to have another one like it except with digital, but alas, I don't want to have to learn how to use it.

    1. Noooo..I bought a digital download on Etsy..I had thought about changing..because..well I am not a person of change and I thought after all these years..maybe it is time so my little set was 3 cameras and 3 sets of flowers for $10.00 canadian..which is almost free for you;)
      I thought if I apply myself..maybe I could do these and then I thought..just buy them and encourage the shop..I am never as happy w/ what I make as perfect.
      So..then I downloaded a font..and designed it.
      None of the proportions are right..but I think you need Word Press to have the large pics etc..and I am no go at HTML..not even Jacques' remotes..LOL.
      so I played this took no time!
      You could do it!!
      I love lemon w/ blueberry and raspberry!
      I find learning interesting.. not easy..but so interesting!

  5. The pie looks and sounds wonderful.. Love that vintage picture.

    1. The pie is fabulous!
      And I loved Arlene's photo too when she sent it to me..
      I just loved it.

  6. Hello Monique!
    I am in love with that new header! So beautiful!
    Your bubbles and lemon pie look amazing...
    I think I could even make that pie crust! Sounds so good.
    Lovely friendship with your gardening/photography friend..treasure that,for sure.
    I made a blueberry buttermilk breakfast cake this afternoon...the zest of a whole lemon gives it a very delightful taste. I also have pea soup on the stove...on of those cooking days!
    More gloom here...scattered showers...hoping for some sun.....SOON!
    Enjoy your evening....
    Linda :o)

    1. Aww..Linda..unlike you..I can't get mine full size..or it's off the screen on my mini Ipad..and my are great at headers! And other things..

      A and I got to know each other on Gardenbuddies a website.. about 15 yrs day we met..

      we just never stopped corresponding.

      Your breakfast cake sounds delish Linda..and we pea soup!

    2. I size mine to 1100x650...seems the perfect size...yours is gorgeous!

    3. I will try..I made the Ipad off:( It seems it's too small for my big PC..ok for laptop..too big for mini Ipad.. like Goldilocks no fine fit yet.. it sets off everything else..yours fits perfect..we must have a different Blogger template..thanks Linda!!!

    4. I believe your sidebar pics are larger than mine...that could be the the end of the day,yours looks just perfect!!
      Happy Friday!!

    5. I shrink them to fit..that choice they give us? Thanks though..onmy laptop the header is spot on width..our big one..too samll my Ipad too big..aack I keep repeating myself:(

  7. I love your new header! Did you create it?

    1. Not really..I bought a vintage cameras digital download on Etsy..occasionally I buy some ..
      I went to Photoshop..apparently you can do it w/ canva/Pic Monkey etc..
      but I am nore familar w/ PS..
      I put the camera and flowers on a black background and added the font..
      that was it..none of the sizes on my blog are what I love..but the camera and flowers made me happy inside:)

  8. Such lovely pictures and the pie looks fantastic!

  9. The bubbles came out great M. I am enjoying our mild weather and have no wish for it to change but when it does I will try them myself. Did you show the littles yet?

    That photo of me and my friends, too funny.

    Oh and you forgot to mention that trip to Staples was the evening of the first day of school when everyone realizes they need to by school supplies. The crowds!!!! And I believe you asked me around dinnertime and it was the last day of the sale. Yes, I remember it well. lol

    and another vote for the new header. Love Love Love - so you

  10. Lol and your legs weren't shaved!I remember too!
    Have not showed the kids windy here the bubbles woul not last a minute.
    I want a picture of me in grade six with a brownie around my neck.

    1. Oh Yes, the unshaved legs in shorts. I never wear shorts in public. That's how fast I ran out for you.

    2. I know you did:)
      I never wear shorts alone! Not even in a closet:)

  11. Oh that is a beautiful pie. Your so talented, everything looks so darn pretty. I bought some small tart pans, maybe I can indulge. They did have some small pie tins at home goods, maybe they would be better, more lemon filling. I never heard the story of Arlene buying you a camera. What a friend! I think I saw that photo of Arlene on Facebook. So what's the story with the bubbles? Katherine would enjoy them.

    1. God morning! Oh your litte fluted tart pans would be great..the bottom s come out? I like learning new things..and I did with this..I am going to send you the link on the bubbles:)Al the recipes..I made the first but I made less..I should have made more..the camera thing..ges way back..I had it when Lucas was born..She got me mini cheesecake pans too one yr lol.:) Poor her..again yrs ago because the cheesecakes were at our eldest daughter's wedding shower..sending you the link soon

    2. Yes they do have removable bottom. I think I have three so maybe because they are not too deep I will be able to make three. I got the link for the bubbles, thanks. I thought your pictures on the side bar of gardens, tarts, etc were going to link me to recipes and I was going to be exploring for days on end. That would a be fun way to pass the grey days of January.

    3. Not sure I can do that..but all my recipes are lower on the side bar..they should link you☺️

  12. Ah what a gorgeous post.
    Everything about it!
    I sure want to try that pie of looks so scrummy.
    Love the old pic too as do I the bew header..Its just perfect for you.
    Have a beautiful weekend...we have our Wes here all to ourselves. <3

    Shel xx

    1. Oh mmama's going to have a beautiful time..isn't it great how when they grow up you are with a best friend?
      I am sure you will have a wonderful time..Shel..thanks for the thumbs up on the header:)x

  13. I just adore your new header Monique! Painting and photography two of your great talents! The snow bubbles are amazing. What beautiful photos! And the pies. I love lemon. I loved also the story about Arlene buying you a camera. Your post is just beautiful from beginning to end. I loved it all. I just love my visits to you. I really do. You amaze me you talented woman! Happy Friday! xoxo

    1. I guess although I am a creature of habit..I wanted a bit of a change..less drastic than a haircut:)
      I felt funny writing photography as I am not a pro..but it went so well with the camera..I know you like this kind of cute art too..the camera said;"Oh come on..try me..if you don't like me you can change back"~But I did.'s with nice words like you that we enjoy blogging.
      Like you this was for my girls to have my recipes..and the ones I find..
      I am so in love with the penpals we make and how much we is something for me this blogging world.
      Have a great weekend Marie.x

  14. I can tell I would be along side Jacques in loving this pie!! Lemon is one of my favorites. Monique, the bubbles are so BEAUTIFUL! How fun and I love that your friend has loved photography so much! Makes me smile. I love passions that stay strong. ;) blessings and hugs ~ tanna

    1. I do too..a stick to itiveness:)
      I think Roo would love the visit perhaps:) Bon Weekend Tanna!

  15. Merci beaucoup Monique, tes photos sont aussi merveilleuses que toi :) tu es adorable !

    1. ET cette tarte..comme toutes tes recettes..sont géniales Isa.Je suis contente pout toi.Bien mérité!:)

  16. Great photos and a great recipe! Bill would love it if I made that pie, his favorite! Crinolines, I was obsessed with them until Mom bought me one, loved them! Those were the days, the camera, the socks, and all. Now I will be checking out Lambert's book. Take care

    1. You too pam take care..looking forward to making those cookies..soon:)

  17. i love your new blog header, it fits your style so well, so so pretty. The lemon meringue pie looks delicious it is one of my favorites and yours looks great, i've never heard of swiss meringue.
    Hope your weekend is lovely :)

    1. I was a bit nervous to change creature of habit that I am.Thank you for liking it Jenni!
      A contented nice weekend to you..that's what we all want and need right?:)

  18. Wow! Knock-your-socks-off gorgeous pictures !!!
    And when are you going to do a book please?

    1. I am waiting for yours and have been..tap tap tapping fingers:)

  19. Monique, I love your new header. It fits you perfectly. A job well done. This post is a winner. I am so glad the book is translated in English...Your lemon tarts look divine. I shall be making this next week. My brother are coming to visit my parents today. They do not like lemon.... Our family had re-united. My dad has been in poor health and after 10 years, we are all going to be together today. Have a fabulous weekend. Your photos are gorgeous.

    1. Coming from you re the header..such a compliment.
      I am happy you will all be together Linda🤗


  20. I think we all have "our" lemon tart - I also have mine.
    This one is very beautiful and surely it is delicious.
    The photos are fantastic.

    1. Thank you so much Nina!
      Yes like apple pies and chocolate cakes and cookies!

  21. That meringue is perfection! Mine never looks like that. I love lemon anything. Beautiful bubbles - do they shatter like glass?

    1. No..they just float in a breeze or stay perfectly still on the branches:)
      My first time ever with swiis meringue..I found it pretty too:)

    2. I guess it has to be extreme cold for the bubbles to shatter. I saw them do it once on the news in Chicago.

    3. I'll try this spring..whenever it gets here:) Just to see..

  22. Ce doit être un très joli livre. C'est la pleine saison des citrons, ici ... On a une jolie fête des citrons à Menton, tu sais ?

    1. Oui..Isablle est reconnue comme l'une de nos grandes auteurs culinaire.Elle est sympathique et a un site..Les Gourmandise d'Isa.
      Oui ,je crois que c'est toi qui m'a fait connaitre les Citrons de Menton:) J'y ai trempés les orteils dans la mer:)

  23. All of your golds and yellows make me just... HAPPY! Beautiful post. The meringue looks perfect. You amaze. The header is gorgeous too. Good job! I was thinking I should make an "official one" too but just keep changing what is behind the header. For now that is fine. My art month is almost complete. I've enjoyed myself and experimented a bunch. Thanks so much for all of your kind comments and suggestions! xoxo How fun to have a camera buddy like Arlene (hi Arlene!) love the photo.

    1. I want you to do another month:)
      I hae loved watching..

      Gardenbuddies was instrumental in learning to do many many things..I loved it:)

  24. Beautiful header and that piped meringue topping is perfection. I've never piped my meringue, but will try this the next time. A friend dropped off two dozen fresh eggs, so I think a lemon meringue pie is on the menu soon. ;-)
    Your camera buddy is adorable. What a sweet photo.

    1. Thank you Sarah!
      I had never piped meringue either..let alone make this's quite different than the regular one..stiffer in a way and holds it's shape so well.
      I thought that little snapshot wasso charming too.

  25. that lemon meringue pie looks unbelievable. Winter is perfect-just the scent of citrus is so refreshing in the home. We must be thinking alike as I baked lemon squares. I love your peaks on the Swiss meringue.

    1. I love lemon squares Esme..fresh and just right..not too much:)

  26. There's nothing more delicious than a lemon tart, Monique. Yours looks the almonds in the crust, too. What a wonderful cookbook...will look into it, although I am getting rid of cookbooks rather than acquiring them!
    I remember crinolines....have many old photos of myself wearing them.

    1. I want to see one:)

      I too am not collecting cookbooks..just special this thing I do not like are ebook cookbooks..I bought a Dorie G one and a David L one..I need hardcopies for books such as those..I gave a lot away when we moved here 16 yrs ago..and will bring some to a bunker sale we have ..profits go to our community..they will take them for sure..

  27. All lovely pictures... The most I loved the last picture.. I know that picture bears lots of memory...

    I'm following you.. will you follow me back please? :)

  28. I love the addition of almonds in the pastry - so smart! You picked another winner - I will have to look into her cookbook now that I could read it. Your pie is a work of art - truly a thing of beauty! No wonder your husband enjoyed it. Love the old photos - keep them coming! Have a great week Monique.

  29. Those crystal balls are so gorgeous! So, would you tell me my fortune!? :D Love these beautiful lemons and your lemon treats as well.

    1. Your fortune is "A Star Is Born"⭐️
      All your videos..adorable bentos..Miss Kitties..and wonderful recipes.
      Truly !

  30. I really like your new header…the first time I clicked on it, it was white but then turned black. Perhaps that was just my computer doing its own thing. :) Your lemon tart is so pretty with all those lovely peaks.