Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thank yous are in order~

Oh dear..

How on earth did this happen? Lucas turning 12 in August and he entering high school in September?
Well it did..he graduated..and so next yr he will wear a blazer and tie..and play High School football..

I will never ever forget the thrill of Lucas.

He was our first Little and Caroline worked..and she would hand him over..this treasure..just hand him over w/ no He is..

She didn't work every that time it was just hrs at a time..
our best hours.
A sweet thank you for having shared so generously ♥

The hours of adoration we spent looking at him..reveling in EVERYTHING he did..
you have much more time as a grandparent..
you see that life goes faster later and you want these moments to last..

in the course of 5 yrs we had 4 grandsons..but for a while Lucas was the only one.

I get tears in my eyes looking at our grandsons photos younger.
I miss those days I do..when I could hold them in my arms and rub their heads..tickle their arms..and kiss their face time after time after time..and they would smile.
I can still kiss them..but they are no longer in my arms..and will soon be taller and bigger than me.
I am so very grateful to have been lent these beautiful God given gifts.

And so I made my first naked cake ,for his graduation..

I finally caved in and bought the Wilton 6 inch ,deep cake pans..on sale..3..
I made this recipe..
and it was good.
I did add vanilla sugar to the cake  and butter flavor;)to the icing.

So don't be wary of trying it and it filled the 3 pans perfectly.I love this smaller cake..3 layers mind you cake size.

Some parts of the gardens never change ..except get this area by the pond(very small..picture a small small bathtub size black from filled w/ water and a small pump fountain))..I planted a garden all around it yrs ago..
The BIG Daddy hostas..I love..they have blue in them..the lady's mantle and geraniums and look beautiful w/'s the fairy garden pond:)

I recommend those big different others are fine..but these leaves are like seersucker dresses..and the colors are magnificent♥

I have so many thank yous to say this post..

A huge thank you to my crocheting friends/bloggers..that inspired me to try.
I have to tell you that it was no small feat.
I can usually pick up a reasonable amount of time..not physics nor calculus nor the real fine art of watercolors..which I keep trying..:) know what I mean..

For some reason..this ..just kept escaping me..while away..I had my earplugs in at night w/ a crochet hook and wool and various youtube videos..and was NOT sinking all..
I swear 50 plus attemps..and NADA..maybe even more:(
I was relentless though..
and one day parts started clicking..
and now I can..
I cannot call myself a crocheter..I still have to start off watching a video sometimes and I have yet to actually read a pattern..but I can pretty much granny square on call:)With multiple errors..why?:)

So I am stockpiling dishcloths and look..facecloths♥ How cute w/ a soap to go a gift..Lavande ..Savon De Marseilles♥

Susan..:) Who has sent me her beautiful handiwork through the many unfaliable years..
Linda..who sent me the dishcloths I showed you..
To me there can not be any other dishcloths now:)LOL..
Marie..who even did a tutorial on her blog..

these girls have fairy fingers....♥

Tanna ..makes the most superb shawls..etc..
I am sticking to dishcloths..but still GRATEFUL..
and so grateful to have a MICHAEL's..a Jo Ann's etc would be welcomed too:)Hobby Lobby ..;)

But I can live w/ just Michael's for these painting shoes..;)

So thank you ladies!!THANK YOU!

Gail is a wonderful Hamptons/NYC artist..

I love to see photos of Gail and her husband Hugh plein air painting:)

How cool is that? To share the same passion as your hubby?

They love fine's all so refined:)

Gail started designing clothing,bags etc..on Redbubble and she sent me a wonderful tote bag and scarf ..designed from the photos she


And if you can spot them..there are some fresh calendula flowers in the last photo..they were home grown here..started from seed..that came from..Terry:)

Thank you Gardenbuddy:).

When it rains..and frequently this year! And windy!!

I bake and and now simili crochet;)

my girls..Caramelle and Bé chickens..

once in a while one will skip a day..and the next day I get a huge 
dinosaur egg..

I tried painting both on a rainy day..and made 2 mini mini using GoodyWoody's pin.
One..of the ones I am grateful to have.
I LOVE her pins.

Have a nice's Canada Day weekend here and Noah's 9th birthday weekend♥
Thank you..everyone who shares everything that I have not mentioned today.:)


  1. How sweet to commemorate those special days over the passing years. The boys will remember them and do the same for their children. Our last little coming before Christmas is going to be a boy. Penny Lane will be a big sister. My son was shocked as he thought it would be another girl. Love your potholders. Very pretty. I've crocheted and knitted and they are basically the same thing - in the end. Love that you try it all.

    1. They will have one of each:) Your family will be even more festive for Christmas ..I loved new babies at last fave phto of me..I am holding Oli..Christmas is a baby.♥It's a phase I am going through Obsessed With Crochet:)

  2. Replies
    1. Aww..thanks Penny..:):)He is so nice to us♥Makes him even cuter.:)

  3. Oh, every photo in this post makes me smile so very big! Your young men -- not so young anymore. It's beautiful and poignant seeing them grow up, isn't it? And there's just so much love in this post -- love for them, for all things tasty and tactile and fragrant!

    The garden -- wow. I know what you mean about bigger! And that cake! Oh my! It looks beautiful. I've never made a naked cake before either. Maybe this summer. You inspire me. And your painting, sigh! And the crocheting! I knit, not crochet, but not so much anymore. All those candy colors and soap have me thinking!

    Your thanks are so well placed. Isn't it wonderful how we all survive in our different worlds with a little help from our blogger friends. Life is good indeed!

    Happy Canada Day!

    1. Happy Fourth Of July to you!
      Yes we all survive..with help from blogger friends found the depth in what I meant♥
      A little photo..a little recipe..a book ..even an anecdote..penpals..are great pals.

      I love the soap and dishcloth or facecloth have so many friends...You tube..but on the Bernat yarn..a pattern is included and many are for knit cloths:) There you go!!

  4. So true, dear Nana. They grow up too quickly!
    Congratulation to you and to Lucas.

  5. Simple and simply sumptuous, as always---posts and pictures so lovely. I'm so intrigued by that rolling pin---not that I often call on the four or five I have---but just the little birdies and hearts intaglioed on that golden crust. Makes me wonder what kind of tempting flavour is inside that PYE. Our Southern roots call for a plate of deep-fried chicken gizzards every so often, and since they ARE, after all, gizzards, and by definition tough as cowhide, they require a good long braise in broth before breading and frying.

    The broth and quite a few of the gizzards and hearts make their way into a softly-simmered pot of gizzards-and-rice, with the little hearts the most coveted morsels. And so, a savoury small PYE of birdie hearts came to mind when I saw your patterned crust.

    We just had a gift of two of those immense "seersucker dresses" hostas (I'm totally STEALIH' that!) and they're standing proud with all this rain we've been having, settling into the crowd like they've lived there since 2000.

    Gorgeous post as always,


    1. Karolina's (Goody Woody) oins are truly works of art..I leave them out often because looking at them feels good..I like the small and big ones..but the msalls are like toys:)
      Rhubarb -strawberry:)

      My son-in-law..adores gizzards and hearts..his mom does too:)

      Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh my goodness, Lucas has grown up before our very eyes. He looks so handsome in his coat and tie. I am amazed at how big Mack is already too :( So happy we will have one little Little ♥ I am so happy to read that things are starting to 'click' with crochet!! You are so sweet to mention me :)I still can't read the new patterns with the symbols ;) So pretty - your oeufs watercolor! I love your pretty crust rolled with your new pin. Have a lovely Canada Day weekend, Dear M! We have our boys overnight again on Saturday ♥

    1. Remember him ..just born in my Anne Geddes wannabe days in the pond lettuce leaf?:) Before our very eyes..this happens.

      I am always grateful for you!

      Enjoy the Sat cuddles:)
      And happy weekend to you!

  7. You have such handsome grandsons. I know their hearts are full of love for you and Jacques. They grow up all too quickly. I watch my sweet nieces two littles, now 4 and 7. Where did that time go? So grateful that they are in my life, living close so I can see them grow before my eyes.
    Happy Canada Day! I know your weekend will be full of festive celebrations!

    1. Those little girls are so lucky to have you..mine literally had no one apart from us after Jacques mom passed away..his dad was in hospital..
      so it pleases me that these boys have quite a feww people loving them:)
      Enjoy your celebration weekend!

  8. I love to read how grateful you are to the people who inspire you, and for the gifts in your life. The rolling pin, very cool, Lucas graduating,very cool, chrocheting! My mom did it beautifully, I cannot. Some one once said that eggs are the hardest thing to paint. Do you think so? It appears to be not so difficult for you...
    Happy gardening, celebrating, and summer!

    1. I love the book

      I tried her eggs and enjoyed the lesson..I need to get the book out AGAIN..:)
      These..the color was so burnt sienna I just had to:)try..;)
      Bon Weekend Rita!

  9. Oh, your Lucas is just one year older than my two oldest grandsons. They grow up far too quickly don't they? Such a handsome boy. What they call a lady killer! Your cake turned out beautiful. I love it and the idea of naked cakes. Not sure the ocd perfectionist in me could cooperate with one however, lol. I wish. Your pies, your paintings,your flowers . . . YOUR CROCHET! Congratulations. I knew you could and would do it! yay you! Not an easy feat when you have noone to show you in person. Your peserverence has paid off bigtime. Well done! Its another rainy day here. Physio for me this afternoon. I moved my leg last night and you could hear the snap upstairs. So loud. I wish and hope for it to be better, so I can get out and about and enjoy my summer too. Love you dear friend and all that you share. You make me smile. ♥♥♥ xoxo

    1. Well ma belle..I hope your leg gets better fast too..will email you shortly:)And it will! For even before the book signing:)

  10. Lucas - so grown up and handsome! Time goes by so quickly, we are fortunate to have these grandchildren to cherish. Beautiful photos - as always. I've never taken up crochet, but have been thinking that I would like to learn to knit. The dishcloths you made are lovely and I find they work so well. I buy mine from a local shop. Happy Birthday to sweet Noah!

    1. Ry..they DO work SO well..that was the thing that made me want to make for the sink..feels so good to hold quality! And they wash so well..and are very reasonable to make I find..I have my little stack..maybe I should have made all the same colors:) But the choices were too pretty :)
      WE are fortunate..but you are wise to goes by fast..all of a sudden..I see so many changes..
      happy holiday weekend!

  11. Well give them a gentle push and maybe soon they'll provide you with some more tiny tots to tickle!
    Love you Bonne Maman peonies!!!

    1. They are done:(
      I know this for a fact:)


  12. Oh my Lucas is growing up so fast. Congrats to him on his graduation and on to high school. Very exciting time. Yes, too big to hold, but hopefully here are plenty of hugs. He is a very handsome young man. Yea, on your crocheting. Just a matter of practicing. I used to crochet when my children were young. My mom crochets and knits up a storm. More rain for you, wow. I know it must be so lush and beautiful. Happy Canada day.

    1. He looks so mature to grown up..and he is acting older than the others even if Max is so close in age..

      I hope he loves his new school:)
      All is lush and wet and humdid!
      Aren't you lucky to have a crafty mother like daughter:)

  13. Congratulations to Lucas! I remember when you became a Grandma. :) Where will he go for high school? Your crochet squares look amazing...

    1. Collège Bourget:) Where the girls went..I am happy you remember..:)
      I remember being with you:)♥Happy Canada Day AND Fourth of July to you and your family that grew:)

    2. Thank you. We will be at the airport in Montreal to celebrate Canada Day en route to Paris... My niece will be at the airport too on her way to Spain... :)
      I do remember very fondly... xo

  14. Dearest Monique,
    Wishing you first off a Happy Canada Day weekend; celebrating 150 years is special.
    What a lovely compilation about your Grandson Lucas' 12 years that went by in a whiff.
    This will be treasured at times to come.
    Sending you hugs and enjoy your lovely, happy and fertile garden + chickens.

    1. Mariette thank you for your warm words!Bon samedi!

  15. Lucas is a very handsome young man! Congratulations on graduating and beginning high school this fall. Such a big step :) Happy Canada Day to you and your family! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Your pie is gorgeous, your handiwork always creative and beautiful and your cake - outstanding! I bought the 6-inch pans but have yet to make a cake :) Love the size and adore these naked cakes. Enjoy!

    1. He is so cute..that lucky boy..he charms me:) LOL..he does..
      Thank you for your good wishes!You will love the pans!

  16. I tried to preview and lost my typing! Congrats to the young men in your life. They look so handsome, but good genes do help. Leave it to Nana to come up with perfect cake to celebrate. I'm glad you are enjoying your calendula. I'm finding them a bit small in size compared to how they looked on the catalog photos. Those photos always lure me! You know now that you have mastered your dish towel pattern, just make a bunch and then piece them together to make you and Jacques cozy throws for winter. Happy Canada Day and Bon weekend!

    1. Merci Terry!! I love the pans!! You will too..I will make one for my daughters birthday and add cupcaes and things:)I LOVE crocheting,I do find it very hard to find stitches..count them in different rows of 23 become 20 etc:( AAARGH..

      Oh well By George She's got it!

      Jacques not a blankie kind of guy..I am..and all those boys are!! All love cozy:)
      I lose comments too:) Hope your summer is grand:)

  17. Yes I have that problem too with crocheting, you are not alone. I'm sure the boys will love throws made by Nana. I have two simple quilts that were made by sister and two crocheted baby blankets made by my aunt. The girls always had them on their beds growing up. I have them still.

    1. I think..know..a popcorn stitch blanket is somewhere w/ godmother made it for her..apart from that I feel terrible that I gave a crocheted afghan away:( It was orange and brown..:)

    2. I wish I had my moms sweaters and blankets she made for the girls. She did such beautiful work. I gave them to my friend and then they got past on. Silly me. An orange and brown afghan is understandable.

  18. Oh my...he is a handsome devil...gonna be tall!
    I also have a few Big Daddy's...they are way better! Love the seersucker reference! 😉
    Your crochet looks beautiful Monique...I am so happy to have inspired a great artist such as yourself. You'll have tons of them by Christmas!
    And....that pie...don't get me started!
    Spent Canada Day at home with my kids...way more cosy than at the lake...this time!
    So much rain down there....and the wind!
    I think we are going back time to even do a grocery shop!
    Pulled a rotiserrie chicken from Costco,out of the freezer...I am sure I can come up with something for a few days!😂
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend...,and the birthday boy!
    Linda :o)

    1. It rained again today..maybe 1 hr of the promised sunshine..everything is so heavy and laden w/ moisture..younger this weather would have bothered me..I find I can handle it now:) It bothers me for the blooms though.and I hope the garlic doesn't's not a water craver.
      should be nice the next few days so I'll be tackling the gardens.the grass grew inches in 3 MOIST lol..Noah had a great party..a man w/ tricks w/ dry ice experiments and animals came:) The last animal..a snake..very gentle w/ all the abuse..insisted on the children being quiet quiet and gentle..I like that..

      last yr there was a magician..and the kids were more active let's just say..

      so much has changed.
      We played pin the tail on the donkey when I was that age..upper the humble..we had very little I think..or everyone I knew did..except some rich cousins in QC:)

      Enjoy your cottage and all your gardens:)

  19. Oh my, such wonderful photos of your handsome "grand" -- that glorious smile for his Nana! You inspire gifts. Thank YOU for the loveliness you share. xo

    1. Thank YOU:):):):):)
      Happy 4th to you TODAY!

  20. Oh you made me cry reading this post...the love you have comes shining through! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I adore your naked cake! I have been wanting to try one and the 6 inch pans! Perfect cake for two...
    Bisous xoxoxo

    1. I thought of you TODAY:)
      Happy 4th:)
      You have known me so long:) Just like I get the love you have for your family and Zelda:) ♥

  21. I just noticed that my comment never posted. I'll pop over later to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this post.

  22. I still have the photo you sent me of Lucas in the pond lettuce leaf :-) Just came across it the other day.
    Lucas is all grown up looking so happy and handsome in his stylish coat and tie. Whenever I see your crochet, it reminds me of my mom. That pie is adorbs with your new pin. I'm sure you had a lovely Canada Day weekend.

    1. Don't they grow up fast? you see that:)
      I was surprised to see how much your munchkin had grown..and those eyes:)
      You must have so many pieces from your mom♥♥♥

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  24. Tes poulettes sont adorables, j'ai oublié de te le dire en voyant leurs jolis derrières tout à l'heure ! Le petit gars est devenu un beau grand jeune homme. Et ce gâteau !!! Juste sublime ! Qtant à tes carrés de crochet ... je les adore. Je m'y suis mise à plusieurs reprises mais n'ai jamais bien persévéré. À reprendre cet automne ... quand il fera moins chaud. Là, l'idée de ne serait-ce que de toucher de la laine (même si c'est du coton ...) me donne chaud ! ;-)