Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th~Teas and paints and cookies...and Mr Jack:)

These cocooning days..bring out my favorite CDs..and Spotify..

..honestly..who knew one day we would have Blogging? Pinterest? Spotify? Tumblr?

So much at the tips of our fingers..not to mention Twitter and

Snapchat and Skype..


I have so many reservations re FB..for me.
Just for me;)

Yet I read FB..and often have bought things on FB..mostly old things you cannot find here and there.

And ordering..which makes me wonder..what will happen with the chain stores..same fate as magazines?

I found out I could order shipping..over $25.00 to my nearest post office..groceries..make up..anything..things that are not available many people hate going shopping..and going out in the winter..and they have my Stash's Licorice Tea♥

This is fabulous for people in the country etc..or unable to get out.
Especially in glacial temps as we will experience again tomorrow.

It 's not in a proud way that I mention dearest friend..does yoga..tai at palliative care and will soon be doing soup kitchens..her world is filled w/
I don't know where I come from.

I was happy to find a use for those waterbrushes I bought on EBAY.
Very different method of releasing water and I found some of the bristles came day I tried simply make the color and water fall off the bristle.
I like what it does..

I also love when a talented artist shares tutorials.

Fridays..most..many Fridays..Vivian Swift posts a blog entry..Friday the 13th was a lucky actually:)

She posted a tutorial..go see..

I love tutorials..but I find on Youtube..I have to keep pausing and I have to start..stop..start..stop.

But when it is simply a visual,non-moving tutorial..I find it much easier.

I would never have thought of painting trees this way..that's why it is maybe we can use the techniques in our own style..on my part, I have not found my style..
and Chinese White..I don't think I had ever opened the I remedied that ... I went overboard with Chinese White on a little project.
All or nothing I was today..glitter ..stamps etc..all in a tidy craft room might I add:)

We had  balmy weather last week..some days.. no fire..but the battery candles..Susan has some I stood in the kitchen this evening preparing dinner looking into the family room..I thought..I love this..warmth and food cooking and the glow of safe candles after all of the Christmas season has been put away..
I think I went on a rampage..the whole Christmas organized.for this year..not alphabetically but pretty near..
..the craft room? Well I have see-through bins now..Walmart ..$6.00..big enough but I need two more.
I can actually SEE what's in there..

and I may get an extra one  for certain other things..
..bags of clothes and purses..were set up outside for a clothing etc.. drive..
don't picture the latest fashion and fancy purses..I keep everything for too long and more.
Most of my clothes are old..old..or from Costco..yes..since I stopped working..we run in and out of Costco..and I see something ..and if I need it..I go for favorite slippers that I wear EVERY day..are their Nuknuks.
Or from when I am out with my daughters and they say..look mom..this would be good for you..
I even have a pair of over the knee boots I bought while out w/ one of my girls..they reminded me of my black suede ones I wore w/ my black hot pants working at Dalmy's when I was 17.
The word Hot Pants kills me now.

I have worn them once.

Having seen Kinky Boots..I am going to start wearing them:)

 Re the clothing..etc drive..I asked if they accepted crewel work? out that went also..out of maybe 60 I have made in my lifetime..I think I have kept 3.

I always do crazy things like this in January..Sept brings on a frenzy too..and late March -April..a cleaning one.

I was not like this when I got married..LOL..the exact mom did everything for me♥

I had no idea I was living in the lap of love and luxury back then..:(
But I was.

So..getting back to cocooning..Marie brings out the baker in me:)

Try these ..they are easy easy..I am not a sweet eater but wow..the batter was amazing;)
Yes I eat batter w/ raw eggs ..just a lick sized bite.

And that's not what has affected my health;)..I mean 1 .5 eggs beaten into all this sugar? Come on..:)
They please Littles..Promise.I got thumbs up and more please..

One day..I will try and do a post of all the recipes I have made  illustrating  ALL the recipes..made from Marie's just seems overwhelming right now because of all my organizing;)
Yes there are that many scattered through years of blogging.
Merci Marie.Beaucoup.

On a final note..How wonderful was President's Obama's parting speech?
I cried.
I was elated when he won..I am sad to see he and his family go.

We are all bundled up here..even Jack~

Bon weekend~


  1. Painting is absolutely a wonderful way to spend the time and enjoy staying in. :) Just like you, I'll miss President Obama's family! Sad to see them go...

    1. He is such a class act..the whole beautiful family:)

  2. I think we are all sad to see Obama go. He seemed such a nice man, genuine. But progress comes with change. Not sure I am liking the new one, so much uncertainty, but we will see. I am like you, every January I get the urge to purge. LOL (I just thought that up!) I want to throw out and give away stuff. Feeling more and more like that as I get older and just don't feel the need to have so much anymore. I had a very modern mum. She was a Secretary and used to wear hotpants to work. She had beautiful legs. Not me. but I wore hotpants too and felt so glamorous in them! Oh we had style did we not? Glad that the cookies were enjoyed. I may make more for Munch and Mingle after church tomorrow. I think they will go down a treat. We'll see. I am canoodling like you. Especially this weekend. Baby its cold outside! Stay warm! xoxo

    1. PS - I love it when you talk about your painting!

    2. Thankfully the over the knee boots an hot pants showed very little leg..just a few years laterI had a Holly Hobby stage lol..that is exactly what I have Marie..the urge to ironic..since so many have so little isn't it?
      Have a great weekend!

    3. It is very ironic Monique, and it sometimes makes me feel very guilty for having so much. Bon Weekend a tois aussi!

  3. Beautiful photos. You are so talented!
    We are sad to see Obama leaving too down here.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Shel xx

    1. You too have a wonderful weekend!I am not surprised you liked him too!After all what date were you born;)?

    2. Oh wow! Did not know that..the BEST! <3

  4. I cannot wait to go check out the watercolor tutorial. I am about to unbox my supplies and I need a little boost to jump back in the watercolor pool. ;) I remember this one pair of Hot Pants... I thought I looked so good. LOL! I cringe now. But, truth is our hot pants were more modest that some of the short shorts I see these days. LOL! I'm with you on keeping clothes and finds at Costco. ;) Have a wonderful day, Monique! And, thank you for the links. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

    1. I think we were fashion icons😂I agree more modest than so much!The music videos and songs..we don't even bat an eyelash now..but when I saw the first ones..I must say I was really surprised!
      Didn't Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore ave separate beds just last week?
      ☺️I remember your could give tutorials!
      Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Replies
    1. TY..I miss your tuts..when I look at things I did..when you "taught"..I am pleased ;)
      So much better the way you and Vivian describe..not sure about moving frames anymore.I need to see and look..

  6. I wish I could paint. Maybe I will try to get back to crocheting. I put my needle down when the wrist broke and now I think Lillian might be too big for the sweater I was attempting. I'm in the purge old papers stage. There is just too much kept over the years. Jerry kidding said are you leaving me? This spring I think I want to get the basement emptied. I can't stand it anymore. We may land up hiring someone to come take it away. I bet the boys liked them, I may try them for my crew. I bought some large marshmallows to make those frosty marshmallows to go with hot chocolate. They are so cute. Have a great weekend. I heard Oboma's farewell speech too. And Joe Biden's speech when he was surprised with the Medal of Honor. Such a contrast to what is coming. I fear what the next four years will be like.

    1. I think Joe Biden would have made a fine President..IMHO.
      Jerry 's comment LOL.
      I said to Christmas organized..(till next year)..let's attck your 3/4 of the space..he was all excited..(not)..

      We have an attic over the let you in on some of the stuff up thare..seedling great aunts mink or whatever stole w/ two real fox heads attached..I sent Oli home wearing one got garbaged..
      I should make some more of those marshmallows..
      Paper paper..yawannaseepaper? J keeps everything.
      Guess what I found in Christmas..1970's big white outdoor lights..that's when I had bell bottoms..Saved those..maybe next year somewhere outdoors;)
      TRying a diff.macaron recipe..I already see some errors..practice makes perfect maybe..
      Have fun organizing..yes get back to sttching I see so many pretty things..

    2. Yes I think Joe Biden would have been great too. You have your bell bottoms from the 70's?!?! I have seed trays and lights downstairs, a fur coat I think finally went (it was from someone in Jerry's family). We hung onto his father's formal tails. His mom and dad used to go into NYC to clubs, I guess pre children. I finally threw out my wedding dress (from my first marriage) last year and think I donated a shoe to Vietnam Vets by accident. I only have one in the house but I may find the missing one at anytime. I tried cleaning Jerry's closet when he retired but that didn't go over well.

    3. LOL..they don't like us invading their stuff:)

      No no bell bottoms from then..I have a huge white coat I walked my girls in though..Puffy and huge and my knees..warm..cotton..washing's like wearing a white Ektorp Ikea loveseat;)
      I still have a raccon coat my mom gave me..I think I cut off the sleeves to make a vest..I will look into it:)

      I have both my girls wedding dresses hanging from the rafters in the attic..w/ my MOB dresses..and I have my white cotton eyelet wedding dress in my mom's hope chest..smells like moth balls.I love that scent..weird I know..but they were popular:)
      The shoe..LOL.

  7. I remember the hot pants, but didn't you also wear a midriff baring fringe top? Ha. Never saw those water pens. It all looks fun. I'm inside for a couple of icy days, so I think I'll wade into my art room to organize. I wish I were as organized as you. I enjoy the purging too and always think, could I sell that in my booth? If not, it goes to Goodwill. Does Jack live near you? Have a good weekend.

    1. Jack lives..about 10 minutes away..we are close to a twon that is very equestrian..we lived there forever..:) Until 16 yrs ago.

      Yes I did..and I had these fancy little numbers..Simplicity pattern..short sleeves..a bit of a stretch in the front w/ 2 you put it on and tied in a knot..right below your boobs..;) that politically correct? Breasts sound so formal....and that was it..the whole midriff showed..because you had hip hugger white jeans with that and Olvia Newton John shoes.
      I had a stretch white eyelet thing too..bare midriff..Honestly..I would not even TRY one on now.
      We have foundations that come to the door and pick up things..
      and we have "the bunker"..the basement of a library..every sat go buy donations:)

    2. I couldn't sew but do think I had one too that tied in the middle. Oh, those days. Braless was so risqué even then. Today, well, they'd probably arrest me if I went braless. Sad to see the Obama's go only to be replaced by an ignorant madman. Didn't Justin Trudeau just diss Trump? It is painful to know what he has done to our country and the presidency. And he hasn't even started yet.

    3. Politics are an interesting thing.I love our new husband is not keen like I am..
      I just saw Trump address a journalist..I have seen this a few of course it is repeat repeat.
      I wonder if he will be so tough during his whole mandate..surprising actually..not sure about JTrudeau not meeting with him..not sure..

      Same police would be after me;)

      who knows?
      I know he Mr Obama got on very well.

  8. Tea and water colors - soothing. Something about a new year always ignites the need to organize. For me - the need to finish projects. So far I have ticked three projects off my list.
    I started FB a year ago after pressure from friends, and am surprised by how much I like it.
    Like you, I loved Obama's speech - sad to see a family who have served our country with such grace, integrity and intellect, be replaced with someone who has none of those qualities.

    1. My daughters like FB a lot..there is a lot of ads they have said now though..both are Instagrammers..not a lot..their lives are so busy..
      Love how direct you are..
      I like Joe Biden..a lot..
      Could he have not been a fine President?
      The Obamas♥

  9. I visited Marie and saw the recipe :) I didn't realize those were halved marshmallows on top! I know my boys would love them. The licorice tea sounds wonderful too. I also visited Vivian to see her tutorial. What a great way of doing trees. When I was taking classes using white paint was forbidden. You had to mask or work around white areas. It was a rule in classic watercolor painting - can you imagine - painting 'rules' LOL. Not any more :) Hot Pants - oh, those were the days :) I'll bet you look so cute in your over-the-knee boots. Jack looks like such a gentle soul. How nice he lives so close :)

    1. I only just met Jack:)
      I know..oh the rules we lived by...and live by.
      They are halved marshmallows and they passed the test.I think nanas can do this:) When my girls were little they had treats..but not like nanas offer their want more sweetheart? Sure..more chips? Sure..another yogurt? Mais want fresh cut pineapple w/ that? Coming right up..LOL..
      Best the same day and soon after..because the cookies are moister..I kept one to's Siberia here so my kitchen is not they get hard after the first day..I have frozen balls to see how they fare..because Noah hasn't had one yet..
      I made macarons at 9.30 this feet..not one..garbage:( I hate that..such a waste of food..I don't count my time anymore:)
      Hope you are having a nice day:)

  10. I loved DALMY'S when i was younger! What a fabulous store...
    As you know...I am off FB...too many hurtful things going on over there...😢
    Your tea and painting look fabulous...can we see one soon???
    Over the knee oh man, that brought back memories! hahaha!
    I have been reading Maries blog....very nice lady, and beautiful homey recipes...
    I visited a few horses yesterday on our drive...aren't they just so beautiful!!
    I also keep my favorite clothes 4ever!! I always feel sad when one of them wears out...should have bought 2!
    Enjoy your day...cloudy here...but no wind at least...
    Think I'll work on my new crochet afghan!!
    Linda :o)

    1. Freezing here..OH I loved Dalmys..could't believe it when Mr Barry hired me..16 I think..we got to wear the store clothes..I think I mentioned he would make each one of us stand at the front of the store in the mall..creepy now that I think of it..but I loved it..all the nice people..think I worked there more than one year..then off to Eaton's..cosmetics..LOVED that too..just nights and weekends..I was in school..My boots were balck suede..the hot pants black velvet..I also wore suede ones like lederhosens..yikes.

      Marie's ..the dessert recipes I have made of hers..I will write them down next time..they have been winners..then if you want you can search.:)
      Nothing great to show yet:)
      I wish I could paint like you stitch..

    2. I was a cashier at Dominion all thru highschool...loved wearing the starchy white uniform!
      I remember our pay envelopes...with the cash inside! It was very exciting to make $25!!
      Eaton's was such a classy store...sad when it closed up!
      I wish I could stitch like you paint!

    3. I remember Dominion! I think they were good times..I remember the cash too!
      I used to buy my mom a little something every time..♥
      It was classy..
      Do you remember Steinberg's Pinky Stamps? My mom had books of them..I wish I had one:(
      There is so much I wish I had..all small Barbie and her Colorforms..:(Thumbelina that moved.

    4. I also worked at Loblaws for a summer...they had green stamps!
      Pain in the ass when they customers would bring in their books...full of order something from the catalogue. The to count all the stamps!
      Loved colorforms...Vivian has something similar...remember the cardboard dolls, and you cut their clothes out, with the paper tabs? 😂😂😂
      I had oodles of Barbie clothes...handmade by my Aunt Honor...and lots of knitted doll clothes too.... be young and carefree again,eh?

    5. Your aunt Honor? Oh what a name to live up to..I had a great aunt..ERnestine..she scared my brothers.
      Pain in the ass customers..Jacques cracked my next life I am gonna have a huge potty mouth.
      I think I am starting :)

  11. The cookies look and sound wonderful. I wish I had your drive to do some big projects around here. So much to do and this dreary weather does nothing for my enthusiasm. I do not like shopping - at all. I love buying online myself. Have a great weekend!

    1. It seems to me you have boundless energy:)'s maybe hiding this will come out again:)

  12. I love President Obama and his family. VP Biden too. Class acts both, as their wives seem to be, as well. I sent Mr. Biden a sympathy card when his son died last year and was surprised that his office sent back a form-letter thank you within just a couple of weeks. . .when you think about how many he must have received. . . .an impressively prompt turn-around time.

    I love crewel work. There is a crewel work pillow on etsy I've had my eye on for awhile. The plumpness of the stitches is so appealing to me. :)

    And I hate shopping, so yes, anytime of year: Thank goodness for online options!! :)

    1. I am writing you tomorrow.
      I look forward to it.I want to just sit down quietly.
      Val..what a dear dear thing you did for Joe Biden..I am so happy someone acknowledged you.
      You really are one of a kind.
      Geesh I wish I had known you when I gave maybe ten maybe memory seems to exaggerate events.. to a past client:(
      Maybe it was 5.

  13. Here I thought I left a reply last night (or early this morning?) I love those cookies! My littles would like them, I think. I cannot believe you wore hot pants! I remember seeing girls wear them with those musketeer boots in NYC! I wore a very very short dress once in Paris and got such wicked frowns from the natives:) I love to see your paints - the colors are simply beautiful - I am not a painter, but swoon at colors, wish I was. Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

    1. I cannot believe I wore them either;)
      That phase came after a time that I was very heavy..all of a sudden..cute clothes fit..I went overboard:)
      I swoon at colors too!:)

  14. Bonjour chère Nana,

    Tout comme toi, j'aime que tout près de ma palette soit présente ma théière et ma tasse... Je ne sais pas peindre sans elles ! Parfois il m'arrive de faire quelques petits accidents, comme de rincer mon pinceau dans ma tasse de thé !! alors je râle un peu ! sourire...
    J'aime la délicatesse de chacune de tes photos... Un très joli partage.

    Gros bisous

    1. Moi aussi aussi..tremper mon pinceau dans le thé ou le café..trop concentrée sur ce que je fais:)

  15. Dear Monique, couldn't find an e-mail address... but, yes, my daughter and her family have moved from Virginia to Ft. Worth. It is so good to have them only two hours away. And, I do plan on "being around" again. LOL! I've been working this weekend on a painting niche for myself; thanks in part because of your inspiration. Thanks you for your sweet words. blessings and hugs ~ tanna
    ps The Cloister was amazing. So beautiful.

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed that the posts come in via a different email:)
      That is great news..they will be that much closer!

  16. I do love your watercolors, Monique, and am doubly sad I missed your Christmas surprise as it had one of your cards!

    1. METOO!!

      Why didn't it come back to me:(?

      Just a big puzzle.:(

  17. Que delicia. Feliz 2017 !!!!!!!

  18. amazing water colors. It looks like you have found your style to me. Very funny about Hot pants. I did wear them too. memories....

    1. Do you remember palazzo pants and sequined halter tops?


  19. I truly enjoy reading your blog. Brings me a sense of relaxation. Thank you for making my heart smile and laugh too! Oh! And make my tummy happy with all your deliciousness!!

  20. You've done Vivian's tutorial already! I've been so flustered getting Christmas down and doing work on Rick's mom's 80th birthday I've only read the post. I'm hoping to do it before we leave. I've been doing table tents for the party with my decadent pies and watercolor (Strathmore) cards (140#) with old photos. I'm so ready to do my own thing!

    I have a love/hate relationship with FB. I like it in terms of keeping up with people and sometimes seeing interesting links but there's a lot of just stuff there and I go through it pretty quickly, once a day, whether I need it or not. Sometimes twice. It's a fun place to post photos and blog posts though. I think I'm the only one with my name there so if you want to find me, feel free!

    I am so nervous about our state of the world right now. I cried during both Obama and Biden's farewells. I will miss them both.

    Keep cozy! SOunds like you are doing a good job.

    1. I did..but my life is super quiet..and we have no parents..etc..just the Littles and they are in school all day..I still like those watercolors..picked up a vintage set today..through FB..but the Garage/Varage sale area..
      I really don't want to hook up w/ the's 43 yrs since college and more since high school:)
      What am I going to say?:)
      I love peeking though:)
      I love Strathmore cards:) A lot..the postcards and others..I did come home w/ a Sennelier a metal box♥

      Today was sunny and

      I already miss them and I am Canadian;)

    2. I love that you have all these sets of WCs. It just makes me smile.

      Yeah, I initially did FB for work (I managed social media and had to have a site) and then people found me. The ones I look at most are my blog pals and "real" friends. A few from the past but not many!

    3. Me too,re the watercolors Jeanie..I just found out how to use waterrcolor pastels and hve become the caretaker of a young woman's grandmother's paints..:)
      I bet you have a ton of friends..I know..I have seen some:)

  21. Teas, paints and cookies...they all go very well together, Monique!

  22. Wonderful art, Monique. FB is the one platform I cannot relate to, even the design.

    1. Same here!
      Although I must admit to following the Varage Sale part of it..local people..buying and selling things..I find old things sometimes:)
      Rarely though and that is a good thing as we are older and don't need "things"..:)

  23. Hello, Monique. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog; I have been reading it for a short while and it's beautiful and charming. Love your photos and design style...very calming and colorful. I (and many people here in the US) will miss Obama and Biden....truly a class act that is being turned over to what? A twitter-brained man-child. I think we all need more cookies and tea for the next four years :( Anyway, your blog is a beautiful sea of calm. I always feel like I want to paint or bake whenever I read your posts. And, yes, I wore hot pants also ;)

    1. very nice of you.
      I love this camaraderie..I truly do.
      Great..welcome to the Hot Pants club..:)!

  24. I know you never find yourself bored Monique. You have so many fun, beautiful hobbies and I love how you use the cold months to make the most of them!

    1. are right..I am never bored..when I worked..for many years..I would drive by the racket club..the golf club..I would see women doing aerobics..the go to a spa..and I used to does that feel.?
      Because for many many years I was so grateful to have a job I loved..and was busy..quite busy:)
      so..when I stopped(had to)..I did go through a very bleak time.I went from seeing people every day for just being on my was hard..and then..just like when our girls moved out..difficult and lonely at the beginning..things eventually fell into place.
      I am forever grateful to hobbies..for all the inspiration I found on the internet w/ blogs..
      I am not counting my family here:) They were always a constant was the whole social step back..that took some getting used to.
      Gratefully I became..what I should become.

  25. I had to chuckle at "hot pants"...haven't thought about those a long time, but do remember, years ago, wearing them! Times have changed. Love your cookies...I checked them out as I am in Seattle and am looking for a cookie recipe for tomorrow's baking day! Hobbies are so important! I think that being able to move from one to another is a good thing...the mind sometimes needs a rest. I have started quilting again...took some time off and I realized how much I miss it...

    1. Good for you,I love quilted much time and fairy fingers involved!

  26. On a eu du mal à voir Obama partir, nous aussi ... et du mal à voir son successeur arriver ! Le monde est inquiétant, non ?

    1. Partout! Nous étions en Floride..des copines m'ont pleuré dans les bras..