Friday, August 3, 2018

The deed is done♥

I kept my old tag..So I have been growing it since 2015:)

This past weekend..I prepped the garlic..for planting..saving and eating.
I love doing this..
It is so rewarding.
You start the dance in October,by planting each clove individually.
You let it hibernate all winter.
Come is the FIRST thing that pops up.
You watch it grow and grow..w/ no pests..nothing..
In July you gather beautiful scapes and chop and freeze what you do not use immediately.
And harvest the garlic..digging it up gently and hanging it to dry.
The very end of's almost August..or is cut the dried stems and beards..and save and enjoy.
I hope I can do this forever..because only fresh garlic tastes like it at markets ..and enjoy..or grow..Nothing compares.

That potting shed is dear to me.
Every home we lived in..Jacques built a little house..
this one is the first that was just for us and gardening..his part at the back..mine at the front..the front you see.
It's as cute as a button outside..inside..strictly for functionality.
And I love that.
It's stuffed by end of can't walk in..but during THE season..I do so much in there.

Anyway..all to say I love it.

The feed sacks are from Derek..from Gardenbuddies..some of you may remember..Actually Derek and Marlene♥
Both gone.
They were gifts to me.

Derek and Marlene.

This past month created havoc in the gardens..from drought to sopping wet.
Some perennials seem lost forever.
Next year will tell the tale.

Others seems fine.

I am still doing teacupthursdaysk on IG..and I made Chris' yogurt cake w/out the lemon..because Jacques..asked for plain white moist cake..for all the fruits of the season and crème fraiche.
Read the comments..often you have to make the bottom the top.
Not only here..LOTS of recipes a dome forms..Flip..the bottom becomes the top.
I have made and frozen an Italian Sponge Cake for an upcoming birthday..same:)

Painting? I did paint quite a bit..made color dot cards..tried different time I will NOTE the papers..

The only one I KNEW after the fact was Yupo.

And I am recommending that last set of fan watercolors if you can get it at a good price.

I bought it at Amazon Canada for $25.00  for travel it's a treat..not much of a mixing palette but you can use the long back..
A waterbrush comes with..and much cheaper in the US..maybe $18?
On Instagram some sell them for $60.00..
Nope..don't do it..
Under $20.00 is ideal..but I can only buy in Canada.
No big deal:) Happy to.

I cranked up my ancient Acer..and found pics...that little girl to the right..perhaps 3-4 yrs a waterfront resto out w/Max for his bday:)

The colors are not bad..for 42 colors..on the spot w/ a waterbrush♥
And let's be's soooo cute.
My small addiction continues..I am now coveting Mijellos:)♥

I leave you with this adorable scene..

This is Donna's pond   Donna's photo....look at the boat♥
You can't miss it..I need a boat in mine now ;)
For some reason..I find it adds a touch of Monet♥
Especially w/ her lily pads.
It  also reminded me of my dad's "chaloupe"..
It just takes an idea to turn something very pretty into something more magical.
This its it.

Have a great weekend..
I talk way too much here..;)


  1. All looks beuatiful and love this last picture ! Really reminds me Mont I love Monet. Have a nice weekend !!

    1. Thanks Monet compound:)

    2. Yes, did you see a lovely book in Amazon aboutMonet and gardens , is beautiful I ask for my daugther, we love Monet!

  2. I just saw the boat and noticed the little oars are missing. I bet a squirrel made off with them. Two wait every morning for the door to open and scramble for the nuts. They have become intrusive but I get a kick out of them. I love your watercolors. It makes me want to start painting. And I don't know what looks prettier, the garlic or the garden shed. It is so pretty. I need one. Jacques is so good to make them for you. And, you are right. No other garlic tastes as good as fresh. It is making me hungry. Peanut butter for dinner again.

    1. Oh those fairies have been knocked over ,their arbors lol..the works..
      I'm smitten Donna..What ame you think of utting it..have I seen it's abit familiar..maybe I dreamt you had one:)Love it.
      Take care and thanks for letting me shrae it:)

    2. Perhaps at the farm. It has been a long time ago. I have a larger one to put on the lake, but have to attach it to the dock so it can't float away and that would require me to lie down on the dock with a hammer, screwdriver and screw bolt and I just haven't gotten around to it. Anything with sails would blow over in our Oklahoma wind.

    3. The next time I am in the vicinity of a HL..I hope you do not mind if I too anchor a boat here;) It won't be before next summer..the fairies would love it don't you think? I do!!:)

  3. Monique, where do I begin! There is so much to love here. Love your Garlic Harvest and your shed. I know that most of the time, especially off season it is a storage area, but it is charming nonetheless. That window . . . sigh . . . Your blooms, equally as charming. Echinops, I did not know that was the name, I just called them blue pompoms and thought they were a type of allium! DUH! Your teacup vignette with that cake. YUM! I want to bake a cake today. Hmmm ... peut-être! Your watercolours, such talent. You take such an interest in different paints, papers, etc. I just sit and paint and if it works it works. That is the difference between someone who is a true artiste (you) and someone who dabbles. (me) Finally that pond with the boat. Why didn't I think of something like that when we had our pond with the fish. Sigh . . . sometimes inspiration comes in hindsight. No pond now, so . . . c'est la vie! Love and hugs and Bon Weekend! xoxo

    1. I thought you would love the boat:)
      I am far from a true are!
      But I have some time on my hands and I don't seem to into sitting quietly and reading right now..too many wheels our boys hamsters;) I pinned so many thing I don't know what i will bake next either..But this one is still around..a sliver a night goes a long way:)Have a happy Saturday!

  4. Sorry you lost some plants. I agree, nothing like fresh garlic.

    Noticed the boat right away. It's a perfect touch

    Have a super weekend


  5. Your garlic harvest is great! Fresh garlic is lovely. Love your sweet garden shed. Beautiful styling and that pon photo with the boat is precious.

    1. Thank you! Our potting shed is adorb outside..not inside..yours will be stunning!!My garlic thrills me..that's a super exciting thing for me lol:):)

  6. I haven't grown garlic in years. I might have to plant some this fall!

    1. It is perfect for your home..all the markets sell garlic in France..for your potager!

  7. What beautiful garlic you grew this year, Monique and I've always loved your potting shed. Our storage garage has no pretty place to take photos - LOL. I have my garlic still hanging in our car garage and last year I kept it hanging all winter and just kept snipping off what I needed. I wonder if I should try trimming and cutting as you did. Where do you store it after cleaning it so it stays plump and fresh? Curious minds ;) It certainly has been a summer of extremes, hasn't it? We are in the 90sF again this weekend :( How fun to experiment with paints and the girl with the balloon and Donna's Monet pond ♥ I love a moist plain cake too and Chris' looks wonderful! Hope you have a lovely weekend, My Dear :)

    1. I bet..if you have a window in your may be surprised..last yr I put sheers in the potting shed at J's double tractor doors..and the light was pretty..but I discovered..just w/ my garli..that taht potting nech..under the window w/ a door right next to it and another window on the other side..has a lovely light:) Go see in yours..I won't be setting tables lol..but for certain things..nice light and never in the fall and winer.I can't get in lol.I sent you a DM..(LOL I sound so w/ it..on IG w/ a pic of where and how I store).The sun is out now but it was pitch balck when I took he photo O sent you.You have known me for so long..I don't need to try and impress you..thank goodness because the pic is inside my craft closet.
      Quiet weekend..Kids are all coming home form beach holidays..xox

  8. Your l'aile aquarelle is STUNNING!
    No sane person needs FORTY-TWO COLORS.
    this is a hoax they pull over on so many..triste..triste
    TWELVE COLORS. That is it.
    Hard to believe or accept I know, but most truths are like that.
    We call it K.I.S.S.
    I shall say no more. :))
    Bon week-end

    1. Thank you:) Regressing I think..
      I know I know..I bought the 42s before you sent me info re basics..
      When I was only on garden forums..the Queen of Clematis..when she would go nursery(plant shopping)..she would tell us she went plant slutting:)
      This educated ..plant etc savvy nana w/ silver hair..made me roar the first time I read her phrase.
      I have some of her clematis here..
      So that' a and paints.
      I am coveting Mijellos now..
      I just breezed through a book I am offering to a friend..Shirley Trevena..
      She has tons of colors!
      I LOVE how you can make any colors glow by mixing.and I agree ..give me very few and I can try and make it work..
      But..I have an addiction:(

  9. You don't talk too much, you talk just right. Thank you for sharing about your beautiful garlic and the yogurt cake.

  10. Oh your glorious Garlic! I wish I could have grown some...not in the cards for moi!
    Your paintings are so you frame them?
    I am so over this weather...drags me down...I find it depressing!🙁
    I am crocheting...and going to start a cross stitch for Lissa...keeps me busy!
    More laundry tomorrow...yippee! 😂
    Enjoy your evening Monique...
    Linda :o)

    1. You just need to buy a huge local garlic till October..split and plant.I know your green thumbs..Full sun..just do it☺️Says she who could not get the perennial sweet pea to survive!Have not spent this much time indoors during the summer in years!!
      Very few do I frame very few lol..I have Lucas in oil..a French flower shop.and our home.upstairs..that s it ☺️I have some unframed in my craft room..but most are glued in a big big book.And in journals and in the garbage or scrap paper😒Lissa will love that❤️Just watched an epi of Marcella season 2..Bonsoir!!🙏🏻

    2. I will look for that Monique!
      We are 1/2 wat thru Marcella season 2...things are heating up! Her husband is a cad!
      We got lots of rain today...and more coming tonight!
      Enjoy your evening...
      Did you watch Fargo?

    3. Her husband is a creep!Yes watched Fargo!!Netflix has great series..not so great movies?Lots of rain here too and more on the way..Done for the day☺️😴

  11. Nice remembering Derick and Marlene.
    I cannot believe you enjoy all that garlic work! Leave it to you Miss M.

    1. How could we ever forget those wonderful people?He ,so devoted and loving and caring..scholar..gentleman and man and artist and rafter..she..loving..sweet..talented ..stoic and courageous..
      Hard to find such marvels🙏🏻True blues you😘

    2. You’re too sweet. Maybe you. Me, nowhere even close to what they were.

    3. They were indeed exceptional💙

  12. Dearest Monique,
    You are quite active in your potting shed, one can tell, with a lot of passion.
    Well, with some good soil and a great variety of garlic that brings a lot of joy!
    Love fresh garlic and it is so very healthy too.
    You are into water color and enjoy doing it; it is so relaxing and the best medication for whatever ailment.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. It is such a great medication AND meditation:)you are so correct..gardening too..but you need a lot of back:)We are having an incredibly hot and humid summer with more time than usual spent's just too hot to spend hours on end primping the gardens..Hope you are 100% :)
      Bonne journée!

  13. Garriça! I love to cook it. Yours look to be greta.

  14. Your watercolor paintings are so dream-like, I admire your talent. So when are you going to do the book?!

    The garlic sounds interesting. I love to make cooking oils and garlic cloves are a necessity. Any other tips such as the type of soil, all sun or partial? Hmmmm...the wheels are turning. I love your potting shed, too. My husband gifted me with a potting table a year or so ago. I think I need to take a few good pictures of it.

    Hope your weather will cool off soon. We are down from the 90's to 80's, but a ton of angry thunderstorms.

    Have a good week, Monique!


    1. Same here..lots of thunderstorms and yesterday the winds were so high some areas had tornado warnings.I think I saw and loved your pottig bench:)My garlic grows in full sun.I noticed a local garlic grower grew his only in full sun..It has been ordinary soil that I added chicken manure too:)I plant perhaps 10 in an area where the soil is ver grows but the bulbs are not the best..It is so rewarding!Must have been 100 w/ 100 humidity yesterday!Have a great one Jane!

  15. Always enjoy seeing your garlic harvest. Do you ever give any as gifts? On my list of things to do is to make gift tags and put together small bunches of garlic to give to our family (overnight guests) when they leave. EVERYONE is so intrigued by Joe's garlic harvest. I tell them it is easy peasy :-)

    Xavier has a mini boat that he ties to the dock at our lake. I love your idea for the fairies!

    1. LOL about giving the garlic.I gave 5 heads for planting last a birthday arty..Noah's..One friend..Chris..planted his:)
      Yesterday he dropped by for 10 minutes..I showed him my harvest and gave him one of my big keepers and said..Hide it..
      My instructions here..from Jacques,,"Don't give any away"..he knows I have been under strict orders:)
      Had a Darling Lucas day yesterday..our teen Xavier:)♥

  16. I am SO buying that watercolor set. Today, maybe tomorrow. Birthday gift to myself. I love your watercolor of the little girl and the dot experiments. I've been doing that too. Love the bleeds. And your garlic painting. Swoon! Gorgeous in every single way. And yummy cake and the garlic planting to die for! I am doing that this fall. You have inspired me! Thank you for bringing this light to my day!

  17. Hope you like can read more here..
    Thanks so much for all your posts and inspiration Jeanie!:)Happy Garlic planting.I plant hard neck in October.:)

  18. I am a little behind with BTS! I love your shed, how sweet... xo I dream of a green house someday... :)

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