Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Lands Of Plenty~MV and home sweet home~

This is the Cape to me ..seaside..sand,marshes..sailboats, boats ,ferries,,docks,rocks,shells ..rosa rugosa skies,cedar shake grey homes with quaint coastal gardens  ,unique adorable  gingerbread homes..stately compounds,pristine residences ,lighthouses,charm,elegance,preservation,the Kennedys ,the arts, friendly people,lobster rolls,fish and chips,harbours,and Susan Branch♥

Meanwhile back home..

And in the kitchen..these were being baked..  see my notes below.. 

It feels like we have been home from the Cape..for months..yet it was just the beginning of June~

For our last day there I had wanted to go back to Martha's Vineyard..last time we went was our 25 th anniversary..this was the 43rd..  we didn't go to Nantucket like last time..just MV..and we did not take tours this time..
We did not go to Provincetown like last time either..I think I would like to stay a few more days if we return~

This time..instead of the Hyannis ferry..we took The Island Queen from Falmouth..and we would do it again..  less busy..parking was ample..smaller everything..and 100% charming..I had a better photo of the entrance but I had not noticed 2 people were in it in plain this one will give you a bit of an idea..

it's lovely..we waited..and while we waited I aksed one of the Island Queen gentlemen(GQ..!!)..Todd..where he would eat a lobster roll on MV..and he said Nancy's..  Oak Bluffs ..where we arrive..he asked where we were from and said he honeymooned in Montreal and loved European..etc..♥
Quite the charming beautiful young gentleman.

The ferry ride was so nice..but windy and chilly..there was still that darn nip in the air..but look at the scenery leaving the harbour..ohmygoodness..ohmygoodness..OMG.

Upon arriving  on MV..  Oak are just taken in by the charm of it all..

I first wanted to return to the Gingerbread Village..over 300 homes..all simply storybook fare..I asked the gentleman at the kiosque..where it was again and he told both Jacques and I..I told him I loved those homes..he lives in his family over 70 yrs..many are passed down this way..but he said it gets harder and harder as children make their lives elsewhere..sometimes..too too far..

A short walk and we are there..last time I had a film camera..  and the streets were so busy..this time we wandered on our was heavenly.
Some look out onto the water..

The details are have to look above..many have one small balcony on top in storybook fashion..

you have to look in the windows..the treatments..what they have to look on the may find a dollhouse..flower boxes abound..everything is so colorful.

I love it..but then I love details ..having been a realtor almost 30 yrs..details of homes are of such interest to me..and these are the types of homes I these..or the seashore ones..the stately impeccably manicured homes of Edgartown etc..

Well worth a visit for charm and shell seekers..people who love water..and the most delightful way.

At the top of my post you see Edgartown Lighthouse..

How on earth did we get there?

Listen to this anecdote..

We were sitting at a picnic table overlooking the harbor..for a lobster roll at Nancy's..chilly..nippy etc..

a lady was sitting at the next picnic table..both our spouses had gone to get our meals..we chatted about how cold it had watch out for my sunglasses( I had put mine on the table) because hers had blown off..

all 4 of us eventually staring chatting about this and that..and at one point V said..:"You have  to see the beach etc"..our time was so limited by then ..the ferry returning was 3.45..I wanted to get a few souvenirs..I had vowed to get a Nantucket or MV beach bag..a few other things..a Black Dog something make a long story short..

V and R (I am amazed at how small the world is and I don't know if I should name names..) The book signing of Susan's made me realize it even I am just going to say V and R:) V and R said:"You must let us show you..our car is here parked just   beyond ..come with us..we will show you the immediate reaction was :"Yes!  Yes..let's"..Jacques is more resrved..and I must admit this was a bit impetuous of me..but something in the back of my head that day was saying:"Live a little"..
So he aquiesced..and off we were..jumping into a sparkling Jeep..for a tour that is now a whirlwind to me..a real one.."  so much much to see..a drive through Edgartown...very quick..oh so gorgeous..and a hop off to take a photo of the Lighthouse..

They shared a lot of history..and I am livid I forget many parts..I was listening and looking and I was excited inside to be doing something so out of the ordinary..
in my defense have to remember I did this for almost 30 into strangers cars..had strangers come into my car..for full days..showing them towns and supervisors..ever..

open houses in empty there is a programmed  part of  my brain..that is conditioned to being ok with this..

I named that lighthouse KINDNESS in my photos..because..

how kind was that ? Of V and R to offer to take us around..

and to take us even to their home..

where we met Bella:)

The kindness of strangers..♥ I love it..and what a fond fond memory of MV.

Thank s again V and R..:)

I came home to peonies and poppies and foxglove..I spread seed of my few apricot foxgloves last yr and look what happend.what a gift..rare..

the girls were fine..Oli and Lucsa had made sure they had clean water..I have a feeder there..

the clematis had grown leaps and bounds..and some did not return:(
The boys have started football..Oli and Noah are on the same team..Max is in an older team..and Lucas can only play w/ one team so it will be his high school team..HIGH SCHOOL..remember Lucas?:(Our first Little..?
I look at those pics above and am just filled with this great love.

I promise you our Littles..seem to grow up so fast when we are older..

I copied MV..and put one of the girls doll houses on our porch..I kept the..they had painted trees and things..I kept what was left of the furniture..I love it out there..
see my fondness of canopy beds? From when I was a child? LOL

the sewing machine..the Holly Hobbie wallpaper? The wall to wall carpeting?
Jacques built the kits in 1978 I think and I bought the wallpaper..etc..I had a BALL decorating those for one of their Christmases..♥
They have sons..I am keeping them in case we are lucky enough to see a great never know..

I had also ordered some rolling pins from GoodyWoody..
Fantastic Etsy seller..5 stars..for her and 5 stars for her pins..

I had read that she found them a bit bland..I added almost 1 tsp of instant espresso powder..and I rolled out the dough w/ cocoa..I never roll choco cookies w/ flour..
I did what I always do..chill chill and chill:)
Perfecto..they were gone at our Father's Day get together.
I am thinking the recipe I used for these would be good..and these..

I still miss Downton Abbey!!

So I am finishing up my little souvenir journal of our 3 day stay..and crocheting is coming along..

all some of my fave small pleasures..

I know this post is long..but it's summer..we went garden is blooming..

Winter is looooooong.
My posts shorter;)

Bon Weekend~!


  1. MV looks like a fairytale and you captured it so beautifully! What a fun adventure you had!

  2. It is such a neat place. Everyone descends in the summer and shops and visitors leave in winter. Our cab driver, a girl, said winters are too cold in MV and only about a thousand stay. Yes it was magical and did you know - they have a weekly flea market? I found lots of neat things, took a few home, but mostly rocks. ;)

    1. I didn't know about the flea market..wonder..treasures? Or ?..It's such a holiday for me..eye candy everywhere:)I am ready to go again:) ;)

  3. MV looks like a wonderful place! Your gardens are doing lovely too.

  4. The post is long? Oh Monique, it could not be too long for me -- you are visiting MV and bringing back so many glorious memories from what I call my dream vacation last summer! I remember many of the houses you visited very specifically -- the dollhouse, the fleur de lis pink house with the porch gated off with a simple chain of this wonderful French symbol, Highland House. Today I am wearing earrings I bought at The Secret Garden (did you go in? Dangerous store for me!) And seeing the Beetlebung sign reminded me of a very bad dinner -- my only bad experience on the island but you have to have one, don't you, to make a memory?

    Your excursion with V&R sounds wonderful. I've read and always have believed that the best way to travel is to talk with strangers (reputable strangers!). You found two and I hope they read your beautiful blog and know how much you appreciated your time together. The Kindness Lighthouse is a perfect title. (I just did a painting of that one not long ago!). That's a fabulous photo -- either your zoom is four-star or you were much closer than I. Either way, outstanding images/camera/views. I can't wait to see how you incorporate your trip into your art!

    Oh, what a joy to read this today! It makes me so very, very happy!

    And thanks for popping by. I'm hoping to get a new email address soon so we can better correspond. I know there must be some silly weird thing going on but I sure can't figure it out!

    1. I remember your trip!!
      I can't remember if I went into The Secret Garden..we were so rushed by then:( I thought I would have time after lunch and after lunch turned into something lovely and whirlwind:)
      I did email V this post..I had told her I would..:)
      We love the same things on trips you and I..

      Wa had coffee at The Black Dog café and lunch at Nancy's no other food..are your earrings Nantucket Baskets? I have some from 18 yrs ago:)
      My holes are so low now..I have trouble wearing pierced dangles..
      There was an MV tshirt w/ long sleeves I would have liked..I bought the boys each a tshirt..gave it to them on Father's pic:(

      THose Littles have EVERYTHING..getting hard to think of ideas..
      Football shoes and the likes are main gifts..

      all 4 have birthdays this summer and Giuliana and Adamo 6..!!
      Adamo..18..♥ What a nice young man he is..and so smart..

      they are all growing by leaps and will see..not yet..but one day you will wonder how he turned 8-9-10-12-!!16..18..
      Have a lovely weekend Jeanie..hope nothing costy happens..and it won't:)

    2. Wow! You are in birthday heaven this summer! I know what you mean about good ideas for the kids gifts -- it's hard when they are into things that aren't your thing so much. 18. Wow -- you're not old enough to have an 18 year old grand!

      My earrings are little shells. Very small so they are light and silver, like little scallops or clamshells or whatever they are. I can't wear very heavy earrings either. Not unless they are light.

      I booked our stay in Quebec for August 17-19 (leave morning of the 20th). Couldn't do Bellevue but I found a B&B that looks very good called Maison Historique James Thompson 1793 in Vieux Quebec. James Thompson was a fortification expert in the 1700s and built the house which stayed in the family till the 1950s. The man owner is a registered tour guide and the woman a working artist. The breakfast sounded to die for! Juices, fruit salad, home-baked bread, muffins and croissants, and your choice of Wild Blueberry Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs, Waffles, with our without sausages... I need to start exercising now!

      I'll take the train in on the 17th and somehow figure out how to get to Vieux Quebec! I suspect they have buses and such. Or a taxi. I have to do a lot of reading up! Let me know if there is anything I can't miss. I can still get your email. Hopefully I'll lock into a second account soon. Just been crazy busy before we head north on Friday... Can't wait for your next post!

  5. Lovely pictures!
    Such a n amazing trip!
    However, it's so good to come back home.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Always Nina..Like Dorothy on The Wizard of Oz♥

  6. I love all your posts. Long or short. They can never be too long for me! I recognized the Black Dog. How thrilling.Oh and so nice you met some friends and they so kindly took you around. I would be like you. There are no strangers out there, only friends we have yet to meet! We had a Muslim cab driver driving us home from the coach station and before we landed at the house I had found out all about his wife and children and life. Such a nice young man. Todd just shakes his head at me because I will talk to anyone at great length! I am making up for my shy childhood I think! Your doll house so sweet and I am sure it is very charming on your porch. Oh, I want a porch so much. It would be very out of place here, and it is not our house . . . sigh . . . your boys are so handsome. Lady killers I think. They grow up far too fast. My two oldest are now 11 and I wonder where the time has gone. It will soon be girls and dances, etc. I don't want them to grow u too fast! But they do . . . Bon Weekend! xoxo PS - Loving on the cookies. ♥♥♥

    1. Jacques shakes his head too:(
      WE are different..that's all.

      We both had little we are home :) Domestic gals we are..

      Can't wait for your book Marie..!!!:)

  7. LOVE your impetuous adventure! There is a series on Netflix, The Kindness Diaries, that we watched a bit of last week. This gentleman travels around the world relying entirely on the kindness of strangers. I was fascinated. All the photos are gorgeous, Monique, and you know I love the ones of your football players! So cute! What would we ever do without those grands?! Have a wonderful week. blessings ~ tanna

    1. I have to check that show out Tanna!!Thanks for mentioning..right now we seem to be in to American Crime..3rd season I think..The Great British baking Show and Grantchester..I watch one hour of tv a night period..but we get them done..House of Cards is sooo boring to me now..Bon Weekend.
      I think our grands will outgrow us soon..:( Like our own kids do..sob:(

  8. Your pictures capture the Cape so beautifully. It is exactly like I thought it would be. Happy anniversary! Love the photos of your littles, they are so handsome. Peonies are my favorites - and yours are beautiful! I will have to get one of those beautiful rolling pins. And those cookies - yum!!! Have a great weekend Monique :)

    1. You too Tricia.. you were on a wonderful adventure also:) WE're all home now..baking;)

  9. Beautiful shots of Martha's Vineyard. I love it there. We have spent more time on Nantucket because we have friends who live there. Lucky us. One of our best trip there was The Daffodil Festival - you would love Spring in Nantucket Monique. Your gardens look wonderful.

    1. I saw people who were arriving by ferry for MV..obviously people who live can just tell..or they vacation for a long time..Nantucket..and MV the real estate $$$$$$$$..I looked for fun last for fun.

      when you are close to the water Redfin shows you so well ..
      Your get away will be here before you know it.

  10. Ohmygoodness! Such wonderful pictures of MV! And way too long since I've been there. I hope Brittany is a bit like lobster rolls I fear.
    Thank you for sharing!!

    1. I love when you share what you see! That young girl Monvoirco? Jenna Rainey has been in Paris this week check out her IG stories..very fun..

  11. Everything there in MV looks so charming and how wonderful that you let V and R take you for a tour in their jeep :) I loved seeing all the photos you took and I smiled at the sign "Coup de Ville" with the rooster - LOL. Glad your 'girls' were well taken after by the boys. I'll bet they were glad to see you on your return :) Those cookies look right up my chocolate-loving alley! I will follow the links....:) Love the dollhouse. My girls just had Fisher Price. Remember Precious Places with the magnetic 'magic' key that made the people or animals move across the road to each house? The houses light up inside and look just like those gingerbread cottages in MV. I still have them. Mack and Dane actually played with them a year or so ago :) Your boys ♥♥♥

    1. Ahh all our girlie things..I remeber a drawer w/ wool ribbons and barrettes too:) Elastics..and trolls..and My Friend dolls.Caro's boys seem to have skipped from toys to sports about 4 yrs ago..Noah still likes toys..Oli it's because of 2 other sport bros..Susan..thank God for B you will have someone to cuddle longer..mine still kiss but cuddling is getting rarer:(

      MV is a storybook :)
      I am lovin' many errors..I am making ..but I am finally GETTING it:)

    2. Yay! So glad you are 'getting' crochet. It's a wonderful winter past-time ♥ Mack just asked me to crochet a towel for him in Spider-Man colors - LOL.

    3. Oh can you? WOW..I will stick to dishcloths for noe..let's just say I have been to Michael's..thrice:)
      LOve it..I started crewel in my home w/ the fingers have always loved to be busy..LOVE..LOVE..Thank you for your inspiration..I still have to follow the videos:)

  12. Oh, I'm swooning! Love those little cottages, very different from the Capes in Wellfleet or even the little houses in Provincetown. What glorious pictures, you outdid yourself this time!

    1. MV outdoes herself Katrina..not me..
      We love Wellfleet..Truro..etc..I don't know we could not have stayed a touch longer..who knows when we will go back:(

      I even added one day to the trip last minute..

      The seashore is always so moving in so many ways isn't it?
      I thought of you when we stopped at the NH liquor store..not because of the liquor:)

  13. A post of yours could never be too long for me! I love seeing all these photo. I can smell the salty air and feel the wind. Your list of words for the Cape, would be mine. I feel such a connection to that part of the country. Ha! A Texas girl, but yet the Cape, Nantucket, and the Vineyard seem to be a part of me. Always felt that way! I will be back on the Cape in October, but just for a few days to visit my friend before we are off to New York. No trip to MV this time. '-( I'm glad you were impetuous! I think leaving ourselves open to chance experiences enriches our lives. Caution is good, but one usually has a sense of a situation.
    You have me craving a lobster roll! Happy Weekend!

    1. Sarah I am not surprised our feelings and thoughts re The Cape are so similar!
      October..I have always wanted to see it in the's not like Fl..where Nov seems like Spring..
      It should be a true fall there..NY are in for a lovely time!
      I just love lobster rolls..I made 2 for J and I this past week..first of all we can't cack them open w/ a chainsaw it seems anymore..and I put too much mayo:(
      Love them !

  14. Please never stop blogging! I just soak up your posts and giggle with you and study all the little details.
    Happy place at Nana's table :)

    1. You are so nice to say that .. w/ Instaagram and things getting faster and faster..I sometimes wonder about blogging..but's myjournal..the one that's not private:)
      It's fun for me to sometimes go back and see..

      it's been wonderful for me and I am so grateful to Blogger for blogging..

      all the nice nice people we get to interact with..and share with.
      But thanks..said at the perfect time!!

  15. upon closer inspection, you answered a question for me! Rosa rugosa....I've been trying to put a name to these beauties that I saw in Alaska for years! I think they are magical and you should see them growing next to Fireweed with snowy mountains as a backdrop...ahhh, God :)
    Also, I suddenly need a dollhouse on my porch...all sons here, nephews, too...

    1. I think you need one too:) My rugosas here get covered in rose chafers..the last few yrs..terrible and this yr is a banner remedy:( But I love them..thye must be gorgeous w/ snowy mountains as a backdrop♥

  16. Dearest Monique,
    You are a perfect story-teller and one cannot stop reading!
    Loved the overdose on ginger bread, way more than we got on our home but oh so romantic looking.
    Nice anecdotes about your previous job as a real estate person and you must have been in your elements doing so.
    Had to laugh about the Holly Hobby from the 80s; I too have been in love with it.
    Indeed a very small world but luckily with kind people in it!
    Such a tour was like a gift of love.
    Hugs and happy weekend.

    1. Good morning:)
      It's quite rare that we travel..and I am always pretty excited..things thrill me for some reason...eye candy everywhere..thanks so much for listening LOL:)
      I have to a younger the late 70's I had Holly Hobbie wallpaper in my kitchen..and the ceiling was wallpapered with gingham..:)I was a wife w/ 2 my early twenties..seemed appropriate:)
      Have a great Sunday!

  17. Such a gorgeous place to relax and enjoy a quiet time. Love the cookies that you baked up, so pretty!

    1. Thanks Amy!

      You would love one of those pins..w/ your blog name:)?

  18. J'aime les longs billets ! Et surtout ceux qui racontent plein d'anecdotes. Il nous est arrivé de faire comme ça, de prendre en charge des gens et de les emmener à la découverte de notre beau coin de pays. Extraordinaire, ce gingerbread village ! De quoi te donner de nouvelles idées pour construire une gigantesque maison de pain d'épice à Noël, avec tous les détails, u peu comme ta superbe maison de poupées ! ;-) Bref, tu m'a fait visiter un très joli endroit et j'adore visiter le monde en ta compagnie !
    Tes petits-fils deviennent de vrais jeunes hommes, dis donc !

    Allez, des bises en te souhaitant un bon dimanche.

    1. Pas étonnant que vous soyez des guides touristiques sans pré-ais,sur le coup:)
      Ta générosité du partage se reflète sur tout! Et quels chanceux touristes.
      Hihihi gigantesque maison de pain d'épice..avec un sous contracteur:)
      Ce coin est vraiment pittoresque..mais tu as l'eau..le charme..le soleil.:)
      Et oui..un temps différent avec les jamais de petits:(
      J'ai adoré regarder de loin ..tes petits devenir grands:)Sans que tu prennes des années!

  19. Love all the gingerbread houses...and the house you saved from your girls💜
    Sounds like a lovely couple that you 2 met...kinda wonderful,eh??
    Your littles are really getting big...and so handsome in their uniforms...
    I had Foxgloves for a few years...they faded away...your Peach are lovely!!
    Dreary...wet...cloudy...*sigh* least I got all the laundry done, and a trip to the flower shop for some pretties for here at home!!

    enjoy your day...and your week...July 1st looks like ☔️☔️☔️ Not sure what to plan....
    Linda :o)

    1. If the peach foxglove seeds are ready when my garlic is I will send some along..sow them when you get plans here for July 1rst ..just the 2 nd and 4 th..Noah turns 🎂9,

    2. The kids want to come out to the cottage...not sure about the weather...😕

    3. Forgot to say merci for the seeds! 🙄

  20. Yes Yes to all the above comments and more. Love all of the beautiful photos. I like to think that you can just TELL if it is ok to jump in a stranger's car and go. Besides, they weren't strangers... you had been chatting... :) I had some foxglove in the woods planted by the birds. Always lovely to see these surprises. xo

    1. Surprises are ALWAYS lovely!☺️🙂😘👏🏻😌👍🏻🌟🌻

  21. I used to live on the Cape in Hyannisport and I love returning! Seeing other's photos of my favorite spots is so exciting to me. I just adore the gingerbread houses in the "Campground" on MV....on my visit last year I found Susan Branch's home ( I am lucky that I visit the Cape a few times a year! You are quite lucky to have met such a friendly and generous couple to give you a tour - even tho its a small island, there is a lot to see! Great memories for you!!

    1. What an area!I am going to read your post now:) Thank you!

  22. What amazing place! I love all yours pictures, always look wonderful Monique, xo

  23. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Un lieu si charmant et romantique... Vos photos sont merveilleuses et font du bien à admirer. Merci pour ce délicieux moment de partage.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  24. What a lovely time you had, with such lovely photos...We have a little village not too far away, with those victorian type houses with the colors and wooden carved ornamentation. You must have loved those!

  25. Beautiful photos! Sounds like you had a fun adventure! :)

    1. Out of the ordinary and inordinately pleasant:)

  26. So late in seeing this but so glad I did not miss. I love the photos, the story of a chance encounter and a personal tour from a stranger. Reminds me of when I went to Maine last year and a 'stranger stopped at the side of the road where my friends and I were shooting an interesting pond. She invited us to follow her to her waterfront home for more interesting scenery. I love things like that.

    1. How nice of her! You are good to take the time to stop by..
      Mother Of The Bride!!!!!:)
      Beautiful wedding!