Friday, January 12, 2018

Wuthering Heights ,Provence..etc...looong.


~Time for tea and melting snowmen~

~Chicken Soup For The Soul~

~Cute Books~

~Great New No-Knead Bread..thanks TERRY!~

Bought new seed starter trays..not starting till April though:(She looks keen below;) can we go from minus 20 F to almost 50?
And tonight back to snow..
The weirdest winter evah!

A scene out of Wuthering Heights all the valleys..achingly haunting..but no camera..
In my borrowed landscape..knee deep in snow..I ventured out..who can resist wne nature puts on  such a show?

Lots of tea..hazelnut coffee..some hot chocolate and red wine..the latter not during the day..

Chicken know what? I added a large tsp of w/ jam ..the foam almost instantly disappears..

The stock simmered for hours..I just love that..that's my mom..

A new LITTLE book..which I have only perused and quite love already..I bought it from The Book Depository and I love that place.

The book was recommended on Parka Blogs ..December round up.It's a my kinda tea book..and part journal..have not started yet..I had a busy week...nothing fun..just things.

This was fun though..I have mentioned Terry from GW and she visits and send recipes she loves..she send me this easy no-knead bread and's like Ricardo but easier and so good you will like it.

I love when she send me recipes..
I was late in making this..she sent it while I was away..then December happened with all that lovely Christmas I just just made it..
With cranberries and Walnuts..OMGee..and toasted?
ANYONE Can make this anyone..
you do need a cast iron enamled pot w/ lid..I have done them in Pyrex ..but no..get a worth it..

The recipe is from Sally's Baking can find it here..
I am not a great sourdough starter baker..these do work for well!!
Honestly if you can measure things..and have this bread covered.

Have a good weekend..I will be painting in that little book I think:)

I am getting back into my Provence photos because I want a Shutterfly book before we go back:);)
Next time I am NOT taking 3000 pics.
It's taking me days to keep and discard..

A few places you won't see a lot of out of the more than 40 places we set foot in..either just too small with really not that much to Grasse..big..busy..and where we parked..(omgee how he got in and out of that underground parking God only knows..)..the exit led us to a part of town where we were told to leave..that it was not for us..  well we kept walking..and became more and more uncomfortable.. and left:(
I am sure we missed a lot..

but the gentleman frightened us and we have not forgotten our Paris we left..

One place..we were there for just a short short time..we had gone somewhere else first..charming Valbonne~had lunch in the square..and then still had enough time to drive onto Cannes before heading home

beautiful Cannes..

Where we spent less than 2 hrs..  just basking in the sun walking up and down Long Beach..where the stars come out to shine for the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes..the Cannes we saw last time in 2008 and this time..

La Croisette.. luxury.

Wealth.Water.Yachts.Umbrellas. Vistas.Fashion.Cars.
The Ritz.
Le Majestic.
Le Grand.
Topless bathers..
Card players.
Palm trees and more..

Simply vista gazing and people watching is a trip.

Little dogs..high heels..white white white..

Lots of clothes..very little clothes..
Purses and gold..

I bought shoes just like hers:)  No I didn't :)

That's me on the left:)  No it's not:)

I loved seeing these men:)

Cannes IS SO MUCH MORE than these photos.. this was just a walk we took while there for under 2 hours.~


  1. Great, great pictures!
    I miss Cannes! I'llbe there next July.

    1. I can see YOU on that boardwalk..! So lovely!
      It is a beautiful place indeed.

  2. It's salve for the soul to see those beautiful pictures of Cannes right now. Also to see your bread and imagine the wonderful aroma~

    1. I am in a black and white movie looking back on technicolor!Amazing place☀️

  3. I am so glad you enjoyed the bread Monique. I just knew you would. I’m not a big bread maker so Ricardo’s and this are up my alley. Today I made my first batch of nestle toll house chocolate chip cookies. My sister usually makes them but has not been up to it so I got her recipe and made some for everyone. It was so foggy here too. Temps of 60 degrees (if it were not pouring I might have gone out and cut back all my ragged hellebores. Tomorrow the temps dip again and they are predicting some ice. Cannes looks so good at this point. If you posted photos of Florida beaches we would all be happy. We watched a show on Burgandy France, that looked beautiful too. Bon weekend.

    1. I always know that when you send me a is either delicious or beautiful.
      Oh I love the classic TollHouse ones..and many more☺️😊La too..❤️Thanks again!!

  4. Years ago..years!I gave my friend Nancy the mug from this collection..Never saw the collection again..until Varage Sale and my five dollar teapot budget...about 2 weeks ago..👍🏻😊🙂

  5. Monique, I agree, this is strange winter weather. We had warmed to the 50s and 60s with beautiful sunshine. But it is now cold again and to drop back into the 20s tomorrow night. I know that isn't cold for you, but it is for central TX! Your bread looks delicious with its crusty shell. I will share with my chef. He makes no kneed bread. We loved our time in Nice and Cannes. Day trips to Valbonne too. Valbonne had a great antique market and also an art's fair on the square. That's what I adore about the small hill towns of Provence - their weekly markets. Love your sweet teapot, and the little chocolate snowmen. I have a bowl of them out to enjoy here.

    1. The small hill towns are so charming..Valbonne surprised me..I did not expect each street to be so beautiful....and the respect of the citizens..the streets are quiet..each door displaying a certain charm..unimaginable the sweet sights everywhere..
      the weather..this morning we have a lot of snow..and being warned to stay indoors..
      I think your chef will be excited by this bread!Bon Samedi:)

  6. Like you blog brought me back to when we were there. I took a photo yesterday coming back from Hawksbury with the trees and a barn in the background, but I was in the car!!!!
    Your very blessed with talent! Keep warm~ Di

    1. Oh from a car..I know!! I found Cote Road so beautiful with the valley there! You know mid way up from Harwood..♥The valleys the fog just sits there..stop the car doesn't work there:)

  7. Once again - love the snow photo! How nice to look back on your photos of France. Even though it is not that cold down here, I long for spring and summer. I am a tropical bird at heart. Your photos of tea remind me that I should take more time for tea in the afternoon. Usually, I make a latte around 3:00 to keep me awake until 9:00!
    Interesting to see how people dress in France. I lean towards comfort most days, but should make more of an effort, or maybe not. I don’t like to stand out. My closet is full of beautiful clothes that I bought back in the day. I seldom wear them - but hang on to them nonetheless. We no longer attend as many functions and are happy to stay at home.

    1. Yiu have exquisite taste and I can imagine a closet full of classics .Beautiful ones.
      One thing I never wear anymore is dress pants.I think I have 2 black pairs.IN winter ..layers layers sweaters summer I love linen to bits.At 60 I found my style lol..Linen..I'm soon I have only had 4 yrs of wearing what I love..
      Don't you just appreciate this quieter life so much more?
      It is the one thing I appreciate more:)

    2. There is a company that I follow on Instagram- Yoli &Otis. Beautiful linen clothing - a favorite of mine as well. All natural fiber is the best and most comfortable. Also, you don’t have to send it to the dry cleaners. The less chemicals, the better. And yes, I cherish my quieter life. I do not miss all the stress and hoopla!

    3. I think I am going to follow them now☺️🙏🏻

  8. I always come back with too many photos! And, they NEVER capture the whole feel. Leaves me feeling a bit disappointed. Ha! Just have to go back. I LOVE all your photos, Monique! My FAVORITE is the first one. It could be hung on a wall! The weather is back to cold here. Too cold for me. Ha! We have enjoyed too much no-knead bread the past couple of months... we are going to have to stop that for awhile. LOL! So good with the red wine. ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! blessings ~ tanna

    1. Awww..the red wine seems to go so well with so much:)
      I have promised myself less pics..
      but without pics our memories would dull of certain things..and how I love opening photo books of yrs gone by..For the Littles..I get so sentimental seeing them so little..these years, dear Tanna..,..have flown must feel the same way!
      I had not baked bread in a while..October:)

      Yoou should see outside now..Hardly any visibility w/ the snow.
      Enjoy your weekend~

  9. Your photos are eye candy! That soup sounds wonderful.

    1. Everywhere in Provence..eye candy..We received a Christmas note from one of our Air B and B hosts..I thought that was particularly kind:)

  10. More beautiful pictures Monique!! how do you do it??
    I spy a white crochet item under the tea make that??? Looks great in the shot...that is your speciality...making ANYTHING look gorgeous!!
    Same silly weather here....enough already!!
    Cannes looks very special indeed...all the beautiful people!
    Hoping to see Vivian on Sunday...haven't seen her since Christmas!!! Miss Her!!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. ps...I am so done with Shutterfly...just used up my credits on some new address labels. Did Miss V's Christmas one at Costco this year...NO SHIPPING COSTS!!!! And it turned out fantastic...just sayin'...😉

    2. You have a great eye!For photography and spotting crochet!Susan made me that white one a while ago❤️So Costco is good for books?Will look them up!!Thanks for the tip!!We are seeing Lulu tomorrow it has been a while too!Oh you will eat her up.Hope you do and have a ball!

    3. No visit today...:o(
      Seems they are very busy!!
      Guess the new "boyfriend" is pretty important...:o(
      But...we did get to see our wee Nora this all is good!!
      Enjoy your week Monique!!

    4. Oh no:( I love your honesty kiddo.
      You are so important to her..:) SO MUCH.She can't drive :(

    5. We get her next Saturday! YIPPEEE!!

  11. Cannes looks wonderful at this time of year. I would have loved watching it all. When I was in Nice, we watched an old man roller skating in his speedo. Not fun. I love the tea pot and the bread... I just have to make that. This time of year it would be fun, if I could just not eat it all.

    1. Speedos..not my faves😂
      Still quite popular..
      You won't eat it all make me laugh!
      How are you??

  12. I love your foggy photo! Wuthering Hill :) I can't believe you still have thigh high snow! We went from below zero to 57F and now back down to 2F this AM. Wild, wild ride. Not a single flake of snow left on the ground.

    I will try the bread recipe - thanks to Terry and you :) The teapot ♥ Thank you for the warmth via Cannes photos. I do believe that is you :) Those men enjoying life on the beach! I wonder what game they are playing? Loving life and friendship - that's what it's all about. The hotel - charm and a half!

    We saw Paddington 2 this afternoon with Dane, our weekend guest ♥ LOVED the movie and the fact that children's movies are attracting such great actors. Hugh Grant was great, as was the Earl of Grantham :)

    1. I saw P 1 now I want to see the second!What a lovely guest..your wheat haired boy:)
      No wonder the boys are so cute..the whole family is.Inloved that vest Lauren had on😘Oh my gosh we had a foot of snow overnight I bet..soooo much..looking like fairyland again.Have you been watching Mrs Maisel?Just started..tonight..J is out with his son in laws and Adamo..and maybe Alains dad..I parked myself in front of the fire with my laptop...seeing Lulu tomorrow❤️My teen almost😢

    2. 5-7 inches of snow predicted here tonight through tomorrow. It would be the most we've gotten this winter so far. I binge-watched Mrs. Maisel in a week :) Great acting and loved the fashions :) I hope there will be a second season. Have fun with your big boy tomorrow ♥

    3. He just left.So grateful for such a charming..loving big boy❤️I may watch more Mrs Maisel tonight🌟

  13. Beautiful pictures - love the post.

    Stay warm - bread looks yummy.


  14. Love your sense of Chicken soup is always great. Thanks for the tip using butter.

  15. It's always such a pleasure to visit you Monique - the photos make me smile and the funnies are funny! Such shoes, and clear white outfits - I am not brave, and don't look like that haha - thank goodness so I am not inspired to walk around like that - haha! Weird weather here too - 70 degrees a few days ago - now it is about 11. Crazy!

    1. Lol..I am sure we would get stares:) I am a bit different but not that different.I love looking though:) Thanks TRicia..I was going to make your alfredo bake..but darling Lulu came we got my spaguetti and meatballs out of the freezer..time saver..I did make a pie before he came though;)

  16. Love the contrast in these photos - the cool, clear winter ones, the warm, welcoming summery ones. Beautiful. :-)

  17. Loved Cannes too!! I was there just afew hours also.
    A nice break from the rain outside my window 😀🌴🌴🌴

  18. Here too, cold, then warm, and now frigid again...Except the rain took away our snow...I have to find that little book of little drawings!
    What great vacations you spend!
    I have started cooking homemade soups this winter! Do you know the new book Clean Soups by Rebecca Katz? Very pretty, very useful! And she has videos. I love your pottery with the writing. I have one cannister that says "Café", bought it for Christmas. It's in the first photo of my new blog post! Too funny: "That's me on the left. No it's not." Hahahha!

    1. I just sat down..pushing myself to read☺️Have not seen that book..I will check it out.The Book Depository is where I bought my book👍🏻🌟Coming to visit you..

  19. OH, just what we need in January, a return to the sunny days of Provence! I have enjoyed all of the photos you have shared with us from your latest holiday there. Those women in White! Its been a long time since I have been comfortable in white! I always feel like a beached whale! haha! Your first photograph is so atmospheric. Beautiful capture there! I love it. This would be beautiful blown up and framed I think. What a lovely teapot! I love it! And that book, I cannot wait to see what you create in it. Your little pictures will be just darling I know. Also that bread. It is on my list of breads I want to bake. Maybe today. Thanks so much for all that you share with us Monique. It is very much appreciated by myself and so many others. You have a kind and gentle heart and it shows. When I say I love you, I do mean it. You are special to me. xo

    1. Thank you♥
      You know me well:)

      I hope you love this bread..I know I have had Clabber Girl..bought in the US..loved the packaging w/ her on it..can't get it here:( I'll remedy that!!

    2. I think it is the best Monique. I used to pick it up when we went shopping in Maine which we used to do about once every couple of months! xo

  20. Lovely teapot with cute little snowman aside:)

  21. I love your winter wonderland photos, Monique, very different from our winter.

    1. I know:) So different!!I love seeing all over the world..It's a small one after all:)

  22. Loved this post!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos!❤️❤️❤️👏🏻

  23. :) Love the winter pic! And the bread looks amazing! Beautiful France.... xo