Monday, January 2, 2017

Snowflakes keep fallin' on our heads~Hygge..

And then we have ..outdoors~

Is everyone done?

We're not..I cannot bear to put Christmas away yet..

maybe it's our climate..our gardening zone:)

I still like the fairy lights and everything looks so warm and comfy..

I think they call it Hygge..a Danish way of cozy..

It could be my middle name.

I read about it in this months' issue of Dr Oz..( not my favorite at all..sorry Dr. Oz)~

Makes sense to me..staying at home..duvets..tea in china cups,music we love..books to to make..looking at the Christmas cards we received,looking through photos of Christmas' past.
Lisi Martin art♥  Our friends from Germany sent us this one..
Painting..saving art we love to Pinterest..a new calendar..
stitching..a fire dish meals..

New Years eve..our party was with Noah..he came for a sleepover..we watched BFG,which means Big Friendly Giant..just sharing with all the nanas ,moms,dads  everyone..just so you know that's what BFG means..

We watched the movie with Noah..who knew every line..and believe me this child doesn't sit in front of a tv all day...LOL..he is so busy..but at night..dark..cozy..Hygge..he loves it.
Animation has changed so much since my day and my daughters days.
I had Little Lulu..and Felix The Cat..nothing like this..I had The Friendly Giant and Jerome..Captain Kangaroo and Johnny Jelleybean..I was on the show Magic Tom..I was 9 or 10.

He asked me to say the time in French..seems not as many people were bilingual over 50 yrs were either English(blokes) or French (Pepsi ,frogs..or French Fries)..and this made for great television.
Trust mom would have gotten me there by bus..
I don't even know if my dad knew I was going to be on..until I was on;)

today in's totally different..

Even though we have Bill 101  many..are bilingual..
mostly the younger people..I have aquaintances that don't speak or understand French.
It would actually make me sad when they made fun of the French language.
I am right smack in the middle..French parents..that were educated to be perfectly bilingual..

I was lucky.They educated me the same way.Except not mom could hold her own..a translator..and always up to date on everything.

To me..the more languages you can speak and understand..the more people you can become friends with.

Anyway BFG was good..although I found the mean giants...well ..downright..ugly and mean.The Villains.

We also watched The Parent Trap which I still love..she was quite the young actress..Lindsay Lohan..I showed Noah photos of her today..I think he still thinks they are really twins..

Natasha Richardson..what a shame what a shame:(♥
Dennis Quaid and she were quite the match in that Parent Trap..

So..back to Hygge..I pulled out a Christmas memory  book I keep w/ photos and envelopes with photos from most years..I think I am missing 2 yrs..anyway.. Noah looked through every page and every photo♥

Kids/Littles..LOVE seeing old photos of themselves..their cousins..their uncles..
lol that has changed so much..
We called our aunts and uncles..Aunt Jacqueline..Uncle Guy..our teachers..were M.Achard (I had a crush)..Mr Sweeney.
In some classes it is simply the first some..Mme Mylène etc..
I really liked the old way.

For Noah's NYE I made him..profitéroles..
I shared them here was so dark by then..I was unsure how to photo get the idea..I loved the ones w/ chocolate ganache and silver stars..they proved to be the fussiest to photo.

Making them for him was Hygge to me.

So I would love to share words of wisdom for this New Year..but honestly..what's going to happen..will happen.

I have no words of word for 2017.

Those are my words of wisdom..  none..ok  maybe more Hygge.♥

I admire everyone who can pinpoint a word..I just can't.

PS..See that guy w/ the red tuque?

We've been married 43 years ..soon enough ..and ever since the beginning..he has made paths in all our front yards and backyards.

When the girls were little in snowsuits..that they could hardy toddle in..with (snotty noses..yet so cute to only know a cute snotty nose when you live in the red cheeks..beautiful smiles..and runny noses;) .
When they got older and made snowmen..when they came to Florida..when they had boyfriends..and when they married..
he has kept the magic of winter going where we live..the Hygge of it..shows up everywhere in the winter landscape.

Never complains.

I love looking at all the pretty paths.

Hygge to me..♥

I also love making cottage pies..a mess and a bit of standing in the kitchen and washing things after..but then at dinner time..well you can have your glass of wine w/out cooking..

Fred gave me that beautiful pepper/spice mill..the crank comes off ..then the fill..grind..and it is caught in the bottom part..
Hedgehog holds my table salt..not my Kosher or Sel De Mer~
Maldon would be happy there too.

C'est tout pour aujourd'hui..



  1. Well, if you don't take hygge, I might! (I might anyway!) I've been agonizing over the dumb word too. Been muddling with "Action" and "Kindness" and "Expand" -- and they are all things I plan to do anyway. But what I really need is hygge. I have been reading a lot about this -- NYTimes had a wonderful article and I was planning on using that in quotes in an upcoming blog post even before I saw this. (Yours is the second hygge post I've seen today!) It's such a wonderful word and meaning and it's what I want to do and be. And maybe I already am -- but I want to be more, if that makes sense.

    OK, rambling here. All I can say in the end is how much I love your Christmas and New Years, the joy you bring, the warmth and love that jumps from the screen into our hearts. Family and good food and great love and joy. It's all there, it's why we visit you. A little bit of magic and a lot of good feeling when we are here. Sounds hygge to me!

    1. You are Hygge:)
      And I find you write so's so if you were talking.I like that.
      You are already..I am telling you.
      You're rambling?
      Look at me.. ;)
      Have a great day..sun is is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

  2. I have heard of Hygge :) It's the perfect way to get through winter. Outdoor lights to light up the darkness (all year but many more during the holidays) and inside many candles...all starting at dusk. Big and little ones to cuddle with :) Blankets, slippers - the cozy is on! I'm not anxious to take down Christmas either. I may have to buy more candles - LOL. I love that Jacques makes paths around your yard ♥ Thank you for mentioning the movie! Next time we have a sleep over I will have to get it on Amazon. Our boys love The Gruffalo and Stick Man on Amazon Prime. They watch them over and over. Have you seen them? Charming and so well done! Helen Bonham Carter, Martin Freeman, etc. Best for the littlest littles but I love watching them too. Your pepper grinder is beautiful! Are those your Tourtières? Delicious profiteroles also. Would have loved to see you on Magic Tom :-)

    1. I will keep those in mind!
      You know we have Prime here but we never had they are offering some..Prime is looking better and better..just don't know if we would use it enough..pondering and our choice is not the US choice of're Amazon Prime Prime;)
      They are the cottage pies I made for the oven later..then out and we pots and pans..done;)
      Do you still have the candles we both have? I will use them more when the fairy lights get put away..
      I wish I could see me on Magic Tom again too..a headband and a puffy crinolined dress and patent shoes and white bobby socks..I do remeber that..ohlala.
      Have a great afternoon Susan:)

    2. I didn't realize there were different Amazon Primes! We love the made for Amazon series "Mozart in the Jungle" and "Man in the High Castle". We haven't needed Neflix so far as there has been so much to watch on Amazon so far. The Amazon Fire Stick has turned our other dumb tvs into smart ones :) The candles from Costco? Yes, many of them :) Dreary here but 38F. Would love to see that beautiful blue sky in your snow pic ;)

    3. Mylène LOVES Mozart in The we may..and Caroline and Fred enjoyed Transparent.I watched a few episodes..and I would like to see the rest of the series..Jeffrey Tambor is excellent in his role.
      I bet we do enroll in Prime..caro finds it so handy.. birthday gifts etc..thanks for the Man in High Castle recommendation!

  3. I love that word hugge - and must say, I think you are the personification of being cozy, always, summer or winter!

    Wishing you a cozy month of January, and lots of snow, so the littles can make a troop of snowmen:)

    1. Hugge works for me!
      Here's to a lovely year for you Katrina..

  4. I just learned the term hygge. I love the idea. I ordered a book about it, it does not release until Jan 17th. What is that lovely looking potato dish?

    1. I'll be interested in hearing what your thoughts are on the book:)
      It's..well they are cottage pies..I always called them shepherd's pies..but Marie posted about them once and she is right..a cottage pie is make w/ beef..a shepherd's pie is made with lamb:)

      This is a favorite my mom used to make..I add spring green onions to my mashed potatoes..I saw Gordon Ramsay add them to his pies..and I mixed cream corn and niblets for the middle..
      just inexpensive comfort food that tastes like a million bucks..they freeze so well also!
      That book will be good for have a busy exciting year ahead of you:)

  5. I'm quite certain if I lived up in your latitude I would be sure to make Christmas last long into January.
    I've always loved the German word Gemütlichkeit - kind of like Hygge - conjures up candle light, sunsets, warm hospitality, smiling faces in the evening sun...

    1. It sounds exactly like it Chris..hope we have a lot of it this year!

  6. It sounds wonderful there, along with Jacque and Noah, I bet you had a good time. I made those rolls once and they were good. I think I've told you I can rarely bake or I eat it all. I haven't watched anything on those other things but have Netflix and watched a really good crime/detective series called The Killing. Oh was it good. It was warm today, but the bottom falls out for the next few days, so I'll be finishing up things I need to get done inside. I just can't seem to catch up.

    1. I loved The Killing..I would have liked 10 more seasons..the chemistry between the two main characters was amazing..and the storylines enthralling.
      I think I cried at the end..hoping they would be together⭐️You don't need to catch up..why do we set ourselves up like this?Guilty here too..but what's the worst that can happen if we are not caught up..

    2. Oh Monique, I can't believe it ended. I just loved that series, but I wouldn't want to live in Seattle. I wanted to see them together too, but that was a good way to end it. I hope someone will pick it up and do some more seasons. Hear that powers that be? I listed some shows today that I think will be good. Hope I can find them.

    3. Great actors!!Seattle looks so rainy..I think I prefer snow;)

  7. Oh, we live in very different gardening zones for certain. We are having a very mild winter so far. Our days are up in the 70s, sometimes inching into the 80s. The sky is blue and the sun shines. Then things change abruptly and the temps drop to freezing within hours. They are predicting another deep freeze here by the end of the week. That's fine with me. I love the cold weather - the opportunity to sit by a cozy fire, wear my sweaters, and stay at home. Like you, home is hygge for me too. I love winter because it gives me the excuse to sit and stitch or read. I smile at the word. Susan Branch recently wrote a post on hygee too. Maybe I'll write on on my own hygge here at home in Texas. You inspire me, Monique!
    Like you, I'm not ready to give up the twinkle of the lights, but I did take all the ornaments off the tree this afternoon. Just lights tonight. Tomorrow it will be packed away, but I'm savoring the twinkle one more night. House feels bare to have all the greens and Christmas treasures packed away again.
    Have a good week. ;-)

    1. Susan Branch's posts don't get delivered to me even though I am signed periodically I catch up..thanks for the reminder..such a magical life she has..and boundless energy.
      It was a surprise to me to find out so much about her in The Fairy Tale frank..good for her this well deserved hygge life..
      I will go look for the post..
      If we were in the 70s the need for the tree and lights to last a bit longer..would wane.
      Truthfully it's quite a job to pack it perhaps there is a minute amount of procrastination on my part wrapped up with just a few more days please:)
      I would love to read about Texan..hygge..I bet an array of beautiful cyclamen figure in it..
      You too..have a very good week.

    2. Thank you Sarah..I just went to read it:)♥

  8. Hygee is being mentioned a lot lately, and that pretty much sums up every winter for us. We love warm and comfy, and this year we are leaving our Christmas tree up until February 4th for a dinner party. These are friends that never get to see our tree because we are all so busy during the month of December. I'm going to suggest your cottage pie to our son that lives in Albany. He texted me over the weekend with about 50 dinner suggestions (ha ha), and asked if there was anything he needed to add to the list. Love that Jacques cuts those paths in the snow :-) Have a great week.

    1. Your tree MUST stay up..:)
      I think Sheperd's pie..(I still call it that at home even though we make it w/ lean ground beef)..becomes a classic adorable re the 50 dinner suggestions:)
      Chilis too..spaguetti sauces..LOL 50!
      Happy New Year Debbie! And family.

  9. Happy new Year.... Bonne Annee Monique. I know I've been missing for nearly half of the year. but I'm back now with loads of time on my hands. House is sold, we've moved out & spent a lovely December month with our daughter & her family, & we're now preparing to go to a rented cottage. I'll be writing about it soon. What a lovely post to see you sharing your 'hygge' yes I agree it's so lovely to be snuggled up warm & cosy, with candles burning and fairy lights twinkling. I'm so with you for eating cottage or shepherds pie this time of the year, great comfort food in our house. Can't comment on Amazon Prime time, not really a telly addict, although give me a good old fashioned period series such as 'Downton Abbey' & no one dares to call me on the phone when that's on.It was lovely to catch up with you & all the lovely comments on your post. Nice to see your deep snow , but you can keep it I don't want it. give me blue sky & warm sunshine.

    1. Bonne et heureuse année Barbara..this next adventure will be such a hygge time for you once you are settled in..yu've worked hard at your home..hope this gives you a break.I look forward to your posts..which town you are in..:) Everything..hpw nice you spent 1 month with your family..Happy happy New Year.

  10. Happy new year Monique! I love hygge too... you are hygge personified! :) Beautiful photos...I can smell/hear/taste the snow. Wishing you much joy and adventure this 2017! xoxo

    1. Happy New Year to you and Jon and Isobel too.
      You are such a sweet, nice, and smart young woman:)♥

  11. You set me searching...a very good podcast on hygge.
    The hygge conspiracy – podcast | News | The Guardian

    1. Will check that out Carol..Thanks et Bonne Année encore..!

    2. I'll just go with what I was nice to read something positive after this year.
      I am all about low wattage bulbs:) Since always..
      Too analytical for me..
      I doubt she and I would be

    3. Me's kind of like saying: "There Is No Santa Claus" a child.

  12. HI Monique, How wonderful to spend NYE with Noah. We love watching movies with the grandbabies, we giggle and eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. Such a life! anyway how wonderful you were brought up bilingual, they are teaching the kids now in first grade, half of the classes are in English the other in Spanish. Happy New Year, love all the snow paths your husband pretty.

    1. Same here..lots of marshmallows:)
      Sometimes..most times..I make the real thing..
      They are without a doubt my saving grace:)
      I bet you are fantastic grandparents!
      I took Spanish in school and wish I had kept it up,the continuation was not offered :(
      But I should have found a way.
      In the US I see that everything ..almost has directions/instructions in English and it is French and English.
      I love the Spanish accent.

  13. I watched Parent Trap the other night while doing some mending. Nobody sews anymore :) Your time with Noah sounds fantastic. He is a lucky boy to have wonderful, loving grandparents. The snow looks wonderful as do your profiteroles and cottage pie. I wish I was bilingual but never caught on to languages. Not my gift! But thanks again for the translation :) That was fun for me! Have a wonderful week and hope some of your snow moves south, to Virginia. Blessings!!!

  14. It rained all day today..not so photogenic at all..we do love having the kids over..notice I did not say Littles..trying to get into their growing up phase but it does not roll off my tongue well at all.
    I made eggs in the hole for Noah and he made them at home today:)
    One of the problems with sewing where I live..there are no fabric stores anymore..we have to drive downtown..not next door as we are rural..
    You have Jo-Anns?
    Love that place..even your Walmarts have fabrics..ours only have packs of squares:(
    Lots to love where you live:)

  15. Hi Monique...
    Finally made it around to your lovely post...I have been up to my eyeballs! hahaha!!
    Love your stories of your girls...they bring back memories to this about the way you write.
    Look at your man out there braving it all!! Good for the red hat!!
    Your Shepherds pies look amazing...haven't made one for a while...perhaps I shall!!
    Kinda pooped...gonna go and hit the couch...perhaps start another blanket...I love the rhythm of crochet...
    We had rain all day too...very dreary...we were house hermits!
    House is quiet now...miss her already ♥️
    Linda :o)

    1. They bring so much life into a house don't they?So used to them have no idea what could bring such joy to me..they love their grandparents don't they?I am so glad they do!
      Our power is flickering..the ice on the trees..I still remember 1998😩😭
      Have a good night!

  16. Happly New Year Monique. As usual your post is charming and full of wonder. I have been taking a break and I must admit, it felt great. The holidays were pretty quiet. I must admit, I did feel envy when I read your and Jacqueline's post. Seeing smiling faces and of course matching pjs was adorable. I have a very dysfunctional family, so I cannot expect such family unity. Here's to bright New Year with good health, happiness and prosperity.

    1. Dear Linda..I am going to go see what you have been up to..

  17. Your Christmas sounds so nice. Here it was almost 70 F (21 c) and I would have preferred snow. I like your photos, they are so well taken. At first I thought your spice mill was like the one my father had, which he brought from home in Turkey, it was a mill to grind coffee to make Armenian coffee – the coffee came out as fine as flour. Congratulations on being married 43 years – the years go by so fast. We will have been married 50 years next June, but unfortunately, I realized tonight that my husband has forgotten my name (his Alzheimer’s is progressing.) I wish you much happiness and good health in 2017.

    1. I wish you the same.Alzheimer's is awful on the partners.
      I am sure he is very fortunate to have you..marriages turn into so much different from the beginning.
      The years do go by so fast..I hate that we can lose our spouses.I have not lived on my own ever.
      I always hope I leave this world first.
      How morbid does that sound? But yes I do.
      Our beautiful snow turned into freezing rain last night..then a bit of snow..althought it looks amazing out's the scary amazing..many are still without power since last night.
      Bon Courage,bon courage.

  18. I'm working on putting away Christmas but I'm like you and love the warmth it adds to a home, yes…even here in Florida. The santas and snowmen are gone but the greens and pinecones are still out. Happy New Year Monique, it sounds as though the year is starting out lovely for you and your family. May it continue throughout the year.

    1. I remember spending Christmas there..we were actually in awe..some cars were even decorated :) I remember walking and picking up a bag of huge pinecones that I still put in our tree..

      Try and think of your prior home and all the work you had to do..there must be and incredible lightness of being for you now.
      Happy New Year to you and yours.

  19. A very happy new year to you Monique..all the good blessings, happiness, family, love and good health. bisous

    1. Toi aussi Ronell..tu nous manques..
      santé et amour avant tout..oh la paix.

  20. Your photos are gorgeous and heartwarming...yes, including the snow one, as I do love winter. Happy New Year to you and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

    1. Hello:)
      So close to me..I do love snow too..but power is out in many areas and now more snow and the wind is fierce..hope it is quieter where you are..and a very very good New Year to you.

  21. Your beautiful post is Hygge to me, Monique! So beautiful. And... maybe that is a good word for all of us... to focus on our coziness... blessings and hugs ~ tanna

    1. You will definitely be ensconced in Hygge..beautifl new home(so happy for you) and that gorgeous family:)

  22. Hygge sounds great especially with the cold weather we've been having! Love those potatoes and the snow. Stay cozy!

  23. As you know I am into Hygge as well Monique, although we don't have all that pretty snow to make it even nicer. Just cold drizzle. Blah! The BFG was good, but those mean giants were kind of scary and yes, very ugly! I thought the BFG himself was quite cute and he was a lot smaller than the others didn't you think? I love Parent Trap, but watch the original one with Haley Mills, Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith. I never tire of it. It is the little girl in me. I have never heard of Magic Tom! I bet you were a cutie! Several of my children were educated in French and some of my grandchildren are now being educated the same. They are and will be Bilingual. I wish I was. I have a whole family I know very little about because my father did not teach us French in the home. He wanted to learn English, and my mother would not even attempt French. All I have is high school French and a bit I learned at Uni. Your cottage pies look fabulous, even unbaked and how sweet is that salt dish and the pepper grinder. Beautiful as always. Loving the snow! It makes me a bit homesick, although in all honesty I do not miss having to clear things off, shovel or try to get around in it! Have a fabulous week! Love and hugs. xoxo

    1. It gets harder once you are older..for 100 yrs Jacques did our driveway too..but then he would have to go out before I went to we took a contract for that..wonfderful..sometimes they come 3 times for one big snowfall..I saw the original..loved it..I loved Hayley Mills I wanted to look like her..BFG was not my favorite animated movie..but good..
      Kids love passing gas in sounds)..
      Have a beautiful weekend Marie!!!
      Don't be homesick..Marie I saw Kinky Boots last night..I think you would love it!

  24. All look beautiful ! I love snow !really Im not a summer person.
    Happy new year dear Monique !
    All the best <3

    1. You too Gloria..may all your wishes come true.

  25. Cottage pie and profiteroles - heaven! And, I love your pepper mill. It's such a beautiful version of an everyday
    kitchen necessity.
    Sending wishes to you and yours for a blessed new year, Monique. xo

    1. Thank you Susan..and all the best to you also:)A blessed..New Year.We could all use that:)

  26. Happy new year Monique ...i hope your best year Ria x ❤️

  27. Que cette année soit à la hauteur de vos espérances. Pleine de petits et grands bonheurs à savourer chaque jour de l’année.

    Toute mon amitié.

    1. Toi aussi beaucoup de santé!

  28. Oh yes, we're done. (had to take advantage of my daughter while she was here...she helped take tree down and store. And btw, she took off from the Ft. Lauderdale airport 15 minutes before the shooter opened up on everyone. Thanking God constantly ever since.)
    Love the monogrammed for things like this at antique shows. I even use hankies, not Kleenix. So old fashioned of me. :)
    Happy New Year, Monique!

    1. Barbara.. we are watching the news..what a blessing for you..That's when we feel like luck was really on our side..poor families..and again..instilling fear in people..there seems to be the possibilty of something tragic happening anywhere.
      And's a falling on your knees thanking God.
      Loved seeing the pics of your son and daughter..
      one strange thing..nothing has come back to me yet..hmm....
      Yes Happy new year Barbara!

  29. Moniqué, Bon Anee, Bill 101-c'est intéressant pour quebec. C'est vraiment maintient c'est la meme chose dans Hull. Tout les personnes parles une français. A la autre cote du riverie du Hull c'est Ottawa. Mon père habite a Ottawa et travail dans Hull. C'est la main chose a la marché dans Ottawa dans centre ville. Les personnes c'est français. Un temps a la 24 de décembre mon père et moi et perdu dans la auto a Hull. We kept on hitting one way streets-I joked and said we needed to knock on a door and say Joyeaux Noel and enter and eat some tortiere. It was funny as we did not intend to go to Hull but took a road in Ottawa and could not turn off. Your life sounds idyllic. Painting, baking, star lights, grandchildren. Better than court, court pt, court... Thank you for the concern.

    1. How interesting Esmé!
      I cannot believe how far and wide you travel..I enjoy armchair travel..dear Esmé..don't forget Bloggers..well me at least..just bring up the good stuff:)
      Take care.

  30. Le Hygge devient à la mode ... mais je crois que chez toi comme chez moi, même sans mettre un nom dessus, on est en plein dedans depuis bien longtemps ! La douceur de vivre, il n'y a rien de tel et j'espère que 2017 nous en apportera une bonne dose , de hygge, à toi comme à moi.

    1. Oui Hélène..nous vivons le Hygge..depuis me aussi xoxoxo